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SCO vs. IBM case over who owns Linux comes back to life. Again

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Re: Groundhog day

movie references, yeah. how about these:

"They're BA-AAACK!" (ok a quote not a title)

"Shark-C-O III - Oh, Hell No!"

"SCO Wars - revenge of the ASS-HATS"

"Source Code II" <-- has a kind of groundhog-day-like theme in it,name appropriate

"Ghost in the Shell (corporation)" <-- what SCO has really become

"Appalled XIII"

"Pirates of Santa Cruz County"

grabbing coat now...

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Re: One definition of insanity ...

"TSG - the rest of the world hates them like a burning rash"

I think a burning rash is preferable, even a burning rash *IN* *HELL*.

TSG ranks below explosive diarrhea, going through an aggressively contested divorce [in Cali-fornicate-you], getting fired for doing the right thing, and being audited for the last 7 years' worth of taxes. All at the same time.

/me reminded of 'Little Nicky' opening scenes

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"Zombie SCO need to die."

too late, it's already "undead". Not even "destroying the brain" would be enough...

Patent Trolling, la, la-la, la-la

We do not care if it is fair,

We just want YOU to pay!

We're just pirates, sailing the lawsuit waves

Forever we continue forth,

until the end of days!

pirate icon, because that's really what SCO is

Official: Perl the most hated programming language, say devs

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Re: It has served me well

"Coding stye guidelines exist for a reason: some other poor sod is going to have to maintain that code that you dashed off a few years ago."

that 'poor sod' often turns out to be ME, even if I'm the one who wrote it in the first place. Yeah try and remember what I was thinking yesterday, let alone 6 months or 5 years ago, by the use of "clever" tactics and no comments to say why.

so I normally try to make code SO readable and self-documenting [and add lots of comments] so that _I_ can maintain it without difficulty. Or anyone else, for that matter.

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Re: common::sense

"Wide character in print at -e line 1."

that is a little _ODD_ because the whole point of UTF-8 is to have 'wide characters' embedded in the otherwise-ASCII byte stream, while still working just fine with string functions that expect ASCII. On the GUI, functions have to be UTF8-aware to get the text extents right, but everything else works as it does with pure ASCII. You'd expect Perl to have that kind of "common::sense" automatically, right?

I'd actually never heard of 'common::sense' before. I don't do that much in Perl, though. Just enough when I need to. I nearly always turn really useful things into C programs anyway.

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"I'm not sure how pretty C# would look doing all those regex's either, the end result would likely be quite a lot longer."

you actually compared C-pound with Perl? I'd rather fix unreadable Perl code than have *ANYTHING* to do with C-pound, especially because of ".Not".

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Re: common::sense .... what???

"And every time I hear that song, my ear hurts."

an earworm is like a babelfish, except that it plays the damn song in your head and feeds off of your insanity [as opposed to doing what the babelfish does, which is like symbiosis]

which makes for a nice distraction-level side topic: an excellent exercise in mental discipline is to teach yourself how to shut off an earworm on demand. many positive benefits.

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Re: common::sense .... what???

"Developers are still fighting about TABS vs SPACES"

Everyone knows that hard tabs are *EVIL* because what you see in the editor vs what you see with 'less' should look the same, on ANY platform, or your indents become redonkulous.

Unfortunately hard-tabs still needed for 'Makefile'.

also fun going with the "everyone knows" fallacy, just because, trolling [see icon]

Manafort, Stone, Trump, Papadopoulos, Kushner, Mueller, Russia: All the tech angles in one place

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Re: Ship, meet Tip

you'll be bored. It'd be more interesting to tune in Fox News and watch Hannity's coverage of Mrs. Clinton's massive lawbreaking scandal, and watch THAT 'Titanic' go down in flames [as well as the iceberg damage]

Seriously, if you get an aggerssive prosecutor spending millions of dollars "investigating" and with NOTHING to show for it, he's gotta do SOMETHING, so he'll go after extremely petty "didn't fill out the paperwork" or "did not dot all of your 'I's and cross all of your 'T's" kinds of stuff. Like now.

Never mind the hypocrisy of Mrs. Clinton putting national security at risk, with her Windows 2003 unpatched mail server [as I recall], running OUTLOOK, with 30,000 e-mails "magically deleted" _AFTER_ they were subpoenaed, particularly because it was ILLEGAL for her to have even USED it, but we know why, it was to hide the REAL money laundering, slush funding, and kickbacks for favors while she was Secretary of State, and for her assumed presidency.

THAT scandal will REALLY be worth the popcorn!

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Re: Dates Dates Dates

"I'm sure they've got enough to nail him"

for what, jaywalking? speeding? those are 'crimes' too. This whole thing is nothing more than "gotcha" sensationalism from "the left". Watch, it'll fizzle out right after it's lit, like a low quality firework.

icon, because, facepalm.

The problem here is that there appears to be TWO layers of "justice", or maybe even 3. One is the normal justice, for "the rest of us". One is the "special justice" for Washington D.C. insiders like the Clintons, Obaka, and the Demo-Rats. And quite possibly one is the "Super Special" justice for enemies of the Washington insiders, like what Mueller is up to these days, focused on doing a colonoscopy on everything in Trump's life, campaign, the lives of his campaign volunteers AND employees, and everyone down to his trash collector and newspaper deliverer.

Isn't that obvious to EVERYONE?

(aparently not)

facepalm icon again

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Re: So, er,

sometimes I have work to do.

glad to see I have a fan club

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Re: I smell unbelievable bullshit, artfully applied

not even ARTFULLy applied. This whole thing is a ginormous *YAWN*

consider the timing, as all last week the uncovering of the "log vs mote" comparison between Mrs. Clinton, the DNC, and the Obaka administration with regards to "Uranium One" and the fake "dossier" that suggested that Trump hired prostitutes to pee on a bed that Obaka had allegedly slept in, and the highway-sized money trail surrounding the entire mess [this would be the "log sized" part], and compared to ONE GUY who pleads guilty (of 'lying' aka 'getting a detail wrong'), another guy who's brought up on charges involving (basically) ADMINISTRATIVE "crimes", and failing to file his paperwork regarding being a foreign agent, yotta yotta bullshit [that would be "the mote"].

Those who do not understand the reference, research "mote" and "log". It's in the bible someplace. basically, it's about hypocrisy. One person with a log jammed in his eye tries to get the spec of dust "aka 'mote'" out of another person's eye. but that obvious log just keeps getting in the way, aside from the fact that the 'mote' appears to ALSO be some form of SAWDUST, meaning that it's a teeny little problem of the same nature as that GINORMOUS problem that the "log in the eye" person has.

And so it is with the Demo-rats, who are WAY guilty of the *kinds* of things that they accuse Republicans (and particularly Trump) of doing.

What a BUNCH of HYPOCRITES! And now Mueller comes along with a DIVERSION, expecting everyone to go "ooh, shiny" and look the other way.


Licensing rejig and standard price rises set for Windows Server 2016

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"WTF is going on in Redmond"

for starters, they legalized Marijuana (and in Cali-fornicate-you too).

Yeah, we all asked "what the hell are they smoking..."

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"I think Microsoft are seeing their license revenue decline and are trying to jack the prices up to fill the void"

you mean, acting like a government?

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Re: Alternatively

PG is pretty good. heh. that wasn't a joke, but the initials work.

Seriously, though, why is *ANYONE* even considering putting up with this Micro-shaft licensing bullcrap?

If you want service and support, get a commercial Linux and some kind of support contract for everything else. Ernie Ball (the company) saved huge bucks doing that back when it wasn't popular, after being audited by Micro-shaft [in another example of treating their customers like mooks and minions] with a "surprise software audit" and fines to go along with it.

Story here: https://www.cnet.com/news/rockin-on-without-microsoft/

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Re: Who could have seen this coming?

Some have proposed that Microshaft is basically pissing EVERYONE off, and after the fallout, their "loyal" mooks and minions will be ready for a subscription model, and will ensure a revenue stream in perpetuity, while the rest of us move elsewhere [whatever platform that may be].

The shakeout continues...

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Re: This was inevitable

"Fail Icon as there is no Footgun one."

laughing so hard, now, can't... hardly... type...

Chinese whispers: China shows off magnetic propulsion engine for ultra-silent subs, ships

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Re: Swedes

"Harder is getting silent high power engines to drive them. The MHD drives used so much power you need a nuke, which is far from silent."

RIght, for higher power levels, nuclear reactors make quite a bit of noise. Higher power means you need more coolant flow. At low power you can get away with slower/fewer pumps [or in the case of SOME submarines, no pumps at all]. Given that the magnetic drive needs a SHIPload [ha ha ha] of power, you'd run lots of or faster speed pumps, meaning noisy power plant.

So yeah. This is probably why U.S. subs use "a different kind" of propulsion.

/me recalls a rumor from back in the 1980's, that the Trident missile boats were SO quiet, you could only find them if you were lucky enough to find "a sound hole in the water' the size of a Trident submarine.

[and I expect that technology has improved considerably since then]

Is the FCC purposefully screwing up US school broadband projects?

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Re: Timeline? What timeline...?

I figured it was just "governmentium" and the usual bureaucratic nightmare. I doubt Pai is doing it on purpose, other than enforcing the rules that were put into place before he took charge [that would be like him, to do that]. If the skids were greased beforehand (outside of the rules, especially for those who are 'favored'), THAT would be like Obaka.

So the problem is "stupid rules" I'd imagine. And I think Con-grab has to act to fix THOSE kinds of things.

In other words, "governmentium" and the usual bureaucratic nightmare.

This is why it's always best to get things done WITHOUT involving THEM.

UK.gov joins Microsoft in fingering North Korea for WannaCry

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Re: North Korea to blame for NHS hack?

"it was albino shape shifting reptiles from a planet in the Draco constellation"

it would be MORE FUN to invade NorK and shoot Fatboy in the head, though. Albino shape shifting reptiles just aren't good for target practice.

trolling, trolling, la-lala-lala [icon]

Interstellar space rock screams through Solar System

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Rendevous with Rama

just thought I'd mention it


(stupid clipboard)

it'd make a cool movie, though I'm not sure anyone would want to do it nowadays... not enough "what hollyweird wants" in it.

Boffins trapped antiprotons for days, still can't say why they survived the Big Bang

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Re: anti-particles "moving backwards in time" ?

"I think this was one of Feynman's notions"

Feynman sells books when he says things like that. I just get downvotes from the 'Howler Monkeys'.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: anti-particles "moving backwards in time" ?

or from the perspective of the antiparticle that was ejected from a nucleus (or a neutron, etc.), it arrives to create that very nucleus/particle that it was allegedly being 'ejected' from...

then again, anti-time really just has velocity going "the other way" along the time axis. We experience time in motion, so anti-time [I suppose] would be moving 'the other way'.

If time were created in the Big Bang then it would have been created ALL ALONG THE AXIS like everything else. So all time events were created simultaneously, but "not at the same time". OK is that too esoteric?

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: anti-particles "moving backwards in time" ?

"So the Big Bang spawned two universe one with positive and one with negative time."

I like that. makes more sense, yeah. It also "balances" like most atomic things [the reason why the question of 'why is there no anti-matter']

bombastic bob Silver badge

anti-particles "moving backwards in time" ?

here's a thought...

I once heard, from a reputable engineering person that might actually know stuff about theoretical physics, that anti-particles are [or are suspected to be] particles moving backwards in time. This is mostly because they have opposite spin, so "in theory" maybe it's true, like observing a coin flip creates a reality and a theoretical universe where "the opposite" came up, right?. OK fine, Schroedinger's cat IS both alive and dead [as stated in an article a couple of years ago, on El Reg even, when it was proved by experimentation].

I occasionally glean interesting information about such things on "teh intarwebs", some of which may be valid, and a lot of which falls into the perpetual motion category of bullcrap "science".

Today I'm thinking, WHAT IF it's true that anti-particles move backwards in time?

Well, at the big bang, was there time *BEFORE* the bang? Answer: no.

So, how can it create ANTI-PARTICLES??? And now you have it!

US voting server in election security probe is mysteriously wiped

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Re: In the immortal words of John Boehner:

Article: "technicians at the election center deleted the server's data on July 7 – just days after the lawsuit was filed."

"What I want to know is, who's going to jail?

it was OK when Mrs. Clinton did it, right? So nobody.

If you say it loud enough, Uber will sound atrocious: Super Cali juristic discrimination process

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Re: "people of color"

WHITE people have color, too. So I'll just interpret that as "everyone".

/me starts new TV channel, WET . ok that could be anything from a pr0n channel to channel dedicated to fishing and water sports. But if I'm being too vague, it's a play on "BET" which has nothing to do with gambling (as far as I know). And I'll encourage high school students to start a "White Student Union" and "Caucasion Club", similar to other such organizations within the school that you find with "other races" in their names [except there's none for 'white people' - I am _so_ excluded!!!]

trolling, trolling, hence the icon.

AI bot rips off human eyes, easily cracks web CAPTCHA codes. Ouch

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Re: Oh no not again


I found this:


bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: What about...

math puzzle...

well, if you want to confuse the AI, list dog breeds and one cat breed, like

"Mark has a dachsund, Jean has two border collies, Bill has a rottweiler, Ron has a German shepherd named Killer, and Velma has a tabby. How many dogs are present?"

The answer will be "zero, they all ran after the cat".

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Re: Good

"I hate those stupid damn Captcha boxes"

so do _I_ . The #1 reason: they all require FORNICATING SCRIPTING to be enabled

Julian Assange says Cambridge Analytica asked WikiLeaks for something

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Re: Chain drive

"Yes, but it takes a strong imagination, or a whole lot of desperation."

never understimate the ability of "the left" in the USA to twist things via the willing accomplices in the "Lame-stream" media, and blow a "nothing" completely out of proportion [allegations of collusion with the Russians by Trump and his election committee] while *BLATANTLY* *IGNORING* the actual _CRIMES_ being done [with willing accomplices in the justice department, FBI, CIA, and white house at the time the crimes were committed] by Mrs. Clinton, and even the entire Democrat National Committee!

The entire "Russia, Russia, Russia" thing was apparently started by a dossier claiming that Trump hired hookers to pee on a bed in a Russian hotel. It was allegedly _SO_ scathing that Senator McCain had someone FLY to the UK to bring it back to the U.S.. And now, we know for CERTAIN that it was not only faked up [and the man's name is known, the guy that wrote it - I forget who it is though], but it was BOUGHT and PAID FOR by Mrs. Clinton and the Demo-Rat Party, _AND_ handed off to the FBI and the CIA and other intelligence gathering and law enforcement agencies, who then treated it as if it were CREDIBLE INTELLIGENCE. Currently, there's an investigation giong on to see whether or not they used this to justify SEARCH WARRANTS for "wire tapping", surveylance, searches, etc. basically violating the privacy and rights of innocent U.S. Citizens.

Putting all of this in perspective, a company hired by Trump's campaign apparently asked WikiLeaks for information that they'd already PUBLISHED. I have heard (on the radio) that the response from WIkiLeaks was that it was already published, and they should just "go and get it". Or something like that.

But WHAT! A! SCANDAL! THAT! MUST! BE! to ask for something that was ALREADY! PUBLISHED!!!

Because, it's Trump, and not Mrs. Clinton, a member of the "protected class" and a card-carrying leftist elitist.

Even more warship cuts floated for the Royal Navy

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Re: ah the costs of buying abroad

didn't the USA buy a lot of HARRIER planes too?

I have a suggestion: COMPETE. Build a better plane. Then we'll buy 'em too, no doubt. Everybody wins.

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Re: RE: Except those times they didn't, like the Falklands.

"The US has a long-stated policy of not helping Britain retain or regain it's empire"

Source, please. Not opinions. K-thx. Roosevelt making "that" a condition of entering WW2? He was looking for an *EXCUSE* to enter the war! Lend-Lease and supporting things like the Flying Tigers was all part of that. Our Congress must declare war, and so he was doing what he could without them. But yeah, the USA should've declared war against Germany the day they invaded Poland, hindsight being 20:20, and against Japan when they invaded Manchuria. Maybe then, things would've ended a lot quicker...

I'd really like to see the evidence that suggests that Roosevelt, or USA foreign policy in general, seeks to undermine the British Empire, either in the idea of rebuilding it, or in the idea of dismantling it.

Some of the attitudes ca 1776 and 1812 might have been like that though. I'll accept that one. But wasn't most of that fixed in the latter half of the 19th century? If you consider the history between England and France over the last many centuries, it hasn't been so nice either, until the mid to late 19th century, anyway. [it's one of the reasons that France helped out during the revolutionary war, and why the USA helped Napoleon by purchasing land on the American continent for such a high price].

Yeah, some of our histories, long since acted out by people who are all dead, hasn't been so nice. I don't think this kind of thinking is still in play. I'd really need to see some real evidence to believe it.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: But...

I was in the Navy at the time of the Falkland war. You guys handled it _SO_ well, I think it was more of a 'sit back and wait' approach. It was refreshing to see someone fight back so WILLINGLY against the kind of crap that the Argentinian Junta was trying to pull. Keep in mind, we'd just elected Ron Reagan because of the Iranian Hostage crap, and all of the domestic problems, caused by Carter and the Demo-Rats. There was a lot of 'malaise' and the fog was starting to lift. We in the USA were all VERY tired of piss-ant dictators and 'dog with no teeth' governments making LOTS of noise and pushing everyone else around.

We should applaud you guys for helping to reverse "all that".

But yeah UK needs a strong Navy, just like the USA needs a strong Navy. Otherwise, you end up with problems like PIRACY. Oh, wait, that's been happening, hasn't it?

And there are still some of the same players, piss-ant dictators (Kim 'Fatass' Un) and 'dog with no teeth' governments [Iran] making LOTS of noise and *TRYING* to push everyone else around. Again.

So ya might want to reconsider some of those budget cuts, and MAYBE cut some "austerity" stuff instead. And cut tax rates. And so on. [we're kinda working on that on this side of the pond right now]

Forget One Windows, Microsoft says it's time to modernize your apps

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Re: Modernise apps?

This ill-conceived "app" crapp on Windows is one such instance of that insanity. Can't MS just admit that "One UI to rule them all" was a bad idea (like Canonical did) and reverse course to a time when we had a desktop OS that was actually designed for the large majority of PCs running Windows? You know, with keyboards, mice, and non-touch, large monitors. You can just hear the strawmen being erected even now... "Why don't you just go back to DOS and its 640k barrier?"

I shall attempt to answer this, in the reality of how Micro-shaft *REALLY* sees it.

a) We at Micro-shaft believe that the 'app' model is the future, and "the Store" is the only way you should be able to deploy them.

b) We at Micro-shaft continue to listen to our customers, who we *FEEL* are generally shifting to a more 'mobile' platform, and as such we must ensure that we are "jiggy with it" by making our platform look more like "mobile".

c) We at Micro-shaft don't give a RAT'S ASS how many PC makers are losing sales because our desktop operating system STINKS ON ICE. We want to leverage everyone into doing things OUR way using OUR model so we can have a perpetual revenue source. It's a slow process because a frog in hot water won't notice the temperature change until he's cooked.

d) We at Micro-shaft are selling touchy-feely computers to go with our touchy-feely attitudes, and if you don't buy a Surface, we have no sympathy for you. The other manufacturers can eat our scraps if they want to, but if you can't touch the screen, we don't give a crap about your computer, or YOU for that matter.

and of course if I must go back to an MS-DOS like thing, let's just shift over to Linux, shall we? BASH is a great command line interpreter, and it works best when you run THE REAL THING [or BSD] and not Micro-shaft's crap-clone version.

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Re: Patronising POS

"The informal 'chummy' messages and dialogues are part of Microsoft's 'grand strategy' to connect with the youths, and in turn endear them to Microsoft's products and the Microsoft brand."

Their strategy ONLY works if you expect your customer base to be BABIES.

Everything I've ever learned about management techniques tells me that this is *WRONG* on too many levels.

If you expect your customer base to be ADULTS, then the children will RISE to the occasion.

if you expect your customer base to be IDIOTS, then _ONLY_ _IDIOTS_ will want it.

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Re: I hope everyone boycotts this Microsoft initiative

"And .NET would be hard for MS to drop (as in, it would piss a lot of people off)."

it's very existence kinda pisses ME off. It was an early attempt to turn senior Win32 developers into "junior .Not developers" by essentially CHANGING THE ENTIRE GAME. I won't write any application that uses it. EVAR. And C-pound stinks on ice.

Win32 API made sense. Everything "new, shiny" since the 'turn of the century' has pretty much STUNK, except a handful of stuff that ended up in the Windows 7 UI [though I think I prefer XP or 2k, given the choice].

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Fluent Design System

"flat with some annoying animations every time you put your mouse near it."

It's "Microsoft Bother" - didn't you know about that "new, shiny" feature?

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Modernise apps?

I've seen the term 'Modern' used in SUCH pejorative ways by the coolaid addicts and incorrigible Win-10-nic fanbois, it's almost like "the M word" now.

"Modernize" ==> get with the program you throwback, ex-hippy, old-fart, stick-in-the-mud, "get off my lawn" refuse-to-change'er, like there's something WRONG with YOU for NOT "loving it" with Win-10-nic.

"Thoroughly Modern Microsoft" needs to stop co-opting the English language for their own evil purposes.

/me is old enough to know what REAL hippies are/were, and not the pretenders who live 50 miles outside of Silly Valley along the left coast of the USA...

Watership downtime: BadRabbit encrypts Russian media, Ukraine transport hub PCs

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Re: Like all software

"Whereas a nice windows box with a "pay now" button wouldnt give the same impression."

yes. watch 'Wargames' or 'Hackers' or even 'The Matrix' and you'll get the impression that REAL hackers use that mysterious thing called "a console", something MOST users nowadays are either afraid of or forgot ever existed...

"follow the white rabbit" indeed.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Like all software

these days, "software" often means "slap together a bunch of 3rd party CRAPware into 'something' and call it 'an app'".

BadRabbit is like that, according to the article anyway.


'Rabbit' is already a hacker term for "any hack that includes infinite self-replication" [according to online resources]. The alleged history is from a "hack called RABBITS reported from 1969 on a Burroughs 55000 at the University of Washington Computer Center".


So the author is slapping TERMS together, too. How. Creative. NOT.

icon, because, *FACEPALM*

How to make your HTML apps suck less, actually make some money

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Re: If only ...

"Its almost like a mythical man microsecond just magnified 32 billion times."

good analogy.

I cope with slow interfaces by SCREAMING PROFANITIES and ranting online.

Micro-shaft is the worst for unnecessary bandwidth pollution. I don't know how many times I have to click on 'temporarily allow all this page' (in NoScript) for ANY of their online stuff (like MSDN) to work these days... the number of 3rd party scripts is OUTRAGEOUS and it's only getting WORSE.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Still too heavy...

best example of why NOT to do 'web-based' things: google docs online editor. Try a spreadsheet some time... one with actual formulas in it that auto-update every time you change something [because a junior "programmer" developed it].

any amount of latency, or if you like listening to streaming content while working on things, or someone in your household is playing youtube videos, and your performance will SUCK like a Kirby. [and Kirby vacuum cleaners suck on MULTIPLE levels]

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Kool-Aid duly drunk

it's part of the "content consumption" model for devices and applications.

and the "advantage" of having all of that stuff on a cloud server? The built-in monitoring and tracking, of course! Just have that web-based-app "phone home" every time you use it. no problem! And with the crappy performance expectations from an online "app", nobody will notice if there's a bit of tracking in there, too.

And don't forget the ad-servers. hey, just an OCCASIONAL popup or embedded banner... for now...

and the frogs continue to "not notice" that the water temperature has gone up another 15 deg C.

Sex harassment scandal scoops up Silicon Valley's Slimy Scoble

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"no means no" - or DOES it?

that's a line I've heard from feminist types FOREVER - and yet, some persistent guy always seems to become her "significant other" at some point, by persistently NOT taking 'no' for an answer. GO figure.

"The rolling saga of rich and powerful men being identified as serial sexual harassers has returned to Silicon Valley"

it never left. Where you have self-centered men rising to a seat of power and authority, particularly over women, you get the *kinds* of abuses that have been happening since, like, FOREVER. No surprises here. That's part of human nature. And women aren't helping with the "no means no, unless it means maybe. Or even YES". My $.10 worth: just say what you F'ing mean, allright, dammit? But they don't. Unless they do.

Sexual abuse happens in ALL aspects of power, from politics to business. The thing is, why do some women TOLERATE it?

Yeah women *SHOULD* "tear off your balls and feed them to you" if you do the harssment (or worse, abuse). But if it didn't "work" at least SOMETIMES, then those asshat predators wouldn't DO IT SO MUCH before they're "caught". [numbers game, like spammers]

And they're SO SORRY they GOT CAUGHT, aren't they?

Please activate the anti-ransomware protection in your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update PC. Ta

bombastic bob Silver badge

yet another 'new, shiny' feature that gets a *yawn*

so how much of a pain IS it to set up everything to be "scramble-proof"? And when will the ransomware be smart enough to "un-do all of that" ?

I'm guessing that it's NOT password protected with a separate pass-phrase, nor write protected with something that's truly tamper-proof.

and without much review, we only have Microsoft's claims about its features...

/me hope it actually works, but I suspect that maybe it's not worth the hype.

Wanna exorcise Intel's secretive hidden CPU from your hardware? Meet Purism's laptops

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Black Helicopters

"Looks like keeping hold of my 2007 Dell Latitude without these 'features' was a good idea"

ack. Intel's "new, shiny" [particularly when running Win-10-nic] isn't worth the *RISKS*. I'll stick with proven, slightly older, very slightly slower tech that doesn't have a built-in back door.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Disabled? Yeah, right...

"What I don't understand is why isn't there simply a Bios setting to disable it? Wouldn't that make sense?"

It makes _TOO_ _MUCH_ _SENSE_. That's why nobody's doing it, I guess...

Ubuntu 17.10: We're coming GNOME! Plenty that's Artful in Aardvark, with a few Wayland wails

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Re: Looks tempting

"I think if one is doing a lot of work that involves a load of texture maps in 3D, the pipe does become a problem. Hence moving away from that architecture"

that's where GLX becomes a better solution than native X11 calls. Since that involves device driver stuff, I suppose you'd have to query for support, and have an alternative method available when it won't work...

ideally all of that would be done via the toolkit

/me has heard of GUI toolkits based entirely on Open GL (and that should have GLX support)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Ch-Ch-Changes

"you're an incredibly offensive, bitter and twisted man"

thanks for the pejorative. I suppose I owe you an FOAD. but I won't. oops, too late.

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