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Met police commissioner: Fraud victims should not be refunded by banks


I have an iPad2

Perhaps Sir Bernie could buy me a new one, or force Apple to fix the upgrade issue. Or is that all my own fault?

WATCH OUT! Amazon hauled back to court in Special Ops wristjob ding-dong


Re: I cant see the issue here - nonsense!

Careful anon, you sound like a "reasonably prudent shopper"!


I cant see the issue here - nonsense!

If I walk into a physical shop and say, for example 'I'm in the market for a Rolex watch', if the jeweller says 'I'm afraid I don't sell Rolex but I do sell these Omega watches and they are very popular'. Can Rolex sue the shop? Of course not, any retailer will try to sell what they have rather than show people the door, be it physical or virtual.

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