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RIP Dr Peuto, Zilog and Sun's bright SPARC

IT Angle

Re: Dutch semiconductor makers

IXYS make some really nice linear MOSFETs.


Boffins debunk study claiming certain languages (cough, C, PHP, JS...) lead to more buggy code than others


And they get paid money to do this?

There are so many confounding factors here that even attempting such an analysis is pointless to start with. I'm sure the various teams of researchers are fully aware of this.

Research something useful instead!

Epic's Fortnite fail: Ancient UT2004 server used for login-stealing proof-of-concept


That explains something...

Back in April last year, I started getting lots of "Epic Games - Help Protect Your Account" e-mails saying my account had "been locked" due to multiple invalid login attempts.

The e-mails appear to be genuine, but I never did anything about them as it was just a throwaway account to download an SDK. This would appear to be very old news.

Do not adjust your set, er, browser: This is our new page-one design


Don't mind one way or the other

I read The Reg via the RSS feed which lands me on the story's page if I open the link. Visiting the front page is something I do very rarely.

What's all the C Plus Fuss? Bjarne Stroustrup warns of dangerous future plans for his C++


Code style

For goodness sake!

for (int i=0; i<MAX; i++) ++v[i]; // increment each element of the array v

Should be:

for (int i = 0; i < MAX; i++) ++v[i]; // increment each element of the array v

People who don't use white space properly should be taken behind the bike sheds and shot!

Indiegogo lawyer asks ZX Spectrum reboot firm: Where's the cash?


Plexidrone anyone?

The Plexidrone scam, which raised $2.3 million on IGG, has been dragging on since 2014 or earlier. The company behind this spectacular vapourware - DreamQii - are still merrily selling "Pre-orders" for their vapourware on their web site and have still not shipped a single drone to a backer.

Where is IGG's pursuit of DreamQii?

Lots more backers, lots more money and a far longer string of bizarre excuses for missing deadline after deadline after deadline.

Maybe they're untouchable up there in Canada eh?

Youth crime falls as kids stay inside to play Grand Theft Auto instead of going out to steal cars



Doesn't anyone else find "kids today know that they’re under constant video surveillance" disturbing?

It's a sad reflection on society that such surveillance is accepted and taken for granted.

So net neutrality has officially expired. Now what do we do?


Re: Competition

Indeed. This is a significant hole in Kieren's analysis. The cable companies have a captive market.

Don't like us selling your surf history? Tough. Who else can you get your Internet from?

If there isn't actually a free market, assuming that the market will solve the problem is a non-starter.

Leave it to Beaver: Unity is long gone and you're on your GNOME


Re: New Linux poweruser here ...

If you can't search for information, critically evaluate what you find and come to your own conclusions, you are lacking essential skills, not just for this industry, but for your life in general.

RIP: Sinclair ZX Spectrum designer Rick Dickinson reaches STOP


Re: With all due respect to the family and friends of the deceased

I can assure you that dealing with cancer and specifically with the treatment for it is very much a battle.

Quite why you think this is a myth is beyond me.


Like many commentards here, I also started with a ZX80 which I built from a kit. It was the inspiration which turned an electronics hobby into a career in computing.

My respects to Rick and my sympathies to his family and friends. As someone who has also felt the cold hand of cancer on my shoulder, I know how hard a fight it is.

I'd just like to note that Jim Westwood is credited with designing the ZX80 and ZX81. See: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/11/15/heroes_of_tech_jim_westwood/

Maybe they worked together on the Spectrum?

Facebook grows a conscience, admits it corroded democracy


This is a stupid discussion

I am surprised to see people on here talking like they don't understand the Internet.

Let me get this straight now...

Some people in one country think that they should control what people on the Internet can say?

The Internet is an independent territory. It does not exist in a physical place. Nobody has the right (or ability) to control what happens there. The only way to stop it is to turn it all off.

Life is full of mis- and dis- information. It is your responsibility to be critical of information you receive, regardless of its source. The Internet is no different.

Private submarine builder charged with murder of journalist


Re: jury...

Don't fool yourself with the idea of the grass of justice being greener in Sweden.

The magistrates who decide your guilt are politically appointed. They don't come from your peers. They don't think the same way as many of your peers. They accept evidence from security guards, parking attendants and similar wannabe police without question.

Once the machine gets hold of you here in Sweden, you're screwed. If you get caught with the chemicals from smoking weed in your blood, you are breaking the law and will get a record for minor possession of a controlled substance. If you have a driver's license and want to keep it, you will have to pay for your random piss test every month for the next year. (This is in addition to the fine you pay which is sized depending on how much you earn.)

If some security guards at a nightclub decide to drag you into their detention room and beat you silly while they wait for the police to arrive, your word is against police approved security guards. You have no chance in the courts. None whatsoever.

Trust me. I live here.

Microsoft finally injects end-to-end chat crypto into Skype – ish...

Big Brother

Souce code

So, does this mean that Microsoft will be making the source code to Skype freely downloadable so that their use of Signal can be independently verified to ensure that this isn't just a feeble attempt to be seen to be protecting users' privacy while handing the data over to the government as usual?


Thought not.

Also, if M$ are suddenly so keep on protecting users' privacy, how about a complete description of all data exfiltrated from systems under the guise of 'telemetry' and allow it to be turned off completely?

Cisco can now sniff out malware inside encrypted traffic

Thumb Down

Clickbait subtitle

It doesn't detect anything inside encrypted traffic.

It uses metadata to characterise TLS traffic.

UK drone collision study didn't show airliner window penetration


Redaction for the sake of it

The document is so heavily redacted "because terrorists"?

Give me a break. There are far simpler ways to take down aircraft than flying drones into them.

If anyone needed proof of the fact that government repeatedly uses nonsense to prevent people reading the truth of reports that taxpayers have paid for, this is the best ever.

Lauri Love's US extradition appeal judges reserve decision


Re: Just send him over there and good riddance.

Surprise, surprise! An AC judge, jury and executioner.

You also seem to claim the gift of prescience as demonstrated in your absolute knowledge of his guilt.

Your spiteful little rant disgusts me.

I'm sure of one thing. It is that you will never rise to the position of a judge. Your reasoning is flawed, your knowledge of the law is incorrect and the only motive for your post appears to be that you have a vindictive way of thinking. The fact that you also know so much about what happened with Assange in Sweden also confirms your delusional superpowers

Lauri should be tried in the UK. He broke UK law when he hacked the US computers.

Cops jam a warrant into Apple to make it cough up Texas mass killer's iPhone, iCloud files


The last sentence should end:

, something that makes encryption useless for everyone, as people who understand encryption have repeatedly pointed out.

The way it's written makes it sound like "privacy and security advocates" are somehow an obstacle to something desirable.

So, tell us again how tech giants are more important than US govt...


So much bullshit

It's not OK for a foreign entity to use the media to influence US voters, but it's just fine for the political elite of the US to do so.

I fail to see the difference between one group of propagandists and the other.

This has always been a case of "How dare the Russians interfere in our propaganda machine?"

Time to cut those transatlantic cables, close all the ports and complete the total isolation of the US population to ensure that nobody can interfere with the ministry of truth's unquestionable monopoly.

'There has never been a right to absolute privacy' – US Deputy AG slams 'warrant-proof' crypto


Don't be foolish.

"Subversive" is defined as "disagreeing with the government" these days. There are countless reasons why privacy and anonymity are essential to a society where the elected can be held to account and removed from office if required. Denying the governed the right to anonymity and privacy is another step along the road to the police states that most countries are becoming.

Anyway, the encryption genie is well and truly out of the bottle and the code that implements encryption is freely available. Mandating backdoored encryption will only mean that those who really do need to protect data (whether for good or bad reasons) will simply use encryption that does not have a back door.

Encryption is encryption. It either does what it's supposed to do or it doesn't. You imply that "current encryption technology" is the problem which indicates that your understanding of encryption is fundamentally flawed. Any new "encryption technology" which allows third parties to decrypt what is encrypted is, by definition, not encryption.

Your "subversive elements are becoming bolder and more brazen, placing governments and even civilization itself under serious threat" tells me that you watch far too much propaganda disguised as news.

Sci-Fi titan Jerry Pournelle passes,
aged 84


Rest in peace

I always enjoyed Chaos Manor back in the days and have also enjoyed Jerry's SciFi. He will be missed.

Shame on all the commentards here who take an obituary as an opportunity to rubbish someone who can no longer answer back.

DJI strips out code badness, reveals some GPL odds 'n sods


Interesting how DJI only start removing things like JSPatch and opening GPL code when they've been caught red handed.

Anyone trusting DJI to do the right thing has their head in the clouds.

Canadian ISPs do not Canuck around: Bloke accused of piracy grilled in his home for hours


What is wrong with this guy?

If a bunch of people, who are not law enforcement officers arrived at my house and start telling me that I must let them in, I'd simply shut the door. If they get a foot in the door and try to force their way in, I'd defend myself.

I'd be calling the police and if they prevented me from using my phone, I'd be fighting my way out and shouting for my neighbours that I was being robbed and to call the police.

Letting a bunch of people claiming some authority, which they obviously do not have, into your house and just sitting there answering their questions and handing over your passwords on request is just stupid.

Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES


A new low for The Reg!

Since when did dressing up a murder with nerdy details make for good news?

All we we have here is some propaganda about a soldier killing someone in a country that his country isn't at war with puffed out into a tech story by adding some dubious ballistics nerd interest to it.


Not just "less of this" but "none of this" please!

Two leading ladies of Europe warn that internet regulation is coming


Re: Logic Of Extra Monitoring

> so why on earth do they therefore need access to our internet history etc. ?

So that when it is convenient to make things difficult for you, they already have all the proof they need to associate the real life you with the AC you.

The Internet rarely forgets. Government data warehouses even less so.

We are 'heroes,' says police chief whose force frisked a photographer


Re: Power tends to Corrupt...

> The whole point of the tactic of terrorism is to provoke the government into restricting the freedom of the society they are targeting.

Sorry, but you have that completely backwards.

The whole point of continually exaggerating the risks of terrorism and lying about the causes of it is to give governments plausible justifications for restricting personal freedoms and dismantling personal privacy.

We're already getting to the point where if you don't agree with having your personal life scrutinised in minute detail by civil servants you are by implication in league with "the terrorists".

I wonder how much longer it will be before expressing an opinion that does not agree with the official line becomes a criminal matter.

Now UK bans carry-on lappies, phones, slabs on flights from six nations amid bomb fears


I remember the good old days. You know, when you could actually expect the first few commenters to have some command of the English language...

Since when did spelling and grammar become optional?

Mysterious Gmail account lockouts prompt hack fears


Me too.

I got re-authorisation requests for both of the Google accounts that I have connected to my Nexus 5 yesterday.

I did find it strange as I hadn't changed anything and also hadn't seen any of the usual 'was that you?' alerts that turn up every time I access either of the accounts from an IP address that isn't associated with me by Google.

It sounds more like an inadvertent thing rather than anything suspicious. After all, the powers that be can already read everything that we do on Google and a global hack of Google accounts by other actors would seem unlikely.

Become a blockchain-secured space farmer with your hard drive


You don't get paid in BTC!

'Farmers' get paid in SJCX (Storjcoin X), not Bitcoins.

Sony takes $1bn writedown: Streaming has killed the DVD star


I won't be shedding any tears for Sony.

Sony did some great things in their earlier days.

Somewhere along the way, they forgot how they should treat the most important people of all: their customers.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for Sony and an object lesson in humility for all companies who believe that they can dictate to their customers.

DDoS script kiddies are also... actual kiddies, Europol arrests reveal


Re: Prevention campaign

Yeah, let's ruin some young person's future by making an example of them.

Yay! Vindictive justice at its best.

Maybe you'd like to see their heads on pikes outside the tower of London?

Thailand plans to track non-citizens with their mobile phones



This is no different to what the majority of EU governments already do to their own citizens!

Lester Haines: RIP


How terribly sad.

My post pub cookery reached new heights through Lester's gastronomic journey around the world.

My thoughts go out to his family.

Big Pharma wrote EU anti-vaping diktat, claims Tory ex-MEP


Re: Have to ask...

Wow, you really did your research on that one didn't you?

The fact of the matter is that while most people who have just started vaping look for familiar tobacco and menthol flavours, once they have actually got off tobacco and their palate comes back to life, many move on to fruit and other non-cigarette like flavours. Your insinuation that fruit flavours are used to attract non-smoking youngsters to nicotine use is not supported by facts.

All you are doing here is regurgitating completely false anti-vaping propaganda that you probably read in some fact free tabloid newspaper.

E-cigarettes help save lives, says Royal College of Physicians


I'm someone who finally managed to quit smoking over four years ago using e-cigs after all other approaches had failed. I still vape and have no intention of stopping either. I don't enjoy your condescension and it's typical of the arrogant busybodies who seem to believe that they have some kind of inherent right to criticise other people for the choices they make. The 'public health' industry seems to be full of such people who look down on others while lining their pockets at the taxpayer's expense.

Yes, I'm a drug addict. I'm addicted to caffeine and nicotine. I find both of these drugs pleasant and enjoyable. My addictions do not harm others and any harm they may do to me is more than offset by the benefits.

If your only contribution to the discussion is to belittle people by calling them drug addicts, I suggest that you take your intolerance elsewhere.

NYPD anti-crypto Twitter campaign goes about as well as you'd expect


Any you are doubly naïve and moronic if you think that forcing broken crypto on people will make anyone safer. Quite the reverse!

Maybe you should actually put some thought into your post before making it.

The fact is that broken crypto and wholesale data collection will harm many more people than it will ever protect.

Net neutrality-lovin' Sweden mulls law to censor the internet


Sweden's Internet is one of the last bastions of freedom in the Internet world. Sure, you get all traffic that leaves or enters the country sucked up by the local NSA who then gladly send copies to the NSA and GCHQ.

When it comes to attempting to censor the 'net, so far so good.

The 'gambling as a backdoor' approach is interesting. The last years here in Sweden have seen very mobile goalposts when it comes to the use of privacy eroding legislation. Sadly, this has a good chance of success.

I just have to revel in the irony of a country, where the government has a monopoly on gambling, passing laws so that they can stifle competition against their monopoly on the Internet.

On commercial TV here in Sweden, 75% or more of prime time advertising is for Internet gambling sites. All commercial TV in Sweden is actually broadcast from outside Sweden and the companies based outside as well. This allows the broadcasters to shape their advertising after the host country's laws, rather than Swedish law. As the companies are incorporated outside Sweden, the government doesn't get 'its' share of the pie via taxes either. This may have been the thorn in their foot that actually pushed them into introducing censorship via mobile goalposts.

£2.3m ZANO nano-drone crowdfunded project crashes and burns


I have no sympathy for the people who put money into this and lost it all.

After even the most basic investigation into the state of play regarding quadcopters, you would spot the fact that the Zano uses very simple brushed motors and propellers from a toy quadcopter. Just knowing enough to recognise the kind of technology they were planning to use would tell you that the project's goals were unrealistic.

Caveat emptor, fools are easily parted, etc etc.

I don't think Kickstarter is particularly at fault. Surely it's the investor's responsibility to exercise due diligence?

'Cancer-causing bacon would put a real dampner on processed pig sales'


A life without bacon

is a life not worth living.

I'm sure everyone will welcome the news from the utterly reliable and credible WHO on the dangers of bacon and other processed meats.

'The Google execs, the journalists, plus Brit and US spybosses in a cosy mansion confab'


Hmmm... I'm sure the "Snowden newsletter, The Intercept" dig is entirely justified and I'm sure that the roll call of gagged journos will put everyone's minds at rest.

Excuse me if this kind of closed door group of elites does nothing to make me feel more comfortable.

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