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Beeb gets grief for Humpty Dumpty rewrite

Adam Rulli-Gibbs

CBeebies can do better than that!

It's not as entertaining as watching the Tikkabilla presenters pretend to cut a *plastic drinking* straw with an *axe* (definitely OTT, obvious psychopathic tendencies etc etc) in order to fix the hole in Dear Henry's bucket - now there's revisionism to put the BBC up there with holocaust deniers.

(Yes I do have a toddler. No, I don't watch these for fun... at least, not Tikkabilla and even Gigglebiz gets a bit boring by the twenty-seventh forced viewing)

Wolfram Alpha API lands with price tag attached

Adam Rulli-Gibbs

Interesting ranges for the pricing

So SMBs are up to 750,000 queries a month and enterprises are > 1,000,000 queries a month.

What are you if you run 800,000 queries a month?

Sony pulls plug on cabled power

Adam Rulli-Gibbs

Wright vs Boffo The Clown

"Do you mean to say Mr Wright that you can't get across the Atlantic? What an incredibly expensive and impractical waste of effort your Flyer is, you must be bonkers!"

Do you mean to say Mr Boffo that your invention cannot reach <insert-bad-country-du-jour>? What an incredibly expensive and impractical waste of effort your Custard Pie Cannon is, you must be bonkers!

Govt uses Obscenity Law to stuff up cartoon sex loophole

Adam Rulli-Gibbs
Black Helicopters

An Olympean Effort For What?

The lengths they'll go to to try and stop people pointing out what a laughing stock the 2012 logo will make us.

How much did it cost again?

Nokia 7500 Prism mobile phone

Adam Rulli-Gibbs

Unexpected market

"The 7500's other ook-at-me feature"

It's being aimed at librarians then?

Nokia enhances free-to-download satnav app

Adam Rulli-Gibbs

Free to download???

when they are competing with free to use?


Should be interesting.

Muffy Mount voted ultimate 'nom de sex'

Adam Rulli-Gibbs

How many on the wrong list

I didn't originally include my non nom de sex as it really didn't seem to go with the nom de sex. Consequently I ended up coming 10th on the "Pour femme" list (Fluffy Bristol - yes really!). A "respectable" showing I think (by Conservative byelection definitions obviously) of which I am extremely...um... undecided about. Given the lack of real names on the shortlist you have to wonder how many other potential register pornstars would give prospective punters a shock when they got the video back and fired it up.

(BTW if the Register's new money making scheme is looking for material then I'm open to negotiations over http://www.fantasticpoems.com/Poems/Father-XXXmas.html . Although clearly I'm now going to have to think long and hard over which role I should be playing!)

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