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Pan Am Games: Link to our website without permission and we'll sue


Re: Staying on the safe side

You wouldn't want to link to them with your eyes now would you!


Re: Okay... let me be the first to do this here...

What happens in Toronto stays in Toronto... because nobody can find a link to the site!


central america is kind of a myth, like if you think of middle east as neither africa nor asia. Mexico is North America but it is also Latin America (as is all of Central and South America). The former is a geographic designation and the latter is a demographic (well, really just linguistic) designation. Geographically North America includes all of Central America -- but don't tell USA folks that, especially not a certain Mr. Trump...


FIFA, IOC, major sports leagues, now these guys... they ought to all be eradicated from the face of the earth. Let's not forget they set nigh-impossibly body image and expectations for youth, feed gluttonously from public troughs, demand concessions from governments and then leave them a shambles, like a swarm of locusts in for a holiday... Call me mad, but shouldn't sports be about people having fun and getting exercise, instead of filling up stuffed shirts with billions in cash?


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