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3PAR picks up share from EMC, HDS and IBM

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You're kidding, right?

The annual revenues of 3PAR are a rounding error to EMC. 3PAR is a one trick pony and the market has moved on from backyard birthday parties. Their hardware design are two generations behind EMC (still PCI-X so no effective upgrade to 10Gb iSCSI or 8Gb FC) because they do not have the money to catch up to the market leader. The relatively new T models should really be the V model but that is what happens when you spend your money on sales versus engineering. EMC doesn't have that problem, they can spend money on both engineering and sales at the same time. 3PAR is on its way out. Just like (insert any reality TV star name here), 3PAR had its 15 minutes of fame and now is spending the rest of its life fighting for a guest appearance on a "where are they now" show that will never happen.


iPhone v. Q – War in the backwoods of Mississippi

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Re:response to my response

I use a Plantronics 510 BT (BlueTooth) headset. I didn't spend $129 US for the Apple headset.

Pictures look great. Without a flash I'm sure your photos will look dim in dark situations. The green hue of IR night vision really doesn't highlight the best features of anyone so I guess Apple didn't feel it was necessary.

Since you've obviously not used an iPhone why would I buy a Nokia (of which I've actually used) just because you have? In other words, you are not qualified to give advice here, only opinion based on inexperience.

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Fair article

Since I've been using the iPhone for almost a month I can say that this article is fair. Here are some other points about the iPhone:


Cool factor. I'm in IT and with the iPhone you're treated like a rock star when you answer it in public.

Sound quality on both ends with a good BT headset is unmatched.

Podcasts you can actually listen to when on the road...my radio days are coming to an end.

The hand-off between music/video on incoming calls is awesome.

Wi-Fi access is fast and the ability to snoop out free networks is cool.

The screen for video is unmatched.

Touch screen is better than anything available.

UI navigation is unmatched.

I take a lot of pictures now and they look great.


No "cut/copy/paste/select-all" capabilities. It is a real pain when you want to edit or delete large parts of email msgs.

No dialing from iCal. If you get an invite to a meeting you can't dial from the invite. Big pain when driving and forces you to keep a pen handy to write down a number for a con-call.

No real corp. Exchange integration. Needs Cisco VPN client to fix Exchange integration or support Activesync.

No "disk mode" to store files like ppts for presentations on the fly. I need to carry a USB fob until that is fixed.


I used my iPhone on a recent business trip. I got about 14hrs of use from it. This was using "airplane mode" when in meetings and limiting my EDGE www access during long periods waiting for planes, trains and automobiles. It was great to be able to listen to music when my battery life was below 5% remaining though. Gotta love FLASH NAND but you should always carry a way to charge the unit which adds bulk to any day trip through multiple airports.

Would I go back to my Blackberry? Nope. The iPhone in rev. 1a is light years ahead of my old BB. Fix a few things in the next few OS updates and the iPhone will go beyond email and telephone, it will replace your laptop computer.



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