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Mobile-mast danger is all in your head


It really is a [mental] condition...

One of the previous wireless companies I was employed with occasionally would begin construction in a neighborhood where the residents had complained to city officials about the health dangers. They'd waste their time (and ours) by spending endless hours at city planning and zoning meetings, crying over concerns their children would grow a third eye or cancerous lump in their heads from the supposed affects of the tower's transmissions. Sure enough, within days of the tower being erected, complaints would pour in from the residents. My company began to combat the problem on 2 fronts. The first involved erecting false antennas in proposed areas such as these on buildings that were little more than plywood and paint. The other involved letting the tower and equipment be erected, but leaving it off air (with no power even supplying the site) for up to 3 months, letting the complaints tally up.

We'd then invite them to city meetings where we would show them proof in both documentation that the sites weren't active (even taking pictures of no electric meter installed at the facilities), and showing pictures of the plywood false antennas.

Outrage and much gnashing of teeth by the so-called 'victims', but they were proven crackpots nonetheless.




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