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Hot HoloLens models 'shafted by Microsoft'

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: The Las Vegas attitude...

"Oh bob, what about the population that would rather have stud-muffin eye-candy strutting around, oiled and shirtless?"

So MS should contract out with Chippendale's too? not a bad idea, actually...

Though I doubt they'll be putting Bill Gates in a bow tie + g string... although it would be worth the comedy factor at the very least

(have some brain bleach - you're welcome)

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"Microsoft is committed to a diverse workforce"

NOT when it comes to UI design or politics

They should be committed to MAKING CUSTOMERS HAPPY instead!

'diverse' is highly overrated. It can be a strong alloy (like stainless steel) or the classic "iron mixed with clay" which would easily fall apart under stress [not like concrete mixed with iron, which when properly done, gives you an exceptionally strong structure].

Seriously, just hire people who are qualified, don't care about sex/race/religion/politics and your company will be more successful. Go all "SJW" on the diversity crap and you'll end up with fail. Oh, wait... Win-10-nic! Heh, they should've paid attention to REAL qualifications.

SJW's will naturally downvote this. They're not trying to make a business profitable and put out quality products and make customers happy. They're OVERLY concerned about the politics of it all, "political correctness", and of course, the 'social justice' side of things, discriminating AGAINST certain people in their mistaken agenda to 'equalize' outcomes. They're like cult followers that way...

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Re: The Las Vegas attitude...

"Ask yourself also why someone should hire young 'beautiful' women to promote a product"

because hiring old, ugly women wouldn't work very well.

Think about it: the 'eye candy' works! It gets attention, etc. from your target market. Even WOMEN would appreciate attractive ladies rather than old, ugly ones (unless they're snowflake "womyn" with an SJW mentality looking for someone to rage against and throw sueballs at).

Come on, it's human nature to appreciate young, attractive women! People generally act according to their nature. You can't change it, it's genetic, and trying to change it or stop it is like peeing into the wind.

UK government's war on e-cigs is over

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Re: Just wait

"Sure as anything in twenty or thirty years we'l discover that sucking vape juice into your lungs over the long term gives you some kind of nasty disease."

I'd laugh if it cures something, or reduces your susceptibility...

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Re: No vaping in the workplace please

"I recently sat on an aircraft for a 9 hour flight, surreptitiously puffing away on my e-cig, and the other passengers sat around me did not even notice I was using an e-cig"

If I were the supervisor/manager at some company where a smoker is taking 10 minutes out of every 30 to light up and get his 'nicotene fix' (and then hauling part of his cloud and the 'smoke breath' and the 'smoke stench' back into the office EVERY! SINGLE! TIME!), I'd be OVERJOYED if he could sit at his desk with a vape device, specificaly chosen so as NOT to bother other people, and WORK for the entire 30 minutes instead.

Just sayin'

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Re: Jesus, NO!

" irrational anti-vape people around."

if they're concerned because it MIGHT be a cigarette, I can understand the agitation. If, on the other hand, it's clearly NOT a cigarette, they're being idiots.

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Re: Jesus, NO!

"If passive smoking can harm people, how is vaping not going to do"

Uh, no. And I have some science to back my statement up.

A few years ago, a study was done comparing a smoke-filled room with a vape-filled room. The smoke-filled room tested 'positive' for the usual things. The vape-filled room tested NEGATIVE for pretty much everything that's harmful, INCLUDING nicotene levels!

I think that's pretty compelling. Here's the best link I could find that discusses the study:


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Re: Jesus, NO!

"Mind you that goes for people who overdo their perfume too."

Exactly! So the real nuisance of vaping is when people use a concoction that's equivalent to stinky perfume. Otherwise, as long as people don't abuse it, let people do what they want.

And a BIG THUMBS UP to the UK gummint for having the guts to stop going after vaping. Good Job!

[I personally have had serious issues with cigarette smoke, from sinus headaches to frequent sneezing and constant congestion, skin rashes from tobacco smoke on surfaces, etc. etc. and NO problems from being around people vaping]

Presto crypto: IBM releases gruntier, faster Z14 mainframe

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Re: typo? or my parochialism?

I "got it" - like the boy that saved Amsterdam by putting his finger in one

/me left intentionally ambiguous so everyone can have a good laugh

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Re: Performance?

"Guess old COBOL code is more efficient than .NET."

IMBO [In My Bombastic Opinion] C64 BASIC is more efficient than '.NET' ('.NOT" much of a comparison, heh)

Believe it or not, properly written+compiled COBOL can be as good as FORTRAN or maybe even C code, but the thing is, COBOL programmers {like '.NOT' programmers) apparently want to use language features that are NOT efficient, in inherently inefficient ways.

But yeah, the language syntax isn't all that friendly. I think it was the first lingo to have data structures, though FORTRAN 'EQUIVALENCE' blocks could do it, kinda (like the ASK/MANMAN system had, something I worked on back in the 90's on HP minicomputers).

As for '.NOT', I have nothing but contempt and snark for it. I'd rather do COBOL.

AI bots will kill us all! Or at least may seriously inconvenience humans

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Dear Elon

Dear Elon,

We know you derive a lot of your income from government in one form or another, from subsidies for electric cars to all of the NASA-related work going on over at SpaceX, etc. etc. etc..

However, the REST of us don't derive MOST our income from GUMMINT. Most of us rely on the PRIVATE SECTOR, and as such, GUMMINT REGULATIONS are usually IN THE WAY! (think about it, they're debated by clueless congress-critters and written by bureaucrats and lobbyists)

In any case, you shouldn't seek gummint "solutions" for everything. Rather, step back, have a beer, and think about it for a while. No need to panic. Liability laws would already hold bot-makers accountable if their creations went on a killing/pillaging spree. So I don't think we need NEW laws and NEW regulations, K-thanx...

2017: The FBI alerts parents to dangers of Internet of Sh*t toys

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reminds me of the Furby...

apparently Furby could record things, so they were banned at certain installations. I've taken one apart [to fix it, needed a lube job and some TLC after it jammed up] and it didn't seem like it was able to record all that much, at least not to me.

So maybe a lot of this is hype with no real substance?

then again, if it's cloud-based speech recognition...

US laptops-on-planes ban now applies to just one airport, ends soon

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Re: "TSA continues to find guns-a-plenty"

scrubber - Well Said!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Guns

"Americans are desensitised to the risk posed by guns."

no, the rest of the world is OVER-sensitized into perceiving a tool for self defense as an evil instrument of death from hell just WAITING to inflict injury on some innocent person... (like the evil gun controls the owner or something)

(That, and a lot of idiots in California and New York, "oversensitized" like that)

Technically, though, a 'gun' doesn't have rifling, like a shotgun. So mostly it's rifles and pistols. But yeah, I'll call them "gun" for the sake of those who aren't familiar with that distinction. It's not like I'm in boot camp and the drill instructor is going to make me run around all of the barracks holding my rifle above my head in one hand, and my family jewels in the other, saying "This is my rifle. This is my gun. This is for fighting. This is for fun!" because I called my rifle a "gun".

Eggheads identify the last animal that will survive on Earth until the Sun dies

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Re: Primitive Life?

"These could probably be blasted off the planet in an asteroid strike and land on another planet in another star system and survive the trip."

maybe they already did...

At first I'm like "no way is this thing real". Well, surprise!

Stop this crazy crusade! Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon scold FCC over net neutrality

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Foxes angry about dropping favorable henhouse rules?

Keep in mind that with the ISPs being held to a high standard, and Google through Facebitch being given free reign to violate our privacy, that MAYBE this is one of those situations where those living in glass houses are the first to throw stones...

Net Neutrality has _NEVER_ been about protecting the little guy. it's about protecting the existing "fiefdoms", and the fief-holders are FURIOUS that their stake is now threatened.

Personally, I'd _LOVE_ to see paid prioritazation, so long as its limited to only a percentage of traffic (let' say 30%). Let the 'Netflix' providers pay a little extra to get their packets to your computer a bit faster than the spammers, torrents, and "all those ads" embedded in _EVERYTHING_ [along with the monolithic+inflated script libraries that run client-side]. Why not? Same with streaming TV [that might put cable and satellite TV "on notice"], and other services that have high bandwidth requirements.

In any case, 'Net Neutrality' seeks to STOP that. That way, we can ALL be in the same "ghetto".

Already, Microshaft is "stealing bandwidth" by using torrent-like file sharing amongst Win-10-nic machines, to spread their mandatory updates to the world. if ISPs decided to THROTTLE THAT, Microshaft is gonna be REALLY ANGRY, aren't they? Well, they shouldn't be STEALING the bandwidth in the FIRST place, I say!!!

Because they call it 'Net Neutrality', it has an emotional effect on people that are unfamiliar with it. Then these "feelers" will ARGUE their FEELINGS with everyone else, not really knowing what's going on.

And, companies like Google, Facebitch, Microsoft, etc. are CAPITALIZING on the number of people who've been _conditioned_ into FEELING instead of THINKING, over this issue that benefits THEM more than US in it's 2015 configuration.

Facebook users pwnd by phone with account recovery vulnerability

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He's lucky if F-Bitch doesn't have him arrested

I wouldn't be surprised in the LEAST if FaceBitch's reaction to the exploit discover is to HAVE THE GREY-HAT HACKER ARRESTED!

After all, he ALTERED account parameters [by removing the phone number] !!!

I'm sure some DRM or obscure law could be used to PUNISH! THAT! GUY! with the full force of THE! LAW!!!

[it's the kind of "logic" Face-Bitch WOULD have. yeah]

The Atari retro games box is real… sort of

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PC technology?

when they say PC technology, do they mean:

a) it uses an x86 architecture and emulates the original (like xmame, for example)

b) it's based on some version of windows (not Win-10-nic, not Win-10-nic, please NOT WIN-10-NIC!)

c) it's got a custom ARM core that also natively runs the 2600 code (and maybe runs Linux or an RTOS like an RPi ???)


[and if I saw a 2D FLATSO interface like Win-10-nic, even if it's just to select a ROM image from a list, I'd be nauseated]

Nearly three-quarters of convicted TV Licence non-payers are women

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Re: Subscription service

More 'BBC America' channels on U.S. cable systems might generate a lot of revenue for BBC. Just a thought. [they could also be premium channels, a sort of 'subscription service' in its own right]

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Re: TV License

"For me, the License Fee (the price of one skinny decaf latte per week) is more than good value just to NOT see endless adverts for"

(snip list of irritating ads)

my least favorite are the ones for prescription drugs, about 1/3 of the ads it seems. The disclaimers are both hilarious and frightening at the same time. "Use of this product may result in horrible maming, death, or voting for liberal politicians. Avoid using this product when having fun, living a normal life, or driving." etc.

Aside from that... in the USA we have public broadcasting stations, from non-profit radio stations like KSDS (which plays pretty good jazz music) to the well-known PBS [which is likely to lose all gummint funding any time soon, as it should].

So if you want to see a particular show, contribute! I'm sure Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow get lots of contributions for PBS. [then PBS uses those funds to produce left-wing "documentaries" but that's a problem with how they use their funds, not the willingness of people to contribute to a network that plays things they want to see].

Anyway, it's an option, right? Then like with any charity, you can hold them accountable, if they don't make shows you want to see, by not contributing... but if it's TAXES paying for it, you have NO say-so at ALL!

bombastic bob Silver badge

I have a potential solution:

a) only pay tax if you actually watch BBC shows [ok a method for collecting might be difficult]

b) if digital cable systems can track what you watch, use THAT to levy taxes for BBC shows. Then make sure there are plenty of competing channels [and make it so you can block the 'tax' ones to avoid accidental watching]

then when tax bills show up, people will make the choice of watching tax-funded shows [and being taxed], or going to the fridge for another beer while the ad is playing.

(icon for my choice)

Three Microsoft Outlook patches unpatched, users left to DIY

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Re: "any automatic technique for removing the patches"

"When was that version released?"

Windows 1.01, 1985 I think

(it looked a lot like the way Win-10-nic looks now, 2D FLATSO and kinda cheap)

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This is why I call 'Outlook' VIRUS OUTBREAK

This is why I call 'Outlook' VIRUS OUTBREAK. Because AN ATTACHMENT can cause something really BAD to happen, and has done so on MANY documentable occasions in the past.

Virus Outbreak is a HUGE vector for gaining low-level access to corporate networks. Right, RSA??? I think it was a SPREADSHEET attachment in your case... some poor accountant opened the thing, or maybe even just PREVIEWED it in the preview pane. Nice Job!


Linus Torvalds may have damned systemd with faint praise

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Re: Not surprising. At all.

"Gnome gets decoupled from systemd"

there's always 'Mate', and the guru that maintains the gnome 3 port on FreeBSD seems to have found a way [probably by patching heavily; I haven't tried gnome 3 on FBSD and probably won't]

/me running FreeBSD 11 with Mate at the moment. it has PulseAudio installed as well. No ill effects.

Now, a CentOS fork without systemd... Centuan?

And as long as the software you write for Linux does not require systemd, Gnome 3's internals, or some package that tries to depend on systemd, you should be fine. I suggest statically linking EVERYTHING, if you can't ship it as source to be built on the destination platform, or at least for the binary distribution [so it runs everywhere, doesn't require particular dependencies, etc.]

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Re: Women Linux Lord ?

Male terms can be generically applied to both men and women.

Example, a Naval officer might be referred to as 'Sir' or 'Mr. someone'. Women too. It avoids unnecessary confusion and uncertainty.

A 'Mailman' can be a woman. 'man' is generic for 'human' in this case.

I know the 'womyn' out there (the misandronists) will object, but TOO BAD. When I use a pronoun for an individual whose sex [not gender, that's wrong too] is uncertain, I use 'he'. Not "they". 'They' is BAD GRAMMAR. [see icon]

So 'Linux Lord' is perfectly correct, because 'Lord' can refer to a man, or a woman, using this basic rule of the language. Who gives a CRAP if it's not politically correct, or "offends" some snowflake with a ginormous chip on HIS shoulder?

^^^-- see I did that with the 'his' and did not use 'their'

Besides, I thought the Monty Python reference was pretty good. 'Linux Lord', heh.

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Re: It's a phase young programmers go through

I wish I could give you +infinity upvotes. WELL SAID!

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Init needed a reinvention

"Init needed a reinvention, but systemd was never it for me."

I disagree. I think System V init works just fine. Sometimes, to get the job done, we can use a tool that was invented thousands of years ago [like a hammer]. Our hammers are about the same, something hard with a flat end that has a handle on it so you can improve the amount of force directed to the head. They're shaped better, maybe with a claw on one side, or for maximum force applied to a minimal area, or shaped for metal work vs carpentry, but they're still basically "hammers".

Init for 'busybox' was a re-invention, actually. It does pretty well at keeping things small for embedded systems.

The single biggest ADVANTAGE of System V style init is its overall simplicity [you can learn how it works from a simple man page], and the flexibility you can exercise in how you might modify it for your own use.

I like shell scripts. You can read them and modify them and clone them and see everything they do, plainly visible, nothing hidden. You don't have to go online and google Duck Duck Go for half an hour just to figure out how to make the system boot up into a CONSOLE instead of a GUI. You don't have to spend a shi boatload of time looking for complicated 'service' scripts to see WHY your version of Linux doesn't support TCP connect for X11 [which you've carefully firewalled for security reasons, but you NEED it] and you can't figure out how you can ENABLE IT, but it appears to already be enabled in the 2 versions that THIS release (say 'Mint') is derived from (say 'Ubuntu' and 'Debian'). I actually need this so I can do a sequence like this:

xhost +localhost

su - differentuser

export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0

some-GUI-program &

it seems that X11 and systemd "integration" has stepped on this ability, which is TRIVIAL if I'm running older versions of Linux (with no systemd) or FreeBSD. [Fortunately still worked in Debian 8, not sure about 9]

Now, about figuring out why I can't do that on the latest Mint... DAMN YOU SYSTEMD!!!

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Re: US Portions

Don't forget the 'giant burger' joints, and 4 foot diameter pizzas.

(as seen on 'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives')

gotta love it! 'politically incorrect' food menus and portions.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"Plus, from the sound of things, the systemd guy probably wouldn't take criticism well."

Poor widdle snowflake! Is *THAT* why systend is still there? Because saying the TRUTH about systemd might HURT HIS WIDDLE FEELINGS?

OK that's just my 'over the top' reaction but I bet I wasn't the _ONLY_ one out there thinking that...

However, it could be that the systemd fans need to get out of their "safe spaces" and smell the sewage... as in, when you exist entirely in a bubble-world, and only hear from fanbois and sycophantic wannabes, you end up with gnome 3, systemd, and WIN-10-NIC. 'Nuff on that, yeah.

It took a while for Linus to blow up over gnome 3. Same kinds of people made systemd. It'll happen. This is like the rumbling before the volcano goes KABOOM.

Want to kill your IT security team? Put the top hacker in charge

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Re: What would Simon say?

Simon might get lucky. He might get one of THESE managers...

(holding informal staff meeting)

Hello, I'm [so and so], your new manager. My main experience up until now has been in sales and marketing, and everyone seemed to *FEEL* that I should fill the position of I.T. manager at this company.

While most of you probably believe that I don't know anything about what you guys do here, let me assure you that you're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I don't know ANYTHING about what you do here!

So here's what I'm going to do: you people tell me what YOU need to get things done, and I'll present that to my bosses. That way, if the requirements are expensive or not available for a long time, they will be fully up to speed on the entire situation, and may decide to cancel certain projects that aren't likely to get done, instead of making daily memos and phone calls asking why it's not done yet. And you'll be seeing equipment and software upgrades, too, as long as you give sufficient justification for it. My job will be to "interface" (as you I.T. guys put it) between upper management and you, to absorb the shock, mollify the anger, and keep the department running so you can leave early on Friday and go home right from the pub

(and then Simon awoke to the alarm, realized it was all a dream, and called in sick so he could finish it)

IETF moves meeting from USA to Canada to dodge Trump travel ban

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Re: stupid politics

"Or remove your political blinders, before their weight breaks your neck."

pot. meet kettle.

bombastic bob Silver badge
Big Brother

stupid politics

this is just a way of them making a POLITICAL STATEMENT.

IETF needs to be A-political. Apparently it's not.

Besides we shouldn't really care about people from the handful of "banned nations" when it comes to the internet anyway. After all, do we really want THEM dictating or affecting any kind of intarweb policy for the rest of the world? I don't.

('big brother' icon because of the unnecessary politics)

adding a link - not their first rodeo, either:


Luxembourg passes first EU space mining law. One can possess the Spice

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Re: Or...

"Like on some sort of barge?"

run by pirates. Arrrr!

User left unable to type passwords after 'tropical island stress therapy'

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Re: Nailed it in one

it helps if you don't clip one down to use as a temporary screwdriver, yeah. question is, do you use what you clipped off, or the part still attached?

Don't panic, but your Bitcoins may just vanish into the ether next month

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Re: Bitcoin is bound to collapse in value prior to this date

"And that happens to currencies every day. None of them are backed by Gold any more."

When I was in the Navy, the Phillipine currency (Piso) exchange rate varied based on whether or not there was an aircraft carrier group in port. Presence of an aircraft carrior group meant fewer Pisos to the dollar, by at least 10% [at least when I noticed it, back in the mid 80's].

Currency speculators could've made a killing by simply paying attention to where the ships were headed. And probably DID.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: This does make Bitcoin seem a bit shitter than it already seemed.

they need to do like Microsoft and add "forced upgrades" to the protocol

(that and some spyware, adware, ...)

Top tip for all you insider traders: Don't Google 'insider trading' from your work PC

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Re: The defence.

"I was reading all these sites to make sure I wasn't committing a crime."

or it's all research for your novel...

Pretty fly for an AI: Bioboffins use machine learning to decipher fruit flies' brains

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Re: It was a task RIPE for machine learning.

yes, but can they simulate how they manage to avoid me swatting them? Or why they go for the trash can instead of the fly paper? Maybe they can figure out how to make BETTER fly swatters and fly paper!

'Help! I'm stuck in this ATM,' writes poor bloke on a scribbled note

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back in the 80's a friend gave me a joke program that did PC speaker audio [uncommon at the time] saying "help I'm stuck inside the computer" etc.. I was taking a C programming class at the time and it 'accidentally' ended up on one of the lab PCs. The instructor mentioned it to me (good guess, heh), trying not to laugh too hard, something about NOT putting things into 'autoexec.bat'... after it had been on there for several days.

Truck spills slimy load all over Oregon road – drivers slip in eel slick

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"I feel sorry for the poor bastard that has to clean it up."

It's ok, they probably got Mike Rowe to help

(there was a 'Dirty Jobs' episode involving hagfish. they're pretty slimy, yeah)

Electric driverless cars could make petrol and diesel motors 'socially unacceptable'

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"I'm sure that is quite good compared to what I hear Southern Rail is like these days in the UK."

I rode the 'Coaster' train in southern california for a couple of years, to avoid the hideous traffic that drives me bat-guano insane. At first they tried to make it attractive, by including bus service that didn't leave you waiting very long. After a couple of years, It was taking LONGER for bus ride + waiting for the train going home than it took to DRIVE THE TRIP MYSELF. So I stopped using the train. The discourteous public smokers and "the great unwashed" weren't enough reason to quit the train on their own. Taking MORE TIME than driving to ride the bus and wait for the train to go home - THAT was the straw that broke the camel's back.

(this was done to "make sure" the busses would arrive on time for the train. It started out with them getting you to the station 5 to 10 minutes ahead of the schedule, but occasional screwups in which they'd have to get a special bus to take everyone to their train destination motivated "the powers that be" to make you wait 25 minutes instead, so THEIR asses would be covered)

and after quitting the train, and an additional year of driving in traffic 30 minutes each way (driving me NUTS with slowpokes and asshats unnecessarily getting in my way), I'd had enough of that and stopped working there (to preserve what was left of my sanity)...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: "Electric vehicles are the obvious solution to that particular problem"

"Unless you have a garage or driveway, how is this supposed to happen."

Elitists don't have to worry about that. The neighborhoods THEY live in don't have parking problems. And if they needed to park a car on the street, a 50' extension cord would do (because their neighbors aren't lining both sides of the street with 2nd and 3rd cars).

Here in the USA it's similar. Many neighborhoods in large cities and beach areas have very little available 'on street' parking, and you might have to walk a block or two after you find a spot. If the houses are old, or were replaced with apartment buildings [that have only one parking spot per apartment], you'll see cars lining both sides of the street 7/24. Even in the nicer neighborhoods, people put RVs and 2nd/3rd cars on the street because the garage can't have both cars and the motorcycle and the jet ski and the RV all inside of it (and they all won't fit in the driveway either).

So yeah, electric car charged inside the garage - for the "elite few". For everyone else, we'll stick with good old liquid fuel.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: For inner cities

"When cleaning is required the car drives itself to a cleaner"

rube goldberg setup ensues:

a) car picked up, roof pops open, shake out the trash

b) car is hosed down on the inside, blown dry with something equivalent to a jet engine

c) a robot arm comes out from the side [off camera], hangs a tree-shaped de-oderizer from where the rear view mirror would normally be

[while 'Powerhouse' plays in the background]

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Bollocks...

how about this:

a) buy what you want

b) let it use the kind of fuel you want (electricity, gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, propane, whatever)

c) drive wherever you want

d) pay all of the costs with YOUR OWN MONEY

this should handle the vast majority of needs.

PC sales still slumping, but more slowly than feared

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Re: 2007?

"As mentioned, the software hasn't moved on far enough to warrant better hardware in many many cases."

you guys keep making my favorite points for me. I guess I can go on vacation now.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Why would anyone buy a PC with Windows 8 or Windows 10 on it?

(deserves a topic)

Note the article mentions Chromebook's positive affect on new PC purchase stats

Adult toy retailer slapped down for 'RES-ERECTI*N' ad over Easter

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Re: But hang on...

"The early Christians moved the story of their leader's execution and subsequent 'new life' to Easter"

almost, but not quite.

Christmas might have been moved from October ('feast of tabernacles' time, explains the Mary/Joseph hotel thing and why they were in Bethlehem when she's about to give birth in the FIRST place) to December, to coordinate with the Yule celebration at the winter solstice.

but Easter corresponds to Passover, which is defined in the Old Testament as something to do with the friday after a new moon at the spring equinox or something [I forget the details, and I'm not Jewish]. So the christian easter always corresponds to the Jewish calendar for Passover, which is defined as being somewhere close to the Spring equinox.

But yeah, "christianizing" pagan holidays happened a lot back then. It's why Christmas has trees, and Easter has eggs and bunnies. I think Martin Luther was even criticized for having a Christmas tree, being considered "a pagan symbol" by many.

But yeah you were on the right track, with a few inaccurate details.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: 2 Wrongs make a right here I think

"your default position."

*AGH* you almost made me spit my coffee. ok I already ruined the keyboard when I read the article's subtitle on the main page, but still...

heh heh heh

bombastic bob Silver badge

Well, Batman and Robin *did* wear tights...

Inspiring Saturday Night Live's "Ambiguously Gay Duo"

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Jesus Christ!

"Is nothing sacred anymore?"

nothing. this IS the intarwebs, after all. Rule 34 and all that.

besides, Easter is more a PAGAN spring equinox celebration in most cultures, with the fertility symbols like eggs and rabbits. Back in the middle ages (or something) Passover's proximity to the spring equinox made it convenient to "christianize" the pagan Easter holiday. Sure, there'll be a lot of passover Seders on Good Friday followed by Sunday church services, but those eggs and bunnies are all of Pagan origin.

So maybe the Adult Toy business can just say they're PAGANS, and are celebrating THEIR religious holiday?

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