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IBM, Microsoft, a medley of others sing support for Google against Oracle in Supremes' Java API copyright case


War over API

Lets get this right.

Google knowingly copied code from Sun Java. Emails clearly mention the risk of litigation. But Google being Google believe they can get away with their cool factor.

And now claim fair usage because it is API

Can we use Google API in violation of the terms set by Google ? No. That would invite litigation.

Yet Google can use Java API in violation of the terms set by Java License.

That is the crux of the whole matter. If API come under unrestricted usage, then Google should stop whining how others use Google Maps and Other google products via API

YouTube thinkfluencer Siraj Raval admits he plagiarized boffins' neural qubit papers – as ESA axes his workshop


Its not OK

Seems Mr Raval is apologetic because his plagiarism was caught.

Thats sad. Schedule and timelines cant be an excuse

The speed has reduced now that its time for reckoning.

He may bounce or may never bounce back.

For certain he would have reached places if he kept on an ethical straitjacket.

What's going great for Oracle? Cloud. What's not great? Just about everything else


take a full financial year to get clear picture

Having seen how slow Oracle was into Cloud market, i would wait for a clearer picture.

A full financial cycle results would be very interesting

With many products launched and some only gaining traction recently, I would say clear picture is a bit away.

India signals ban on cryptocurrencies, embraces blockchain



Well India buys lots of western goods and the west uses Indian IT services.

If you put up barriers for IT flat trade, so will India and China.

Airbus and Boeing have monopoly on Planes sold in India and China. suppose the 2 decide to stop outsourcing their own needs to the west. I wonder how long the export and quality focused economies will last.

Lets be honest here. Everyone outsources.

Indian IT is built on outsourcing and that is always the focus.

about time to see the Macro picture


Not exactly correct

Your title is misleading.

Indian govt hasn't banned Crypto-currencies.

It has clamped down on illegal trading though. because they have no legal tender.

So for now, individual users can still buy or sell.

Banks though are making defensive moves by cutting off brides to wallets that enable buying and selling.

US army spin-off GPU database bags $50m Series A funding


without cloud...it's toast

Without cloud option... This technology is toast

Seduced by the Docker side: Microsoft's support could be first shot fired in the Container Wars



@MySQL in relational databases, MongoDB in NoSQL

U aught to be kidding me.

MySQL in relational ..... MySQL is no where in production systems where Oracle rules.

MongoDB is leading .... Cassandra is close behind and will take a large piece of the cake. Else you might redefine the noSQL space.

Java API judge tells Oracle to suck it up, quit whining about the jury


Re: Dear Oracle

So basically if I used Google API (wait a portion of a set of APIs) to create a product.

Now suppose this new product competes with Google products namely Google search.

And removes all ADS (the lifeline of google search) and ensures every user of the product has to abide with my terms and conditions.

Then I would ensure this newly created innovative ecosystem delivers me billions of dollars indirectly.

(so that I can say I dont make cash directly from this theft of non-creative API code)

And preferably destroys Google revenue generation in the meanwhile.

Would that not be a dream come true.

And I would only be repeating history and the law and Jury bloody has to say "fair use"

Dell opens Oracle exit route for SAP data shops


Dell....an option for SAP.

Now this gets hilarious.

A) Can you migrate from Postgres SQL to Oracle. I mean Dell will certify migration from Oracle->Postgres.

Are they willing to certify Postgres->Oracle.

If not , its a BS option.

B) Lets assume you are thinking long term. Hello. Heard about the HANA lock-in.

Yeah get real. Its SAP thats talking lock-in.

Oracle runs on multiple OS, Multiple hardware.

So first get back on A & B, then we chatter

Such a biased article...all chrome and shine

No substance.

Fujitsu CTO: Analysts might think we're 'crazy', but OpenStack here we come


"Helion Private Cloud"

Did u say HP Helion ... the program thats shut down.

Yeah Right.

What do you need to deliver next-gen Enterprise applications?


Re: NoSQL is great!

Google and Facebook both use MySQL which is an RDBMS

VMware vs German kernel dev: Filings flung in Linux-lifting lawsuit


Re: Break out the popcorn & Stifle Innovation

Nope the Author does not. However the author is asserting in favour of GPL on what is originally his code.

Now GPL code allows usage for commercial products as long as its operational functionality is not broken. In this case VmWare seems to have taken an open source code into its Commercial product. Then they made sure it cant be used by anyone else.

So the question is :

How can VmWare break functionality of a library which it does not own ?

@they can't stifle innovation just because they don't like it

Hilarious the way you imply the author is stifling. Its VmWare thats stifling.

Oh yes the author can demand GPL spirit be upheld wrt functionality.

Oracle's Hurd mentality: We (and one other) will own all of cloud by 2025


Re: 25% and 30% stats ... from where?

I think Hurd meant Cloud (private and public) enabled.

But then isnt everything Private cloud enabled. Except Mainframes I guess

Inside Aurora: how disruptive is Amazon’s MySQL clone?


At best, Aurora will grab a chunk of the web DB market.

There would be lots of DB in this space and thats the market Amazon is targeting.

I dont see Aurora competing for DC market.

MS Azure might see competition from AMZN. Also Oracle Cloud.

Majorly the other DB like Mongo etc will see cooptition.

More BlackBerry layoffs: 200 Venice devs binned amid Android shift


Re: Don't underestimate BBRY - some of this might be external manifestation of internal infighting..

Both Apple Car and Android Car are based on BB QNX.

They just provide the interface.

The Kernel and API are all BB

IaaS is OVER, ladies. Time for OpenStack to jump clear


'Walmart dumped the legacy Oracle ATG e-commerce platform..' for Openstack.

ATG uses middleware, CRM and eCommerce as enablers to deliver CX.

So what happened to the ecommerce. The statement sure as hell makes the assumption that somehow Openstack does middleware and ecommerce.

I think the author has to re-phrase. Its seems Walmart used Openstack to implement a private cloud and thus save on infrastructure. The applications for eCommerce are NOT replaceable by using openstack.

To imply as such is ridiculous.

We're saving tax payers' money on Oracle licensing, honest, says Gov.uk


Before jumping out of the known pain, there should be a TRANSPARENT analysis.

Being desperate to get off the Oracle boat may land them in hot water.

The smart thing would be to move to the cloud, private or Public. I think there is a way in which you can move to the private cloud hosted in your own datacenter but pay only for Application subscription. (Saving on hardware and license)

Oracle brews perpetual, all-you-can-eat database licence


Re: greed and draconian practices

"severe misfortune for all great technology"

"Crass greed combined with draconian proprietary software"

MySQL was sold to SUN. That was misfourtune. That was greed by the original founders.

Then the very same person goes ahead and launches MARIADB.

Everyone hails him. Thats hypocrisy.

Lets begin by saying something to Monty first.

Java Solaris and many softwares were born in Sun.

Sun just lost the focus after Khosla was kicked out.

Scott McNealy was unable to look 'Beyond 2000'.

Regarding Oracle, they have a vision.

Vision thats based on revenue generation.

MS IBM HP SAP ORACLE all are 800 poound gorillas. they understand this and survive to this day.

In time they will adapt to the Cloud as well as IOT.

Johnathan Schwartz is a douch3b4g. Blogs and hip haristyle dont generate business.

Laser like focus does.

The ones that lack CEO quality talk hip and destroy companies.

The ones that do, buy a yatch.

'Oracle, why are your sales f-' CLOUD CLOUD CLOUD, blasts Larry


The Envy Factor

Most of criticism is based on Oracle price and license.

Yes its expensive. Find an alternative if it meets your demands. And customers are. The ones that need serious RDBMS stick to Oracle.

License. Done this multiple times. If you are through and know how to leverage it, it can be judiciously done. Hence License firms exist.

Sales were down. True. But its not as if the roof fell.

Oracle is going Cloud. This transition will be very shaky and it must survive to be relevent.

All clouds companies run on DBs, OS, Servers. Infra that Oracle is in business of along with EMC, MS, IBM, HP etc.

the remaining folks just wanna bitch about Big firms. Hell every open Source company wants to be Oracle....ask Red Hat. They are not even making their own software.

Hazelcast trousers cash, poises open-source cutlass against Exadata belly


comparison with SAP HANA or Oracle Exalytics would be more like it.

How foolish.

Comparing an in-memory system to a disk based system and then praying:

"Wouldn’t it be great if Open Source software eviscerates the expensive Exadata scheme"

Similar like saying I pray my space shuttle beats the Benz.

A comparison with SAP HANA or Oracle Exalytics would be more like it.


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