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Munich council finds €49.3m for Windows 10 embrace

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Re: €49.3m for Windows 10

"it only makes sense for them to go back to Windows"

NO. I see contracting opportunities for German software developers as a MUCH better opportunity. How about "re-write us something equivalent for Linux and get it done in 2 years" as a goal, then pay THEM the money (most likely LESS of it), and then SELL IT and help German software makers do worldwide business!!!

But they're not gonna do that. They're gonna feed the "windows pig" instead. It makes me wonder who gave whom sexual favors and payola to make this happen.

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Re: €49.3m for Windows 10

"49M for 35000 users means a very expensive version of Windows 10... 1400 Euros per head..."

Shhhh... you're not supposed to "do the math" - that's for THE EXPERTS. *You*, sir, are not an enlightened "expert" and so you can't POSSIBLY calculate this correctly. harumph, harumph, harumph...


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Re: "They'll be back."

"the software they required simply does not exist on Linux"

Herein lies the CENTER ISSUE.

Question: "What software"

1. can the "windows only" applications be re-written for *LESS* *MONEY* than completely revamping everyone with Win-10-nic boxen?

2. just how CRITICAL is "that particular application" anyway? In other words, can the same job be done with SOMETHING ELSE?

The silence on these two details probably answers my questions...

It's a fair bet that some enterprising IT guy could sit down and write a cloudy data entry or data analysis application that runs in a web browser to do whatever "that thing" does, and NOT require "Win-10-nic for everybody", for less money, in *LESS* *TIME*, and then THEY would "own it" and could even sell it to other agencies...

But then, the sexual favors and behind-the-back payola "won't happen" so they'll never do THAT, right?

Firefox to warn users who visit p0wned sites

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Re: 'Giving users what they don't want is classic Mozilla'

"Bring back [snip featurelist]"

and ELIMINATE AUSTRALIS in all of its 2D FLATSO hamburger-menu forms

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Re: Should fit right in

"Giving users what they don't want is classic Mozilla, as are poorly thought through ideas implemented badly."

definite thumbs-up on that comment. And you didn't even have to mention 'Australis' for us to know exactly what you meant.

Facebook notifications to reveal who saw dodgy Russian election ads

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"If you look at the (for example) Brexit vote, the Russians would definitely gain from a weaker, divided EU. But also, so would the Americans"

Not THIS American. Because, like Ronald Reagan, _I_ believe that "a rising tide lifts all boats". I also believe that Brexit is good for the UK, because Brussels isn't doing you any favors these days...

So if _I_ am right, your economy will do well post-Brexit, just like ours is doing a LOT better at the moment. I certainly want the UK economy to do better. I don't think ANYONE in the USA [who isn't an evil son-of-a-bitch] would want the UK economy to do WORSE...

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Wait until Zuck enters politics

too late

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"it can also be my made up political story, my meme that pushes all the right buttons for a certain group and will get shared"

Sounds like a fun project, for intarweb trolls, to do independently. This might get fun. POPCORN! GET YOUR POPCORN!

I wonder if 'media matters' and other such "non-profit" organizations are already doing that... (of COURSE they are! But Zuck won't point THAT out now will he?)

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Re: Blindsided

"our salesdroids missed an opportunity"

and they'll NOW compensate for it by secretly employing this "new technology" in the ad-marketing-sphere.

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Re: "Zuckerberg knows how to do something, and other people don’t, so he does it."

"We're all sociopaths and narcissists."

you sure do have a horrible outlook on your fellow man. I, for one, don't accept that.

There are two classifications of people that I've observed having this kind of opinion about other humans. Both of these involve some kind of CONTROL over "everyone else" "for their own good". One is religious. The other is political. Filling in the names of these classifications of people is an easy exercise for anyone who pays attention...

(in short, I'm saying that anyone who thinks this is probably a CLOSET ELITIST at the very least)

I like to think that everyone else pretty much just wants their own life (and that of their family) to be reasonably decent, and will therefore treat others with the same kind of respect that they want to receive, to its logical conclusion. And, with the exception of a VERY few 'bad examples" (for which we have prisons and a legal system), I think I'm right.

post-edit: Yes, I'm talking about "socialists" and "the religious right". Might as well just say it. both see everyone ELSE as 'basically evil' and probably include themselves just to make it sound like they're not elitists (when they are). And BOTH seek to CONTROL OTHERS, "for their own good".

Samba needs two patches, unless you're happy for SMB servers to dance for evildoers

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"FreeBSD + Samba is much quicker for me on slower hardware."

FreeBSD + Samba is much quicker for me, EVEN on slower hardware.

is that what you meant? Because, that's what _I_ have obseved!

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re:write code with tools that don't provide safe methods for memory management and garbage coll...

"Oh, I would like to see JSamba - 128GB or RAM to share a couple of files... and good luck at managing the message headers."

yeah, THAT would "fix it"!

Considering that Java has no 'unsigned' data type, even... *nausea* (/me reaches for "pink liquid")

it could ONLY be worse if it were coded in PYTHON! (well, maybe COULD be worse than that, but I don't see it)

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"no clue how to do memory management and garbage collection."

REAL programmers do not NEED to do "garbage collection". They understand that for every 'malloc' or 'new', there must be a 'free' or 'delete'. And buffer sizes must be CHECKED. etc.

"garbage collection" is for those weenies who insist on using duck-typed languages. Or Java. *nausea*

Abolish the Telly Tax? Fat chance, say MPs at non-binding debate

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Re: Telly Tax or Adverts

"I find US TV impossible to watch"

So do I, for the most part, but it's not the ads. It's the CONTENT.

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Re: The BBC used to be more independent.

when GUMMINT runs the industry, expect non-independence and corruption. and taxes. HIGHER taxes. Never lower, just higher. And more of them. Because the gummint weenies are ADDICTS to public funds, and they want moar, Moar, MOAR!

As Google clamps down, 'Droid developer warns 'breaking day' is coming

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Re: There are always innocent casualties in War.

"they should not just toss this idea away because a few Dev will get their Fefees hurt"

well, just DAMN the collateral damage, then, right? It's "just gonna happen" so we can "hand wave" it and not give a crap, right?

Let's NOT go there, ok?

Apple's development model SUCKS for "the little guy", and there are WAY too many "we must approve it" checkpoints, from what I've seen.

Let's NOT go there for 'droid, ok?

More than half of GitHub is duplicate code, researchers find

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it's part of the design, actually

when I wanted to submit a patch for an open source project (in this case, the Arduino IDE) I basically had to clone the repo, make my change, and then submit a pull request. Makes sense to do it that way, though, right? It _is_ the way the github docs tell you to do it, after all.

But, is THAT the level of "copying" they refer to?

It's a fair bet that cloning the repo [for this very purpose] only constructed pointers to particular revisions, and so it wouldn't reallly take up a lot of storage space on github's server.

STILL, I'd think it would count as a "copy"...

yeah, there IS a lot of "copying" going on, in this case. [I suppose I oughta delete my copy, now that I think of it, and the patch has been incorporated into the project]

post-post note - someone else mentioned 'forking', possibly as I was writing this...

Microsoft's memory randomization security defense is a little busted in Windows 8, 10

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yet ANOTHER reason

to stick with windows 7!!!

Some 'security people are f*cking morons' says Linus Torvalds

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"Torvalds - yup not a nice man"

being "nice" is HIGHLY overrated. It usually gets you abuse from underlings, and disrespect from bosses.

Being an ASSHOLE at the right times, and in the right context. usually works best. Smile MOST of the time, but it's always *HAMMER* *TIME* when the proverbial crap hits the proverbial fan.

I think Linus masters this pretty well. Programmers who can't handle the "you F'd up" hammer need to get out of the business. Otherwise, where's the motivation to create a quality operating system without a bunch of UNNECESSARY CRAP in it?

If Linus' motivation were narcissistic and/or exploitative, I'd be angry at him. But it's not. So he gets my BIG thumbs up!

icon, for Linus being "not a nice man".

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Re: Build statues in honor of Linus

Forget just a statue, how about a 'classic Greece' SHRINE?

/me envisions lots of Corinthian columns and marble

Seriously, though, Linus is right. If you try and put every "but if" you can into the kernel, you'll end up with MS WINDOWS [or worse] and who in the hell wants THAT???

I have a better idea: if you want "that behavior", write a kernel module to do it. Otherwise, leave everyone ELSE's Linux alone!!!

Cisco apparently wrote their own "hardened" Linux for their own stuff. Maybe Google needs to take a page out of THEIR handbook, and NOT sit there whining and trying to make EVERYBODY ELSE on the planet "do it THEIR way".

no icon this time, as I can't think of one that's even remotely relevant to this...

WordPress 4.9: This one's for you, developers!

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I just hand-edit everything with pluma, use a private github repo to transfer to the production site by doing ssh into the web server and 'git pull' and do whatever fixin' needs to be done on the web end afterwards. Actual development happens on a development box Works fine, and seems pretty secure.

who _needs_ something like WordPress?

Car tax evasion has soared since paper discs scrapped

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Re: No car tax?

in the USA the car license fees (and taxes) are handled by departments of motor vehicles. In Cali-Fornicate-You, they issue a sticker that you put on your license plate. Some states issue new license plates every year (or used to). Your car gets cited if the sticker is observed to be out of date. And each year's sticker is a different color so it's easy to see from a distance.

The sticker system works pretty well, actually. I'm not sure what a paper disk looked like, but if it was placed in the car windshield it would be a similar kind of system.

now, if Cali-Fornicate-You would just STOP IT with the tax increases I'd be a lot happier...

Arecibo spared the axe: Iconic observatory vital to science lives on

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Re: Welcome to 21st Century USA

no, you got it wrong.

more like this:

while (science && education)












fixed. you're welcome. (now why aren't indents working? oh well...)

Why Boston Dynamics' backflipping borg shouldn't scare you

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Re: Wow. 30 years from Shadow Robitics and people are still struggling with it.

I think Atlas may be hydraulic [which is easier to manage from a technical standpoint]. It's just the sounds it makes remind me of a hydraulic system, though some of the larger motors might still be of the electric-drive variety.

pneumatics is still a good idea as well (for size and efficiency), but the hiss-hiss of the valves operating would be irritating. Hydraulic systems are a lot quieter.

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Re: Boston Dynamics'

Early on, Google was funding them, but Google apparently saw a video from nearly 2 years ago and were NOT pleased:



apparently, after a year, they were sold to SoftBank:


Japan doesn't seem to have problems with developing robots. There's a long history of humanoid (and sometimes creepy humanoid) robots and Boston Dynamics seems to be a perfect extension of that.

I don't know why Google didn't keep them. I thought the "poor defenseless robot" video from a couple of years ago (when that guy kept teasing it like a bully might do, moving the box, shoving it on its face, etc.) was pretty good. Apparently Google didn't like it. "We at Google do NOT have a sense of humor" etc. might have been part of THAT conversation... (but I laughed, as I watched 3 stooges a lot when I was a kid, and I _do_ have a sense of humor!).

I think it was less about robots taking over, and more about NOT having a sense of humor about tripping, kicking, or pushing over a robot that's running a program telling it to pick up a box, or watching a robot almost fall on its "shiny metal ass" while walking over rough terrain in snow. [the fact that the bot recovered in an almost human-like way is pretty cool, though!].

[I'm also very glad to see these guys are still around.]

Tesla launches electric truck it guarantees won't break for a million miles

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Re: Tesla semi?

I would include a 4 cyl diesel engine anyway, to charge batteries while driving [or while sitting at a truck stop].

Just worth pointing out, the worst problem to solve in trucking is ADEQUATE AIR CONDITIONING.

As a truck driver, you're sitting on top of a high horsepower engine, constantly. Even good insulation isn't enough to block that heat on a hot day. You're gonna ROAST without proper air conditioning. And air conditioning uses power. It gets worse on hills during the summer, like the 'Grapevine' north of L.A., where drivers basically have to go slow in the 'special truck lane' and suffer through the heat. And so on. And the downlhill speed is limited to 15mph as I recall... (for safety). And uphill speed might be slower, depending. So not a lot of wind to help, yeah.

I suppose if you plan your trip properly, you use energy giong up hill, and try to restore it going down with dynamic braking. But what if the batteries are already fully charged? You'll need a way to dissipate the extra power, maybe a resistor bank with a cooling system [like trains have].

I have a strong, sneaky suspicion that this electric truck was designed by people who've never driven one on a long haul. So maybe my uncle (who owns a trucking business, though he's close to retiring now) could consult for them. Or any OTHER experienced driver that understands electricity and mechanical engineering, for that matter.

I think they'll need that. Otherwise, it's like the proverbial "Superiority" (by Arthur C. Clarke) problem.

New, Shiny not always "superior", yeah.

Windows Update borks elderly printers in typical Patch Tuesday style

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backward compatibility NOT a thing with Micro-shaft

pretty much what it says in the title.

Their response is likely to be "upgrade your hardware to go along with our forced-update software"

World Vasectomy Day: 15k men line up for live vent-blocking

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Re: Wouldn't you be...

this article is making me think of this web site at the moment:


sadly, looks like the site is offline now. thanks to the web archive, not completely.

Anyway... a couple of snips helps to prevent "the obvious problem", in a society that assumes that men are PREDATORS, and women are pure and innocent (regardless of whatever they CLAIM).


Those who have EVER been through a nasty divorce involving child custody, ESPECIALLY in Cali-FORNICATE-you, will understand what I mean. It's better to get SNIPPED and DENY the planet the benefit of your gene pool, than to have to ENDURE the ANAL RAPING in a courtroom, for those *kinds* of women don't have penises, but they have ATTORNEYS, and those attorneys will do "by proxy" (in the courtroom) what THEY could NEVER do to you...


yes, mental picture intentional. "BOHICA" --> Bend Over Here It Comes Again

Remember CompuServe forums? They're still around! Also they're about to die

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Re: First Quantum Link... then Usenet... now...

"then Usenet died off"

no, it hasn't. neither has IRC. A lot of linux and programming-related and hacking-related newsgroups still exist, and get regular posts even.

it's just that TOO MANY people swallowed the FACE-BITCH/TW*TTER coolaid. But on USENET there are no ads [other than SPEW/SPAM]. There are no moderators [a moderated group is easily circumvented anyway]. There are no more "control: cancel" responses that are honored, so no post-post editing either. (but then again, I wouldn't need editing so much on El Reg if the fonts were of a reasonable size in the edit window, aka "the same size as the text I view after posting" - which it isn't).

And anyone who posts HTML to USENET is *APPROPRIATELY* *FLAMED*

It's truly the Wild West on USENET. As the intarwebs SHOULD be.

The Quantum of Firefox: Why is this one unlike any other Firefox?

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Re: Everything's gone. Everything.

"If your experience is anything like mine, what it will come up with will be mostly worthless nonsense."

ACK - nobody wants to take on a gargantuan project like that as a fork, and deal with the support nightmare that individuals would have to deal with.

palemoon doesn't build (easily) on FreeBSD, and waterfox is just... ancient.

Mozilla has chased their tail for YEARS. First, they wasted time on a "the METRO" version of FF, then abandoned it. AND, they went off on that "Australis" crap, to be "chrome like". FAIL. I think they even entertained an Android version, but I've never seen an Android running anything else EXCEPT Chrome [it seems to be too heavily tied into other aspects of the Android system].

So now we get THIS. MOZILLA is acting JUST! LIKE! MICRO-SHAFT!!!

on a related note...

I'm considering doing something like 'midori' except *WITHOUT* the 2D FLATSO [I don't recall the OLDER versions being that "chrome like" but the newer ones certainly are...]. Then add support for older plugins, and VOILA! It could become its own entity, FOR THE REST OF US.

If _I_ do it, it'll probably build on Linux and BSD and to hell with native Win32 [use Cygwin or MinGW to build it and gtk2 to render it. HAH!]

And at that point all security fixes would be tied to webkit, which would minimize my involvement.

[anyone ELSE want to "give it a shot" ??? I'm kinda busy these days]

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Re: The Quantum of Firefox

"The change in the add-on API was announced well over a year ago. It actually makes things easier for developers to provide add-ons for all browsers."

* N * * O * ! ! ! ! ! <-- read that as a VERY loud "NO"

It *BREAKS* things that *USED* *TO* *BE* *POSSIBLE* !!!

The legacy plugins can *NOT* "just be rewritten". They CAN! NOT! BE! DONE! ANY! MORE!!!

Get it?

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Re: 30 per cent faster -- but square tabs?

"An add-on easily reverted that monstrosity to the 'classic' Firefox look"

Until... NOW. I use those addons, too. I ***FORNICATING*** ***HATE*** ***AUSTRALIS*** !!!!!

And Firef[o,u]x 57 has *BROKEN* *IT* !!!

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Re: 30 per cent faster

"is your server configured to use HTTP/2?"

should be nearly all of them by now. Although... I _have_ written http servers by hand before, for things like microcontroller config UI pages and for device control via a web interface [it just made more sense that way]. Support for HTTP/2 requests is pretty much mandatory, ya know?

I think what you meant to say was PERSISTENT CONNECTIONS.

But I agree with at least SOME of your javascript comments. What you did NOT mention was "having 15 different places to load script files from". Micro-shaft does THAT with THEIR pages.

And NOT having javascript at ALL - THAT would be best!

So here's what _I_ suggest web devs do, to improve speed:

a) include ONLY those style elements you actually NEED, in a "<style>" section within the '<head>' section of the web page.

b) embed whatever _MINIMAL_ script you might need on the page itself.

c) use '<table>' for formatting things. Yeah, it's old school, but works pretty well

most of the slowness is because of SLOPPY web "programmers" using WAY too much script, or including (a) 3rd party ginormous BLOATWARE style sheet(s). Seen it, in the middle of cleaning that kind of crap up, in fact.

No amount of "30 percent faster" (or fat bandwidth pipes) will _EVAR_ fix _THAT_ !!!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: 30 per cent faster

"We now have square edges instead of round edges for the tabs. "

with all of the *OTHER* *RELEVANT* UI gripes (like 'Australis' in general [and the 2D FLATSO-NESS], lack of menu the first time it's run, and "the hamburger" being HARD to get rid of without plugins [unless they actually fixed it], and BREAKING the legacy plugins), they "fixed" the tab shape?

I actually liked the rounder tab corners, but whatever. It's not a 'deal breaker' for me.

WHAT! IS! A! DEAL! BREAKER! IS! AUSTRALIS!!! [it's what I use legacy plugins to GET RID OF, as much as possible anyway]

So they "majored in the minors" again, walked over dollars to pick up pennies, and claimed they'd cleaned up the mess. Yeah, right...

Now Firefox, WHY are you losing share? How about because of THE UI THAT YOU CANNOT PUT BACK TO THE WAY EVERYONE (EXCEPT YOU AND YOUR SYCOPHANTIC FANBOIS) WANT IT TO BE!!! (you know, 'classic' appearance)

GET a CLUE, please!

Windows on ARM: It's nearly here (again)

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Re: Native code good, x86 emulation bad

might as well do everything in javascript.

no, wait...

Universal basic income is a great idea, which is also why it won't happen

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Re: UBI will come - soon

and if it DOES come, say goodbye to your economy. "the masses" will end up with mediocrity, and "the ruling elite" will always have "theirs". Separate the haves and have-nots by guaranteeing UBI and you'll keep all of those upstarts (who otherwise WOULD work harder to get ahead) "in their place".

But why is that?

Because, in order to PAY for it, you'll have to tax incomes at the worst possible 'progressive' rate. but "the rich" are ALREADY rich. You're heavily taxing people trying to BECOME rich. So you're heavily taxing those who have the POTENTIAL of being rich, but you're taking that opportunity away from them with the high marginal tax rates. And so they say "why the HELL should _I_ slave myself and get NOTHING in return?" So they stop working so hard, as it's POINTLESS. And so on.

And "the rich" get RICHER, because they ALWAYS do, and the poor get POORER, because, UBI.


bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: fast forward.

summary: without threat of starvation and/or rampant poverty, NOBODY would work hard to get ahead.

And, don't forget one other likely outcome: when 'minimum income' is handed out by "whomever", expenses will rise to meet it. So you'll be equally poor as before, but with more money. This translates to a rather nasty form of inflation. It's why housing in certain places is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE, and the wages are often "just high enough" so you can SUBSIST but not get ahead.

See how it works?

The only fix is a TRUE free market system. As imperfect as it is, free market has the inherent checks and balances to reward hard work and punish laziness. As for "compassion", let private charities and religious organizations handle that part. When politicians are elected by giving other people's money away to those who vote for them, corruption is guaranteed.

It's 2017 – and your Windows PC can be forced to run malware-stuffed Excel macros

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Re: IE and Edge CVEs ????

"How come there are CVEs affecting both ?"

Because it's a definition of INSANITY to try the same thing twice and expect DIFFERENT outcomes...

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Re: It's 2017, and El Reg is still using this tired trope

a lesson from the 3 stooges: they would do the same expected routines all of the time, even in public, and it always got laughs, ESPECIALLY when it was expected. It's because they're funny. Same here. I chuckled at the title. Again. Gotta love it!

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Re: WTF?

Micro-shaft and Adobe, with respect to the _KINDS_ of "features" that enable such ginormous security craters in the FIRST place, are in a position that is WAY TOO similar to playing a video game where you're battling monsters but you spend your ENTIRE TIME healing the injuries you receive instead of doing damage to the monsters. In those kinds of game battles, you can NEVER get ahead and so you end up LOSING (or getting a REALLY CRAPPY score).

"The Swarm" of potential attacks on these various attack vectors is just to great. Or so it seems.

The only possible fix for some of this stuff might just be to DISABLE the "features" with a patch that only allows end-users to re-enable the potentially dangerous features if they accept the consequences and responsibility for doing so.

Overwhelming potential security problems, and UNDERwhelming responses. Business as usual.

Privacy Pass protocol promises private perusing

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let's NOT make this ANOTHER tollbooth, K?

there are already TOO MANY tollbooths on the intarwebs, some of them funded by TRACKING. This includes SSL CERTS.

Let's make sure THIS one does not turn into "yet another tollbooth".

Sean Parker: I helped destroy humanity with Facebook

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Re: If not joining is a test


Congrats! [/me also NOT in "that club"]

I always figured, WHY BOTHER with face-barf when I can set up a free web site someplace else, without ads, and without them tracking me...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: something like an addiction can be found here

"And if they're UNdead?"

In the words of F.P.S. Russia: "But deze are *zombies*. You must shoot zem in de *head*. Remember dis, iz vwery important. With zombie, you must destroy de *brain*. So let's do that..." (ultimax machine gun video)

Thousand-dollar iPhone X's Face ID wrecked by '$150 3D-printed mask'

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Re: When will they learn

I had always figured it would fall apart if I didn't shave for a while or facial hair got longer. Might even pose a problem if you get a radical haircut, are wearing glasses, or if women put on different style eye makeup.

otherwise it might be "too permissive". False positives and false negatives, all equally bad.

Munich council: To hell with Linux, we're going full Windows in 2020

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Re: Why not web?

"I would assume that porting to the web instead would be much better value for money"

uh, ... NO. "The Web" is _HIGHLY_ overrated, especially with respect to performance and downtime. So-called 'web apps' are toys by comparison to REAL NATIVE APPLICATIONS.

Be careful, or "the cloud" bandwagon will ensnare you. And Micro-shaft Orifice 365 is the latest siren song, blaring from on top of that bandwagon.

/me thinks: 30+ years of "PC on the desktop", and SOME people actually think that GOING BACK to a "timesharing" way of doing things is THE RIGHT PATH???

icon, because, "facepalm" again

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Re: Politics has everything to do with it

"the new mayor, MS, and Accenture have been in a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" relationship for a good few years now"

THAT would be my first suspicion with "anything gummint". It's ALWAYS about the politics!

Good job, and thanks for saying it!

(and upvote number 42 was from ME)

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Re: Politics is nothing to do with it.

"It's not like they'd be able to change distros or something at the drop of a hat."

@Alan Bourke

Uh, you've never actually USED Linux now have you?

I change distros all of the time. It depends on what I want to do, or if I'm just evaluating the latest CentOS or using Ubuntu because the customer wants me to. Funny how nearly all of the software I want is available in ANY of them. [it then becomes a matter of what package manager to use. I tend to prefer 'apt' for Linux, but when I use FreeBSD I use the ports system and built-in 'pkg']

In fact I've got several different distros installed in VMs and on actual computers at the moment. Everything I do seems to work exactly the same on all of them (with notable exceptions like dealing with systemd or not), and though I might occasionally have to go directly to a web site to get the latest version of something (we'll say 'Arduino' since that's one of them that even Ubuntu is years behind on, last I checked) everything else pretty much works the same, whether you're on windows, or on Linux, or on FreeBSD - except the general build environment, which pretty much SUCKS on windows these days (without Cygwin, heh). I suspect Mac is similar being as its userland is based on FreeBSD 5.x .

So yeah next time you make claims like "Linux and LibreOffice is a poor relation for any sort of serious corporate use. It's blindingly obvious" keep in mind that "El Reg" is frequented by people who know that such claims are completely UN! TRUE!!!

At least, outside of the accounting department... [where I.T. knowledge is typically at a low point]

This link appeared on the first page of an online search:


(and that was from back in 2008, and I suspect the list is longer now)

icon, because, facepalm

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"MS have done a good job of reducing the appeal of their Office, but it is so much faster, smoother and easier to use than the Libre equivalent."

"I suspect the issue is it's based on Java"

This has not been my experience. Not even close.

As for "based in java" when did THAT happen? I recall building Open Office from source (for FreeBSD) with a LOT of C++ source files... but that was a while ago. It took a full day on the old hardware (single-threaded build). I don't happen to have a copy of the source at the moment, but I don't think there's much Java in there. Ok probably some. But not a lot.

So I'm studying the 'Makefile' for the port on FreeBSD, "editors/libreoffice", and there are apparently no "always on" dependencies in which I can find for a JRE or JDK, either in the latest FBSD ports. There's an option for "Java Support" (labeled 'JAVA') and from what I can tell, a list of dependencies on java and apache-ant and the usual suspects for WHEN IT IS ENABLED (but not 'always on'). But most of it appears to use a combination of Qt4 and GTK and that "usual suspect" list of dependencies to build and run. So most definitely C++ (at least for the GUI side). Perl is also involved, interestingly enough.

So the claim that "the issue is it's based on Java" appears to be FALSE. Anyone else out there have any indication that it's actually dependent on Java? Because I'm not seeing it...

icon, as there appears to be no "I call B.S." equivalent.

[yeah if you're gonna post B.S. post as A.C. right?]

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: @ Voland's right hand

"Access is the "little evil". 99% of apps talk to it via odbc and can be made to talk to an alternative database backend."

for the most part, I'd say you're right. If ADO is involved, or VB applications with "special" 3rd party shared components, or even outright MS 'Excess' applications, I suspect this would still be true [but it would require a knowledgeable IT person to fix it].

Isn't it "lazier" to just say "we need this" ??? [that's probably what happened]

The biggest problem with JET is that it couldn't really tolerate multi-user (or even multi-thread), among other things. It only played well by itself, in its own little "sandbox".

Still I'd like to see what those alleged "800 programs" actually are. AND to compare that against a list of independently researched 'equivalents'. If they were serious about it, and not trying to HIDE SOMETHING, they'd most definitely publish that list.

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Re: Not sure about Office?

"Many of us have seen this many times before in the past."

and also the cost REDUCTIONS for NOT "going Microsoft".

Microsoft DOES know how to "market" their wares. They appear to be doing so. And they understand governments [as they seem to behave JUST LIKE ONE more often than not].

What's missing here is a description of "what software they need" and why it's only windows programs that will do the job. And if THEIR gummint is anything like MY gummint, they've wasted 90% of their research funds chasing their tails doing nothing, so they can file a report that says "we tried".

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