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Republicans go all Braveheart again with anti-net neutrality bill

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politicians will find SOME way to screw it all to hell

"What exactly are these people smoking?"

probably the same crap that they refuse to legalize.

yes. I'm saying they're hypocrites. They're politicians. it means the same thing, more often than not.

Politicians should just get the hell out of the way. No internet taxing, no regulation beyond protocols [that make it possible to HAVE an internet], and let the FTC decide what the corporations can do for whatever business interests they might have [selling our data, for example]. the FCC is about communications, NOT about regulating content, nor preventing prioritization, nor telling ISPs they can't offer 'different pricing' for various services or service levels [even if that means no overages for approved content], yotta yotta yotta.

THAT is what this is all about. The FCC should have NEVER tried to regulate "these kinds of things". And it should never try AGAIN. Laws to prevent that from happening are reasonable.

But you know politicians, they'll find SOME way to screw it all to hell...

Unpaid tech contractor: 'I have to support my family. I have no money for medicines'

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Re: I lack sympathy, somewhat.

"Thus there is no choice."

there are always choices. fate is what you make it. your choices might be limited by circumstance, but you can always make a choice.

In the circumstances you describe, the RIGHT choice just might be "re-location" or a career change.

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Re: Cash in reserve

"Invoicing terms are 30 days, often paid late."

yeah, and if you get unlucky and have a couple of "non-paying" customers at the same time, it complicates things a bit more. can happen. And yet the work is still there. So what do you do? Well, sometimes it means taking out a loan, and smiling, and doing the work, as long as there's a good chance of getting paid for it down the road. It's the world of contracting and business in general... Especially for freelancers and privateers.

yeah when you sign BOTH sides of the check, you find out a lot of things that most wage slaves don't know about, from payroll taxes to getting customers to pay up.

LinkedIn chatbots to help with 'important conversations'

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Re: Old fart here.

another old fart, who tried to use LinkedIn for what it was intended when it was first invented. You know, like an on-line resume thingy, possible for job searches as well. As it turns out, since Micro-shaft took over, I'm getting SPAMMED with "do you know these people" e-mails. I have been deleting them.

I'm considering deleting my profile as well. I wonder if the spam mail will stop...

I don't do Faceb[itch,ook], I don't do Tw[a,i]tter, and soon I probably won't do LinkedIn, either.

It's losing its value as a place for executives and professionals to advertise their skills. It's turning into a complete WASTE of effort. I haven't updated my profile in a couple of years now. And if I do choose to log in, I'll use a special browser that automatically erases ALL history/cache/cookies when I'm done. I'd JUST go there, to avoid ALL tracking. And no other browser configs allow cookies or tracking from ANY such site. I made THAT happen 3 or 4 years ago, when they started the TRACKING CRAP. That wasn't enough to make me go away entirely, but it WAS enough to make me "do that stuff" to AVOID TRACKING.

It's Russian hackers, FBI and Wikileaks wot won it – Hillary Clinton on her devastating election loss

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Re: Lost because female ?

The faces she pulled as she tried to digest the question, and frame an answer was priceless.

You, sir, a beer, deserve!

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Re: Hillary, email, and Electoral College...

"Fast forward to a private email server."

that's just the latest in a long series of corruption by Mrs. Clinton.

how about EVIDENCE TAMPERING in a case where she defended a CHILD RAPIST? The evidence just *disappeared* after her team got a hold of it to "do their own analysis".

Then there was ALL! THAT! SHREDDING! of Whitewater documents and Rose Law Firm documents that had been moved to the White House, and at some point someone saw something and *voila* SHRED PARTY!

And don't forget about Vince Foster. Why DID he "commit suicide" anyway?

And there's the entire BEN GHAZI incident. Mrs. Clinton, was it *REALLY* some stupid YOUTUBE VIDEO that caused all of that? Or maybe it was TERRORISM coinciding with the ANNIVERSARY of 9/11 ???

Mrs. Clinton has a nice record of her "accomplishments" allright, shifting the blame to ANYONE ELSE, doing "the side step", covering things up, shredding, erasing, deleting, obstructing, and DOWNRIGHT LYING.

THAT is why she's not president!

Microsoft sparks new war with Google with, er, $999+ lappies for kids

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Windows 10 S can only use apps from the Windows Store

this implies several things:

a) you MUST agree with Micro-shaft's EULA and use a Micro-shaft cloudy logon

b) you MUST only run CRapps from "the Store" which contain adware and spyware (particularly the 'free' ones).

c) it's being MARKETED! TO! CHILDREN!

d) CHILDREN are being privacy-violated, target-marketed, etc.

In other words, it's a complete cluster-BLANK of FAIL, designed ONLY to accomodate and condition the next generation into *ACCEPTING* this kind of ABOMINATION.

Micro-shaft - come up with something GOOD for once, ok? Quit shoving this CRAP out the door and up/into our collective rectums!

Male escort forgot pregnancy protection, scores data protection instead

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Re: I feel sorry for the child

"fishing around for 7 years worth of back payments probably has very little to do with the concerns of the child."

yeah, if she can afford an expensive hotel and a gigolo for 3 nights, perhaps she can afford decent food/clothing/school for the kid?

"Meal-ticket Mommy" indeed... can you say BACKLASH?

Trump trumps US Digital Service with order to establish American Technology Council

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Re: I've never heard of 18f

18f - isn't that what a bunch of 45M's always say on IRC? [especially when they're trolling for 13f's or want to see a bunch of 23Ms embarrass themselves for kicks]. Ok don't make me explain "IRC" please...

/me thinks: OH MY DIETIES, there's a GIRL IN THE CHANNEL! half the participants begin crowding around "the girl" and behaving like the lonely, horny young males that they are. '18f' in an IRC channel is like blood in shark infested waters, or yelling "Food Fight" in a college cafeteria.

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Re: vision, strategy, and direction

It could be worse, "silly valley" interests violating our privacy and monetizing whatever we do online (and then targeting us with advertisements as a form of big-brother psychological manipulation).

I'm glad to see them "not at the table". but yeah, gummint technology programs like that are kinda laughable anyway. but it makes people in gummint "feel better" about it, I guess...

/me facepalms anyway

Post Unity 8 Ubuntu shock? Relax, Linux has been here before

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Re: Excuse me!

"20+ comments without a single moan about System D"

I just added something. you should be happy now.

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Re: Losing Unity 7/8 is not the end of the world!

"I can understand Ubuntu wanting to go with GNOME desktop as that is an easy path to Weyland and getting rid of legacy stuff"

yeah, about that...

I'd rather see "legacy stuff" patched and streamlined, than to be forced to "up"grade to someone ELSE's "vision" (read: drug-induced hallucination) of the future of computing.

I have an equally LOUD NO for Wayland as I do for systemd.

In short, when you have "legacy stuff" that people WANT (read: 'X server', 'system V'), why would it get ELIMINATED? Because, some dim-bulb clueless MILLENIAL "engineer" *FEELS* ??? (it's OUR turn now! change EVERYTHING!)

yeah, yeah, "grampa" wants his desktop computer running the SAME way it was in the early noughties, just running on a faster computer, with security patches and streamlined algorithms, and without all that "crap" in the way ('crap' referring to things like Unity , Gnome 3, hamburger menus, fat-finger friendliness...). There's a lot more of US than there are millenials, too. One word: Devuan. I imagine they'll NOT have Wayland, either.

Anyway, GOOD JOB CANONICAL for abandoning Unity [those who want it, it's open source, start a foundation to maintain it]. And also GOOD JOB for making Ubu work with "all of those flavors".

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the difference between Canonical of the past and now

seems to me that the last part of the article got this one right: A change in focus from what THEY want to what the USERS want.

Rejoice, for Linux 4.11 has been delivered!

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Re: Systemd

troll icon observed. but it's a tiring joke.

Secure Boot booted from Debian 9 'Stretch'

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UEFI needs to *JUST* *DIE*

UEFI needs to *JUST* *DIE*

If a non-windows OS distro *MUST* comply with this jack-booted thuggery, then it's no longer "our hardware that we purchased". That's because SOMEONE ELSE has just decided FOR us how WE must 'play with our own toys'.

It's a question worth asking: Why is the FCC boss being such a jerk?

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Re: Bigger Government is never the answer

"You do realise that net neutrality is about restricting control by corporations, not taking that control for government, don't you?"

Is *THAT* how you *FEEL* (not think) what 'net neutrality' REALLY is about?

You missed the point, then. The ACTUAL regulations were NEVER about that. They were about ENABLING Facebook and Google, and PREVENTING independent providers from offering competitive services for an extra fee (as one example).

yeah, "net neutrality" *FEELS* correct (and is sold through that *kind* of emotional manipulation, like so many OTHER socialist/lefty ideas), but the reality of it is FAR FROM BEING CORRECT.

When you enable packet prioritization for a fee, for example, so long as it only marginally affects the normal flow of unprioritized traffic, the ISPs can use the extra revenue to improve their services overall (which they will). And if they pocket the money, that's their business. Someone took a risk to start and/or invest in that business and THOSE people who risk deserve the rewards reaped from good business.

But it's more likely that a service provider who puts the profits back into the company will compete better, and make more money in the long term. That's what I expect human behavior to be like, not the false (emotion-based) picture of pure greed and world conquest that says otherwise.

Seriously, the whole "net neutrality" thing is all EMOTION-BASED KNEE-JERK TOUCHY FEELY CRAP. As long as the playing field remains level, let people charge whatever the market allows, for whatever services they can, without screwing everybody else over (and then demanding more money, later - stopped by a 'level playing field'), so that the USA [as one example] can get its infrastructure up to the standards of some of the newcomers into the world of the intarwebs, or those with denser populations [where it's not so expensive to lay new fiber lines to everybody's doorstep].

'Net Neutrality' is yet another SOCIALIST philosophy of *FORCING* *EVERYONE* down to the same *MEDIOCRITY*. Thanks, I don't want mediocrity. I want *GREATNESS* !!!

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Re: Bigger Government is never the answer

EXACTLY. I happen to *LIKE* what Pai has been doing, which is to UN-DO the SOCIALISM that's been CREEPING into the FCC.

The FCC's job is NOT to regulate content or what is done with that information. The FCC's job is to define standards that allow everyone to "play nice" with one another within a limited context of delivery, from wired to wireless. This includes frequency bands, licensed spectrum, unlicensed spectrum regulations, communication standards and protocols, and things of THAT nature. What is done _WITHIN_ those regulations, i.e. "the content", is NONE! OF! THEIR! BUSINESS! (I'd even go so far as seeing 'decency standards' abolished on pubilc airwaves and cable networks, but the Supreme Court has already made it legal to regulate 'speech' on the basis of 'prurient content' so that would be a difficult case to make these days, even in the name of freedom).

So at the very minimum, we have the FCC crossing over into FTC territory, which should not be allowed. It would only result in confusion and too much gummint bloat. Pai is reversing the regs that step on the FTC's territory, and RIGHTFULLY SO. I say "more of the same, please!"

As for the FTC, what they're already doing with banks and privacy can simply be extended to anyone on the internet that provides a service, such as ISPs and telcos and web sites (and Micro-shaft). Yes, that would probably stop Micro-shaft, Google, and Facebook from abusing your privacy, at least without your explicit consent, and that's the point. The regs belong at the FTC level, not the FCC.

Solve the REAL problem!

Don't listen to the doomsayers – DRM is headed for the historical dustbin, says Doctorow

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Re: DRM isn't going away

"That requires DRM on the updates."

NO, it doesn't.

there are better methods than DRM available for protecting the validity of an update, through the 'OpenSSL' library and certificates, etc..

DRM just makes it illegal to reverse engineer things and do simulated break-ins and other kinds of analysis on the security. That will *NOT* stop evil hackers from doing it. It just makes it hard for security auditors and regular people, particularly those who live under the jurisdiction of such laws. Elsewhere on the planet, nobody gives a rat's ass.

A law does NOT protect anyone/anything unless people are WILLING to OBEY that law.

you could apply the same *kind* of thinking to gun control laws, and then look at Chicago and Venezuela (spelling correction, tiny font on input screen makes it hard to read while I type). Yeah, how good is it working for THEM???

DRM is just plain stupid. I noticed that the word "feel" was used to describe how it got there, i.e. the content creators "feel" etc.. No *WONDER* it's so *BLANKED* up!

Facebook and Google gobble '99 per cent of new digital ad cash'

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you mean Bing and Win-10-nic barely had any?

if Bing and Win-10-nic and MSN and other Micro-shaft ad-revenue-generators did less than ONE PERCENT, then WHY oh WHY did Micro-shaft "go there" with Win-10-nic?

it ain't working, yeah. they should give up and go home, and do what they're known to do "reasonably well", and NOT try to be Google and Facebook, a day late AND a dollar short (for that matter).

Just delete the internet – pr0n-blocking legislation receives Royal Assent

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Re: Hmmm

"*click YES*"

NOW they're gonna want a naked picture to verify your age based on AI software analysis

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Re: The Ruling Class

"I'll fire up my VPN and go looking for it."

yeah, about that... ISP filtering doesn't work well when people have access to VPN or Tor. So as it is over here across the pond, a stupid law that tries to prevent people from doing things that fall under the blanket term "vice" ONLY punishes those who are willing to obey that law. And those who circumvent such things will simply laugh at it.

The USA had an "experiment" early back in the 20th century called 'Prohibition'. The rise of organized crime and widespread DISREGARD of the law (and unofficial increase in Canadian and Mexican liquor imports) drove its repeal a decade or so later.

A similar law was passed in the 1970s, restricting highway speeds to 55mph. It was widely violated as well. California highway speeds typically moved at 65-70mph while that law was in effect, and police knew that traffic moving along at the same speed was SAFER than randomly pulling people over and citing them for doing more than "the maximum speed". The 1990's power changeover in Congress, under Newt's leadership, REPEALED that [Reagan had orchestrated a partial-repeal in the 80's but couldn't pull off a full repeal - that took a majority in Congress].

Anyway those are TWO examples of attempts to legislate against the will of the people, and the LAUGHABLE and widespread willful disobedience of the law that resulted.

Scratch the Surface: Slabtop sales slump takes the shine off Microsoft's 2017 so far

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Re: Old Tech

well, the last couple of responses hit on what I mean by 'easily install Linux' - in essence, you want it to have hardware that has Linux drivers available, or at least a high level of compatibility. Maybe not every button or enhancement/feature is supported, but the basic functionality would be there. That kind of thing.

Everything I read about Surface (including comments on this article) suggest that putting Linux on a Surface is still potentially problematic, and not something that can be done without effort/hacking/tweeking/etc.

That being said, I think Micro-shaft could improve their sales by MAKING IT support Linux more easily, even shipping them with Linux pre-installed. Or, perhaps, Windows 7...

(but THAT would mean 'admitting defeat' with the post-Sinofsky stuff, and they don't wanna do that, REGARDLESS of the potential profitability!!!)

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Re: Old Tech

Surface is REALLY failing because it's all Win-10-nic. And "Ape" before that.

Now, if it could (easily) run LINUX...

Flatpak and Snaps aren't destined for graveyard of failed Linux tech yet

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'bleeding edge stuff' is often overrated

yeah, 'bleeding edge stuff' is often overrated. In particular, when the interface suddenly changes to something you *HATE*, like 2D FLATSO or "hamburger menu" fat-finger-friendliness.

Both of those *kinds* of things have happened somewhat recently. I like the look of Firefox without the hamburger. And I despise what's been done to Chrome.

if "developers" would stop changing things around like that, and focus on security and useful features, maybe the existing Linux distros would track more closely to 'bleeding edge'.

And yeah, static link the binaries, please. It would make cross-distro installs (and especially running on things like FreeBSD) a *lot* simpler. Maybe "just offer a binary built like that" and see how popular it becomes.

Intel's Optane in PCs is as good as it will get for years, says analyst

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but if we have to run Win-10-nic to use it...

but if we have to run Win-10-nic to use it, then it's just not worth it (to me anyway).

Remember, Micro-shaft will not support new tech with Windows 7.

Republicans want IT bloke to take fall for Clinton email brouhaha

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Re: Bah!

"I think Fox News is extreme right wing"

eh, no. right of center is acceptable, but NOT extreme. They've got Juan Williams, after all...

FCC's Pai: I am going to kill net neutrality in US

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I like Pai

I think he's doing the right thing. Gummint does NOT need to over-regulate "teh intarwebs". Beyond the simple regulation of common protocols, business practices (such as privacy issues) belong with the FTC, and _CONTENT_ should _NEVER_ be regulated by _ANY_ gummint or agency, _REGARDLESS_.

Otherwise, it's "the fairness doctrine" ALL OVER AGAIN, and you KNOW "they" have targeted conservative (and even libertarian) opinions for elimination under the guise of "fairness".

/me would *HATE* to see the day when POLITICAL CORRECTNESS defines what is "fair" (or even *LEGAL*) on "teh intarwebs"

Mysterious Hajime botnet has pwned 300,000 IoT devices

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The 'white hat' (actually GREY hat) infection of vulnerable (and possibly, infected) devices for the purpose of shutting down Mirai is, in my view, a CROWNING MOMENT of AWESOME!

OK it could have been used for bad things, but it wasn't. It should still frighten people, because it's potential use for evil still exists. Some brilliant grey-hat hacker did something "BAD" for a GOOD CAUSE, the kinds of thing that makes for LEGENDARY ANTI-HERO status.

Assuming that the author is 'chaotic good' and not 'chaotic evil', that is.

Ewe, get a womb! Docs grow baby lambs in shrink-wrap plastic bags

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Re: "Now this is an extream example possibly but if this tech exists its not impossible a"

"the tech is for Mothers at high risk of premature birth around the 23-24 week which is also the abortion cut off date"

has anyone ELSE drawn the obvious conclusion from this, i.e. instead of killing the fetus...

(but hey saving lives is a good thing so there ya go)

/me waits through uncomfortable silence that results from posting this

Don't stop me! Why Microsoft's inevitable browser irrelevance isn't

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Re: Hacking.

"Microsoft products, including the browser, are still the primary target for hackers, because they're used by default by people without technical knowledge."

And, for some damn reason, they seem to be chock full o' security craters, waiting for some 0-day to exploit!

An advantage of open source browsers is the potential for peer review and contributed patches.

MS, meanwhile, re-re-re-invents the browser (complete with all new millennial generation security craters, no doubt, since they haven't learned their lesson yet), with a 2D FLATSO interface, calling it "Edge", and expects us NOT to associate that name with an activity that involves pleasuring oneself...

TVs are now tablet computers without a touchscreen

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Re: 'unused bit of the video signal'

"the colour information was in active picture."

yeah old-style color broadcasting, compatible with B&W on both ends. single side band, with various bandwidths of the broadcast channel dedicated to specific signals: luma, chroma, and audio [later I think they added SAP and some other stuff]

Chroma was phase modulated 3.something MHz above the carrier in the USA as I recall. The bandwidth of the luminance signal was kept below 2.something Mhz, and the color bandwidth to about 500khz (I think that's right), leaving a little bit of room to prevent interference. And it was single side band. And the audio signal was 4.5Mhz above the carrier so it was already being done for B&W only broadcasts. Color just stole a bit more bandwidth from the B&W signal, which nobody really noticed.

Color burst during horizontal would 'ring' the crystal, which stayed in phase long enough for a single horizontal sweep. Then it was used to phase demodulate and generate the RBG signals for the 3 color guns (fed by the control grid, usually), with the B&W signal on the 3 cathodes. A better method could have been devised, but doing it this way kept the parts count low.

it really was some pretty good tech back in the day, combining AM and FM and phase modulation and SSB like that.

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Re: Hardware Acceleration Required

"And how do you to propose to convert the incoming 10-bit stream into one the hardware decoder can understand"

pixel = (10_bit_value >> 2)

or similar (as long as the YUV conversion to RGB doesn't take any longer than before)

Hackers uncork experimental Linux-targeting malware

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Re: Did you even read the article?

yes, but the default sshd.conf for FreeBSD disallows root logins. OK I think most Linux distros do that too, nowadays...

also another plus for FreeBSD is that a non-wheel user cannot su to root. You have to su to a wheel-group user (GID 0) and THEN you can su to root. One more layer to frustrate system-crackers that want to pwn you.

/me typically allows only specific cryptically named "guest level" users with very strong passwords to ssh in from "teh intarwebs" and 'fail2ban' is always on for the dictionary attackers.

Microsoft cracks open patch mega-bundles for biz admins, will separate security, stability fixes

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oh, wow, whoopee twiddle, it's chocolate and vanilla now!

two new flavors! AMA-ZING!

I oughta give it the flying fickle finger of fate award while I'm at it, but at least it's getting the WHOOPEE! award, complete with twiddling finger. OK it's the index finger. For now.

regardless, it's still a FORCED UPDATE being pounded up pushed onto your computer.

I didn't see in the article whether Home and Pro users get these "flavor" options or not. Probably not. Yeah, for the rest of us "masses and minions", we're damn lucky if we get lubrication beforehand...

Stanford Uni's intro to CompSci course adopts JavaScript, bins Java

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"You can run your C# applications on Linux just fine."

Again, NO. Just NO. I'm aware, and I want _NOTHING_ to do with that. I was angry enough when Tomboy was included with gnome on Debian. It took effort to remove it. I took the effort to remove it. I never want to see anything like _THAT_ polluting a perfectly good Linux distro, EVAR again!

/me checked, no troll icon. you must've been serious.

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"I'd probably go with both python and C# "

C-pound? NO. NO.

Both Python and JAVA. That will do (for an intro course). But NOT C-pound. NO. It's an abomination, a bastardized clone of Java with a bunch of Micro-shaft excrement and ".Not" thrown in for entrapping developers into "the Microsoft Way" of doing things, a gateway to UWP and "the Metro". NO. It's the epitome of bad programming habits, unnecessary complexity when none is even REMOTELY needed, etc. etc.. NO. Just NO.

C-pound is to object oriented programming as snake oil is to medicine

(stick to Javascript before going down THAT hell-hole)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Biggest problem is the name.

"If you were writing an application (out of the browser), you'd use Node.js"

oh my various gods, I HOPE NOT!

Python would have been a somewhat more reasonable choice (if it must be simplified AND interpretive). But the "mensa candidate" dim-bulbs at Stanford chose Javascript instead.

/me facepalms

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Introductory

"JavaScript is fine for learning about object orientation."

and spawns some of the WORST! PROGRAMMING! HABITS! EVAR!!!

I particularly cite what was already mentioned, the 3rd party bloatware typically downloaded from CDNs to support worthless "functionality" that could easily be done with style sheets and tables and "old school HTML".

If you want to teach "object orientedness" it's better to do it with C++, In My Bombastic Opinion. The problem with the BASS-ACKWARDS way that it's being done all too often nowadays (i.e. multiverse:universe:galaxy:system:planet:continent:nation:district:person:molecule:atom and you start with 'multiverse' to get 'atom') promotes GROSS inefficiencies, like the ones inherent in ".Not".

If you design objects in C++ instead, you can start with something that makes a LOT more sense (interestingly enough, the basics *behind* how COM works in OLE 2.0 is actually pretty good; how they implemented it, no so much in many ways, but the basics behind it are worth paying attention to).

And of course, good C++ code looks a lot like good C code.

Instead we'll be "teaching" the next generation how to create CRAP code using JavaScript.

What ARE they smoking over in Palo Alto these days?

"Welcome to Stanford. Here's your BONG"

[there's way too much "programming" in web pages already. we don't need to excrete a bunch of people from colleges that are confused into believing that 'all that javascript' is a GOOD thing]

Qualcomm's Windows-capable silicon will land later rather than sooner

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Re: "run x86 apps in cloud"

"At that point, run everything from the cloud and just use a dumb terminal locally. Already seen several times..."

wait a minute, this reminds me of something... it's a TIMESHARING system! You know, green terminals with hotspot text areas (VT or HP terminals) that you can tab around and naviguess to, connected via serial port cables to an expensive mini or mainframe computer kept in an air conditioned room... ah, THOSE were the days, weren't they?

I think I prefer distributed processing of actual personal computers, thanks, even if it's just to read my e-mail and surf the intarwebs.

Swapping out "teh Intarwebs" for the serial cable, and making our personal computers a bunch of "dumb terminals" for "the cloud" timesharing service, is JUST! PLAIN! DUMB!!!

[but the big-iron fans can dream, and apparently they still do]

/me facepalms again

While Facebook reinvents Sadville, we still dream of flying cars

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Re: Technologists?

if Zuck were serious about flying cars, he'd have an R&D team secretly working on it and only talk about it when it's about to go public. Anything ELSE is just bragging.

bombastic bob Silver badge

attack by flying penises - well, they did something similar in 'Tank Police'

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Better cars

and #9 as well. Especially Windows "Ape" and Win-10-nic.

#9? #9? #9? <-- obligatory Beatles reference

Lyrebird steals your voice to make you say things you didn't – and we hate this future

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Good news everyone!

I saw this capability abused on Futurama by the Professor's clone-son.

(why anyone would want to use this in any OTHER manner, other than crime, is news to me)

now, a good 'vocaloid' system that has no robotic accent - I'd like that

Alert: If you're running SquirrelMail, Sendmail... why? And oh yeah, remote code vuln found

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Re: Article title is misleading

I don't mind, it got me to read it, and knowing that squirrel mail has a vuln is fine. But yeah, heart palpitations just before that point...

Webroot antivirus goes bananas, starts trashing Windows system files

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a crowning moment of AWESOME!

this made my day! (Shadenfreude)

Anti-virus is SO overrated.

"Safe Surfing" works better, In My Bombastic Opinion. That is no MS browsers, aggressively use the 'NoScript' plugin, don't view HTML e-mail as HTML, don't auto-view e-mail attachments, no MS Outlook (aka 'virus outbreak'), and NEVER access the internet or e-mail while logged in with ADMIN privs [unless you're doing a software update with a legitimate source, and then be vewy vewy caweful...]

It would've been even funnier if MS's anti-virus had caused this

Would you believe it? The Museum of Failure contains quite a few pieces of technology

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Re: mein Kampf mit Scheitern

"AVRO Arrow, the greatest jet aeroplane of the 20th century"

I've seen the movie they made about it (from a TV miniseries I guess). Good stuff. The coke bottle in the wind tunnel test was "classic" and it solved so many problems that they had their U.S. counterparts baffled when they went to a U.S. based wind tunnel that ran at mach 2 [as I recall].


Dan Aykroyd was in that, along with a bunch of other famous and semi-famous Canadian actors. Very well done.

and it's a classic example of hackish engineering!

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Re: Er ...

"Though the conspiract theory is that New Coke was a major marketting success"

I remember that being lampooned on a 'Futurama' episode with respect to 'Slurm'.

Micro-shaft should consider releasing a "Windows Classic" based on windows 7... then they'd be successful, too!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: FFS...

"How exactly is honesty trolling?"

just because you say something, does not make it true (especially true for everyone). and you know that it seems that most people who read El Reg love linux and despise windows [or that seems to be my observation] and so you can expect lots of reactions when you post something like that.

aka "trolling" for a response. you're welcome

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Harley perfume

in the 60's there was a Honda 550 turbo for a while. When the turbo kicked in, even at freeway speeds, you'd often pop a wheelie from the power surge. A relative of mine had one for less than a week (even went to Oxnard to pick it up directly after arriving on the ship), and promptly turned it back in and got a 450 (no turbo).

So yeah, "donor cycle" "rapid death" etc. failure. Not exclusive to Harley.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Zima anyone?

"Or perhaps Windows Vista?"

you meant Windows 'Ape' and Win-10-nic too, right?

[Vista is better than either one of 'em.]

Once the dust clears (i.e. most of us are running "other than windows"), they'll be declared the reasons Micro-shaft failed. They'll deserve their own wing at the museum. It will be *LEGENDARY* !!!

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