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Who's the fat kid on the storage see-saw? We think it's All-Flash


Spell check for you... XtremIO is not a "traditional SAN/SSD" architecture. It is a native AFA specifically designed to take advantage of flash and simultaneously overcome the disadvantages of flash. Not all AFA's are created equal.


Re: Not sure you're looking at the latest two quarters of IDC Q/Q and Y/Y growth for storage...

Disclosure: XtremIO employee here.

The basis of the article is the trend towards AFA's --not the hybrid space. Here are the AFA numbers from IDC last year -- http://idcdocserv.com/252304e_EMC

The latest Gartner report (5/1/15) indicates that EMC/XtremIO is the dominant force in the AFA industry with the nearest competitor being ~12 points behind. The latest numbers for AFA's are telling and HP is way down on that list.

You can reference the latest Gartner finding on El Reg here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/05/11/gartner_says_storage_ssd_sales_flat


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