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What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?


Textron Scorpion (as already mentioned)

If it's not the Hawk T2, I think it may be the Scorpion (as mentioned in previous posts).

It's an un known aircraft at the moment that appeared out of nowhere that seems to match many emerging strategic roles that aren't filled as yet.

QuinetQ are currently flying it at the Royal Test Flight School I believe it's called and have yet to see how 'aerobat' it is. The wing looks a lot like a P-51 and we know how aerobat they were / are.

Saying that, I'd love to see some British AeroBoffin build a new airframe for the RR Merlin / Griffin engine that the RAF take up as an advanced trainer to replace the Tucano.

As the engine is not a TurboProp so nothing like the engine controls of a fast jet, it's highly unlikely.

Microsoft: This Windows 10 build has 'NO significant known issues'


Re: How Internet dependent has Windows become?

My system has a NetGear WiFi USB receiver.

I need to instal drivers before this works in Win 10.

Previously installing with a local account before a MS account so I can instal the NetGear drivers has rendered the instal HDD 'Missing Bootmgr' after the next restart.

If using ethernet and installing with MS account.....no problem.

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