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Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites

Andy White
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This is just complete ARSE!!!! Umm lets see I try to get into control panel....I can't they've scrambled my password...shite.....I phone customer support....1st Dec 07 - queue position 444 hold for 15 minutes queue position 443; 2nd Dec 07 queue position 454 hold for 30 minutes position 450; 3rd December queue position 54, hold for 1 hour queue position 49....still no bloody answer.....ahem, lets try emailing customer support.....ok I've got an auto-response....and nothing else......7th December....fasthosts take another £65 out my account for a bloody site that I cannot access....Farcehosts......ARSEHOLES!!!! I foresee a little call to Mr. Trading Standards coming up.....


Cut-price laptops coming forth

Andy White

This is a SCAM

I wasn't to sure about this. I done a bit of poking around the web and would suggest any prospective buyers to do so also. Especially interesting is the link to "Medison Europe Limited" from the MedisonCelebrity website. This reveals that:-

1. The contact address for a European (/ Global) company is a house in kent:

27 Ruffets Wood

Gravesend, Kent

DA12 5JQ England

2. Google maps confirm this; I suggest any prospect buyer look at this.


3. Very interesting is the UKDATA.COM company search & the creditgate.com search:- creditgate finds 4 companies registered to this address; UKDATA.COM finds 224 companies; yes, 224! - this house must be as big as a small town.

- Can El Reg please investigate this before too many of the readers lose £77 +



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