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Lenovo unwraps Reserve Edition ThinkPad

Anthony White


Why do companies seem to think that leather is some sort of premium?

I personally think leather is mingin, its a bitch to clean and it just looks cheap.

If you want decent design buy a MacBook pro. If you want to do hardcore 3d tasks on the move then your an idiot.

IBM/Lenovo's Laptops have always looked like something produced by the Easten Block at the height of the cold war. The 'reserve' looks like any other ThinkPad except its been smuggled through the iron curtain inside of a cow and an ugly cow at that.

Burned by a MacBook

Anthony White


I don't understand people who argue that macs rubbish because they're not user serviceable. If you want a user serviceable machine then build one, If you can service one your self then you can build one yourself.

It seems that people go soft when they try and get h/w repaired, push for same day repair, if they don't have an item in stock then push for a free rental of a new machine. Work your way up to the manager, kick up a fuss and they'll give you what you want just to get rid of you!

Its not just apple that will attempt to fob you off with slow repair times it seems every manufacturer does it dell wanted 8 weeks to repair a new inspiron

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