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Ceres bright spots iluminate without sun light

The report by NASA that concludes that the bright spots on Ceres are from reflected sunlight fly in the face of the actual video animation posted 2 months ago by NASA. This observation that the bright spots are reflections of sunlight is nothing more then mere conjecture by NASA and is made without any scientific evidence, as no evidence was supplied to support the NASA claim! The video of photos showing the orbit clearly shows the same brightness of the bright objects whether in direct sunlight or coming into the path of the direct sunlight. If the bright spots were from only the reflections of sunlight then NASA never would of suspected the other possibilities and by measuring the intensity of the so called reflected light on each photo as the orbiting bright spots rotate in and out of sunlight NASA can easily calculate the intensity of the reflected sunlight from each photo taken. This process could of been executed two months ago and a factual conclusion of reflected sunlight would of been established at that time. NASA is a scientific research organization that forgets the actual basis of establishing science itself. NASA please show us the factual evidence of the light spectrometer measurements from each photo to establish the claim of 100% reflected light as you claim!

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