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Vengeful sacked IT bod destroyed ex-employer's AWS cloud accounts. Now he'll spent rest of 2019 in the clink


Re: Voova should take some heat here...

My take on this, as a non IT type*, is that the cloud provider will have backed it up, but only for sorting out their own mess. If you want a back up for sorting out your mess then you'll have to pay for it.

*But I know enough from reading on places like this to have at least three back up copies on different media and at least one off site. Vague general thanks to all.

Quit that job and earn $185k... cleaning up San Francisco's notoriously crappy sidewalks


The French got there first with the tech:


Google shaves half a gig off Android Poundland Edition


The pathway for completely turning off the tracking functions takes 2.49gb


2.49 Gig of that is the pathway for completely turning off the tracking functions.

User stepped on mouse, complained pedal wasn’t making PC go faster


A little challenge to all those who are scoffing

Go and find your mother's sewing machine. Set it up without with no outside assistance. Now sew two pieces of fabric together.

Can't do it? Lusers.

Bridge, ship 'n' tunnel – the Brunels' hidden Thames trip


We also tend to forget just how many workmen died while building these things. IKB was the only survivor of one the Thames tunnel floods, six navvies weren't so lucky. And that's before non fatal industrial injuries are considered.


It's an excellent museum, I visited a couple of years ago and did a connected walking tour.

The only museum where I've been given a cup of tea as the guide was making one for himself.

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