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Forget Game of Thrones as Android ransomware infects TVs

Joe Bryant

Re: Killing TVs, a step too far

Maybe only apps that have passed some kind of safety check (and have a signature to prove it) could be allowed to have admin rights? That way, for example, only Samsung-certified apps are allowed to have admin rights on a Samsung TV.

Arrests for 'offensive' Twitter and Facebook messages up by a third

Joe Bryant

Re: Power Mad

The explanation was pretty simple - the guy texted the wrong number, and the person who received the message passed it onto police. Nothing sinister about it.


Good thing this dev quit. I'd have fired him. Out of a cannon. Into the sun

Joe Bryant

Re: #define spel spell

Probably to maintain compatibility with existing external code that expects the old, wrong spelling.

Joe Bryant

#define spel spell

I'm pretty sure that when I dealt with Microsoft's own SNMP library, it had a header file that used #define to make up for the fact that someone at some point had named something ELAMENT instead of ELEMENT.

GENUINE STARSHIP as used by PRINCESS LEIA sold for just $450k

Joe Bryant

Re: It's a bargain

I think Space: 1999 came out while they were making Star Wars, and they felt the ship looked too much like Space: 1999's Eagle transports, so they changed it for the round design we're familiar with.

Let's all binge on Blake’s 7 and help save the BBC ... from itself

Joe Bryant

Re: Blake's 7

So it's her fault there's no apostrophe?

Amazon just wrote a TLS crypto library in only 6,000 lines of C code

Joe Bryant

Re: OpenSSL

These days, compilers can write assembler better than humans can.

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