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RFID wants to TRACK my TODGER, so I am going to CUT it OFF


I already do this for visible labels on my clothing and have never been above whipping out my pocket knife and chopping the offending label or sharp fabric thingamajig off.

Game over for epic 15-year-long console ban, China says


Basically the Party wants to get its hands on legitimate tax revenue for the production and consumption of the vidya because everyone and their child knows that you can barely throw a brick in a Chinese city without coming across a bootlegged copy of something that goes beep boop.

Hurrah! Windfarms produce whopping one per cent of EU energy


Re: It is possible and we are the example

It could also be down to the fact that Costa Rica has a small population, mostly rural and based in manual agricultural work. It has significantly less energy demands then the UK and while its GDP is heavily influenced by technological sectors, this is more of the case that one or two production plants can heavily outweigh the majority of its other economic sectors due to the relatively low levels of income generation (one plant was responsible for roughly 5% of GDP). In addition, Costa Rica's second largest economic sector is tourism, notably eco-tourism, something that putting a focus on the country's 'green' credentials only helps.

While I do agree there is a great amount of wasted electrical consumption that must be addressed, the fact is you cannot apply what apparently works for a small, central American nation with a rural population and an economy that is not energy dependent and in fact demands a high level of promotion of renewable energy for its image to the UK or any major Western Industralised nation.

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