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Android at 10: How Google won the smartphone wars

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Re: "How does a desktop OS have a larger attack surface?"

a) if it's windows, it listens on a bunch of predictable ports, on EVERY IP ADDRESS (including IPv6)

b) if it's windows, it always listens on port 139 and 445, whether or not network sharing is enabled [last I checked, anyway]

c) if it's windows, there are a number of "magic services" running that always listen for traffic on the same ports, so that an UNFIREWALLED system is potentially vulnerable to a number of potential cracks

If it's NOT windows, none of this applies, unless it was configured by an _IDIOT_.

Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons

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Re: Just say no to parrotting Google

"Chrome's UI is nothing to write home about."


"Especially, the stupid 'hamburger menu' which IMHO is user hostile."

pretty much says it, yeah. MAYBE of limited valuable for touch screens, HIDEOUS and IRRITATING for "the rest of us".

"Personally, I don't see what the problem is with classic menus."

They're not "new, shiny" and "millenial, it's OUR turn now" enough.

"At some point apparently a rule was created that you can't just have a menu at the top of an application and are only allowed to have the idiotic hamburger menu or even worse Office ribbon bar train wreck."

It's all tracking back to THE METRO, actually. Blame THIS person:


Apparently she's leaving Micro-shaft


maybe too many saw the connection (I know, _I_ helped spread the word!)

"New is not always better."

THANK! YOU! for saying that!

"As far as I'm concerned, the UI creators of the past had it write when they came up with the idea of having menus that are relatively standard across applications."

Back in the late 80's/early 90's, "the OS/2 days", IBM wrote a book/guide on 'common user interfaces' that was included with the Windows 3.0 SDK. I have a copy somewhere... (along with that old SDK and it's large collection of dead tree manuals, and similar dead-tree manuals on OS/2 1.2 presentation manager programming).

"Also, as far as I'm concerned, it seems that they are making things worse from an accessibility standpoint. I'm not even sure you can use keyboard alone with these applications."

probably not. you're right. It's all fat-finger-friendly, and "SCREW YOU" if you use keyboard+mouse.

time for a REBELLION amongst users.

Big THUMBS UP to @rmullen0 for saying all of that.

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Re: Browser speed obsession

"Most of the time, most browsers are fast enough, but the odd badly written javascript will slow any browser to a grind regardless, as used to happen with flash."

fixed by NoScript

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Re: Supporting legacy addons is not the real problem here

"the new API simply won't let you modify the browser to the same extent"

"but at the end of the day, most of these issues were met with a simple shrug."

They probably have this attitude because Mozilla "developers" are a HUGE part of the "RELIGIOUS CULT of the 2D FLATSO INTERFACE", and they are COMPELLED by their religious beliefs to CRAM! IT! UP! ALL! OF! OUR! ARSES! whether we want it or not [and then INSIST that we ENJOY it, too].

Bend Over - Here Comes FF 57!

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Re: I always wanted to be an organ grinder's monkey

"You either change or die. Such is life. Have a look around - it's a constant race of arms."

YOU can be a fatalistic tumbleweed if you want to. _I_ flat out REFUSE.

Saying 'yes' to everything is easy. Saying "NO" is HARD. I would rather do the difficult thing, because it is the right thing to do.

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Re: I always wanted to be an organ grinder's monkey

"Instead, Mozilla simply add themselves to the long list of others who choose to dictate what users will get, will have to put up with, rather than letting users decide for themselves."

^^^^ What YOU said ^^^^

thanks for saying it. I can't POSSIBLY thumb-it-up enough.

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Re: No Classic Theme Restorer?

"Moz folk fail to realise the reason many of use use FireFox is precisely because it is not Chrome and it allows us fine grained browser control that Chrome does not."

If I had the time... I'd definitely consider wrapping webkit with a UI that doesn't suck. Last I checked, Midori looks way too much like Chrome now.

FF 3 in classic theme restorer is a pretty good setting. Hey Mozilla, PAY ATTENTION DAMMIT! You're acting like MICROSHAFT and GNOME, and ALIENATING your CUSTOMERS!

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Re: No Classic Theme Restorer?

"This might be the thing that makes me look elsewhere for a browser. "

If I'm ever forced into using 57 or later, I'll consider "how to patch it" and publish the patches.

Firefox can STILL be built from source, particularly in FreeBSD.

I expect that all you need to do is patch the buttons and menus, and ESPECIALLY make it possible to ********EXTERMINATE******** THAT *** DAMNED @#$%+-* HAMBURGER BUTTON!!! [it's the best feature of classic theme restorer]

(Thunderbird, too, by the way - but in Tbird you have to drag the hamburger back onto the 'customize menu' thingy - in FF with classic theme restorer you can right-click the hamburger and select the "remove" option and IT GOES AWAY and NEVER COMES BACK - "I toldz it to go away, and it DID! I'm Freeeeee!" )

So the conclusion: the only way we'll get what we want is if we give Mozilla the BIG MIDDLE FINGER and DO IT OURSELVES. that would include GETTING RID of AUSTRALIS. I'd be SO happy if Mozilla LOSES the browser wars over this, with their OWN LEGACY CODE.

[Last I checked, palemoon still has trouble building on FreeBSD, so I can't really use it]

How did someone hijack your Gmail? Phishing, keylogger or password reuse, we're guessing

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Re: Password entered by mistake on another site

"If you enter your gmail password by mistake on outlook.com, that error gets logged, along with your gmail password..."

if not on 'outlook.com' someone may actually be doing that...

Like rule 34 for intarweb pr0n, there should be "a rule" that assumes that kind of tracking. It would be right more often than not, that's why.

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Re: Not Surprised

"I picked Target because they were in the news for a massive breach and their astounding incompetence before the breach."

It could've been Target, Malo Mart (aka walmart), K Mart, or Sears. Hopefully after Target's security problems were laid bare for the world to gawk at, everyone else "got a clue" and fixed their own.

They have those new "more secure" point of sale machines now, with the chip-on-card readers, but some of them seem to scratch up the contacts on the on-card-chip and make it not work so well any more...

bombastic bob Silver badge

"For one of my Gmail accounts I have a 28 digit password"

That's no more secure though in reality than a 9 character or greater complex password.

has nobody mentioned "Correct Horse Battery Staple" yet?

bombastic bob Silver badge


"But don't know what better alternatives there are."

A lot of ISPs sell e-mail services. you could purchase one of those. Sometimes they come with fun domain names [which was the selling point]. They'll have POP and IMAP and web-mail and whatever else you need.

like this one: http://libertea.us/ < -- yes, a 'tea party' site

[at $40/year I'm now considering that for myself...]

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Re: VPN and Juice

"I don't think browsers and OS's take fingerprinting seriously enough"

A simple server-side access log stores your IP address. Beyond that, browser information is nearly always sent, information that identifies your OS and browser make/model. Most people don't delete or block cookies from "trackers" like g00gle and face-barf. And there are those hidden 3rd party GIF files with alphabet-soup URLs, and corresponding server-side logs, for 'beyond cookie' tracking.

Did your browser just send a 'header request' for that tiny transparent GIF file, because it was already in the cache? TRACKED you! Didn't need a cookie for that, so your cookie blocker was meaningless. You might as well have a fixed IPv4 address. Muahahahaha!

So then 'whatever tracking service/' gets to store all that, sort it, summarize it, massage it into a product, and sell, sell, sell YOUR online behavior, simply because you visit sites they're connected to.

Knowing its possible is half the battle, and VPNs (or frequently changed IP addresses), ad/script blockers, and cookie blockers won't protect you from THAT kind of tracking.

So yeah, most DEFINITELY browsers and OSs don't take fingerprinting seriously enough.

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"How about the internal theft of accounts while in China"

yeah, any "firewalled" nation has the ability to play 'man in the middle' with your SSL and slurp every password and credit card number you type in. Just one 'trusted cert' for China's great firewall and you're b0ned.

Is it time to have a 'droid app for 'droid that uses a secure tunnel? Would it become 'broken' behind the 'great firewall' if you did that?

So then we might be forced to set up secure VPN tunnels for EVERYTHING when going overseas to certain countries (even the USA it seems). 'droid has Linux under the hood so all of the necessary guts (to set that up) should already be there...

Metal 3D printing at 100 times the speed and a twentieth of the cost

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Re: Suddenly the 3d printed plastic gun is no longer the problem....

I figured powdered metal (the existing method) would be too weak for a proper gun barrel.

But _THIS_ sounds like it's a LOT more promising!

Now - I'd like to (be able to afford to) 3D print a few more items while I'm at it, like a jet engine [of my own design], a liquid-fueled rocket, and replacement car parts [as needed] for "legacy" cars.

This could become _VERY_ interesting!

Microsoft president says the world needs a digital Geneva Convention

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yet another meaningless symbolic gesture

a "cyber geneva convention" - what, do evil hackers have to SIGN ONTO this before they begin cracking your systems?

It's a meaningless symbolic gesture, like wearing a silly ribbon, or giving a Nobel prize to someone who didn't really do anything [no names here but his initials are B.O.], or half a dozen OTHER "symbolism over substance" things that anyone paying attention could think of [because it happens a LOT].

Usually when _I_ make a symbolic gesture, it has a binary value of 00100, and carries an explicit meaning. I give this "symbolic gesture" to the whole CONCEPT of a "digital Geneva Convention" for the obvious reasons.

Icon because I'm facepalming (another symbolic gesture that is not so meaningless)

/me points out that it's usually not GUMMINTS doing this crap. And if it IS gummints doing it, and people know about it, they've completely *FAILED*.

The NAKED truth: Why flashing us your nude pics is a good idea – by Facebook's safety boss

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Re: So your solution

"just don't take/share the pictures" is not a BAD solution [i.e. don't share pics that you NEVER want to see on "teh intarwebs"] because "hacking" "law enforcement" "TSA" "device theft" "revenge pr0n" "BOFH".

[Just pointing out the obvious]

I'd expect to see some BOFH-types at FakeBook frequently rummaging through a pr0n collection that was "accidentally" copied to their personal computers, and kept locked up in triple-encrypted files with non-obvious names like "accounting".

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"Actually once you fix your Caps Lock and look around MOST Of Women Are NOT THAT Attractive NAKED."

yeah, snark snark because YOU (apparently) haven't mastered the proper use of *emphasis*

Intel's super-secret Management Engine firmware now glimpsed, fingered via USB

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Re: Minix licence

"Does Intel's use actually abide by the terms of the licence?"

not unless it's a true "creative commons" license. BSD-like and MIT-like licenses usually have copyright requirements where you acknowledge the owner of the original source for your copied or derived work.

So yeah, it COULD be a license violation, if we had license text to prove it.

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Re: Claim: all IPv6 addresses are *PUBLIC*

"generally using NAT for IPv4"

yes (and the rest, mostly yes).

Sure, there's a spec for IPv6 NAT somewhere, but I'm not aware of it actually being used. I rely on a firewall blocking 'incoming' traffic from "teh intarwebs" on specific ports that are well known, like 139, 445, 6000, yotta yotta and those ports that Winders machines INSIST on listening on "*" to... [because the coders were TOO LAZY to bind it to localhost]

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Claim: all IPv6 addresses are *PUBLIC*

"You might want to look into IPv6 link-local and IPv6 unique-local addresses (not the deprecated site-local as I originally wrote)."

thanks for the nit-pickiness. Of course, not THOSE. Duh.

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Re: Intel - the hardware retail arm of the NSA

well, there's now a linux version that disables it [so they say].

I expect that requiring physical access to the machine is enough, for the moment, but I'm still concerned about any on-board network adaptor being connected in ANY way to the outside world.

Keep in mind, IPv6 exposes EVERYONE to the intarwebs, because (virtually) all IPv6 addresses are *PUBLIC* and therefore any unfirewalled listening ports are also PUBLIC. If your NIC can be cracked using an exposed port, in ANY way, because of the "management engine", we are all in one huge sorry state as far as security goes...

I am not aware as to whether Intel's "management protocol" can withstand intarweb routing. Most likely it can withstand WIFI routing, and possibly a spoof of some layered protocol if you're using a VPN. Sniffing any kind of SSL would be extremely difficult, but not impossible, especially if your network is being monitored. The odds of this crack being successful WITHOUT physical machine access is PROBABLY small. HOWEVER, I wouldn't trust it anyway, so maybe I should stick with "the earlier architecture".

Brit moron tried buying a car bomb on dark web, posted it to his address. Now he's screwed

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Re: er...

"He's assuming that because the guy is brown."

it ALSO takes a racist to make a statement like that... because SJW's who focus on race are, in fact, RACIST for doing so.

US government seizes Texas gun mass murder to demand backdoors

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leave no tragedy unexploited

what it says in the title. manipulative ASSHATS do that.

NASA reconfirms 2019 will see first launch of Space Launch System

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Re: It's Apollo 8... minus the people

well, since _I_ happened to be alive in 1968, AND watched every launch and space-based broadcast I could, which means I have a pretty good understanding of what was going on at the time, you have to consider why Apollo 8 was launched before you say it will "do no science" etc.. There was also at least one unmanned Saturn V launch prior to that, one of which was filmed as part of a Star Trek episode (ca 1967).

There were several 'dry run' launches during the moon program. Apollo 7 (earth orbit only), Apollo 8 (moon orbit only), Apollo 9 (dress rehearsal with LEM in earth orbit), Apollo 10 (dress rehearsal with LEM in lunar orbit), and then Apollo 11 where they actually landed the thing. It was all about bringing the astronauts BACK, and not having a spectactular disaster followed by a funeral (like Apollo I) on the front page of the newspapers for a week.

What saddens ME is that *POLITICS* shifted the budget and national attention away from extraterrestrial exploration and *WASTED* MANY TIMES THE FUNDS that NASA was spending, on social programs and "entitlements" (to buy votes for politicians to increase and/or stay in power).

I'd much rather buy rockets for "dry run" launches. At least THAT way you get a rocket. Waste the same amount on "austerity" or "social programs" or "entitlements" and you get what you paid for. Nothing, and more empty palms stuck in your face, demanding MORE.

Self-driving bus in crash just 2 hours after entering public service

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Re: German Efficiency

"If someone finds a way to apply their own software updates this could get ugly very quickly..."

I guess that rules out "Open Source" for these things... dammit...

Jet packs are real – and inventor just broke world speed record in it

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Re: ... he used to see the suit as an "exclusive high-end jetski, something just for fun"

"----> icon: last thing seen...."

yeah, better than dying in a puddle of your own piss, I say. Go out with a "*BANG*"

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Duration?

"In flight refueling"

or drag a small fuel cart behind you with a long hose

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Duration?

"To stay aloft, you need to provide 9.8m/s^2 * the mass of the object to be kept aloft, of thrust. That's quite a bit."

the vast majority of aircraft are incapable of that, and Harrier was the first to be able to take off vertically without helicopter rotors. It's a very difficult problem, a) enough thrust, b) enough fuel, c) not set your pants on fire.

Mythbuster seeks cash for roller skates to wear in virtual reality

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"Wouldn't it feel like you are slipping backwards, with you ending up planting your face in the floor as your foot moves backwards but your upper body stays where it is."

you've described vertigo, in a way. THAT sometimes results in a 'technicolor belch'

icon, because, spew on peripheral device (again)

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Re: $50K?


cheap. skate. heh. grabbing coat.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: There's already a solution

> I think that most gamers don't have that kind of fitness.

I think the upper weight limit of 215 pounds is a bit... unrealistic... given that demographic.

it would seem to ME, at any rate, that those who DO have "that kind of fitness" often ARE above 215lbs. And that's not because they're FAT, it's because they're MUSCULAR.

maybe not a lot of gamers doing that, though, but the exercise benefits of walking in VR might get them there.

My biggest concern would be the balance factor. If your balance senses expect you to be moving, and your feet are sliding, what does this do for balance correction? The shoes would need to measure what your head is doing in order to compensate, and a rapid spin-around would throw THAT system into complete chaos. [humans use eyes for balance while the fluid in the ear is still spinning]

I expect motion sickness, too, because what the inner ear says will differ ENOUGH from what the eyes see, that you'll get a sense of vertigo from it, followed by that funny 'headache', followed by the spillage of stomach contents all over those VR shoes.

icon, because, you're spewing on a peripheral device

You know what's coming next: FBI is upset it can't get into Texas church gunman's smartphone

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Re: The reports so far with some editorial....

"any rifle with a replaceable magazine and a semi-automatic rather than bolt or lever action. Neither feature is required (or even useful) when hunting deer - they're features that only have utility for killing people."

"assault rifles" are cool looking. I'm sure some dweeb out there would consider my choice of vehicles not having any 'utility'. I just wanted a Mustang convertible. It looks great and is fun to drive. So I got one. It goes really freaking fast when I want it to [I once passed some asshat going uphill at ~100MPH because he kept speeding up on straightaways on a windy road and went 15mph around every freaking corner, and it was "my chance" and I took it, because I could]. And I leave the top down 99% of the time, because I like it that way. I'm sure I'll be criticized for owning it, too. And driving it. And enjoying it. And driving fast in it.

Now, substitute "AR-15" for "mustang convertible" and I say, if that's what someone wants to buy, LET HIM. It becomes a matter of personal choice, and it is NOBODY'S BUSINESS, what you or I or anyone else wants to own, right?

/me points out that in some states in the USA, you can own AUTOMATIC WEAPONS. Check out the "F.P.S. Russia" videos. All you have to do is pass a background check and pay a tax.

And you're correct. The AR-15 is a military style weapon primarily designed for killing people. It makes it very effective for the purpose for which it was used: stopping a mass murderer from killing anyone else.

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Re: FBI can't unlock smartphone

(general comment)

That's right, leave no tragedy UNEXPLOITED by political activism.

Microsoft goes to bat for Dreamers: Windows giant sues Uncle Sam to block staff deportations

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Re: These mega corporations just want cheap labor.....

"As if MS, or any US company led by a CEO worth multiple billion dollars, cares about immigrants."

this is why the chamber of commerce and "washington establishment" SUPPORT things like 'amnesty' for illegal immigrants, because it waters down the "potential employee" pool with sneak-ins.

in other words, it helps maintain the divide between "haves" and "have nots", like so many other things that are (deliberately) done in gummint these days.

Never trust a politician who claims he wants to HELP you. Maybe vote for him, but watch him carefully, for every politician must put a hand out and get money put into it in order to become elected. Those who put a LOT of money in [i.e. "the rich"] have a lot more say-so about what's going to happen down the road. Mrs. Clinton was trying to be more covert about it, and included "furriners" and illegal "charitable" contributions in a money laundering scheme for this very purpose. It's a corrupt business, politics, and always has been from what I can gather. it's just that people stopped paying attention at some point, and allowed themselves to be herded like sheeple into voting for the candidate of THEIR choice every couple of years.

So yeah, expect YOUR taxes to go up, even if they say they will go down, in order to "keep you in your place". Your expenses will go up because no new houses/apartments will be built, and any 'rent control' will keep them 'barely affordable'. All of your money will go into your monthly bills [why does BILL get so much of my money] and if you move to get better wages, you KNOW the expenses will be "better" (i.e. higher) too, to compensate.

The only way this will ever change is if politics becomes UN-corrupt.

yeah, good luck with THAT.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Because Microsoft has no employees outside the USA?

"Don't get me wrong, I think Trump is an idiot, but he doesn't deserve the irrational and irrelevant hate being directed at him."

Your disclaimer still got you a 2:1 downvote to upvote ratio [so far]. I gave you an up vote for everything up to and excluding that part.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: declaring "the Dreamers are part of our nation's fabric. They belong here."

"Microsoft is suing the US government to prevent the deportation of immigrants"

Should instead be...

"Microsoft is suing the US government to prevent the deportation of ***_I_L_L_E_G_A_L_*** immigrants"

There, I! FIXED! IT! FOR! YOU!!! <-- shouted so that you can hear it from the 'cheap seats'

What! *FORNICATING*! Part! Of! ***ILLEGAL***! Do! They! NOT! Understand!!!???

US judge orders Sci-Hub be excised from the internet

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Re: Having a free access to Science and Education?

"Right to Education? Only if you can pay for it!"

just don't make ME pay for anything beyond high school.

Gummint schools are highly overrated anyway. It's why "the rich" (and many not-so-rich) still send their kids to a "pay for it" school. And _STILL_ get taxed to pay for the gummint one.

[don't get me wrong, public school done right is a GOOD thing. I'm just sick of the kind of 'education' they're doing these days. details off topic, and you'll just down vote me regardless]

icon, because, facepalm

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Re: As usual: the US wants extra terrestrial power, but no-one else's applies to them

"the US wants extra terrestrial power"

just a few judges and politicans want those things (and act like hypcrites, as correctly observed). the rest of us just don't care, and will scoff at such "laws"

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: court says Google can safely ignore Canadian search ban

does China or Russia have a search engine that accepts english-language queries?

just wonderin'

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: I am wondering just how much it costs to publish a scientific journal

there are a lot of free web services where you can publish things...

worst case, just post it to a USENET newsgroup. Or create a 'pastebin' with the text in it. Or put it on a github.io web site. See, i fixed it!

all it would cost you is your time

Google, Twitter gleefully spew Texas shooter fake news into netizens' eyes

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Re: The S*n do it all the time

some people read those supermarket tabloids for the laughs.

/me reminded of the original M.I.B. movie - "check the hotsheets" - something like 'best investigative reporting on the planet' - "Alien ate my husband"

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Optional

"So should everyone else."

Agreed. but probably not for the same reasons you were thinking of.

[there have been a large number of them that have been 'later proven right' after being blasted by the lame-stream media. Had THEY done some 'fact checking' they wouldn't have been able to drag out the fake news over what they simply disagreed with]

Of course, the occasional 'covfefe' tweet makes for a nice laugh. Best not to 'nod off' while typing and accidentally hit 'send'. When you consider how tiny the edit text is for 'El Reg', 1/2 the size of the rest of the text on the web page, I make typing mistakes a LOT, and have to post-edit everything.

So yeah, I can identify with the 'covfefe' thing. It's kinda funy, too.

(spelling error deliberate to make a point)

bombastic bob Silver badge

"The solution is more guns."

As demonstrated by the man from across the street, who grabbed his ASSAULT RIFLE and put it to good use, no doubt saving lives in the process. I only wish that some 'cowboy' had been attending church that day, with pistols on his hips. Maybe then even MORE people would've been spared.

also heard today that the mass murderer had escaped from a mental institution for criminally insane people in 2012, after beating his wife (radio report). The list of "wrong things" with this "worm feeder" just goes on and on. But I'd rather he had lived and been arrested. Going through court (and then prison) would be more difficult to deal with than offing himself (the coward's way out). And being in Texas, they probably would've executed him, after a nice long trial (and some time on death row) in which he gets to reflect on how he ended up there..

Oh Brother: Hackers can crash your unpatched printers – researchers

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Re: Tip of the iceburg...perhaps.

"3) Send it files of 3D penises to print out?"

many decades ago, at a university, they had a teleray graphics terminal (vector graphics) with a printer connected to it. It was possible to a) open the TTY device if nobody was logged into it, and b) remotely draw something and send a control character to print the screen afterwards.

Occasionally I would do so. It was a particular mathematical function [that I can't remember the details of at the moment] that printed something that looked like a "thigh gap"

so I'd rather send 3D "thigh gap" images for it to print out. heh.

Tesla share crash amid Republican bid to kill off electric car tax break

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Re: "Musk has been living on government welfare all along?"

" The people are looking to overturn the top echelon without resorting to violence"

more like...

"The people are looking to overturn the RULING ELITE without resorting to violence"

Fixed it for ya! [it's supposed to be a government OF THE PEOPLE, and not a bunch of elitist politicians sticking it TO the people]

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: The US has an inverted system

"The wealthy conservatives are probably running coal powered generators on their remote properties"

If I could do it, I would. I'd have a scrubber on the exhaust and sell the byproducts as raw materials for other things [it tends to offset the cost considerably when you do that].

But to do that I need: a) wealth [higher tax rates on higher incomes "keeps me from getting ahead" aka "keeps me in my place"], b) land [can't afford it, too expensive], the necessary gummint approval, permits, etc. to build the thing and hook it up to the grid [good luck doing that in Cali-fornicate-you with Demo-rats controlling EVERYTHING these days...]

but yeah, power on the grid is a GOOD thing.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: and only electric CARS

about electric motorcycles...

Motorcycles still don't have catalytic converters on them, as far as I know This means they pollute way more than cars do [and I do ***NOT*** consider CO2 to be "pollution"], by producing the kinds of gasses and particulates that a typical catalyst system would burn up before going out the tail pipe.

Given THAT factoid, electric motorcycles make WAY more sense than all of that money thrown at electric CARS.

If the issue is cutting down on traffic jams and also saving on fuel usage [to help keep fuel cost down, let's say], then electric motorcycles make more sense.

But gummint is *NEVER* about sensible solutions. It's about MANIPULATION and CONTROL of "the masses", power retention, getting re-elected, and "skimming off the top".

So they do what they've always done: give tax breaks for cars that MOST people cannot afford to buy, that ONLY apply to people who pay a lot of taxes already, but make it SOUND like "they care" and "they feel" and "they want to help". But it's just another lie. They ONLY want their power, control, and money.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: RE: 4bn divided by 7500 gives me a bit over 530k.

"It's a government run program. There will be $1bn in credits and $3bn in administration."

Fixed: It's a government run program. There will be an indeterminate "few $million" in claimed credits, $3bn in administration, and the rest "just disappears" into the 'establishment black hole' in the forms of kickbacks, money laundering, and various illegal and/or unconstitutional activity.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: You gotta be kidding...

well, a lot of it is the venting of frustration against the constant drip, drip, drip of socialism, religious environmentalism, and media bias. Better to do a targeted attack with a smart bomb than to attempt a cluster-bombing from 40,000 feet.

As for me, I don't want to be taxed in order to pay for some rich guy's Tesla. If someone wants a Tesla car, let him buy it with his own money, and NONE of mine. I'll stick to a dino-burner, thanks. So let the loopholes get shut down, EVERY! ONE! of them. "They" need to stop using the tax code to manipulate people and/or pick 'winners' and 'losers' anyway.

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