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Now that's a Blue Screen of Death: Windows 10 told me to jump off a cliff

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Re: If you're running Windows 10...

"Yes it was a highly complex 2 button mouse, with wait for it, a scroll wheel. I know crazy."

I use one of those with FreeBSD, Linux, windows... it's an ancient "Microsoft Mouse" with a USB-to-PS2 adaptor, going into a KVM. NEVER had any problems with USB mice either, in Linux or FreeBSD. I got it over a decade ago, once the price of optical mice dropped sufficiently enough. Before that I'd gone through more than enough serial and PS2 mice that had mini-track-balls in them.

Mouse handling is usually through Xorg drivers anyway, which are commonly used across all of the POSIX systems. I've never seen an issue with these. USB mice are exceptionally well supported. I can even plug in a Wacom pad [which has mouse, pen, etc.] and all of the normal mouse functions are all there. Of course, it needs some kind of driver for the REST of the features [extra buttons] but the fact that it "works" without the OS griping at me is a plus.

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"I have to say, some of the pictures they've used have been very nice."

I'd prefer porn. Or anime screenshots with moe girls in it [just to tweek the moralists]. But last I checked you couldn't assign your own graphics [or get rid of the damn ads]

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Re: Maybe the tablet, sorry, "surface" was feeling depressed

"You mean the Surfaces is called Marvin?"

That explains the DE-motivational message


Dieselgate: VW pleads guilty, will cough up $4.3bn, throws 6 staff under its cheatware bus

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Re: Urrm:

"This difference in legal action can only be explained by Goldman Sachs and their Wallstreet comrades, owning the US, using the opportunity to pick on one of the few globally successful companies that is not under their control."

no, I don't think so.

a) GM probably gave money to DEMO-RAT POLITICIANS, gaining them favor. VW can't really do that.

b) GM only killed PEOPLE. VW was *RAPING* *THE* *ENVIRONMENT*, which as we all know, is MORE IMPORTANT than people's lives [according to THE LEFT, anyway]

And of course, VW's 'hack/cheat' to pass the emissions test, albeit VERY clever, pissed the regulators off, like in "HOW DARE YOU" pissed off. So there's a bit of THAT in there, too.

So aside from the environment being GOD in the eyes of the left, or at least a 'means to an end' to CONTROL EVERYONE'S LIVES, it's DEFINITELY more important (to THEM) than people killed in car crashes due to defective equipment.

[seeing Trump's EPA will be a GLORIOUSLY REFRESHING change to what was becoming a hideous platform for the left's takeover of our lives, one back yard at a time]

Weaky-leaks: Furious fans roast Assange in web interview from hell

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Re: @ AndyS

"The harm Trump will do to the rest of the world"


Well, your misconceptions about Trump and his agenda are noted.

My opinion: hang on for the 'E' ticket ride, this is going to be FUN. I expect the UK, Japan, Korea, and other countries whose economies are at least loosely tied to the USA to either indirectly benefit from the ECONOMIC EXPLOSION (not 'implosion', what OBAKA was doing) and rapid growth that will remind everyone of the 1980's (and for the exact same reasons, too), or directly benefit from it.

"A rising tide lifts all boats" essentially.

6 months from now I think you'll see what I mean. But the lamestream media in the USA certainly won't acknowledge that. They'll go out of their way to find someone who was "hurt" by the OBAKA-"care" repeal, and try to make Trump look evil. Meanwhile, more people will have GOOD PAYING jobs, and economic boon in the USA will 'trickle out' to UK, Japan, Korea, Russia, maybe even China. And nobody (but agenda-driven extremists, or perhaps the mis-informed) will want to go back.

As for Assange, I say THANK YOU for releasing "all that". I used to have a low opinion of Wikileaks. Now it's not so bad. Getting the truth out there that NOBODY wants seen has a definite place in our society. And when the US media won't do it, we need something like Wikileaks to do it FOR us.

Oi, Mint 18.1! KEEP UP! Ubuntu LTS love breeds a laggard

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Re: Perfect If they fix the scrollbars

I'm irritated by the 'fake scroller' scrollbars of Ubu 14 so hopefully it's not doing that [last I installed Mint, it wasn't]. Having to NOT grab the actual scroll knob, but something that flashes in your face, is beyond irritating. I only use that version because 'customer wanted it' and it's a build environment VM.

But I am encouraged that the screenshot didn't have 2D FLUGLY on it. Mint 18 Mate had a 2D FLUGLY theme picked by default, and it was DIFFICULT to find a more 3D skeuomorphic one. I eventually found a couple, but they were a little buggy with respect to colors. I worked around it.

Anyway, I *DESPISE* 2D FLATSO FLUGLY. So it's refreshing when it's NOT in a Linux distro (unless you explicitly WANT that, and so you can change it later)

Microsoft sued by staff traumatized by child sex abuse vids stashed on OneDrive accounts

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Re: For all you you screaming "Muh Privacy"

" ... and thus need to submit to the same sort of regulations."

like calling down a napalm strike on top of your own head because the enemies are all around you

it would have to be an act of desperation and last resort. let's do something different, first, before things degrade to that point. Like *NOT* *DOING* *BUSINESS* *WITH* *MICRO-SHAFT*.

Linux anyone?

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"Expect a rise in the storage of gross pictures, especially in cloud storage..."


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Re: WANTED:Psychotic serial killers and/or 4chan regulars preferred.

That post was a crowning moment of awesome. hats off and thumbs up!

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Re: What <i>the hell</i> are Microsoft doing going through our files?

"You take a few photos of your kids playing in the bath."

When you consider the *AGGRESSIVE* *NANNY* *STATE* aspect, this is highly realistic.

there are just TOO MANY out there, "Ninny Nannies", who are TOO WILLING to mind EVERYBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS, instead of LEAVING PEOPLE THE *FEEL* ALONE and letting US mind OUR own business, thank you very much.

Privacy is important. There are _OTHER_ (better) ways of catching criminals that do _NOT_ involve privacy invasion, *ESPECIALLY* by a 3rd party like MICRO-SHAFT.

I have considered doing something *LIKE* taking photos of 'troll dolls' in ways that might "trigger" their inspection of them, and then DELIBERATELY uploading them to a OneDrive directory, just to tweek them. but I'd have to spend time doing that, and I have better things to do...

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Re: Microsoft should probably pay out and move on

"The people who store these images should be bought to some kind of justice; not warned to encrypt the files..."

They probably won't encrypt anything. Usually crooks aren't very smart, which is why you find 'dumb crook' web sites and news bytes all over the place.

However, it's _ALSO_ not MICRO-SHAFT's job to be "world police".

/me hums "Micro-shaft... *FEEL* YEAH! Making the world a better place! Micro-shaft, *FEEL* YEAH!" ['Feel' is the new 'F' word]

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Re: @palpy: Yup. Quite bullshitty.

"I run an Owncloud server for me and some friends. The server copies of the files are encrypted and I cannot see what is in there. that seems to be the default for everyone else other than microsoft. Why are they doing this?"

you make an extremely good point. And, by the way, thanks for doing things the _right_ way and protecting the users' privacy. [I have heard of other services that do this as well, such as on-line backup services]

They (Micro-shaft) are doing what they do because THEY CAN. And so they cannot be trusted. It's part of the POLITICS of MICRO-SHAFT. MSNBC is owned by them, after all. They tried to shove Win-10-nic up our backsides for a year, and AGGRESSIVELY so, complete with deceptive 'click the red x' behavior of GWX. None of this should come as a surprise. Once you understand how they think, it's simply appalling, and you wanna just face-palm all of the time in response.

At least, now, it's out in the open where anyone can read about it.

[It would not surprise me at ALL if the capability of rifling through everyone's on-line content was a part of their original plan/design for OneDrive. No surprise at ALL]

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Re: @palpy

"That's the worst kind of bullshit appeal to emotion with no actual debate value."

good summary. I wasn't going to respond to it [trolling, straw-man, etc.]

Besides - people who would do such things, would know me and fear me. Heh.

If I had to do that job, I'd most likely become calloused to it, sorta like internet shock sites that just aren't shocking any more. It's not something I'd necessarily enjoy.

But the MORE DISTURBING part is the fact that they WERE going through things and looking at them! So, 'get a warrant' indeed. Let the COPS do that part, with judicial permission. It's THEIR job.

And I have no sympathy for people who wear their emotions on their sleeves, "feel" everything, and so on. That should be obvious. Natural selection would've "selected them out" back in the cave-days. Unfortunately, in the modern era, NEGATIVE genetics like *that* are being re-enforced by enriching them via wimpy-ass LAWSUITS. Idiocracy anyone? 'Nuff.

And sometimes you just have to admit that Patton was right. "Man up". PTSD is real, but a swift kick in the ass should be a major part of the therapy.

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poor widdle snowflakes... wait, what?

On one hand, "oh my hear it bleeds for you" to the tune of 'hearts and flowers' on the world's smallest violin, for those poor widdle snowflakes who had to view illegal pr0n in order to discover that it was, well, illegal pr0n.

On the other hand, as the previous poster so wittily pointed out, MICRO-SHAFT! IS! APPARENTLY! RIFLING! THROUGH! OUR! CLOUD! FILES! looking for things...

what's NEXT on their list o' things to report, MEDIA PIRACY? Like someone who gets a takedown notice because of an unrelated youtube video in which a song is playing in the background on a TV or radio, barely audible, but just happens to be 'there' while the video is being recorded. Yes, I've seen this.

MICRO-SHAFT: It's called *PRIVACY*, and you need to STOP INVADING IT!

Anti-smut law dubs PCs, phones 'pornographic vendor machines', demands internet filters

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"Though by US conservative standards"


no, this kind of thing wouldn't be 'conservative' at all. "Right-wing activist" yes. "Moral crusader" yes. 'Conservative' means, in one sense, NOT being 'radical' like that. FYI.

please don't confuse right-wing activism with conservatism. k-thx.

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Re: How would such a filter even work?

"Or do the legislators want to vet all the smut sites personally."

most likely, even those with the greatest moral outrage. [closet pervs with public outrage]

No doubt the standard would be based on "feelings" of a handful of moral crusaders.

There is NOTHING WORSE from a gummint than having laws based ENTIRELY on someone's "feelings" via "subjective" standards, like a tin-horn dictator running everything, outlawing things like chewing gum merely because he doesn't like it, etc.. Such subjective standards are the best way to cause a 'chilling tension', people always looking over one shoulder to see if the 'secret police' are watching. And the need for 'secret police'. And 'brown-shirt' neighbors. Yeah.

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Re: Now THAT is worth hacking

"All you do is get a sufficiently large number of people to claim that the local government websites are actually pornographic (in an extremely deviant manner)"

not much of a 'stretch' considering how gummint is *ALWAYS* trying to SCREW the citizenry, and in the case of politicians like Mr. Clinton, it's a bit more literal.

I have a name for the intarweb filter: "bendover.sys" <-- requires Win-10-nic

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Re: Linux and DD-WRT

"Who is the manufacturer who is required to provide the filter?"

I bet they'll just outlaw anything other than "Windows for Wussies" (encumbered Win-10-nic) and expect everyone to just comply.

And, maybe they'll require ISPs to "filter" any downloads of ISO or IMG files for non-Windows operating systems as "potential pr0n" or something

I suppose you could have a few people illegally distributing non-compliant ISO and IMG files. Add more fun, pre-load them with *PR0N* in the form of wallpapers and screen savers. And a whole lot of anime screenshots, too (particularly furo scenes). Yum!

Their 'final solution':

"Wait... what's that 451 message doing on freebsd.org? I can't access the site any more!"

a sad day indeed, when you must manually configure Tor to go to the darknet to get an update for Firefox (or a non-windows OS) that does NOT include the pr0n filter...

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Re: Good luck with that one.

"I can already see the residents driving over state lines to purchase their devices elsewhere that doesn't have such a boneheaded bullshit policy."

hopefully, THAT reality will just kill it to death, deader than hell [as it ought to be]

New Windows 10 privacy controls: Just a little snooping – or the max

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not got much spam in it

"Spam eggs sausage and Spam - that's not got much Spam in it!"

"I don't want ANY Spam!"

and I don't want ANY spying.

It's now 2017, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by a Word file

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Re: Meanwhile, Adobe is updating blah de fucking blah

I stopped doing *anything* flash when gnash wouldn't play with the latest unnecessary change to the file format. I don't need Adobe's spyware running on a BSD or Linux box, after all! Fortunately, HTML5 has taken care of that. Now, why IS anyone using flash these days?

FBI let alleged pedo walk free rather than explain how they snared him

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Re: Scumbag Olympics...

"Isn't it better to prevent a crime than to punish someone who committed it?"

every cop would LOVE to catch criminals in the act. unfortunately, MOST of the time, all they can do is investigate (i.e. draw a chalk-line) and arrest, and THEN hand the evidence to prosecution to convict and incarcerate. Yeah not a lot of 'caught in the act' going on, here.

this is where the concept of "citizen's arrest", as well as reporting crimes [identifying yourself so you can be called as a witness] can be extremely helpful. And 'concealed carry' laws. Because there aren't enough cops to stop every crime, but there are a lot of honest citizens that can really really make a difference.

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Re: Fighting Child Porn Like Fighting Drugs

"We need a better approach which treats the root cause of this and fixes them before they fuck up someones life, not after."

only a 'feel' solution is likely to come out of this line of thinking, which means more gummint, stupidER laws, and a whole lot of emotion and getting NOTHING accomplished. no thanks.

How about this: you punish criminals as HARD as you can, keep them out of peaceful society for as LONG as you can, and actually _ENFORCE_ death penalties without decades of "appeals" dragging it on indefinitely?

There is actual _EVIL_ in the world. There are people who will go out of their way to do criminal act to get money or pleasure [or whatever], even if their skills and intelligence could otherwise get them employed, eventually making MORE money than they'd get doing illegal crap, or else they have enough money to do LEGAL things rather than ILLEGAL ones.

I've known a couple of these *kinds* of people: an uncle, and a friend's brother. Both are dead, and you COULD say their own evil/selfish lifestyle contributed to a short lifespan, as well as outright victimizing others (or society in general) from time to time.

It's not society's fault, their parents' fault, or anybody ELSE's fault but their own. They, by their VERY NATURE, seek to do evil things without giving a crap about how much it hurts others (or society in general). Sometimes people call them 'sociopaths', or even 'psychopaths', but I have a better term: CRIMINALS. And you PUNISH criminals, get them away from the peaceful and orderly people, by INCARCERATING them for as LONG as you can legally do so.

Fixing the root cause of THAT can only be done by eliminating the aberrations (criminally-minded people) from the bell curve of human nature. Or, you can just lock them up and keep them away from potential victims, which generally works every time it's tried...

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Re: depends on which side of the Atlantic

"Also, in certain jurisdictions, for reason I can't comprehend, even cartoons can be classified as 'Child pornography' by the law..."

which is assinine, because NOW it's just "moral police" and not protecting actual children from exploitation...

which, of course, is why child porn is illegal, because actual CHILDREN were victimized in its production. [sane laws would focus on THAT aspect alone, and leave the rest out of it]

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Re: depends on which side of the Atlantic

regarding 'entrapment' etc.

I once received spam mail with an attached photo of a kid and the lower half of a naked male with what appeared to be "something pornographic" on the kid's face, obviously meant to represent something specific, and the kid was fully clothed. Someone online suggested it was probably photoshopped and that they used Pina colada for the 'visual effect', to skirt the child pornography laws. Still, something like that isn't welcome in your e-mail inbox...

I still submitted it (with headers) to an FBI online 'reporting' web site (probably ifccfbi.gov or similar)

there have also been frequent-enough cases where an image site gets a brief upload of such material, maybe 5 or 10 minutes before it's taken down. that's when you go to your intarweb cache and purge, purge, purge. can't do much about the need for 'brain bleach' though.

on a lighter note...

"the admission that the FBI had been distributing such images and videos online troubled many"

Sorta like "Fast and Furious" without the guns

TV anchor says live on-air 'Alexa, order me a dollhouse' – guess what happens next

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Re: You are wrong on "cannot distinguish users"... You never had a parrot then?

"The since deceased parrot"

and now I'm thinking of the parrot being nailed to his perch... pining for the Fjords?

I suppose Alexa could be trained to order crackers...

Fedora 25: You've got that Wayland feelin', oh, that Wayland feelin'

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"First touched Linux in 1995"

you got me beat by about 8 years. I installed Debian Woody the first time I used Linux... and FreeBSD 4.7 slightly before that. It was a true "awakening".

gnome 1.x with sawfish... bzzzzZZZZZ! [it used to make that sound on startup]

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Re: Another major change no one is asking for

"But people have been crying out for the end of X11 for a long time."

which people? I haven't... [I want to MEET those 'straw men' and not just hear about them]

(all _I_ want is a really simple C language cross-platform toolkit that lets me have "virtual space" in a multi-line edit window... wait, I'm working on one!!! X11workbench, which is still pre-alpha after all these years)

But you see, THEY get what THEY want, but _I_ do not get what _I_ want. that's hardly FAIR.

I have to wonder if it's the *SAME* kind of thinking behind Wayland, systemd, and gnome 3, that gave us Windows "Ape" (8.x) and Win-10-nic...

(yes we do NOT need "that' in the open source world, *especially* if it's part of 'Embrace, Extend, EXTINGUISH' or similar)

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Re: Try MATE if you can't stand GNOME 3

ACK on both "use MATE" and "gnome 3 has multiple desktops"

The biggest gripe from me regarding gnome 3 is the "fat finger friendliness". with gnome 2, then Mate, I can put 22 launch icons, plus the menu, system monitor, and the clock stuff into the top panel, and STILL have room for white space between groups of things. I can't even do HALF of that with Gnome 3 and they only let you group left, center, right. I want MULTIPLE groups, and positioned manually, MY way, not THEIR way. Like that. You can't cram them next to one another where a mouse does JUST fine selecting and clicking, because, fat-finger-friendly and "dumb it down for those who aren't on board with the new, shiny".

I wrote a web page, once, "making gnome 3 usable", which insulted gnome 3 while explaining how to deal with its quirks and set it up to be usable again [mostly]. And I (somewhat carefully) posted a link to it on a gnome 3 developer mailing list. I got several 'near flames' from various gnome 3 devs, but they wouldn't take the hint. THEN, Mate appeared, and the problems were solved!

bombastic bob Silver badge

"Being a KDE and Nvidia user"

Mate and NVidia here. My older X11 desktop (from >2 years ago) works pretty well using Xorg, and FreeBSD had Gnome 2 back then (so I'm still running it). Mate's just the next revision...

change for the sake of change is highly overrated. why must the open source world follow Micro-shaft's ARROGANCE and FOLLY?

I'm not saying I *hate* Wayland, but there are things about X11 that I don't want to LOSE, things I use all of the time - like running an X11 application on an X server that's hosted on a different (remote) machine, via an ssh tunnel [for starters]. Can Wayland do THAT ?

If I start a Linux machine without a GUI [still possible to do this], and log into an ssh console, I should be able to 'export DISPLAY=mymachine:0.0' and run ANY X11 application, displaying the GUI on 'mymachine'. If that's "not secure enough", maybe it should be an option...

I'd also need to be able to run something like 'tightvnc server' to be able to debug GUI applications from within a GUI. Not sure if Wayland has the same kind of lock-up problems you get when you set debug breakpoints and don't respond to certain X11 events while paused... (that's an irritation in X11, yes).

from https://wayland.freedesktop.org/faq.html

"does it support remote rendering?"

"No, that is outside the scope of Wayland. To support remote rendering you need to define a rendering API, which is something I've been very careful to avoid doing."

And, THAT pretty much says it all, I think!

I hope that the open source world does NOT try and push Wayland the way they've pushed GNOME 3 and other "fat-finger-friendliness"

Microsoft goes retro with Vista, Zune-style Windows Neon makeover

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Re: As long as we are griping...

beer and hot dogs - Play Ball!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: At least they're trying!

"I'm trying" - the excuse most often used by those who are too lazy to actually work at something and/or get it right.

Makes you wanna say "No excuse, recruit. Drop down and give me 20!"

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Still not as good as it used to be...

"I'm having to use Windows 7 again for the first time since 2012. It feels so 'icky'. I much prefer the cleaner look of Windows 10."

should I treat this the way the ARROGANT MILLENIAL MICRO-SHAFT SHILLS treat those who do NOT like Win-10-nic?

You know, things like:

a) Refusing to 'CHANGE BACK' to something that's obviously better

b) Get on board, deal with it, it's the way things ARE, suck it up, etc.

c) don't want to "learn new things" (or in this case, re-learn old things)

d) Resisting "change" (or in this case, change BACK)

e) everybody ELSE likes it so you should, to


naw. I'll leave it alone. heh.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"I'll say it before Bob gets here with his pointless upper case: still fugly."

too late. heh.

Micro-shaft can't even find a 'decent interface look' with both hands and a map [especially since windows '95 through 7 are sitting there STARING BACK AT THEM, wondering W.T.F. Micro-shaft is doing...]

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Still not as good as it used to be...

Right, it's *STILL* 2D FLATSO FLUGLY, no matter HOW much lipstick you put on the boar...

and no doubt, still spying on you, forcing you to take "updates" or they'll shove them up your down your throat.

Splunk: Why we dumped Perforce for Atlassian's Bitbucket of Gits

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Re: Saucy!

my experiences with "all of the above" suggests that p4 doesn't really give you any advantages in any way, and of course with svn vs git they seem similar. except, of course, git seems to "cloud" well and so public projects on github [and even occasional private ones] make a lot of sense.

one thing I really liked about p4, back in the day, was its support of FreeBSD [though it was binary-only and sometimes required that I install binary compatibility for earlier kernels]

Google nukes ad-blocker AdNauseam, sweeps remains out of Chrome Web Store

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Re: What would you expect

I guess it may be time to 'fork' Chrome and maintain a 'totally free' version...

(you gotta admire the fact that it's open source over on chromium.org)

China to Donald Trump: Twitter diplomacy 'undesirable'

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If China wasn't filtering tw*tter

If China wasn't filtering tw*tter... they would object a bit less.

But their diplomats CANNOT SEE THE TWEETS! (because of the Great Firewall)

Put walls around home Things, win $25k from US government

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Leave them...

I was hoping to invent some 'wireless cutters'

Muntzing to the max!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Didn't Norton just secure world+dog from IDIoT devices?

"Strangely, there's no sarcasm alert icon"

how about this one?

(or maybe just 'all of them', depending)

Lenovo shows off 'Microsoft-friendly' VR cosplay at CES

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"Nobody wants Windows 8, 8.1, or 10..."

ack - they should support OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, ...

(there are more Android devices, by far, than Win-10-nic devices)

Those online ads driving you bonkers are virtually 'worthless for brands'

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Re: Puzzled

"Subliminal ads do not work as desired. They just annoy the crap out of anybody with half a brain."

I'm at the point I don't even *SEE* the banner ads, whether or not 'NoScript' is causing them to not appear in the first place. And if your macula isn't trained on the ad, you don't see the content, either. It's just "a blur".

Busted Oracle finance cloud leaves Rutgers Uni unable to foot bills

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Re: Deserve Each Other?

"while the other is a third rate state university."

yes, but the co-ed in the photo has a nice pair of jugs. If I go there, can I find a girl with a nice pair of jugs?

bombastic bob Silver badge

poor widdle snowflakes

poor widdle snowflakes, don't know what to do on their own. Things like this USED to be handled by accountants and accounting staff. But now it's Oracle cloudy something. Maybe it's time to hire a temp for the interrim? Someone who learned how to add and subtract would be a plus.

and 1 more reason why "the cloud" is HIGHLY overrated... and 'higher' education as well.

Internet of Sh*t has an early 2017 winner – a 'smart' Wi-Fi hairbrush

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now I know why I can't think of a single useful IoT gadget...

and NOW I know why I can't think of a single useful IoT gadget (to invent, that is). I mean, look at what's already OUT there!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Incredible (Talking Toilet Paper!!)

it'd probably criticize my diet, and report details to the NSA

The Zucker Mister Social Club: Facebook's daddy wants to be your friend, for realsies

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the LAST thing we need...

Great. The LAST thing we need is *YET* *ANOTHER* techno-wealthy guilt-motivated "silly valley" LEFTIST invading the political sphere. Only THIS time, it would be more OVERT than COVERT.

The 'guilty rich'. Always ready to "make that sacrifice". And *MAKE* *THE* *REST* *OF* *US* *SACRIFICE* *EVEN* *MORE* !!! [to selfishly assuage their personal guilt]

And he'd just be ANOTHER puppet for SOROS anyway...

New Android-infecting malware brew hijacks devices. Why, you ask? Your router

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Re: Infection Vector

it sounds to me that if you were to disable wifi configuration of the router (i.e. requiring an ethernet connection, rather than a wifi connection, to admin the thing) it would disable the vector...

just a thought. probably a good idea to configure that [no wifi-connected admin'ing], when possible.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ was 2016's fake news

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Re: AI is as AI does

"after seeing the insides I started taking a large flask of coffee every day in preference to the risk of flavourless botulism."

"New, Shiny!" Now, with LESS BOTULISM!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: AI is as AI does

or you could have a bot dispense hot water, and add your own tea bag. Bigelow is pretty good here in the US. they get a measurable chunk of MY money...

(let the bots do what they're good at, and people can do the rest)

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