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Trump signs 'no privacy for non-Americans' order – what does that mean for rest of us?

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Re: Agencies shall, to the extent consistent with applicable law

"Perhaps, if it is illegal, they won't be able to do it."

that's the theory. I suspect actual practice will be much different than the FUD.

I also suspect that this was aimed primarily at ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, and not an excuse for NSA spying on the world. In other words, if a gummint program guarantees some level of privacy protection, such protection would NOT apply to illegal aliens. People here legally [including tourists] would most likely continue to be given the same kinds of rights and respect as before [even though our Constitution does NOT guarantee such things].

The REAL measuring stick should be this: the U.S. should treat foreigners the SAME way that U.S. Citizens are treated overseas. Just sayin'...

Windows code-signing tweaks sure to irritate software developers

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the approximate doubling of certificate prices.

Thanks for the toll-hike at the Redmond "Bridge"

Yet another impediment to:

a) independent developers

b) open source

c) people who just want to write stuff for their OWN computer

YET ANOTHER REASON to go with open source operating systems.

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Re: How long before...?

"You can buy the dongles on eBay?"

or, worse, CLONES of dongles at rock-bottom prices

President Trump tweets from insecure Android, security boffins roll eyes

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"Is what he tweets a secret?"

apparently not, but it might be a better idea to get something that's deliberately "secured". As an example, having a cracked phone in your pocket while discussing security-related things, "listening in". THAT would be bad.

President Trump: Have the NSA secure your phone, please. k-thx.

President Donald Trump taken on by unlikely foe: Badass park rangers

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If only we'd started recording temperatures 100 years ago - this climate debate would be all over.

or maybe if there was some kind of ice core record we could sort it out.

does THIS help?


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Re: no bias nor inflamatory tone, move along

(re: demonstrating no man-made climate change, that such claims are a HOAX)

"No you haven't and, no you can't!"

Sure I can, and have done so already, and I'll do it AGAIN.

The CO2 mechanism is just on example of the HOAX of man-made global temperature whatever. It's there because it ties in directly with fossil fuels, which the left HATES anyway [they empower average people, making us more mobile and having affordable luxuries]. And the use of fossil fuels ties to human activity, and ANY connection they can make, is a method by which they can CONTROL people through manipulation and outright lies.

Consider this: If CO2 concentration increases, and if it were causing warming, it would result in a HIGHLY UNSTABLE condition, like thermal runaway in a semiconductor (which we are NOT seeing, by the way). Why? It's because when you heat ocean water, it RELEASES CO2! That's why.

The projection would be that, when the planet warms, more CO2 is released from the ocean, causing a warmer planet, EVEN MORE CO2, and so on. Thermal runaway. Yes, that's NOT happening. And it WON"T happen, because of the OBSERVABLE property in chemistry known as EQUILIBRIUM.

So what we DO see is a CO2 + H2O equlibrium reaction in the atmosphere due to RAIN. It ends up depleting atmospheric CO2 into waterways and the ocean, and it precipitates out as carbonates. [volcanos underwater can stir these carbonates up and cause CO2 to bubble up to the surface - and if you measure CO2 NEAR a thermal anomoly like that, you'll get the skewed figures that warmists need in order to "prove" their hoax - but I digress]

Now, ANYONE studying chemistry knows about equilibrium reactions, which CO2 and water have most definitely been observed as having, including the affinity of CO2 for being hydrolyzed in water, and so on. So the laws of physics COMPLETELY go against the claims that CO2 levels are rising, rising, rising, and temperatures are going with it. Besides, isn't it OBVIOUS, RIGHT NOW, that world-wide temperatures are starting to COOL DOWN??? That they've come off of a CYCLIC PEAK, and are heading back the OTHER way? What data is being IGNORED again???

The "inconvenient truth" here, aside from CO2 maintaining an equlibrium level, is that CO2 does NOT have a significant infrared absorption spectrum above VERY COLD temperatures (something close to -50C as I recall). So atmospheric CO2 will do a FINE JOB of helping to keep temperatures from going BELOW -50C, by blanketing IR emissions at those temperatures, keeping the heat in etc.. OK it's not perfect because occasionally, in Antarctica, it can get a bit colder than that. But not by much. Thank CO2 for THAT!

For temperatures in the NORMAL range, WATER has a significantly greater effect. NOT surprisingly, WATER absorbs infrared energy in the "normal daily temperature" range. So when it's cloudy during the day, it's cold. When it's cloudy at night, it's warmer than it would be on a clear night.

And some time ago, I calculated that "Water, the OTHER greenhouse gas" has something in the order of 100 TIMES THE EFFECT OF CO2 on world-wide temperatures. But you won't see gummints or enviro-wackies trying to make the claim that we have to stop putting WATER into the atmosphere. This planet is effectively FLOODED being 3/4 covered with the stuff. It would be a LUDICROUS claim, even to the most uneducated observer.

Then you have to look at ACTUAL TEMPERATURE CYCLES. It's actually been warmer in the past, around the end of the last ice age, even. No humans were burning fossil fuels, either.

As yet ANOTHER example, THIS guy extrapolates a modified "linear line" corresponding to the last 120 or so years of temperature data, in addition to a cyclic component.


however, if he treated that 120 or so year "bent linear line" like the SINE WAVE THAT IT IS, you would see the longer, 500 year (or so) trend, and it's on the upswing at the moment. We knew that.

What's not so obvious [when you consider the combination of 2 or more long cycles], when you don't measure ENOUGH data for LONG enough, is that you get a 'hockey stick' if you start at a low point (1970's) and end up at a high point (2010'ish), and think OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD and project ridiculous increases in temperature and THEN blame CO2 for it.

(note: the guy on THAT web site believes that SOME warming is due to human activity. I don't accept CO2 as a mechanism, because chemistry/physics/science, and THEREFORE if you can't come up with something ELSE to model a 'human blame' after, I say it's NOT human activity at ALL!)

In any case, believe what you want. Calling people "denier" because they USE THEIR BRAINS instead of SWALLOW THE KOOLAID is just "yet another lefty trick" to SILENCE those who simply DISAGREE with you!

'nuff. I grow weary of repeating myself.

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no bias nor inflamatory tone, move along

sorry, but when the author uses terms like "President Snowflake" [totally getting WRONG the whole 'snowflake' concept] and "climate change DENIER", I have to point out the OBVIOUS SLANT here.

OK maybe just being snarky, but I don't think it's SNARK. I think it's the typical lefty tactics surfacing.

man-made "climate change" is a HOAX. I've proved it before, I can prove it again, and the only thing I'm "denying" is giving an opportunity to be MANIPULATED by SOCIALISTS.

And I think Trump wants a CONSISTENT government position on this issue, and NOT a bunch of people undermining the TRUTH, that human activity is NOT ruining the planet, and we don't need to PANIC and stop EVERYBODY from using (inexpensive) fossil fuel energy, based on PSEUDO SCIENCE claims that CO2 [which has about 1% of the effect that ATMOSPHERIC WATER has on earth's heat retention capability on a given day] allegedly caused by burning DINOSAUR REMAINS in our cars and power plants, is warming, no cooling, no warming again, the ENTIRE PLANET to a point of either a THERMAL MELTDOWN [which didn't happen, DID it Algore?] or A NEW ICE AGE, which ALSO did NOT happen. I mean, the data is out there, so how can ANYONE actually BELIEVE that CRAP???

Oh, because "scientists say so". I forgot.

Batman v Superman leads Razzie nominations

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hollyweird is so agenda-driven and clueless anyway

is it any WONDER they can't produce a decent movie any more?

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Re: Hamill owns Joker.

"No-one should have to see Mark Hamill in a unitard and cape though."

Cast him as 'voice of the Joker' like James Earl Jones for Darth Vader.

I'LL BE BATT: Arnie Schwarzenegger snubs gas guzzlers for electric

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Re: The issues with Hydrogen.

"Once we have a cheap, reliable, methane fuel cell"

nice wishful thinking on that, but I suspect you'd have to separate the H2 first, either with a catalyst or by heating or similar, for it to be practical.

Here's why: a fuel cell works by doing an oxidation/reduction reaction across a barrier of some kind, wher the electrodes are charged by the reacting substances at a voltage equal to their 'electronegativity' potential. Since H2 and C have different 'electronegativity', it would tend to mess up the cell's operation and make it inefficient. It would be less of a problem with air going through the O2 side, though slight inefficiency may result from NOT using pure O2. I suppose that problem is already solved, though.

As I understand it, fuel cell systems that run off of hydrocarbons do something that separates the hydrogen and then do something ELSE with the carbon (maybe burn it - I would). The exception might be a 'solid oxide' type which is HARDLY PRACTICAL for a vehicle. There's a patent for it that I found in a quick search.

In any case, fuel cells ARE a good idea, if they can be practically fitted into a car (along with a practical fuel system and fast refueling capability). I think the lunar rover had fuel cells. As I recall, it also had liquid O2 and H2 tanks. So yeah. Possible, but maybe not practical. yet.

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Re: I can't be the only one !!!

"$1.8 Million for a animation !!!

Who the hell thought that was a good price !!!!"

They should've had Terry Gilliam do it, for less, and it would've been funnier.

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Re: Hydrogen powered cars

"Almost all current hydrogen production comes from fossil fuels and generates CO2 as a result"

So you, also, generate CO2 whenever you exhale. And so do whales. And elephants. And every endangered animal species on the planet (even if 'exhale' is by osmosis).

FYI, CO2 has maybe 1% of the effect on temperature as WATER VAPOR (the 'other' greenhouse gas). Yes, I've done the math. It's related to a) concentration in the atmosphere, and b) infrared absorption spectrum. If anything, CO2 might actually cause MORE RAIN which might LOWER temperature, but in reality would just lead to re-establishing an equilibrium concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, except in those locations where underwater volcanos are causing CO2 effervescence due to carbonates in the sea floor (and make convenient locations for 'monitoring CO2' when you have an agenda and are shopping for 'facts' to back your B.S. claims). But I digress...

Seriously, though, you brought up the CO2 thing? I suggest studying chemistry. Then you'll understand why that's just PURE BOGUS B.S..

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Re: Hydrogen powered cars @AB

"You HAVE to liquefy and store it as a liquid."

not true. there are substances that will absorb hydrogen at one temperature, and release it at another. These materials in 'hydrate' (or is it hydride? I guess it's hydride) tanks can be used for hydrogen storage, and actual tanks exist.


unfortunately, 'charge time' is _STILL_ significantly longer than a fillup of gasoline. So like battery tech, it needs to be improved.

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Re: Hydrogen powered cars

the ONLY problem with H2 is storage. once that's solved, either by using complex hydrates or a really safe and efficient liquid H2 system, the use of fuel cells [rather than an engine] would be PERFECT.

And yeah, you can use many methods to produce hydrogen, electrolysis being one of them. Some inexpensive methods actually involve FOSSIL FUELS, heh.

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Re: That car does not run on electricity

"Where do thing that electricity came from? Thats right - ancient sunlight and dead dinosaurs. nothing has changed except the location of the smoke stack."

Yes. thanks for saying that.

And don't forget waterfalls and uranium. [ok hydro-electric is indirect solar energy, already mentioned]

/me likes uranium, having at one time operated "Nukular" reactors for the U.S. Navy, like former Pres. Jimmy Carter, who always pronounced it 'Nukular'. heh.

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"If Trumpy gets rid of the EPA, does that mean VW is off the hook?"

We still don't want dirty air, so no. I don't think Trump wants dirty air. And besides, VW 'cheated' and violated the law.

You might see a relaxation of the requirements, maybe special exceptions for diesel, and of course NO! MORE! GLOBAL! WARMING! BULLCRAP!!! And no more "we will crucify them", either. The EPA is supposed to stop GROSS NEGLIGENCE, _not_ control citizens' daily lives NOR oppress technology.

Maybe we'll see a stop to the environmentalist nonsense regarding endangered species, too. I mean, how MUCH space does an endangered bird need to COPULATE, when 2 teenagers can manage to do it in the back seat of a car...

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Re: 'charged to 80 per cent in just 25 minutes'

"it doesn't spill on the pavement, nor catches fire"

actually, electrical connections CAN catch fire if they corrode internally or are subjected to any kind of high current fault that exceeds the capability of the system to manage the surge [that includes the CAR, not just the thing you plug into it]. And don't EVEN get me started on the dangers of improperly charging batteries that contain Lithium...

And there's the chance of electrocuting yourself. What happens if some dim-bulb decides to take a KNIFE to the thing, or someone runs it over and it's cracked, and then the insulation falls off, etc.. Lots of potential here for mayhem.

and 25 minutes is WAY too long waiting for a "fillup". That's up to 8 songs on the radio! I can order and consume a whopper from Burger King in less than that amount of time. I can walk a mile in that amount of time. I can DRIVE >20 miles in that amount of time [on a normal day]. If I paid myself an hourly wage, it's close to half my hourly rate that I'm literally WASTING because of that. And having to do this TWICE AS OFTEN because I can only go "up to 185 miles" on a charge [less if only 80%] ??? No thanks!

I can imagine, on a HOT day with a traffic jam, all of the electric cars that have no means of charging themselves sitting there NOT moving because they ran out of juice, making the whole problem "that much worse".

thinking of that... who in their right mind did NOT consider a 5HP 'charge engine'? In normal city traffic, it could turn on/off like a hybrid. Except, of course, hybrid cars have to RUN (nearly) ALL OF THE TIME and 'keep warm' which wrecks your overall economy. If you ran the engine ONLY to charge the batteries and/or supplement on hills, you'd end up with much BETTER economy because gasoline engines are most efficient when running close to FULL POWER. Same with diesel. But environmental stupidity-regulations PREVENT us from doing THAT... "It pollutes too much when cold". So we run it MORE to keep it WARM. (yeah, that made sense)

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Re: Taxed Enough Already

"Global fossil fuel subsidies were $5.3 trillion in 2015"

THAT shouldn't happen, either. There should be NO! SUBSIDIES! AT! ALL! as far as I'm concerned. And tax rates should be FLAT. And gummint should be SMALL.

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Re: Taxed Enough Already

"Someone mistakenly drank high-octane coffee this morning."

no mistake. I like my morning QUAD cappucino!


[need a coffee icon]

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Taxed Enough Already

If a technology cannot stand on its own in the private sector, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way to bankruptcy.

To *HELL* with public subsidies of UBER-EXPENSIVE CARS for "the rich", at the expense of "average joe" taxpayer.

Gasoline is liquid energy. Gasoline cars GO FARTHER, "recharge" faster, and are a proven technology that is over 100 years old. Current tech makes them _extermely_ clean, and Cali-Fornicate-You already requires bi-annual "smog checks" which take up time and partially burn up your rear brakes [if you have an older car like me that goes on the dyno].

And we already know what happens if your electric car catches on fire. The Fire Department isn't so sure of how to put it out, what effects water will have on it, and so on. It's basically a class D fire that COULD explode if you use standard firefighting techniques.

Anyway, when car makers get PAID to produce these electric vehicles so that PEOPLE WEALTHIER THAN ME can "afford" them, using TAX MONEY that *I* was FORCED to pay, I get VERY irritated...

and paying for all of those CHARGING STATIONS TOO??? yeah, right. [stoopid gummint]

Trumping free trade: Say 'King of Bankruptcy' Ross does end up in charge of US commerce

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Re: Crystal ball..

"US products will become more expensive and less competitive on the international market while short-term subsidies will make them cheaper domestically. "

no, no, no. Just no.

What you don't understand is Supply Side Economics, and how effective it is. No need for gummint subsidies. JUST! CUT! THE! TAX! RATES! and people will have more money to spend. That "primes the pump". Then cut CORPORATE taxes so THAT is no longer motivation to move offshore [and may be motivation to BRING BACK production]. Then cut the REGULATIONS that make it extremely difficult to get things done. [these are all in Trump's plan]

THEN, just LET the private sector "do its thing". keep enough regs to level the playing field and prevent outright exploitation, and VOILA! Prosperity happens!

[keep in mind that labor-intensive processes, which work well when paying pennies per hour, will most likely be replaced by ROBOTS, which means that engineering for ROBOTS will become a 'new demand' and a good way to earn money, just like when computers replaced rooms full of people adding up numbers.]

so it looks like your crystal ball is broken. Either that, or it only shows you what you WANT to see...

Note: this is like a 'Batman Gambit' in that it relies on people acting according to their own nature, rather than a 'master manipulator' plan that must control everyone by manipulating or forcing a particular outcome...

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Re: Same idiocy regardless of location

using Tariffs to "encourage" companies to create local jobs will most likely not work.

so go the OTHER way... CUT taxes! You know, like LOWERING the corporate tax, for starters... [yes it's on Trump's agenda]. and cut regulations. and so on.

Supply Side Economics - aka 'Reaganomics' - works every time it's tried! Even JFK would agree, as he outlined basic supply side economics in his 1962 speech at a New York economists get-together. I heard a replay of it. It was interesting to hear supply-side out of a Democrat. It made me like JFK even more. No _wonder_ they assassinated him! He must've had LBJ and the other liberals ripping out their own insides over it.

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Re: Same idiocy regardless of location

"In order to have a plan you need to EDUCATE the workforce"

no argument there, however, when education focuses on "feelings" instead of FACTS, social engineering instead of the "3 R's", and so forth, those poor widdle snowflakes won't be able to hold a job, let alone perform well. Might as well start fixing the problem at its source.

yeah no more telling those young 'skulls full of mush' (as Limbaugh would say) that it's all "whitey's fault", that American history is filled with social injustice, the Pilgrims were saved by the local "native Americans" and repaid with injustice, that slavery existed until Malcom X and the Black Panthers started THEIR movements, yotta yotta yotta. And the _RACIST_ poetry of Maya Angeloo...

If we taught the kids how to read, write, do math, and STANDARD history [not 'revisionist' social engineering] there'd be plenty of well-educated potential employees ready to go to work.

Same for colleges, but SQUARED.

Linux nasty kicks weak, hacked gadgets when they're already down

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use of default passwords

yet another reminder to change the default passwords on intarweb-connected things.

I haven't allowed a dictionary-based sshd attack for some time. I'd expect admin:admin pi:pi pi:raspberry and a few others to be in that list.

and, unfortunately, you can't seem to educate people fast enough before they get cracked.

Trump's FBI boss, Attorney General picks reckon your encryption's getting backdoored

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Re: The irony

"Soon, the only way to have secure email in the US will be to run your own server."

like Mrs. Clinton? (I couldn't resist, heh)

Seriously, though, PGP has been around for long enough. If we don't want to get sniffed, we can just PGP every e-mail from this day forward. So post your public key "wherever", and tell everyone to encrypt all mail sent to you using that key. Simple, really.

/me already has my own mail server, muahahahah!

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"Comey is really following in the heals of that weirdo J. Edgar Hoover. Probably explains why Comey is a fan of the backdoor."

and the way they keep 'skirting' around the issue

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Re: Back to MD5, et. al.

keep in mind that "it was decided" back THEN that stupid regulations regarding encryption were not only bad for business, they left people at risk for various forms of theft. _AND_ they open the doors for FOREIGN COMPETITION.

you can't "make America great again" while hobbling its ability to compete. sanity should soon take over any possible hype, FUD, or over-reaction with respect to encryption, on BOTH sides of the argument.

And EVERYONE knows that a gummint-mandated skeleton key won't cut it, either. There are too many good "foreign alternatives" already, the source files for various forms of encryption are already out there, and mandating back doors would just motivate the open source community to provide 'non-US alternatives" faster than any legislation would pass in Con-Grab.

I doubt we have ANYTHING to worry about. WATCH OUT FOR, certainly. Hold their feet to the fire over it, ABSOLUTELY.

Besides, backdoors to encryption is just lazy police work. Tell them to get WARRANTS and do it the 'old school' way.

Microsoft's Linux love-in continues with SUSE support in SQL Server

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Re: Distro-specific software compatibility?

"So is SQL Server only compatible with SUSE? In which, someone seems to be misunderstanding how Linux is supposed to work..."

It's probably Micro-shaft trying to pick "winners and losers". Was RHEL even considered?

(it'd be JUST LIKE MICRO-SHAFT to do something like that, yeah)

Micro-shaft - a synonym for 'angler fish'

(looks like MS has docs on RHEL running SQL Server - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/linux/sql-server-linux-setup-red-hat )

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Re: Yes!!!!

"Anything, to crush Oracle!!"

Oracle has been running on Linux for a while, now...

Penguins force-fed root: Cruel security flaw found in systemd v228

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"Only root would be able to issue the write without the 6000 mode bits being reset."

assuming that a different exploit did not successfully write to this file and still keep the bits...

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Re: The Inevitable

"Is Linux Secure"

yes. Linux is secure. Related, systemd is NOT Linux. thankfully.

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Re: @Gerhard

"And FreeBSD knows nothing of systemd."

A _DEFINITE_ plus!

Additionally, the rc system on FBSD is a bit easier to config than Debian's old sysv startup support, last I checked. though much of the 'hackery' required was simply re-naming, creating, or removing a few symlinks from one of the rc#.d directories

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Re: right ..

"As a server admin, SystemD has solved more problems than it has created."

I hear the same kind of logic applied to things like Virus Outbreak (aka MS Outlook), and the use of ".Not" in programming.

My guess is that the hackery is a better choice. Then post what you did in an appropriate place, so the rest of us can benefit from it too.

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Re: Surprise

_NOT_ suid per se [it's actually needed for SOME things] but apparently how it's being utilized by systemd and it's minions

Using LinkedIn will land you a shiny new job – like, er, CTO of Microsoft

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his predecessor became a PATENT TROLL?

no WONDER Micro-shaft has been pursuing wrong directions!

Plump Trump dumps TPP trade pump

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"You think we don't remember certain people blaming Obama for the state of the economy before inauguration day?"

Or former President Bush II, 8 years later...

I believe Trump has the correct strategy.

a) tax cuts [for *EVERYBODY*, particularly "the rich"]

b) de-regulation

c) significantly reduce the actual SIZE of gummint

d) put people in charge who were chosen for their ability to do their jobs, not race/sex/lifestyle/whatever [including political payoffs]

e) ENFORCE! THE! LAW! - consistently, I might add. no more 'pick and choose' like Obaka

it's a recipe for putting things back on the right track. It's the same one _I_ would use. It's been tried before (1980's) and it worked well, but of course doesn't happen instantaneously. We'll hear all kinds of grief from "the lamestream media" until reality becomes SO obvious, that people will embrace the reality instead of the doom/gloom LIES from those who want it to NOT be so [if it bleeds, it leads!].

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Re: The last mercantilist president

I doubt VERY seriously that Trump is truly a "mercantilist".

His plans are simple: provide 'incentives' to keep what production is already inside the USA, as well as incentives to 'bring it back' (or expand within the U.S.).

Typically this will be in the form of

a) tax cuts

b) de-regulation

Although the threat of retaliatory import tariffs still exists, it is highly likely that this is the primary means by which Trump intends to 'make America great again'. However, it might be there as a 'stick' for when the carrot stops working. Incidentally, as I recall, such 'protectionist' means have already been written into things _LIKE_ NAFTA, and the WTO agreements.

But yeah, those of calling Trump "President Snowflake" (aka members of the "need a clue-by-4" club) won't get it at all. They'll believe the stuff they hear on late night "comedy news", and on Face-blank or Tw[a,i]tter rants, instead.

It's official: Ejit – sorry – Ajit Pai is new FCC boss (he's the one who hates network neutrality)

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from article: "President Snowflake"?

"President Snowflake"? I think not.

file THAT one under "you have been brainwashed by the lamestream media" and consider who the 'snowflakes' REALLY are...


And the screaming, and the whining, and the tantrums, oh my!

(yeah you'll just say Trump does those things, I know, and I see NO evidence of Trump behaving like the 'snowflakes' so devastated by him being in the White House - nothing like a big fat lie to distract, typical lefty trick, and re-enforcing the lie by repeating it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over and I'm sure you'll say "Trump does that too" which of course is NOT the case, but those who WANT to believe it will say it and quote one another so they can FEEL better, yeah - so WHO is the snowflake then?)

Looking forward to a more REASONABLE FCC that doesn't try to REGULATE CONTENT.

Microsoft fixes remote desktop app Mac hole

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"Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Mac OS X allows a malicious terminal server to read and write any file in the home directory of the connecting user,"

by crafting a special 'rdp' URL and directing the user to click it.


Windows 10 networking bug derails Microsoft's own IPv6 rollout

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Re: A short and inaccurate history of NAT routers in the home

"Anybody that can send packets to your router with a dest IP set to 192.168.1.x can connect to your LAN machines regardless of any NAT going on on the router."

On an IMPROPERLY CONFIGURED router, yes. It's not that hard to create rules to block all incoming AND outgoing connections to/from RFC1918 addresses. I would assume that router makers would be smart enough to do this. If not, I'd like a list of FAIL, please...

Or the other choice: use 'bridge mode' on whatever 'thing' plugs into the intarweb, and firewall it with your OWN 'dual home' box, running Linux or FreeBSD. You could even set it up as an IPv6 gateway, via a free IPv4/IPv6 tunnel. Yeah. I do that.

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"So ipv6 isn't a mess, has been ready for prime time for a very long time, but Microsoft products and enterprise it are messes?"

good summary!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Sigh

"Plus, even if not blocking everything, the standard Windows ports have been blocked in network borders for ages now."

except that it's a moving target. Windows Vista, 7, "Ape", and now Win-10-nic each seem to add NEW ports to be concerned about. And the Windows built-in firewall is pretty much a JOKE, in my opinion. It's still "Windows" between ethernet and the listening applications, after all...

Trump's 'cyber tsar' Giuliani among creds leaked in mass hacks

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"For balance how many of Hillary's team or Obama's had passwords in these hacks?"

Better still (and I _AM_ pro-Trump) do like OBAKA did, and JUST! BLAME! THE! PREDECESSOR!!

He's only been in office for 2 days, after all.

Looks to ME like Giuliani needs to GET HOT and start shoring up his 'firewall defenses'...

General Electric plays down industrial control plant vulnerabilities

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Re: Hmm

"saying it cannot be exploited assumes that the machine running it is sufficiently airgapped (or otherwise protected)."

I did a little (indirect) work for GE a while back, on their SCADA system in fact [adding a feature that used the analysis software from the company I was doing work for at the time], and their SCADA system ran on Windows. WINDOWS. Yeah, THERE's your security problem!

Other than that it seemed to be to be a pretty good SCADA system, so just have them tighten it up a bit more and we should be ok, right? THAT and port it to *LINUX* or *BSD*.

Welcome to the Wipe House: President Trump shreds climate change, privacy, LGBT policies on WhiteHouse.gov

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Re: Narcissistic Personality Disorder at work

"so long as he receives populist applause at every event."

You forgot that the _REAL_ 'Narcisist in Chief' was OBAKA! Wait until his "legacy" gets BLOWED UP and POPPED like a cheap balloon over the coming few weeks...

I'm looking FORWARD to it! [starting with that ECONOMY KILLER, 'OBAKACARE']

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: @dalethorn

"The ability to make racist, misogynistic, homophobic, religiophobic, hateful slurs at anybody we please at the top of our lungs? To bully without regret? To engage in delicate foreign policy in 140-character soundbites? To lie whenever it feeds our all-to-sensitive egos? (Isn't that the definition of 'snowflake'?) To return women to second-class citizenship?"

That sounds all-too-much like the leftist TWADDLE cooked up by Mrs. Clinton and George Soros. Yes, it's a complete _LIE_.

In other words, if you're willing to believe THAT, I have some swampland in Arkansas that I want to sell... wait, the Clintons beat me to it! ['Whitewater' anyone?]

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Likely

follow, unfollow, who cares. I won't bother with tw[a,i]tter and will read about whatever trump says in El Reg instead.

Or watch him on Fox News.

I suspect more, WAY more, HOWLER MONKEYS on tw[a,i]tter anyway. Just a handful, drawing attention to themselves, trying to appear larger than they are. As usual. And paid by George Soros.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: whois obamawhitehouse.org

Dumping all of Obaka's "legacy" off of the white house web pages ON THE NEXT DAY is an obvious message: We're gonna UNdo that "legacy" ASAP. Starting with the executive orders, then Obaka-care, then the failed policies of basically ALLOWING illegal immigration, and so on - say buh-bye!

And don't forget those RIDICULOUS policies regarding "climate change" (not MAN made at ALL), and all of that FAVORITISM towards "protected classes" of people - you know, anyone who's NOT a straight white male. (just like Demo-rats to divide everyone up into manipulatable groups and pander to them, anyway). I have a thought: just treat LBGT{whatever} people as PEOPLE. Why does any one group need "special resources" on the whitehouse.gov site ANYWAY?

But if you want to see all of that again, you don't need to worry. Obaka will get his archive (we need it 'out there' as an example of what FAIL is, after all). Didn't the article say it would temporarily be on obamawhitehouse.archive.gov until the new domain is registered, etc. ??

bombastic bob Silver badge

"when in fact they're mostly paid trolls"

George Soros, the alleged payer of a LOT of those trolls, lost A BILLION DOLLARS after Trump was elected, by "getting it wrong" in his hedge fund (just having Trump ELECTED caused a bump up in the stock market, and Soros bet DOWN, and LOST).

Schadenfreude indeed! To those who DESERVE it, anyway.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: I'd offer the world an apology for the garbage that is "American First"

"I'm making lots of money, so my world doesn't change with the changing of who runs the country."

lucky you. step aside and let everyone ELSE prosper for once! elitist...

NO need to apologize for Trump. Apologize for OBAKA and what HE did to America, and the world...

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