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Prisoners built two PCs from parts, hid them in ceiling, connected to the state's network and did cybershenanigans

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Re: Odd that there were network ports available inside the secure area

don't need to schedule for guard shift changes. just have something to blackmail the guard with.

I worked with a guy who was an X prison guard once. He told me about the kinds of stuff prisoners will do to the guards. One example, a prisoner begs a guard to mail something to his nephew, like a birthday card, "I want to get it to my nephew before his birthday and the prison mail system is too slow." The guard is suckered in, does a one-time favor, and mails it outside the prison. Just a simple birthday card, right? Well, it got a cancellation mark from OUTSIDE the prison on it during the mailing, and it was quietly sent BACK to the same prisoner, who now has PROOF that the guard did something that could get him fired... and the next request is "get me some booze" or "get me some drugs" or "look the other way while we XXX" because it's the guard's F'ing JOB on the line, now...

so yeah, how do prisoners get away with this stuff? Well, it's like *THAT*

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"They would have got away with it if they hadn't indulged in the twin pillars of getting caught: they got cocky and they were greedy.."

and those meddling kids

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Re: Hats off to them...

"Setting something like that up is fairly trivial, I did it in a weekend using FreeBSD, nagios, and radiusd on an old Pentium-3 system that was rusting away in a closet."

exactly. Yet, THE PRISON WAS USING A MICROSOFT "SOLUTION". While THAT was in place, the cybercrooks "got away with it".

And the offenders were THEN DETECTED AND CAUGHT when that Micro-shaft "solution" was swapped out for a (apparent) REAL one.

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Re: Hats off to them...

well, bored hackers with nothing but "down time" and access to spare computer parts...

Hasta la Windows Vista, baby! It's now officially dead – good riddance

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Re: Vista did it right

yeah, I _MUCH_ prefer the OS fail called "Vista" than Win-10-nic.

Vista ANY day over THAT chimera-monstrosity-excretion-from-hell!!!

(that's assuming I don't have 7 available and can't run BSD nor Linux for some reason)

Consumers go off PCs as global shipments continue their decline

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Re: Consumers

mobile is NOT "pushing PCs out". it's a different market. There's nothing to indicate that people generally purchase fondleslabs and smartphones to REPLACE (or instead of) a PC.

Micro-shaft failed to realize this, and now we have Win-10-nic killing new PC sales even *MORE*. I mean, who wants to replace a perfectly good PC running Windows 7 with something that has barely higher specs and Win-10-nic?

Canonical sharpens post-Unity axe for 80-plus Ubuntu spinners

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Re: so this was the real reason

I"ve been working with Ubu and derivatives off and on, and also for a client. Ubu has good things and bad things, and mostly good. Offering a Mate distribution is a good thing. And I'm happy they dumped Unity.

So here we are, doing some (apparently) VC-prompted re-organization. This is what venture capitalists do, and in many ways it's a VERY good thing, because these people generally know how to turn a company profitable. It's also good that a VC (or two, or ?) is interested in Canonical.

Can we expect a Linux distro that UNSEATS MICRO-SHAFT out of this? I certainly *HOPE* so!

Aside from "it sucks" when you're laid off, the economy should be doing well enough to 'absorb' the small number of people who got pink slipped.

And since the layoffs appear to be related to Unity, it should have been expected when that sub-project was killed.

Troll it your way: Burger King ad tries to hijack Google Home gadgets

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Re: I think the point is

"current medical opinion is that there is no link between dietary cholesterol and arterial disease."

EXACT-A-MUNDO! And not only that, Atkins-style diets often cause people to LOSE weight.

And high-fat food tastes good. And doesn't addict you to buying low-portion high-carb "low fat" foods at inflated prices, with oxymoronic brand names like "Smart choice" or similar. And _also_ does not coincide with gummint intervention into the *kinds* of food you eat. (ok I'll stop now, grab my coat on the way out)

[double whopper with cheese is actually a balanced meal!]

Big Internet warns FCC's Pai: We will fight you all the way on net neutrality

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Re: Ideology vs. Technology

"It's sad to see such spittle-flecked hatred awarded so many upvotes."

100% agree!

And, don't forget "filled with outrageous claims and gross exaggerations"

( that's being kind --^^^ )

(mega-thumbs-up for saying so - and the poo-flinging howler monkeys will downvote this, too, I'm sure)

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fox, meet henhouse

I do get a bit squeamish when Facebook and Google are the ones who so fervently defend the rules.

yeah, was there something not-so-obvious in that previous regulation, something that they want SO badly to remain, that they're willing to advocate it?

[maybe it was the part that exempted THEM but put lots of regs on ISPs]

Back to the future: Honda's new electric car can go an incredible 80 miles!

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Big Brother

Re: Natural Gas Vehicles

"Tax dollars should be pushing NGVs, not battery powered electrics."

Tax dollars shouldn't be subsidizing ANYTHING, because YOU should not be paying for your neighbor's vehicle choice. Therein lies the ENTIRE problem! If it's not economically viable, let it die. I bet Tesla would do just fine without subsidies. And hybrid cars, same thing. Gummint shouldn't be trying to determine who the winners and losers are by shuffling public money into a currently-favored (read: corrupt politicians getting paid off) technology.

And don't EVEN get me started on CAFE standards in the USA...

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Re: Why not offer different battery pack options.

how how about a regular internal combustion dino-burning engine under the hood? 'hybrid' config optional.

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Re: One of the factors I'd be interested in

"Electric cars are more environmentally friendly."

but only if you think that CO2 is "a pollutant". which it's not. [CO2 absorbs almost no infrared energy corresponding to normal earth temperatures, i.e. above about -50F, and so it cannot be causing any kind of warming greenhouse effects except maybe in Antarctica or during an ice age. Water, on the other hand...].

gasoline is liquid energy, available for at least 50 to 100 years into the future, and it gives us MOBILITY. Inventing new ways of getting around is still good, of course, but don't delude yourself into thinking you're "saving the planet" by driving an electric car. If nothing else, they tend to emit "smug". heh.

(a hybrid, on the other hand, makes more economic sense because of the mileage improvement and range of a normal dino-powered vehicle)

My preference would be gas-turbine powered electric generators driving the motors and charging the batteries intermittently while you drive. THAT could be the best hybrid solution of them all. Gas turbines can run on diesel fuel, propane, alcohol, whatever (except maybe gasoline since it's probably too volatile).

not sure why nobody's doing that... (maybe it makes too much sense?)

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Re: Seems foolish

"the short-range electric is for the daily commute."

not likely - typical commute involves a lot of "sitting in traffic" and on a nice hot day, your A/C is blasting [or on a cold one, the heater]. So after an hour of burning up the battery with 'accessory loads', you'll end up getting towed more often than not.

This goes TRIPLE for Cali-Fornicate-You, where hour-long commutes are common, commute traffic is ALWAYS bad, and weather extremes at certain times of the year are guaranteed.

Foolish indeed.

(yeah they probably FELT that Cali-Fornicate-You residents are all a bunch of clueless greenies with 5 minute commutes and spare time to charge up the batteries on each end of every trip - ok SOME are, but not ME - I'll keep my dino-burner - It's an older mustang convertible, a LOT more fun!)

Back to the Future 2: Gasp! America's trade watchdog discovers the risks of 'free' movies

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Re: Oh no...

Are we going to get some sort of ad campaign in the spirit of "you wouldnt steal a hand bag".


I want my 'brain on drugs' fried eggs, too, with bacon, sausage, and spam.

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Re: Of course, will they go after other bad guys?

To borrow a Harry Potter quote: They need to sort out their priorities.

US military makes first drop of Mother-of-All-Bombs on Daesh-bags

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Re: Stupid bastards

The problems in Vietnam aren't what you're mentioning here. The problems in Vietnam began with LBJ's limitations on what the military could do. At one point in the war they were short on bombs, so they sent out planes without payloads as a 'show of force' putting pilots at risk for no good reason. Things like that. More than once it's "you cannot cross this line" so all of the SAM missiles were stored where higher-ups in LBJ's command had no stones enough to go after, causing even MORE losses. Then of course the tunnels, which could have been dealt with if the war hadn't been so badly politicized.

It should have been like Korea. Instead it was a cluster-blank. [and I was alive during the war, missed the draft by only 3 or 4 years].

needless to say, what OBAKA was doing with ISIS (calling them 'ISIL' like he was trying to show them respect, and drawing lines and doing nothing when they were crossed) is a completely different policy, not unlike LBJ's policies during the Vietnam war.

if you want to win a war, let the generals figure out how to do it. I think Trump is doing that.

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Re: "where's the Kaboom?"

as I have seen in photos and movies of MOAB under test, it _CAN_ generate a nice mushroom cloud

So yeah, as far as ISIS goes, near-NUKE 'em till they glow, then SHOOT THEM IN THE DARK!

I'm sure many ISIS members will have nightmares guessing when the next one's coming. The rest will scatter like roaches when you flip the light switch on. Those will be the ones NOT willing to strap bombs to their OWN bodies to kill innocent civilians...

Linux remote root bug menace: Make sure your servers, PCs, gizmos, Android kit are patched

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with older wifi routers using 2.4 and 2.6 kernels, I have to wonder if they're affected...

(well i suppose open source could be fixed and re-flashed...)

Leaked NSA point-and-pwn hack tools menace Win2k to Windows 8

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Re: Too slow...

they'll just say "get windows 10" - you KNEW, that, right?

(then they won't have to fix ANYTHING)

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Re: Pays to be running Windows 10

pays to be running FreeBSD or Linux, you mean.

Microsoft raises pistol, pulls the trigger on Windows 7, 8 updates for new Intel, AMD chips

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Re: Well after that...

"Microsoft hate is becoming a very strange fetish for you guys..."

whip me, beat me, make me run Windows 10!

as I do the masochism tango!

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Most of the people who use PCs think they run "Google"

well, then THAT is a MARKET OPPORTUNITY for Inexpensive (yet powerful) Linux machines!

Mint with Mate or Cinnamon for a shorter learning curve.

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Re: This should help Apple and Linux

"maybe we need a sarcasm icon?"

how about this one?

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Re: Optional

"There will always be a resistance to aggressive sales tactics like this."

Those aren't sales tactics. It's the way you MIGHT treat customers who have no alternative but YOU. If you're an asshat that is. Or Micro-shaft.

Finally a reason not to bother with IPv6: Uh, security concerns...?

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Re: I always use SSH tunnels....

if you use a proxy between endpoints of an SSH connection, like a firewall appliance or 'man in the middle' attack, the side that connects would need to accept the new cert. The server cert mismatch warning would be there, and the person connecting would have to make a decision about it. So it's not perfect, but should be ok if not connecting for the first time through a proxy or 'MITM' .

(and if connecting for the first time you get a different warning)

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Re: If IP6v hadn't been made so goddamn complicated...

"The register though is not one of those sites using IPV6 but of course google and their ad companies are"

Microsoft doesn't, last I checked [except on a few specific servers, last time I sniffed a win-10-nic VM that had IPv6 enabled, which might not actually be theirs, and was probably over a year ago].

Which brings me to the REAL source of the problem: Imagine EVERY! WINDOWS! CLIENT! in the world having a PUBLICALLY! VIEWABLE! IP! ADDRESS!!! [yes, the "no NAT" FUD rears its ugly head].

Truth is that IPv6 CAN be NAT'ted, but nobody will bother doing it. It's truly better if it's FIREWALLED to block ALL of the listening ports that Micro-shaft suddenly FEELS it needs to listen on, but EVERY! STINKING! VERSION! of Windows since XP has been listening on open ports bound to "::" or and the list of ports GROWS (and occasionally MORPHS) with each release. And those ports are (more or less) "well known" especially to those who might want to use them for nefarious purposes (and when new ones show up, they'll be known, too).

So what is the _CAUSE_ of the IT "my computer got hacked while I was on the corporate network" problem? That's right, it's MICROSOFT that CAUSES the problem, with their far-less-than-adequate approach to security. 'Microsoft Firewall' - what a joke. Anyone ELSE remember 'code red'? 'Win Nuke'? Look forward to more of the same when every Windows box is exposed unfiltered to the intarwebs.

Of course this COULD be fixed. By Micro-shaft. But they don't even bother implementing their OWN IPv6, and last time they TRIED, they completely cluster-blanked it...


(I just checked, and microsoft.com _STILL_ has no AAAA records)

Windows 10 Creators Update general rollout begins with a privacy dialogue

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"When do we get a non USA operating system bumping off windows ? "

Micro-shaft could be anywhere in the world, and would still do the same things. They're too big for their britches, treat customers like "minions", and ASSUME we're completely addicted to their "services".

One OS to rule them all. One OS to find them. One Interface to BRING THEM ALL and with 2D FLATSO METRO, *BIND* them!

They re-re-re-invented the wheel to DRIVE the market into a place where Micro-shaft has COMPLETE control. Too many customers got suckered in, and just blindly went along with their evil plans...

They need a competitor. Linux makes the most sense. The problem is legacy application compatibility. WINE won't do it. And it takes _MONEY_ to develop things. And so, we're STILL HERE...

Facebook's 'delightful' AI Clippy the Paperclip creeps into Messenger

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Re: Salmon Days

exactly what I was thinking...

"It looks like you're writing a letter"

"F. Off"

"It looks like you're writing a letter"

"F... Off!"

"It looks like you're writing a letter"

"F! Off!"

"It looks like you're writing a letter"


Classic. I just wish their other stuff had been as funny as that sequence...

Ex-IBMer sues Google for $10bn – after his web ad for 'divine honey cancer cure' was pulled

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Re: They walk amongst us

"they tend to use homeopathy as complementary treatment, not as an alternative."


placebo effects are well documented. homeopathy in general is another snake oil. I cite the process of "dilution" that allegedly increases the potency as my number one proof of that.


But, like the honey "treatment" there will be a placebo effect from homeopathy, and occasional SOMETHING from an herb or chemical that was included in the mix in sufficient quantity to have an effect. For all we know, putting the patient in a good mood with lots of confidence is all that it takes for some people to be cured instead of dying. The brain is very powerful, and not that well understood. There are psychosomatic diseases with real symptoms. "Good mood" therapy may be a part of any balanced treatment. The doc could prescribe a good book, video games, or 'get off your ass and do something' and be just as effective as any 'snake oil' (probably more effective because those are real things, not fake like snake oil).

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Re: But seriously though folks....

"The market was also skewed to promoting expensive therapies over research into the causes."

Well, when a cancer patient would have 6 months to live without the expensive therapies, _AND_ the research has been taking YEARS too long to save that patient's life, I think the expensive therapies make more sense. [and so would medical marijuana if it gives patients 'the munchies' so they don't starve to death when the expensive chemotherapy makes them so nauseous that they can't eat - yeah a somewhat practical and inexpensive add-on to the expensive therapy].

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Re: I can hear sirens

"The FDA can make you recall every product at fault and fine the bejesus out of you."

And I'm sure that would make their product "illegal enough" (for having made illegal claims) to support Google's decision, _AND_ there's no doubt in my mind that some kind of liability is involved in allowing "illegal" products to be advertised through Google's ad network.

And so, Google was right to deny the 'ad words' for a product that makes claims that violate FDA regulations, and even though it's only *slightly* illegal it's most likely Google's final decision anyway.

Google is a ginormous "deep pocket" target for lawsuits. I just hope they don't pay anything to settle.

Boeing-backed US upstart reckons it'll be building electric airliners

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Re: Big Problem

actually LiPo batteries are MORE DANGEROUS when they're discharged... (they tend to gas, expand, maybe blow up, etc. )

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Re: Reality check time?

solar power density is around 1.4kw per square meter. That's less than 2HP per square meter if I did the math properly. I looked that up and found it on a single web site. Perhaps you might corroborate that with other sites. I'm too lazy to do that, heh. And that isn't taking into consideration the "less than 100%" efficiency of a solar panel. Aren't they around 30% these days?

I think if you did the math, solar energy at ANY altitude [vs the weight of the panels to collect it] would be a net LOSS if you tried to implement it on an aircraft. I cite an earlier post regarding solar cars in Australia...

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Re: Reality check time?

"Simple reality is that "renewable" aviation is going to have to run on synthetic paraffin. And that is going to be VERY expensive."

why paraffin? why "renewable?"

last I heard, fracking will give us up to 100 years of oil supply at current consumption levels. BP had a more conservative estimate back in 2014 of about 53 years...

so why paraffin? makes no sense.

if nothing else, use SEWAGE and ORGANIC GARBAGE to make oil. As I understand it, a process for doing so was invented in the 1950's involving high pressure/temperature and a layer of CO gas and maybe some catalysts, and from what I've read, it's an EXOTHERMIC process once you get it going. Yeah, EXOTHERMIC. think about THAT for a moment...

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Re: Just a matter of timing

there was a hybrid nuclear powered bomber once (or being researched, may have never flown). It (would have) used regular jets to take off, and the nuclear engines to keep it in the air. At least we know that a nuke reactor has a VERY high power:weight ratio. So, ya wanna fly on THAT plane? Heh heh heh.


well, maybe when we get fusion reactors going, it would be a nice alternative. but then again it would be best suited for SPACE planes, and we'd still have the terrestrial ones using standard jet fuel.

Don't forget that MOST electricity for electric cars already comes from fossil-fuel power plants. There's just not enough "Mr. Sun" or wind to do it any other way.

Ubuntu UNITY is GNOME-MORE: 'One Linux' dream of phone, slab, desktop UI axed

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Re: Makes sense

"there is now a way for gnome and KDE apps for example to co-exist on one desktop; This idea needs to be pushed further into a generic API standard that anyone can write to."

open desktop standard. I've been working on my own toolkit for a few years now. yeah, it's slow going because I have to work for pay to make the bill collectors happy. In short, if all you do is handle the clipboard correctly, everything else should work fine. Let the window manager draw the outer stuff, then just make everything else play by the rules written up as part of the open desktop standard. I've tested with fluxbox, KDE, gnome, mate, etc. and this is pretty much how it works. The downside are the things that are in gnome settings that aren't truly compatible, but there are ways around that, too. I forget the details already but I had to deal with them so I have a general idea of the existence of standards, and the clipboard being one of the more difficult things to manage properly. (I came up with a threaded method of doing it so I could process things asynchronously without stuttering the UI).

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Re: Glad someone in this world has the balls

"management are too scared to admit defeat, and continue on down the road of pretending everything is all right"

Oops - don't say the 'M' word! Or the 'W' word, or the '10' number, or...

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Re: Mir -> Wayland then?

ACK on Wayland's serious shortcomings. Wayland and systemd - we don't need either one!

I'm glad that Unity has been shot dead. I always _hated_ it.

Ubu with Mate, though, works pretty nice. same with Mint/Mate (or cinnamon for that matter). Perhaps the Ubu folks should re-consider their use of gnome 3 next...

Let's just keep X11 working well and stick with this old yet well supported standard, and stop trying to migrate everyone off of "something that works" to "new, shiny because WE happen to FEEL".

Put down your coffee and admire the sheer amount of data Windows 10 Creators Update will slurp from your PC

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Re: Fighting back?

"Shouldn't be too hard to inject bogus data into their valid data stream, if not outright replace the valid data."

/me considers a netfilter module. you can inject (or remove) whatever you want into a TCP stream using a netfilter module. It's how the FTP proxy works, for 'PORT' commands etc.. Create a special firewall rule for whatever IPs and ports are involved in telemetry, let the netfilter module do it's "magic". Ok you'll need something you can lsmod a netfilter module with, and alter the firewall rules for, but openWRT would probably qualify for that one.

Lenovo's 2017 X1 Carbon is a mixed bag

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Re: Did you try Linux on it?

I wouldn't touch it unless it COULD run an off-the-shelf (ok randomly downloaded) Linux distro without hardware compatibility problems.

I don't need a Win-10-nic laptop. But, I _do_ need a laptop. OK it would be best with FreeBSD running on it, but if Linux runs well, chances are FBSD will, too.

OK... Red wire or black... *Clickety* You've emailed the schematic? Yes, got it! It's opening. And... WHAT? NO!

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Re: What is considered an acceptable bandwidth ?

"Why is that not adequate for anyone's normal requirements ?"


b) ridiculously large javascript libraries on CDN servers that update too frequently

c) outrageous use of javascript on web pages

d) insane bandwidth requirement of embedded ad videos and animated graphics

e) 'intro flash' on top level web pages (required to view it in order to dig further on the site)

f) poorly designed style sheets that require excessively long CSS

g) use of lousy authoring tools that generate WAY too many HTML tags for formatting

h) frequent refreshing for no good reason [other than to cycle ads, right?]

i) on-line editing of documents via javascript. What MENSA CANDIDATE thought THAT one up, huh?

Yes I blame the CONTENT MAKERS and _NOT_ the ISPs so much. If they'd JUST assume that YOUR connection is a "minimal acceptable performance" connection, TO WHICH they target their site's bandwidth requirement so that it has acceptable performance on YOUR machine over YOUR connection then MAYBE this wouldn't be a problem.

But they don't. They assume "infinite bandwidth" and "of COURSE you'll download all of this shi supporting content and advertising just to view our web site!" even if 'relevant content' is less than ONE TENTH of the bandwidth!

(and that goes double for phones entering restricted bandwidth mode because, overage, because, all that "supporting content")

NY court slaps down Facebook's attempt to keep accounts secret from search warrants

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Re: Does not compute...

FYI - depending on the rules of that particular court, you may be able to OBJECT to the discovery request that prompted the warrant, but you still have to comply with orders from the judge. So challenging the warrant is kinda limited in a way, but you could still object to it [then be denied, appeal, get denied again, etc.]

IANAL but I've had a small amount of experience dealing with bogus discovery requests

It's not just Elon building bridges to the brain: The Internet of Things is coming to a head

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Ghost in the Shell

obligatory reference. 'cyber brain implants' etc.

on a related note, if the brain is like a quantum computer, we're gonna need to be able to manage more than just a few qubits to scale up to a brain interface...

Pong, anyone? How about Pong on a vintage oscilloscope?

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Re: Kudos for the effort....

you have to REALLY want to do it "that way" to put in that kind of effort.

It reminds me of a binary "computer" my 3rd grade teacher's son built in the 1960's (ca 1968), using discrete components. It could add 2 binary numbers, had light bulbs to indicate the binary result, and switches to enter the numbers. I was confused by difficulty of the process of entering the numbers, like "I have to do MORE math just to enter the values I'm adding, than the actual calculation". Oh, and it could SUBTRACT, too.

Now that I think of it, he must've had a lot of work to do, building all of those gates and half-adders out of discrete components...

(but there might've been RTL gates available back then, not like that would really be that much easier)

It's 30 years ago: IBM's final battle with reality

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Re: OS/2 and PS/2 Memories

Back in the 90's, a few months before the release of Windows 3.0, I took an OS/2 presentation manager programming class at the local (night school) city college. Got an 'A'. Only 6 students survived to complete the class, and the room was packed on day 1 when I thankfully had my add slip signed by the prof... [and we had "the PS/2 machines" in the lab to ourselves, since they were the only ones that could run OS/2].

And I really _LIKED_ OS/2 PM. I was able to format a diskette while doing OTHER THINGS, kinda cool because DOS could _NEVER_ do that! Version 1.2 was nice looking, too, 3D SKEUOMORPHIC just like Windows 3.0 would soon become!

But when i tried to BUY it, I ran into NOTHING but brick walls. It was like "get a PS/2, or wait forever for OEMs to get it 'ported' to THEIR machines". Bleah.

THAT is what killed it. NOT making it available for CLONES. When 'Warp' finally released, it was too little, too late.

But the best part of OS/2 was it's API naming, which follows the MORE SENSIBLE object-verb naming, rather than verb-object. So in Windows, it's "CreateWindow". In OS/2, it's "WindowCreate". And wouldn't you know it, when you read the DOCUMENTATION all of the things that work with WINDOWS are in the SAME PART OF THE MANUAL!

Damn, that was nice! OK I have hard-copy manuals for OS/2 1.2 still laying about somewhere... and corresponding hard-copy Windows 3.0 manuals that I had to thumb back-forth with all the time. Old school, yeah. HARDCOPY manuals. And actual message loops (not toolkits nor ".Not" garbage).

Dell warns PC slowdown threatens transition to infrastructure sales

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"The WOW! factor for now moved to mobes, although even there it's showing signs of exhaustion"

no longer "new, shiny!" yeah

"will be replaced with less expensive model, still able to run the required software."

and power users seeking out OEM and "re-built computer" versions of Win 7, rather than Win-10-nic. You can still find Win7 machines out there. "Reconditioned" no doubt. Different license. "A Loophole" maybe.

I still want Dell to sell more Linux laptops. They'd do EXTREMELY well if they put some REAL effort into it, and gave a DISCOUNT for NOT having Win-10-nic shipped with it. I wish I could "educate" them. Anyone got a clue-by-four? heh heh heh

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Re: Dell make reliable, cheap desktop and laptop PCs. However.

"It used to be the case that new versions of Windows drove PC sales. However that died with everything after Windows 7."

I love it when people get this right!

I'd like to add a combination of Moore's Law no longer causing next year's model to be 30-50% faster [by actual user perception, not by number of transistors per nanometer or whatever]. When the new model is perceived to be BETTER, people are inclined to buy it.

But of course, Micro-shaft has made Windows "Ape" and Win-10-nic *WORSE* than their predecessors, and the consumers are onto them.

Yeah I like my re-conditioned older model windows 7 machine, dedicated to doing Quickbooks and taxes and other "windows things", purchased for about $150 a year ago, with Windows 7 _deliberately_ pre-installed, just fine thanks, and won't be replacing it at any time, nor DOWNgrading to "Ape" or Win-10-nic.

HOWEVER - I would be VERY happy if I could get a Dell laptop with Mint Linux or [better still] FreeBSD 11 pre-installed on it! I'd pay money for THAT.

And so would others, too, if they recognized the *AWESOME*.

Dell: you want PC business to pick back up? Build some medium-to-high-end laptops with MINT LINUX on them, and ADVERTISE IT! Stop paying the "Micro-shaft tax" and ship WHATEVER OS YOU WANT. Micro-shaft is _NOT_ your friend. Hitching your wagon to THAT star will KILL your business. They are your COMPETITORS now. You should go ELSEWHERE for your operating systems.

/me debating Tux or Thumb-up icon. sticking with thumb-up.

As Trump signs away Americans' digital privacy, it's time to bring out the BS detector

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I'm not convinced it's BULLSHIT yet

not 'BULLSHIT' yet, i.e. the idea that the FTC already has protections in place for BASIC privacy. Like banks, credit cards, and merchants, for example. They're the ones that are supposed to be making THOSE kinds of rules.

The FCC rules were more restrictive, for sure, but didn't apply to Facebook, Google, etc.. It was also a serious OVERSTEPPING OF AUTHORITY, which is why I am glad it's GONE. It's _NOT_ the business of the FCC to suddenly re-classify the internet as "something else" and REGULATE CONTENT and its usage.

But the next phase might just be to MAKE IT RIGHT, by having the FTC put the ISPs under the SAME privacy and data protection rules that financial institutions already are, regarding "the things we access". Same with Face-b[itch,ook] and Google, for servers located in the USA at any rate. A simple privacy policy [that's enforced] and an opt-out will do (just like my bank has to honor). FTC, yeah.

And as long as there are no 'man in the middle' attacks going on, I think https might be sufficient to protect you the rest of the way. Just make sure you don't use a "poisoned" DNS (from your ISP) that begs you to install new certs... it adds credibility to using google's free DNS service, or your own bind implementation.

Alabama man gets electrocuted after sleeping with iPhone

bombastic bob Silver badge

I was hoping for more snarky comedy

maybe I should just come back tomorrow...

phone != teddy bear (don't sleep with it)

/me imagines some lawsuit because the instructions did not say that

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