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She's arrived! HMS Queen Lizzie enters Portsmouth Naval Base

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Re: Garbage

"Can't wait to see her sunk by a 100K EU exocet."

doubtful. it would take multiple missiles, assuming the same *kinds* of watertight integrity that U.S. carriers typically have.

Even a single ADCAP Mk-48 torpedo would have trouble taking out a carrier in one shot. Disable, sure. But sink it? Most likely not.

but yeah, I get the snarkiness. You hope they designed in enough armor and redundancy to prevent a single hit from sending it to the ocean floor.

Outage outed: Bing dinged, Microsoft portal mortal, DuckDuckGo becomes DuckDuckNo

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Re: "CMOS" as a sample test query?

I'd rather be as offensive as possible in a test query to throw the tracking off and maybe 'swat' myself.

#1 search result in google was a "bad words data file" heh

A glimpse of life under President Zuckerberg? Facebook CEO's boffins censor awkward Q&A

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Re: This was an /r/science AMA

having actual SCIENTISTS discussing science would be better than Zuck anyway.

Surfacegate: Microsoft execs 'misled Nadella', claims report

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Re: I would guess MS is to blame

it's a fair bet that the hardware design includes things like board layout, heat sinking, and some means of getting that heat out of the CPU [and other components] and into something else [like the surrounding air] that doesn't cause blisters on the user's various body parts.

So yeah, I'd kinda blame THAT. And I bet that was Microsoft's own in house design, too.

Maybe they need to subcontract to Lenovo or Acer or Dell to get it right...

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my sarcasm meter just hit the limit

deserves its own title

Raising minimum wage will raise something else: An army of robots taking away folks' jobs

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Re: McDonalds touch screens

a lot of grocery stores have disposable hand wipes handy for wiping down the cart handle. So a similar 'wipe station' next to the automated order entry screens? And instead of taking Big Mac orders, you can be the guy that delivers the hand wipe refills (until a robot does the deliveries for you).

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Re: Fully Automated Luxury Space Communism

"we'll enter a golden age of art, culture, and space exploration."

human nature says otherwise.

without incentive for GOOD behavior (i.e. a better wage than the next guy, better stuff, nicer house), along with the converse of DIS-incentive for BAD behavior (being lazy, drunk/drugged all the time, creating babies right/left with no concept of proper child rearing, etc.) you'll just get an ABUNDANCE of BAD behavior.

So instead of a "golden age of art, culture, and space exploration" you'll get a "rotten age of hedonism, sloth, and anti-social behavior".

[don't say I didn't warn you, and so did the fall of the Roman Empire, I might add]

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Re: It won't be just minimum wage jobs

"Up until the 1980s a number of skilled blue collar jobs were in engineering manufacturing"

this has been happening since the industrial revolution.

a) banks had rooms full of "calculators", people who did hand calculations, then used adding machines, to tally up everyone's bank accounts. banks rarely make errors any more since digital computers, and all of those 'drudgery jobs' adding up numbers all day went byby.

b) craftsmen who made various complex machinery were replaced by assembly lines back in the 1800's. They became more efficient over the next century or so up until Ford more or less perfected the process for making cars.

c) The "buggy whip" and "horse carriage" industries virtually disappeared when cars took over.

d) ice delivery disappeared once everyone had a refrigerator

e) milk delivery mostly went away [except in certain neighborhoods] once the supermarket had a huge selection of dairy products at relatively low prices. [my mother had milk delivery when I was really small, but when Jordano's market opened up in the early 1960's, the milk delivery was stopped].

and so on. It's normally called "progress".

It means that we must either seek out jobs that are likely to be around in 50 years [less likely], _OR_ train ourselves well in "general skills", and be FLEXIBLE, constantly re-train [I do] and try to keep your skills on the edge of marketability. ADAPT and SURVIVE.

Some people call this attitude "Social Darwinism". Well, if it's good enough for NATURE...

(pirate icon because after all, I'm like a "privateer")

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Re: Not all jobs are good jobs

"But we've never found a good way to retrain people for higher-skilled jobs"

lemme tell ya a little secret... closer... closer...

PEOPLE! MUST! TRAIN! THEMSELVES!!! It's not ANYONE ELSE's responsibility.

YOU get the education. YOU go to the trade school. YOU take the entry level "trainee" position, work hard, and get promoted to a regular "experienced" position.

If there is FAIL, it will generally be YOUR fault.

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Re: Not all jobs are good jobs

"Please do automate away the crappy jobs"


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Capitalism doesn't care whether you can afford food or not

certainly not. _I_ don't care either. Quitcherbitchin, git off yer butt, and go earn yourself a living. You have the same opportunities as everyone else in the 21st century. what YOU do with them is YOUR business, and NOBODY ELSE has ANY obligation to bail you out, lift you up, or even feel sorry for you if you do NOT do your best in the pursuit of success.

The world REALLY needs a giant "ass swift-kicker" instead of bleeding hearts and false "compassion".

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Re: corporate conscience

"We have to legislate for companies to have a social conscience and responsibilities to ALL stakeholders - shareholders, workers, customers, government."


Oh, you actually BELIEVE that? You have my pity.

yeah how are the cops going to be able to tell you have a "social conscience"? how are judges and juries going to decide? so much for 'rule of law', now substituted by 'rule of feelings'. *VOMIT*

That's just another example of people *FEELING* instead of thinking. Again.

<FACEPALM> [see icon]

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Re: Tax the firm not the tech.

"Universal Basic Income is the way forward i think."

NO. this is why:

a) if the MOST productive EMPLOYEE (I refuse to use communist-speak) _always_ gets paid the same as everybody else, WHAT is the motivation for being MORE PRODUCTIVE?

b) if the LEAST productive employee gets the same wage as every OTHER employee, what's the motivation for being MORE PRODUCTIVE?

c) If there's _NO_ upward mobility, _NO_ hope for earning more, _NO_ real hope for advancement of your economic situation by HARD WORK, TRAINING, or CAREER SHIFT, where's the MOTIVATION?

If you want a STAGNANT MEDIOCRE SOCIETY, then "subsistence wage" is your answer. JUST! LIKE! COMMUNISM!!!

Or you can do like me, earn as much as you need but charge what you're worth, so you have time to work on what you WANT to work on, besides earning money to live on, but don't go broke or live in squalor in the process. BUT if I were to work HARDER, I'd effectively earn "less per hour" [because, "progressive" tax rates], so why bother if I can't really get ahead by doing it? Why would ANYONE bother slaving themselves out and getting BARELY ANYTHING in return for the extra work?

THAT is why Communism fails. THAT is why "progressivism" fails. THAT is why tax rates need to be flat, minimum wages need to GO AWAY, and wages need to be driven by MARKET FORCES, and INDIVIDUALS have to take the reins of their OWN lives, and "feel the consequences" for both GOOD behavior (work hard, get trained, get educated) and BAD behavior (lazy, assume you deserve a living wage, don't bother getting training/education, live on the dole).

And yeah, I expect "good behavior" to get you economic rewards, and "bad behavior" to throw you out into the street. Unfortunately, those NATURAL forces are heavily weakened, and we are now where we are today.

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Re: McDonalds touch screens

"How does a consumer economy work well with a diminished number of consumers?"

Tell THAT to the idiots that keep on raising "minimum wage" and just assume that employers of restaurants, janitorial services, and mom+pop shops that just need "someone to help out" have _INFINITE_ piles of money to throw at hiring people.

A wage is an exchange of money for work. If the work is not worth the wage, then NOBODY will be hired to do it, and ROBOTS will do it instead. That's the whole point.

I'm just glad someone at El Reg had the GONADS to write the article, even though it's like "Captain Obvious" to many of us...

And to answer the question: In many ways, diminishing the number of consumers does NOT help a consumer economy. So _I_ say, allow people at the low end of the wage scale to be paid what they're worth, not what some GUMMINT DWEEBS "*FEEL*".

And for everyone who disagrees with me, just ask yourself this: why do so many teenagers and young adults have a HARD TIME finding part-time (or even FULL time) work without prior experience? ANSWER: MINIMUM WAGE HIKES.

(and it's not a "living wage", it's an "entry level wage", for people without experience who do low-skill tasks and if you have a "career" earning only minimum wage, YOU need to do something about it by getting training, education, experience, whatever)

Old Firefox add-ons get 'dead man walking' call

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Re: The other way round#

"My impression was that these are exactly the type of plugins being targetted."

maybe we should go to their github site and add some issues in places where you can.

This has no publically editable issues:


but it does have instructions for contributing. There other repos that I found, one dealing with firefox themes, that may be good places to ask niicely (with firmness) for the features we might lose if we can't continue using things LIKE "Classic UI Restorer" etc.

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Re: Time to disable updates

I have to disable updates anyway. FreeBSD. In a way, I'm glad. It's easier to STAY! ON! SOMETHING! THAT! I! WANT! instead of being _FORCED_ into SOMETHING THEY WANT TO FORCE UP MY ASS DOWN MY THROAT.

I've been shutting off 'automatic updates' in windows since before GWX. I practice "safe surfing" instead. And 'NoScript' helps with that.

As long as Firefox remains open source, the possibility of MAKING A SPECIAL PATCH still exists, to get the PROPER UI back. Assuming that Mozilla doesn't GROW A CLUE+BRAIN and MAKE IT AN ACTUAL OPTION.

MOZILLA: Take a look at the 'Classic' plugins. Add that capability to Firefox, NATIVELY. And MAKE SURE that I can DISABLE that @#$%%^*)(@*#$* HAMBURGER!

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Re: Bonkers

"This will kill Classic Theme Restorer"

killing THAT may motivate me to FORK FIREFOX into something that ALWAYS looks like 'Classic Theme Restorer' is installed. You know, eliminate that CRAPPY "Australis" CRAP-CRAP-CRAP chrome-clone CRAP CRAP 2D FLATSO CRAP HAMBURGER-MENU CRAP TOUCHY-FEELY CRAP.

(keeping it moderately safe for work, though I wanted to use STRONGER and more offensive profanities)

[chrome is the way it is because of phones and slabs. THAT SHOULD NEVER BE ON THE DAMN DESKTOP!]

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Re: The other way round#

"I'm quite happy with v40.0.3."

ACK, I installed 53 from ports in FreeBSD recently, and I really do NOT believe that "bleeding edge" wiill EVAR be tracked for operating systems _LIKE_ FreeBSD. Or Debian, for that matter.

"bleeding edge" is HIGHLY overrated. After all, they may SURPRISE us (unpleasantly) by looking/actnig even MORE like Chrome. 'Australis' anyone? (yeah, YUCHHH)

MOZILLA: don't you *DARE* break the add-ons that give me a CLASSIC interface!!!

SoundCloud: You can't stop the music, nobody can stop the music

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Re: It's one of the examples of one of the dumbest competitors...

I avoided them and stayed with 'soundclick' for my own stuff. Trying to play "sound cloud" audio NEVER worked from FreeBSD... at least not for me, and I never though it would be worth the effort anyway.

Trapped under ice with no oxygen for months, goldfish turn to booze. And can you blame 'em?

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Re: I for one welcome our boozy goldfish overlords!

it does put a new spin on "drink like a fish"

World's largest private submarine in mystery sink accident

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Re: "Real submarines are rare"

"quietly enough to avoid Coast Guard sonar?"

it's not likely they'd evade U.S. Navy sonar, but the Navy subs and anti-sub aircraft would kinda have to be looking for them...

The Coast Guard probably doesn't have as good of equipment as the Navy. But they'd coordinate if things got bad enough. During the cold war the military put listening devices all over the ocean. That's going to make it very hard for anyone to get a submarine into U.S. coastal waters without detection.

this tech is really old:



I suspect it's a lot better, now.

Even the tech that I know about [which shouldn't be discussed here] is over 30 years old and I suspect that things are a LOT more sophisticated nowadays. The threat of a diesel/electric boat sneaking into a harbor to perform a terrorist attack has been on a lot of military minds since 2001.

on a lighter note, the movie 'Down Periscope" with Kelsey Grammer


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Re: There are worse ways to sink a submarine

"you had to lean over the bowl in order to flush."

U.S. subs have a 3 foot lever (with green handle) to operate a 3 inch (or so) ball valve. Instructions for operating the toilet are on the wall. And you could operate it standing up, more or less, without sticking your nose in the bowl.

instructions were something like:

a) ensure ball valve is shut.

b) use the commode

c) open ball valve

d) flush with sea water using sea water valve

e) shut ball valve

f) leave approximately one inch of water covering valve

it was implied that if your crap stuck to the side of the bowl, you were supposed to get some TP and wipe it so it went down the hole. Maybe that's when you'd get a bit of poo-gass in your face.

the toilets were made of a kind of stainless steel that tolerates sea water. but during 'field day' people cleaning the heads would use a bit of coolaid (aka 'bug juice') from the galley to shine 'em up a bit. It actually works pretty well.

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possible crime scene? 7m of water?

According to wikipedia:

"The sunken submarine lies at a depth of 7 m and is being investigated as a possible crime scene"

they link here:


it doesn't say a whole lot [I used google translate and screamed at the irritations] but it's non-wikipedia a link, anyway.

If it's only in 7m of water they should be able to recover it. Question is whether it's now a crime scene.

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Re: But, but, but ..

actually it's "Dive, Dive" and "Surface, Surface, Surface". if you hear anything else, in a movie or anywhere else for that matter, they're doing it wrong. heh. [there's an equal number of blasts on the diving alarm, 2 for dive, 3 for surface]. So no "Dive, Dive, Dive" nor "Surface, Surface". I snicker a bit when they do that. Hollywood... heh

not being too pedantic, because even submarine movies get it wrong sometimes, and they're supposed to have ex-Navy consultants to keep them on track...

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Re: What's sixze got to do with it?

actually, a larger sized vessel would have a better positive bouyancy on the surface. You can run the calculations, but basically the displacement of the hull, combined with the volume of air inside the boat plus empty ballast tanks, and the total mass and shape of the boat itself (with empty tanks), determines how much of the boat must be submerged at all times. The larger the boat, the more likely this is to be a higher value for positive bouyancy. Typically that might be something like 85% of the hull submerged at all times, and the other 15% is controlled/compensated by ballast and trim tanks.

in this case...

It's a fair bet that there was a major seawater leak, and too much water went into the people tank, forcing the boat to sink. Blowing ballast and pumping trim wouldn't have been enough to get positive bouyancy.

I suspect that some low-price low-quality component failed (the U.S. Navy has a program called 'sub safe' to prevent the $5 part from sinking the billion dollar boat). It could have been a port hole, a valve, a weld, a pipe fitting, a ballast tank vent, or anything that couldn't be properly isolated, nor have the drain pump [assuming it had one] pump the water overboard fast enough.

All of those kinds of safety systems would have to be designed with surviving a flooding casualty.

So one possibility is that one of the portholes blew out because it was made of substandard materials. Again, $50 part sinking the million dollar boat. Oops.

They should have had some means of RAPIDLY isolating the cause of the leak [assuming there was not]. They should have a means to get the water off the boat assuming "worst case leak". The 'drain pump' would have to be reliable enough to run with the power out (let's say on separate battery power), and run submerged if needed. A backup pump would also be a good idea. Being able to isolate compartments would be even better, especially if you can pressurize a compartment that is being flooded. [watch any old sub movie, and they'll talk about that, pressurizing a compartment to keep the water out, and run on the surface so the water pressure is lower, use the drain pump to get water out, etc.]

So yeah making a _SAFE_ boat that can go underwater to 500 meters is NOT something to be taken lightly. You have to consider the behavior of materials under cyclic compressive stress, the ability to recover from a reasonable flooding casualty, safety systems that can be remotely activated, 'emergency blow' on the ballast tanks guaranteed to work every time, and operating procedures that go along with all of this stuff [as well as maintenance]. And if one of the ballast vents fails, can you recover from that? How about 2 vents? Compartmented ballast tanks with multiple vents helps make that possible. I think the old WW2 boats had 6 or 8 ballast tanks, each with its own vent valve, that was shut as soon as they submerged so they could emergency blow on a moment's notice.

And all of the welds on the hull should be x-rayed for cracks and other defects on a regular basis. The fracture toughness of the hull material should be well known, and all design margins calculated based on the minimum detectable flaw sizes, like would be done for a bridge, or a cargo ship, or anything else made of steel that's likely to undergo heavy stresses during normal operation.

And the maximum allowed depth should be based on the worst case design margin in the worst possible place, for safety. The claims of 400 to 500 meters is pretty optimistic, yeah.

/me points out that at 500 meters, water pressure would be about 800psi... imaging getting hit with a stream of water at 800psi because something broke. Even a half-inch hole at 800psi could slice you in half. It's no joke dealing with this kind of thing.

Official: Windows for Workstations returns in Fall Creators Update

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Does it still have 2D FLATSO, SPYWARE, ADWARE ???

Does it still have 2D FLATSO, SPYWARE, and ADWARE?

If so, it's *CRAP*. Nice joke, Micro-shaft. No thanks.

Oh, yeah, and "forced updates" too. Yeah. I fart in your general direction.

Revealed: The naughty tricks used by web ads to bypass blockers

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Re: Quality sites like El Reg...

Quality sites or not, if the ads require client-side script or embedded video, I'll never see them. I use Noscript.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Detecting Wireshark

yeah, about that...

the only thing I could figure is some kind of vulnerability within browsers. NOT disclosing that, and then exploiting it, should be a crime like writing a 0-day exploit.

and I doubt it will detect me running wireshark on my SERVER, which is between every device and the intarwebs on MY network.

bombastic bob Silver badge

if people block them...

if people block them, why shove the ads up our asses anyway?

what's the point? they'll get ignored, and the products advertised may even be subject to boycott, just for having the AUDACITY to bypass the blockers. Advertisers should focus on people who don't mind seeing the ads. But, only asshats and morons would insist on shoving them up everyone's ass like that, and would DARE to bypass attempts to block them. It's just INSANE.

US border cops must get warrants to search phones, devices – EFF

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Re: the sort of precautions you would take if you were being parachuted into [..] France in 1941

"That is why it has to be said that Bin Laden has won."

too many people trade freedom for (the promise of) security, and get NEITHER.

I still think that border cops and airport cops should "profile" instead. But NOOoooo... political correctness DEMANDS that EVERYBODY be treated like a potential criminal! You know, like TSA feeling up 6 year old girls, looking for hidden bombs or something. Yes, that happened.

So yeah, it's like a "Paranoia Gambit" gone horribly wrong.

If we're in a simulation, someone hit it with a hammer, please: Milky Way spews up to 100 MEELLLION black holes

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Re: If we're in a simulation...

actually, everyone is both right AND wrong at the same time. Until we observe it.

bombastic bob Silver badge

and a bit too large to contain within a Zero Point Module

Microsoft's Surface Pro 2017, unhinged: Luxury fondleslab that's good...

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Re: 90% deliberately chooses a tiny 10.8" screen?

old eyes need something larger to focus on, yeah

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: UI must fully switch based on context.

Stupid UI indeed. "One Windows" is TOTAL FAIL. Even assuming that the UI switches to "touch friendly" when you detach the screen, it's not enough for MOST of the things people want a laptop computer for [vs a fondleslab].

And we know who (at Micro-shaft) to blame for the UI (my thanks for a comment in an earlier article that clued me in)


[I hear she _INVENTED_ the 2D FLATSO "the Metro" schhhtuff - Sinofsky only IMPLEMENTED it, and then took the fall, but then it never went away, because, THAT person]

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Re: If only ....

"Also fix the broken and too flat GUI, default services and stop slurping on an otherwise internally decent enough OS."

nice summary of what's wrong with Win-10-nic

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: "If you don't have a Surface Pro, I suspect the price is why"

Actually, it's not JUST the price. It's the "Win-10-nic".

Your top five dreadful people the Google manifesto has pulled out of the woodwork

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Re: Awesome.

I didn't think it was all that awesome. The somewhat echoed opinions on James Damoore are disappointing.

It started well with "The ex-Googler did a very stupid thing. He decided to let his intellect drive his internal biases and ended up producing a document that he no doubt felt at the time was a powerful corrective argument to what he sees as a misplaced assertion within Google that the company needs to hire more women and more people from different races and backgrounds to balance its dominant white, male Caucasian culture."

I can understand the apparent author-bias in this, and it's "over-look-able". Differing opinions are usually interesting.

But wait.. THEN the article went on to say things like "It uses highly subjective language to push demeaning or mocking arguments. It provides "evidence" as an afterthought or not at all."

NOT the article that _I_ read. It didn't do that. I just got done summarizing it in another forum. So yeah, I read the thing. And commented on it. I didn't see *ANY* of what the author alleges.

So after wasting an ENTIRE page blasting this guy and making sound like some kind of "throwback" [I'm surprised "1950's" or "slavery" wasn't mentioned], the article COMPLETELY misses the point that Google was (in effect) soliciting opinions, and when a dissenting opinion was offered, one going against the political correctness culture, one that tries to show that their attempts at 'divesity' are hurting the company, they _SILENCED_ him, and created a "chilling effect" for anyone ELSE who might DARE to say the SAME kinds of things.

[it's why I don't work for companies like Google - that kind of "hostile environment" would drive me to RAGE QUIT]

However, the other points on the following pages were ok.

I'd give it an "Average" with some caveats about page 1.

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Re: asshe but

"This guy stood right up in front of the entire company and said a chunk of said employees and co-workers were biologically unsuited for their job"

BULLSHIT. you didn't read it did you?

Google was effectively soliciting opinions. But they don't tolerate opinions that don't jive with their political correctness culture. THAT is why he was fired!

(that and they saw him as a replaceable mook)

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Re: asshe but

"as soon as he disparaged 20% of the workforce"

did you bother reading what he said, or only what other people said ABOUT it... ?

bombastic bob Silver badge
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Re: You might have also looked up "Social Darwinism"

"lead to laws in the US allowing doctors to enforce mandatory sterilization of people for everything from having below average IQs to having a child outside marriage."

WHAT??? proof required. that's simply OUTRAGEOUS.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Down voting?

probably the usual HOWLER MONKEYS. they're ganging up on their favorite people again, most likely, and slinging poo in the form of 'downvoting'

Windows Subsystem for Linux is coming to Windows Server

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Re: Oh joy, more embracing...

"where will it all lead?"


Power-Hell *FOREVAR*! You are COMPELLED!

bombastic bob Silver badge

powershell - it's too ".Not"ty for my taste. I'll use Cygwin and bash instead. Or, just run Linux. Or FreeBSD.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature /?

poweshell. if I'm forced to re-learn, I'll re-learn on a Linux system. Oh, wait, I DID that, 15+ years ago! [except it was FreeBSD first, and THEN Linux]

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: A turd in a trifle


1. an operating system built by Micro-shaft

2. a subsystem that pretends to be Linux

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: What?

"Finally Linux under a modern fully modular hybrid-microkernel architecture!"

you used the word 'modern'. I don't think that word means what you think it means.

icon as reference to "that movie"

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Re: What?

"Haven't these people heard of Cygwin?"

heh, you made SO much sense your downvote ratio was higher than your upvotes. I +1'd you though. That's because you're ABSOLUTELY! RIGHT!!!

70% of Windows 10 users are totally happy with our big telemetry slurp, beams Microsoft

bombastic bob Silver badge

Isn't every version going to be "the best Windows ever"?

Yeah, Micro-shaft is running out of actual IDEAS. So they'll recycle this one unti it stops working. The only market THEY care about is "the 70%".

I'd like to start a NEW campaign, to replace Windows with desktop Linux:


We'll go after the 30%, the "unsatisfied". It _COULD_ turn into a real revolution...

you're welcome.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: 29% Windows users

29% of Windows users probably have non-linear minds, and as such, can't be so easily HERDED like the other 70%. Except for the remaining 1%, who are hackers and IT pros, that threw away the Win-10-nic license for something SANE.

(this is based on the assumption that ~1/3 of the population are non-linear-minded "creative/hunter" types, and the other ~2/3 are linear-minded "farmer" types - the percentages based on centuries of natural selection because farming is a more effective means of getting food than hunting/gathering, though the creative/hunter types are highly ADAPTABLE and as such fill _OTHER_ important roles in society like craftsmanship and ranching and military/police, and thus the relative percentages of these "classifications" of thinking patterns, either linear time-based 'farmer' thinking, or non-linear now-based 'creative/hunter' thinking - yeah, it's an old theory, the 'hunter/farmer' concept, but it works and explains a lot)

It's 2017 and Hyper-V can be pwned by a guest app, Windows by a search query, Office by...

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Re: Microsoft has a bumper crop

"Do Adobe hire their programmers out of Trump University or something?"

<facepalm /> <downvote />

"How do they have such consistently shit code??"

it's probably a combination of:

a) management/policy deficiencies

b) 'original design' flaws

c) arrogant coders

d) closed source [so nobody can see how crappy it really is]

I wonder what the typical "function call depth" is... and how many files you have to look through to find out what XXX does. [and whether classes/objects muck with each others' storage, or if garbage collection is being relied upon instead of proper reference count based object freeup, etc..]

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