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AI and robots? Will someone think of the jobs, says HPE CEO Whitman

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Re: People don't need jobs...

"Given your usual tone"

WOW - I've got FANS!

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Re: Meg in Davos - why?

" I'm subcontracting to part of the company that develops software."

foot in the door, eh? would it jeopardize your status to suggest to them that shipping new PCs with Win-10-nic on them isn't helping their bottom line? And they should ship LINUX machines instead? And that if THEY do it, others will too, and the software development will follow?

just a thought...

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Re: People don't need jobs...

"Your shtick has become tedious. Please stop."

you're welcome. *kiss*

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"We just need to require that robots receive a salary"

More gummint mandates. yeah, THAT will fix it! *shudder*


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Re: People don't need jobs...

you forgot the 'joke' tag

people don't need a 'universal basic income'. We'd just be universally MISERABLE.

The basic problem is that, for menial jobs, people are TOO EXPENSIVE. Robots are cheaper.

There used to be rooms full of people adding numbers in banks. They were called "calculators". Not so much any more. Would YOU want THAT job? I wouldn't!

As the minimum wage is LEGISLATIVELY increased, and "benefits" MANDATED, companies discover that it's TOO EXPENSIVE to hire people to do 'certain jobs'. The only alternative, if the job can't be shipped to a place where it's "affordable" again, is to have a ROBOT do the work.

And teenagers can't find work, because it's TOO EXPENSIVE to hire an inexperienced person to do ANYTHING any more, including BURGER FLIPPING.

A job that COSTS MORE than it is worth will NO LONGER EXIST. If it COSTS LESS to build a robot to do something, that's what will happen.

Feelings and political pontification won't change economic REALITY.

Valley techies to protest outside Palantir – Trump adviser's creepy citizen database biz

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Re: Me Too!

"Wow it's easy to make shit up isn't it."

And, JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY IT, *THAT* makes it *TRUE*!!!!!

like 'fake news'. and statistics. and lies. oh my!

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Re: Next Week

"At least that's the meme we are supposed to swallow, according this Kieren person."

and you got 9 downvotes already! it's a badge of honor, yeah.

howler monkeys, at it again. shout down the opposition until they get tired of being shouted at. call them racists and "everyone-phobes", make outrageous claims, phony 'fake news' statistics, and try to shock people [who can't be shocked any MORE, news flash] into an emotional reaction, blah blah boring boring boring.

I can HARDLY WAIT until Trump takes on the office of President of the United States on Friday.

And anyone who is here LEGALLY isn't getting deported. ONLY the ILLEGAL ones will be deported, starting with the criminals. And don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way back to wherever you CAME FROM!

(that's my story, and I'm "schticking" with it, heh)

Kill it with fire: US-CERT urges admins to firewall off Windows SMB

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Samba can disable SMB1 as well

Apparently you can block SMB1 with Samba by adding an entry similar to the following in the '[global]' section:

min protocol = SMB2

- or -

server min protocol = SMB2

- and -

client min protocol = SMB2



Apparently, this also prevents any XP, 2k, or Win '9x machines from using your Samba server.

NOW: in all snarkiness, does it _REALLY_ surprise anyone that the "fix" for this is to (effectively) MAKE XP GO AWAY ??? Yeah, WHY am I *NOT* Surprised???

Search for MH370 called off after new theory about resting place is ruled out

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I bet the U.S. Navy knows where it is

I'd bet the U.S. Navy knows where it is, but can't say because, classified. The location of submarines is at 'secret' level or higher, and (very likely) some of the sonar capabilities as well. Maybe they'll consider dropping more hints?

Chelsea Manning sentence slashed by Prez Obama: She'll be sprung in the spring

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I'd rather be done with the drama surrounding Pvt Manning [who I understand got the sex change done AT THE TAXPAYER'S EXPENSE] anyway, but letting Manning out of prison early isn't necessarily the best way to be done with this...

it doesn't send a very good message. not at all.

Li-ion tamers: Boffins build battery with built-in fire extinguisher

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Re: Cars

actually, the first thing _I_ thought of was LiPo batteries in aircraft [which a couple of years ago grounded 777's for a bit, as I recall] and electric cars would be the next in line. So yeah.

"what happens in a car crash" with electric batteries in every exposed area of a car? Hopefully NOT a class D fire, but that happened once already, and I remember reading an El Reg article about it...

Auto emissions 'cheatware' scandal sparks war of words between Italy, Germany

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Re: But did they actually break any rules ?

"manufacturers are going to design the cars to pass those tests"

it's happened with computers regarding various performance evaluation tests. no surprises here.

[it also happens in college classes when you give the prof what he wants, to get the grade, regardless of whether or not you believe it - useful for surviving lefty-lib indoctrination without caving in - "for the test" then brain-dump]

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"Oh look all the car manufacturers have been caught with their hands in the 'emissions' cookie jar, what a surprise."

When the U.S. EPA calls CO2 a "pollutant", it's hard to take them seriously...

Hopefully the Trump administration will "fix them" and we'll get proper standards, proper enforcement, and proper respect.

Smart guns are a neat idea on paper. They'll never survive reality

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Re: The inherent failure...

"Where almost all of the population seem to own automatic weapons you mean? "

No, it's more like all of the CRIMINAL POPULATION seems to own automatic weapons.

If the HONEST CITIZENS had them too, they could at least PROTECT THEMSELVES. The only thing COPS can do is cower, and draw a chalk-line after the MURDER. At least a gun in the hand of an HONEST CITIZEN gives an advantage to self-defense. I know *I* would rather go down fighting than die as a coward in my own piss.

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Re: 'Smart guns' - an inherent failure

smart GUN OWNERS are a better idea. well, if you purchase a gun for self-protection, that's pretty SMART!

And arming MORE 'smart gun owners' with concealed carry permits means that someone _BESIDES_ the criminal in the room is likely to be carrying...

THEN fix the laws so that FIRING! A! PISTOL! in the act of defense against a gun-totin' criminal is NOT punishable by ANYTHING, even if you KILL! THAT! PERP! to DEATH!!

All of the laws and loopholes used by the loopy-left to keep people from PROTECTING THEMSELVES leads to a fearful society of WIMPS that are AFRAID to STAND UP to CRIME!

Nadella calls for AI sector to move beyond 'worshipping' a handful of companies

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Re: every human computer interaction is AI-powered.

"and what he isn't saying is"

add to that...

"ONLY use OUR tools that ONLY work in Win-10-nic and leverage everything in our favor"

Trump fan Peter Thiel 'considering' CA Terminator role*

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Re: How much money spent campaigning???

Mrs. Clinton out-spent Trump by a fairly large percentage, as I understand it. She still lost.

Hopefully "2nd time around" Jerry Brown [cali-fornicate-you's WORST governor, EVAR], who's nickname I derive from the concept of EATING ONE'S OWN VOMIT, won't be able to CORONATE a replacement so easily. That guy ADMITTED to lying his backside off in TV interviews ONLY A FEW YEARS before he ran again, "on a technicality" I might add [he should NEVER have been allowed to run in the FIRST place].

The current overwhelming number of LEFTISTS in state gummint leads me to believe that there is a HUGE collusion going on. I suspect that when the deportations start, and when federal immigration/hiring laws are ACTUALLY ENFORCED, the elections might shift a *little* more to the right - not because of the opinions of LEGAL voters, but by the *ELIMINATION* of the *ILLEGAL* ones.

So maybe where Meg Whitman failed [she was too 'moderate' anyway], a Trump-like Republican is likely to succeed, so long as illegals and dead people no longer vote.

Microsoft Germany says Windows 7 already unfit for business users

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"Keeping using and keeping buying are two different things."


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FUD, eggs, sausage and FUD, that's not got much FUD in it!

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"What's wrong with the GUI?"

I don't have enough time or editing space to respond to this one. Best summary is 2D FLATSO FLUGLY. I don't need windows 1.01's UI on my 2017 computer, thanks, with borders too thin to see (so that re-sizing is difficult), "the METRO" look [blinding white backgrounds and too much wasted white-space - blue light is BAD for your macula!], REMOVED customization options, and so on. TLDR already, you know?

"Here's what the typical Windows 10 business GUI looks like"

Thanks, there are enough pictures of FECES on the intarwebs already. I don't need to view it to know it will STINK ON ICE.

Enjoy your GUI. I don't.

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Re: Really .....

"I have been running Windows 7 for years with updates turned off and basic free AV."

I concur, though my updates have always been in 'manual'. And they stopped getting installed when GWX was excreted from the hideous bowels of Micro-shaft. And besides, when it takes an entire DAY to 'scan for updates', something is wrong with the process...

With the use of 'safe surfing', vulnerabilities are MUCH LESS of a problem - even on an un-patched windows machine!

1. don't use Intarweb Exploiter. *EVAR*

2. use 'noscript' in Firefox, if you MUST go online with a windows machine. be aggressive with noscript. don't be fooled by "you cannot view the content".

3. NEVER view e-mail in HTML format. And don't view images 'inline' either.

4. NEVER open a flash video, or a PDF file that was mailed to you, with Adobe's reader.

5. Don't use MS Office to open 'attached document files'.

6. NEVER use MS Outlook for e-mail. *EVAR*

7. NEVER have a public IP address on your windows computer, without some SERIOUSLY AGGRESSIVE EXTERNAL FIREWALLING. This includes IPv6.

8. Do *NOT* trust Microsoft "anything" for security. This includes BOTH their firewall AND their virus scanner.

Do this, and you could continue using WINDOWS XP without any worries. Seriously.

(and use Linux or BSD for all of your web-surfing needs - it's probably using the SAME browser anyway!)

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Re: Enough Whining.

"while I use a Linux box at home, and can use it for some work, it is absolutely NOT the way to go for the majority of my work"

How many software devs in this 'room'? Let's *FIX* *THAT*, ok? Developers, developers, developers, developers! We just need Linux versions of "whatever you are using", right? Then, NO MORE EXCUSES!

From the article: Windows 7 "does not meet the requirements of modern technology"

Those 'requirements' would be, what, these?



c) 2D FLATSO FLUGLY (it's "modern") <-- snark voice required


and so on

Just give up: 123456 is still the world's most popular password

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According to the movie 'Hackers'...

According to the movie 'Hackers' the top 5 passwords are:





and, of course 'god' - don't forget 'god'! System admins LOVE to use 'god'!


ThePlague: Will her holiness please change her password?

(ok maybe not an EXACT quote but that's what I remembered)

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Re: Just get a password manager..

"KeePass will work with a local file, etc, as it's not provided as a "cloud" service."

I like KeePass. It has POSIX versions as well as Windows. You can even share the SAME key file between platforms. I do.

And if you DID store it on the cloud, anyone wanting access would need to crack your master passPHRASE. It could be anything. Anything at all, that you easily remember. A line from your favorite movie, book, or poem. Something only YOU would consider using. And typing 40+ characters can be a little irritating with no visual feedback on the character you typed, but after you've done it enough [and infrequently so] it should become relatively simple. Except for 4" screens, of course...

Flight 666 lands safely in HEL on Friday the 13th

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Re: Hmm...

those are all REAL phobias... not like the kinds of labels that are thrown about way too often these days [simply for disagreeing with 'whomever'].

As for the plane, I heard it from a "reliable source" [aka fake news] that the pilot carried a rabbit's foot that had been soaked in holy water for 7 days, with a touch of garlic. And before departure, the entire crew bounced on one foot while chanting "Waa Tanaa Siam!". And they sacrificed a chicken as well, by ordering takeout from the local KFC.

This flight, of course, was simultaneously 'blessed' by a recital of that famous poem, "I am Sofa King" "We Todd Ed"

Windows 10 Anniversary Update crushed exploits without need of patches

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Re: Why?

"You have to wonder why after 30+ years it is still has vulnerabilities that need patching."

explained in Arthur C. Clarke's "superiroity" I'd think...

Also, you have to have "new, shiny" and "the next generation doing it THEIR way, this time!:"

Couple that with market-hype, 'feel' instead of 'think', and "trying to take over the world", and you end up with the CLUSTER-BLANK known as Win-10-nic!

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Re: Why is font rendering in the kernel in the first place?

"And, from what I read about Linux, more than ever seems to be going into that kernel too."

no, just systemd and wayland. I'm sticking with FreeBSD.

As for M-shaft "getting it right this time" - a stopped clock is right TWICE a DAY, right?

Happy birthday: Jimbo Wales' sweet 16 Wikipedia fails

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read it with a grain of salt and brain engaged

well, considering ANYBODY can say/claim basically ANYTHING on Wikipedia, it's both useful and untrustworthy at the same time.

I think articles on technical stuff (like internet protocols, higher mathematics, electronics engineering) or non-controversial things (like TV episode summaries and info on your favorite anime) are pretty good on Wikipedia, and a great source of information.

That being said, don't look for ANY accuracy where agendas might be held by one or more people. And if you post ANYTHING that goes against the left, you'll see LOTS of revenge edits within hours. yeah, I think some people LIVE for that. So no talking about supply side economics, or natural cycles in climate data, or the inherent failures of 'The New Deal' or socialized "anything" without MASSIVE edits removing as much of your content as possible, while simultaneously attempting to make you look like a fool for posting something NOT in agreement with THEM.

These 'editors' [who apparently don't do anything else] seem to have WAY too much time, and WAY too much power. I wonder if someone is PAYING them to do that...

Anyway, useful for SOME things, not so much for others.

FCC's Wheeler gives passionate defense of net neutrality rules

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Re: "going forward"... over a cliff!

"Locally we have COX with 70-100Mbs service at $80/month) or AT&T with 1.2Mbs service for $60/month - I guess that's "choice" to you?"

I think you'll find that there are other (DSL, 4G, etc.) alternatives already, each with their own disadvantages as well as advantages. I don't have nearly that kind of bandwidth, but if I wanted to get cable for business (rather than DSL) it would cost considerably more. What they do NOT do (on my existing connection) is filter things, so I can run a servers on it, etc. and of course I pay extra for the fixed IP address that goes with it.

The point is, you have choices. And you could STILL create your OWN ISP if you wanted. If I had unlimited cash, I could have a mega-bandwidth fiber line run to my house, for example.

In any case, MY point is MOSTLY about getting gummint out of the way. If they want to regulate ANYTHING, they could do what they did for long distance providers for phone service, i.e. require that the cable companies 'sell bandwidth' to competitors to prevent service monopolies. THAT would be an improvement, for sure! [this is, to some extent, what has already been done for DSL, but I don't know of any specific instance where non-Cox providers can provide cable service over Cox's cables, either TV or internet or IP-phone or any OTHER service for that matter, as one example]

But THAT is NOT what they (the FCC) actually DID in THIS case, now is it? I have never been happy with the FCC's attempt at 'net neutrality', and it's really too much to pick over the details on it. But, I'll be VERY happy to see it GONE, and replaced with something better, starting with a level playing field for PROVIDERS to sell service to you, and not the actual CONTENT.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"going forward"... over a cliff!

As far as I'm concerned, the FCC has _NO_ business regulating ANYTHING on the internet that's related to content. That includes how ISPs process packets. As long as there's choice from who your ISP is and how much filtering or prioritizing goes on, it shouldn't become a problem. If it does, _THEN_ regulators can step in and do something about it. But _NOT_ before.

So these lefty-liberal "control freak" types can just GO POUND SAND. *THEY* lost the election, *THEY* need to shut the *BLANK* up and watch their legacies DIE. That includes OBAKA-care, as well as the FAIL from the FCC that pretends to be "net neutrality". To quote Lcdr Warf, when he replied to Q's griping about being human: "TOO! BAD!!!"

Hey lefties: Don't let the door hit you in the ARSE on the way out, k?

now if only we could get MICRO-SHAFT to turn THEIR barge around, before it goes over the falls or hits the rocks [whichever]. same *kinds* of thinking behind Win-10-nic and 'Ape' I bet!

Ex-Autonomy CFO pleads not guilty to charges he inflated the company's value

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I've seen it before, overvalue prior to buyout

I've seen it before, overvaluing a company so that the buyer ends up being shafted with a bunch of worthless inventory, but the board members all get their 'golden parachutes'. meanwhile, most (or all) of the staff gets laid off.

One of the trickiest methods is to overvalue excess and obsolete parts, stuff you KNOW you're going to have to sell for pennies on the dollar to a scrap dealer, but it's still in the warehouse. Don't show the buyer that the _necessary_ Rev B changes will not use those parts at ALL, but instead present the "facts" that Rev A's schematic and BOM will consume them all using the forecast information you provided them to show how worth-while your company is, blah blah blah.

If the parts being scrapped happen to be _expensive_, and totally worthless as scrap, you've just grossly overvalued your company! Congratulations, you sir get a 'golden parachute', inflated stock value on purchase, and a nice cash prize for cashed in stock options!

That's kinda how it works. And since you're misrepresenting facts, it's just, plain, fraud when it happens. AND, I bet it happens *ALL* the time!

ISC squishes BIND packet-of-death bugs

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Re: BIND + patches = a day ending in 'y'.

"A public service announcement from the Ministry of Redundancy and Reiteration."

And recursion. By the way, I bet turning THAT off will fix it!

Playpen child sex abuse archive admin gets 20 years in the Big House

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Re: Punishment fits the crime?

"You seem to be insinuating"

hold your horses, there, snowflake, can't you see it was a joke?

[_I_ thought it was UPROARIOUSLY funny!]

political correctness *SUCKS*, every time it's tried. And so will *THAT* guy (aka 'the perp'), for 20 years in prison, whether he enjoys it or not...

/me goes off and plays that 'Bob and Tom' song, 'Prison Bitch' in his honor

Trump's cyber-guru Giuliani runs ancient 'easily hackable website'

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The media as a clue-bat

well, isn't it the media's JOB to point out discrepancies? Seems that the list of vulnerabilities is kinda like a CLUE-BAT. It also seems they haven't been paying attention to their web server for a while.

Being FreeBSD, it has some inherent security advantages, even being 6.x. Being old, it would be more difficult to craft a successful crack using buffer overruns or SQL injection. [this doesn't mean someone has not ALREADY done it].

And if the "open SSH port" doesn't allow root logins (default for FreeBSD since 'forever'), and uses proper authentication methods, it shouldn't matter much. [in some Linux distros I've had to MANUALLY shut off root ssh logins so yeah, I always check]

The rest of the problems are fixable by updating the OS and the packages they run.

Shouldn't be too hard to fix. And it's FreeBSD. That gives it a slight advantage security-wise. Linux-specific cracks won't work, and if it wasn't configured by an IDIOT, it should be reasonably secure 'out of the box'. Additionally, if the ssh logins all have 'guest' level access, you'd have to su to a 'wheel' group user before attempting to crack the root password. It's an extra layer, yeah.

And for all we know, all of that is running in a JAIL. Yeah. It'd be fun to find out for certain.

And... do you think MAYBE it might be a HONEYPOT? Just a thought... [or if not, it SHOULD be]

(Just a bit of 'benefit of the doubt' for Giuliani's company - after all, it IS running FreeBSD!)

Now that's a Blue Screen of Death: Windows 10 told me to jump off a cliff

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Re: Typical MS

"I'll be fantasizing about giving whoever wrote that crap a little nudge."

Or quietly sneak up behind and say "BOO!"

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Re: Methinks MSFT (and some here) are taking this too seriously.

"It's a beautiful photo. It's an inspiring quote."

a normal person might think so. I prefer 'nauseatingly sappy quote' but that's just me.

Besides, the problem here is that Micro-shaft LIVES by the 'political correctness', so they shall also DIE by the 'political correctness'.

I take the opposite tack: I *LAMPOON* political correctness, and those who are so sensitive (i.e. 'snowflakes') that all of this crap OFFENDS them. Personally, if they HAD intended suicide as the message, I'd have laughed my ass off and offered them a BEER.

"Nice de-motivational"

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Re: If you're running Windows 10...

"Yes it was a highly complex 2 button mouse, with wait for it, a scroll wheel. I know crazy."

I use one of those with FreeBSD, Linux, windows... it's an ancient "Microsoft Mouse" with a USB-to-PS2 adaptor, going into a KVM. NEVER had any problems with USB mice either, in Linux or FreeBSD. I got it over a decade ago, once the price of optical mice dropped sufficiently enough. Before that I'd gone through more than enough serial and PS2 mice that had mini-track-balls in them.

Mouse handling is usually through Xorg drivers anyway, which are commonly used across all of the POSIX systems. I've never seen an issue with these. USB mice are exceptionally well supported. I can even plug in a Wacom pad [which has mouse, pen, etc.] and all of the normal mouse functions are all there. Of course, it needs some kind of driver for the REST of the features [extra buttons] but the fact that it "works" without the OS griping at me is a plus.

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"I have to say, some of the pictures they've used have been very nice."

I'd prefer porn. Or anime screenshots with moe girls in it [just to tweek the moralists]. But last I checked you couldn't assign your own graphics [or get rid of the damn ads]

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Re: Maybe the tablet, sorry, "surface" was feeling depressed

"You mean the Surfaces is called Marvin?"

That explains the DE-motivational message


Dieselgate: VW pleads guilty, will cough up $4.3bn, throws 6 staff under its cheatware bus

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Re: Urrm:

"This difference in legal action can only be explained by Goldman Sachs and their Wallstreet comrades, owning the US, using the opportunity to pick on one of the few globally successful companies that is not under their control."

no, I don't think so.

a) GM probably gave money to DEMO-RAT POLITICIANS, gaining them favor. VW can't really do that.

b) GM only killed PEOPLE. VW was *RAPING* *THE* *ENVIRONMENT*, which as we all know, is MORE IMPORTANT than people's lives [according to THE LEFT, anyway]

And of course, VW's 'hack/cheat' to pass the emissions test, albeit VERY clever, pissed the regulators off, like in "HOW DARE YOU" pissed off. So there's a bit of THAT in there, too.

So aside from the environment being GOD in the eyes of the left, or at least a 'means to an end' to CONTROL EVERYONE'S LIVES, it's DEFINITELY more important (to THEM) than people killed in car crashes due to defective equipment.

[seeing Trump's EPA will be a GLORIOUSLY REFRESHING change to what was becoming a hideous platform for the left's takeover of our lives, one back yard at a time]

Weaky-leaks: Furious fans roast Assange in web interview from hell

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Re: @ AndyS

"The harm Trump will do to the rest of the world"


Well, your misconceptions about Trump and his agenda are noted.

My opinion: hang on for the 'E' ticket ride, this is going to be FUN. I expect the UK, Japan, Korea, and other countries whose economies are at least loosely tied to the USA to either indirectly benefit from the ECONOMIC EXPLOSION (not 'implosion', what OBAKA was doing) and rapid growth that will remind everyone of the 1980's (and for the exact same reasons, too), or directly benefit from it.

"A rising tide lifts all boats" essentially.

6 months from now I think you'll see what I mean. But the lamestream media in the USA certainly won't acknowledge that. They'll go out of their way to find someone who was "hurt" by the OBAKA-"care" repeal, and try to make Trump look evil. Meanwhile, more people will have GOOD PAYING jobs, and economic boon in the USA will 'trickle out' to UK, Japan, Korea, Russia, maybe even China. And nobody (but agenda-driven extremists, or perhaps the mis-informed) will want to go back.

As for Assange, I say THANK YOU for releasing "all that". I used to have a low opinion of Wikileaks. Now it's not so bad. Getting the truth out there that NOBODY wants seen has a definite place in our society. And when the US media won't do it, we need something like Wikileaks to do it FOR us.

Oi, Mint 18.1! KEEP UP! Ubuntu LTS love breeds a laggard

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Re: Perfect If they fix the scrollbars

I'm irritated by the 'fake scroller' scrollbars of Ubu 14 so hopefully it's not doing that [last I installed Mint, it wasn't]. Having to NOT grab the actual scroll knob, but something that flashes in your face, is beyond irritating. I only use that version because 'customer wanted it' and it's a build environment VM.

But I am encouraged that the screenshot didn't have 2D FLUGLY on it. Mint 18 Mate had a 2D FLUGLY theme picked by default, and it was DIFFICULT to find a more 3D skeuomorphic one. I eventually found a couple, but they were a little buggy with respect to colors. I worked around it.

Anyway, I *DESPISE* 2D FLATSO FLUGLY. So it's refreshing when it's NOT in a Linux distro (unless you explicitly WANT that, and so you can change it later)

Microsoft sued by staff traumatized by child sex abuse vids stashed on OneDrive accounts

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Re: For all you you screaming "Muh Privacy"

" ... and thus need to submit to the same sort of regulations."

like calling down a napalm strike on top of your own head because the enemies are all around you

it would have to be an act of desperation and last resort. let's do something different, first, before things degrade to that point. Like *NOT* *DOING* *BUSINESS* *WITH* *MICRO-SHAFT*.

Linux anyone?

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"Expect a rise in the storage of gross pictures, especially in cloud storage..."


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Re: WANTED:Psychotic serial killers and/or 4chan regulars preferred.

That post was a crowning moment of awesome. hats off and thumbs up!

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Big Brother

Re: What <i>the hell</i> are Microsoft doing going through our files?

"You take a few photos of your kids playing in the bath."

When you consider the *AGGRESSIVE* *NANNY* *STATE* aspect, this is highly realistic.

there are just TOO MANY out there, "Ninny Nannies", who are TOO WILLING to mind EVERYBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS, instead of LEAVING PEOPLE THE *FEEL* ALONE and letting US mind OUR own business, thank you very much.

Privacy is important. There are _OTHER_ (better) ways of catching criminals that do _NOT_ involve privacy invasion, *ESPECIALLY* by a 3rd party like MICRO-SHAFT.

I have considered doing something *LIKE* taking photos of 'troll dolls' in ways that might "trigger" their inspection of them, and then DELIBERATELY uploading them to a OneDrive directory, just to tweek them. but I'd have to spend time doing that, and I have better things to do...

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Re: Microsoft should probably pay out and move on

"The people who store these images should be bought to some kind of justice; not warned to encrypt the files..."

They probably won't encrypt anything. Usually crooks aren't very smart, which is why you find 'dumb crook' web sites and news bytes all over the place.

However, it's _ALSO_ not MICRO-SHAFT's job to be "world police".

/me hums "Micro-shaft... *FEEL* YEAH! Making the world a better place! Micro-shaft, *FEEL* YEAH!" ['Feel' is the new 'F' word]

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Re: @palpy: Yup. Quite bullshitty.

"I run an Owncloud server for me and some friends. The server copies of the files are encrypted and I cannot see what is in there. that seems to be the default for everyone else other than microsoft. Why are they doing this?"

you make an extremely good point. And, by the way, thanks for doing things the _right_ way and protecting the users' privacy. [I have heard of other services that do this as well, such as on-line backup services]

They (Micro-shaft) are doing what they do because THEY CAN. And so they cannot be trusted. It's part of the POLITICS of MICRO-SHAFT. MSNBC is owned by them, after all. They tried to shove Win-10-nic up our backsides for a year, and AGGRESSIVELY so, complete with deceptive 'click the red x' behavior of GWX. None of this should come as a surprise. Once you understand how they think, it's simply appalling, and you wanna just face-palm all of the time in response.

At least, now, it's out in the open where anyone can read about it.

[It would not surprise me at ALL if the capability of rifling through everyone's on-line content was a part of their original plan/design for OneDrive. No surprise at ALL]

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Re: @palpy

"That's the worst kind of bullshit appeal to emotion with no actual debate value."

good summary. I wasn't going to respond to it [trolling, straw-man, etc.]

Besides - people who would do such things, would know me and fear me. Heh.

If I had to do that job, I'd most likely become calloused to it, sorta like internet shock sites that just aren't shocking any more. It's not something I'd necessarily enjoy.

But the MORE DISTURBING part is the fact that they WERE going through things and looking at them! So, 'get a warrant' indeed. Let the COPS do that part, with judicial permission. It's THEIR job.

And I have no sympathy for people who wear their emotions on their sleeves, "feel" everything, and so on. That should be obvious. Natural selection would've "selected them out" back in the cave-days. Unfortunately, in the modern era, NEGATIVE genetics like *that* are being re-enforced by enriching them via wimpy-ass LAWSUITS. Idiocracy anyone? 'Nuff.

And sometimes you just have to admit that Patton was right. "Man up". PTSD is real, but a swift kick in the ass should be a major part of the therapy.

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Big Brother

poor widdle snowflakes... wait, what?

On one hand, "oh my hear it bleeds for you" to the tune of 'hearts and flowers' on the world's smallest violin, for those poor widdle snowflakes who had to view illegal pr0n in order to discover that it was, well, illegal pr0n.

On the other hand, as the previous poster so wittily pointed out, MICRO-SHAFT! IS! APPARENTLY! RIFLING! THROUGH! OUR! CLOUD! FILES! looking for things...

what's NEXT on their list o' things to report, MEDIA PIRACY? Like someone who gets a takedown notice because of an unrelated youtube video in which a song is playing in the background on a TV or radio, barely audible, but just happens to be 'there' while the video is being recorded. Yes, I've seen this.

MICRO-SHAFT: It's called *PRIVACY*, and you need to STOP INVADING IT!

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