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AI bot rips off human eyes, easily cracks web CAPTCHA codes. Ouch

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Re: Good

"I hate those stupid damn Captcha boxes"

so do _I_ . The #1 reason: they all require FORNICATING SCRIPTING to be enabled

Julian Assange says Cambridge Analytica asked WikiLeaks for something

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Re: Chain drive

"Yes, but it takes a strong imagination, or a whole lot of desperation."

never understimate the ability of "the left" in the USA to twist things via the willing accomplices in the "Lame-stream" media, and blow a "nothing" completely out of proportion [allegations of collusion with the Russians by Trump and his election committee] while *BLATANTLY* *IGNORING* the actual _CRIMES_ being done [with willing accomplices in the justice department, FBI, CIA, and white house at the time the crimes were committed] by Mrs. Clinton, and even the entire Democrat National Committee!

The entire "Russia, Russia, Russia" thing was apparently started by a dossier claiming that Trump hired hookers to pee on a bed in a Russian hotel. It was allegedly _SO_ scathing that Senator McCain had someone FLY to the UK to bring it back to the U.S.. And now, we know for CERTAIN that it was not only faked up [and the man's name is known, the guy that wrote it - I forget who it is though], but it was BOUGHT and PAID FOR by Mrs. Clinton and the Demo-Rat Party, _AND_ handed off to the FBI and the CIA and other intelligence gathering and law enforcement agencies, who then treated it as if it were CREDIBLE INTELLIGENCE. Currently, there's an investigation giong on to see whether or not they used this to justify SEARCH WARRANTS for "wire tapping", surveylance, searches, etc. basically violating the privacy and rights of innocent U.S. Citizens.

Putting all of this in perspective, a company hired by Trump's campaign apparently asked WikiLeaks for information that they'd already PUBLISHED. I have heard (on the radio) that the response from WIkiLeaks was that it was already published, and they should just "go and get it". Or something like that.

But WHAT! A! SCANDAL! THAT! MUST! BE! to ask for something that was ALREADY! PUBLISHED!!!

Because, it's Trump, and not Mrs. Clinton, a member of the "protected class" and a card-carrying leftist elitist.

Even more warship cuts floated for the Royal Navy

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Re: ah the costs of buying abroad

didn't the USA buy a lot of HARRIER planes too?

I have a suggestion: COMPETE. Build a better plane. Then we'll buy 'em too, no doubt. Everybody wins.

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Re: RE: Except those times they didn't, like the Falklands.

"The US has a long-stated policy of not helping Britain retain or regain it's empire"

Source, please. Not opinions. K-thx. Roosevelt making "that" a condition of entering WW2? He was looking for an *EXCUSE* to enter the war! Lend-Lease and supporting things like the Flying Tigers was all part of that. Our Congress must declare war, and so he was doing what he could without them. But yeah, the USA should've declared war against Germany the day they invaded Poland, hindsight being 20:20, and against Japan when they invaded Manchuria. Maybe then, things would've ended a lot quicker...

I'd really like to see the evidence that suggests that Roosevelt, or USA foreign policy in general, seeks to undermine the British Empire, either in the idea of rebuilding it, or in the idea of dismantling it.

Some of the attitudes ca 1776 and 1812 might have been like that though. I'll accept that one. But wasn't most of that fixed in the latter half of the 19th century? If you consider the history between England and France over the last many centuries, it hasn't been so nice either, until the mid to late 19th century, anyway. [it's one of the reasons that France helped out during the revolutionary war, and why the USA helped Napoleon by purchasing land on the American continent for such a high price].

Yeah, some of our histories, long since acted out by people who are all dead, hasn't been so nice. I don't think this kind of thinking is still in play. I'd really need to see some real evidence to believe it.

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Re: But...

I was in the Navy at the time of the Falkland war. You guys handled it _SO_ well, I think it was more of a 'sit back and wait' approach. It was refreshing to see someone fight back so WILLINGLY against the kind of crap that the Argentinian Junta was trying to pull. Keep in mind, we'd just elected Ron Reagan because of the Iranian Hostage crap, and all of the domestic problems, caused by Carter and the Demo-Rats. There was a lot of 'malaise' and the fog was starting to lift. We in the USA were all VERY tired of piss-ant dictators and 'dog with no teeth' governments making LOTS of noise and pushing everyone else around.

We should applaud you guys for helping to reverse "all that".

But yeah UK needs a strong Navy, just like the USA needs a strong Navy. Otherwise, you end up with problems like PIRACY. Oh, wait, that's been happening, hasn't it?

And there are still some of the same players, piss-ant dictators (Kim 'Fatass' Un) and 'dog with no teeth' governments [Iran] making LOTS of noise and *TRYING* to push everyone else around. Again.

So ya might want to reconsider some of those budget cuts, and MAYBE cut some "austerity" stuff instead. And cut tax rates. And so on. [we're kinda working on that on this side of the pond right now]

Forget One Windows, Microsoft says it's time to modernize your apps

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Re: Modernise apps?

This ill-conceived "app" crapp on Windows is one such instance of that insanity. Can't MS just admit that "One UI to rule them all" was a bad idea (like Canonical did) and reverse course to a time when we had a desktop OS that was actually designed for the large majority of PCs running Windows? You know, with keyboards, mice, and non-touch, large monitors. You can just hear the strawmen being erected even now... "Why don't you just go back to DOS and its 640k barrier?"

I shall attempt to answer this, in the reality of how Micro-shaft *REALLY* sees it.

a) We at Micro-shaft believe that the 'app' model is the future, and "the Store" is the only way you should be able to deploy them.

b) We at Micro-shaft continue to listen to our customers, who we *FEEL* are generally shifting to a more 'mobile' platform, and as such we must ensure that we are "jiggy with it" by making our platform look more like "mobile".

c) We at Micro-shaft don't give a RAT'S ASS how many PC makers are losing sales because our desktop operating system STINKS ON ICE. We want to leverage everyone into doing things OUR way using OUR model so we can have a perpetual revenue source. It's a slow process because a frog in hot water won't notice the temperature change until he's cooked.

d) We at Micro-shaft are selling touchy-feely computers to go with our touchy-feely attitudes, and if you don't buy a Surface, we have no sympathy for you. The other manufacturers can eat our scraps if they want to, but if you can't touch the screen, we don't give a crap about your computer, or YOU for that matter.

and of course if I must go back to an MS-DOS like thing, let's just shift over to Linux, shall we? BASH is a great command line interpreter, and it works best when you run THE REAL THING [or BSD] and not Micro-shaft's crap-clone version.

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Re: Patronising POS

"The informal 'chummy' messages and dialogues are part of Microsoft's 'grand strategy' to connect with the youths, and in turn endear them to Microsoft's products and the Microsoft brand."

Their strategy ONLY works if you expect your customer base to be BABIES.

Everything I've ever learned about management techniques tells me that this is *WRONG* on too many levels.

If you expect your customer base to be ADULTS, then the children will RISE to the occasion.

if you expect your customer base to be IDIOTS, then _ONLY_ _IDIOTS_ will want it.

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Re: I hope everyone boycotts this Microsoft initiative

"And .NET would be hard for MS to drop (as in, it would piss a lot of people off)."

it's very existence kinda pisses ME off. It was an early attempt to turn senior Win32 developers into "junior .Not developers" by essentially CHANGING THE ENTIRE GAME. I won't write any application that uses it. EVAR. And C-pound stinks on ice.

Win32 API made sense. Everything "new, shiny" since the 'turn of the century' has pretty much STUNK, except a handful of stuff that ended up in the Windows 7 UI [though I think I prefer XP or 2k, given the choice].

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Re: Fluent Design System

"flat with some annoying animations every time you put your mouse near it."

It's "Microsoft Bother" - didn't you know about that "new, shiny" feature?

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Re: Modernise apps?

I've seen the term 'Modern' used in SUCH pejorative ways by the coolaid addicts and incorrigible Win-10-nic fanbois, it's almost like "the M word" now.

"Modernize" ==> get with the program you throwback, ex-hippy, old-fart, stick-in-the-mud, "get off my lawn" refuse-to-change'er, like there's something WRONG with YOU for NOT "loving it" with Win-10-nic.

"Thoroughly Modern Microsoft" needs to stop co-opting the English language for their own evil purposes.

/me is old enough to know what REAL hippies are/were, and not the pretenders who live 50 miles outside of Silly Valley along the left coast of the USA...

Watership downtime: BadRabbit encrypts Russian media, Ukraine transport hub PCs

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Re: Like all software

"Whereas a nice windows box with a "pay now" button wouldnt give the same impression."

yes. watch 'Wargames' or 'Hackers' or even 'The Matrix' and you'll get the impression that REAL hackers use that mysterious thing called "a console", something MOST users nowadays are either afraid of or forgot ever existed...

"follow the white rabbit" indeed.

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Re: Like all software

these days, "software" often means "slap together a bunch of 3rd party CRAPware into 'something' and call it 'an app'".

BadRabbit is like that, according to the article anyway.


'Rabbit' is already a hacker term for "any hack that includes infinite self-replication" [according to online resources]. The alleged history is from a "hack called RABBITS reported from 1969 on a Burroughs 55000 at the University of Washington Computer Center".


So the author is slapping TERMS together, too. How. Creative. NOT.

icon, because, *FACEPALM*

How to make your HTML apps suck less, actually make some money

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Re: If only ...

"Its almost like a mythical man microsecond just magnified 32 billion times."

good analogy.

I cope with slow interfaces by SCREAMING PROFANITIES and ranting online.

Micro-shaft is the worst for unnecessary bandwidth pollution. I don't know how many times I have to click on 'temporarily allow all this page' (in NoScript) for ANY of their online stuff (like MSDN) to work these days... the number of 3rd party scripts is OUTRAGEOUS and it's only getting WORSE.

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Re: Still too heavy...

best example of why NOT to do 'web-based' things: google docs online editor. Try a spreadsheet some time... one with actual formulas in it that auto-update every time you change something [because a junior "programmer" developed it].

any amount of latency, or if you like listening to streaming content while working on things, or someone in your household is playing youtube videos, and your performance will SUCK like a Kirby. [and Kirby vacuum cleaners suck on MULTIPLE levels]

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Re: Kool-Aid duly drunk

it's part of the "content consumption" model for devices and applications.

and the "advantage" of having all of that stuff on a cloud server? The built-in monitoring and tracking, of course! Just have that web-based-app "phone home" every time you use it. no problem! And with the crappy performance expectations from an online "app", nobody will notice if there's a bit of tracking in there, too.

And don't forget the ad-servers. hey, just an OCCASIONAL popup or embedded banner... for now...

and the frogs continue to "not notice" that the water temperature has gone up another 15 deg C.

Sex harassment scandal scoops up Silicon Valley's Slimy Scoble

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"no means no" - or DOES it?

that's a line I've heard from feminist types FOREVER - and yet, some persistent guy always seems to become her "significant other" at some point, by persistently NOT taking 'no' for an answer. GO figure.

"The rolling saga of rich and powerful men being identified as serial sexual harassers has returned to Silicon Valley"

it never left. Where you have self-centered men rising to a seat of power and authority, particularly over women, you get the *kinds* of abuses that have been happening since, like, FOREVER. No surprises here. That's part of human nature. And women aren't helping with the "no means no, unless it means maybe. Or even YES". My $.10 worth: just say what you F'ing mean, allright, dammit? But they don't. Unless they do.

Sexual abuse happens in ALL aspects of power, from politics to business. The thing is, why do some women TOLERATE it?

Yeah women *SHOULD* "tear off your balls and feed them to you" if you do the harssment (or worse, abuse). But if it didn't "work" at least SOMETIMES, then those asshat predators wouldn't DO IT SO MUCH before they're "caught". [numbers game, like spammers]

And they're SO SORRY they GOT CAUGHT, aren't they?

Please activate the anti-ransomware protection in your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update PC. Ta

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yet another 'new, shiny' feature that gets a *yawn*

so how much of a pain IS it to set up everything to be "scramble-proof"? And when will the ransomware be smart enough to "un-do all of that" ?

I'm guessing that it's NOT password protected with a separate pass-phrase, nor write protected with something that's truly tamper-proof.

and without much review, we only have Microsoft's claims about its features...

/me hope it actually works, but I suspect that maybe it's not worth the hype.

Boffins trapped antiprotons for days, still can't say why they survived the Big Bang

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anti-particles "moving backwards in time" ?

here's a thought...

I once heard, from a reputable engineering person that might actually know stuff about theoretical physics, that anti-particles are [or are suspected to be] particles moving backwards in time. This is mostly because they have opposite spin, so "in theory" maybe it's true, like observing a coin flip creates a reality and a theoretical universe where "the opposite" came up, right?. OK fine, Schroedinger's cat IS both alive and dead [as stated in an article a couple of years ago, on El Reg even, when it was proved by experimentation].

I occasionally glean interesting information about such things on "teh intarwebs", some of which may be valid, and a lot of which falls into the perpetual motion category of bullcrap "science".

Today I'm thinking, WHAT IF it's true that anti-particles move backwards in time?

Well, at the big bang, was there time *BEFORE* the bang? Answer: no.

So, how can it create ANTI-PARTICLES??? And now you have it!

Wanna exorcise Intel's secretive hidden CPU from your hardware? Meet Purism's laptops

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Black Helicopters

"Looks like keeping hold of my 2007 Dell Latitude without these 'features' was a good idea"

ack. Intel's "new, shiny" [particularly when running Win-10-nic] isn't worth the *RISKS*. I'll stick with proven, slightly older, very slightly slower tech that doesn't have a built-in back door.

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Re: Disabled? Yeah, right...

"What I don't understand is why isn't there simply a Bios setting to disable it? Wouldn't that make sense?"

It makes _TOO_ _MUCH_ _SENSE_. That's why nobody's doing it, I guess...

Ubuntu 17.10: We're coming GNOME! Plenty that's Artful in Aardvark, with a few Wayland wails

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Re: Looks tempting

"I think if one is doing a lot of work that involves a load of texture maps in 3D, the pipe does become a problem. Hence moving away from that architecture"

that's where GLX becomes a better solution than native X11 calls. Since that involves device driver stuff, I suppose you'd have to query for support, and have an alternative method available when it won't work...

ideally all of that would be done via the toolkit

/me has heard of GUI toolkits based entirely on Open GL (and that should have GLX support)

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Re: Ch-Ch-Changes

"you're an incredibly offensive, bitter and twisted man"

thanks for the pejorative. I suppose I owe you an FOAD. but I won't. oops, too late.

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Re: Looks tempting

"Wayland: About time. Pushing all UI through a pipe/socket was good in its day, but the desktop needs more. X11 has had its time, and they're no longer wasting time with Mir."

About that... let me describe some of my experiences with low-level X11 coding...

several years ago I decided I wanted a proper IDE for X11. And because NOBODY supports "virtual space", something I really like, I started on my own toolkit. still working on that one. yeah, time, money, lack thereof, getting in my way.

Anyway, one thing I discovered early on is that the X11 protocol is _NOT_ what causes "perceived slowness" in X11 applications. In fact, my application was popping up SO fast that I was like "Oh... it's already running". I'd type the command into a shell, and *poof* it was already open, displaying the menu, etc.. When I added clipboard support, there was an additional 1/2 sec delay to do all of the messaging to and from the desktop, and I also added a nice splash screen with 3D animation, which gives you that "perception of doing something".

But I have _NOT_ run into _ANY_ performance problems dealing with X11's communications pipe (or TCP connection). In FACT I've seen a CLEAR ADVANTAGE here, because it's CLIENT/SERVER, so you are using at least 2 CPU cores to make it work. It's leveraging multi-core, and has ALWAYS done so!!!

The *REAL* problem with performance from X11 applications is the way the GTK's have to suck in EVERY BLOATWARE LIBRARY on the planet (cairo, bonobo, pango, yotta yotta yotta) even though maybe YOUR application only needs just a fraction of their capability. This increases load times. And *THEN* there's the "object oriented insanity" associated with things like the 'File Open' box you see in the gnome world. Do you *REALLY* have to scan *EVERY* file to determine what the icon needs to be, *BEFORE* loading up the list o' files to choose from? Windows does this, too [and it's disreputably SLOW because of it]. _MY_ file open dialog box looks like Windows '95 era but loads BLISTERINGLY FAST, even with hundreds of files. Try THAT with a BLOATWARE version. Yeah. The objects are MINDLESSLY collecting unused and worthless "information" about EVERY! STINKING! FILE! and that has NOTHING to do with X11 protocol or the network or the file system or X11's client/server model.

It's also worth pointing out that a typical X-based application *COULD* be statically linked with the X11 libraries, and it would probably run/load just a _teeny_ bit faster. it could also be [*gasp*] shipped as a BINARY that way, and not have shared-lib-dependency-hell when copying to destination systems. Just sayin'. Not sure about Wayland applications, though. I bet it's so Windows-like it might as well have been designed in REDMOND. [but it was probably Silly Valley, nearly as bad]

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Re: To-do item for v18

"They absolutely, positively, cannot do that until they've used Mango Maniac or Mango Mussolini."

Jumping Jackalopes?

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Re: Ch-Ch-Changes

"Why do they make these changes? Who asked for different right-click menus and toolbars?"

It's the same as the reason behind Windows "Ape" and Win-10-nic. CHANGE for the SAKE of CHANGE!

A bunch of millenial CHILDREN noticed that a whole bunch of us old farts have either retired, or moved on to other things. As a result THEY were left in positions of reasonably high authority. A handful of 'old farts' remained behind, but were easily tricked into believing whatever CRAP the millenials were preaching.

After all, to these millenials, it's THEIR turn now. We old farts are DINOSAURS, sticks in the mud, living in the past, refusing to change, refusing to adapt, refusing to believe that what THEY want to do is so superior to the way things have been done for DECADES.

It's THEIR turn now, and DAMMIT, they're gonna SHOVE IT UP OUR DOWN OUR THROATS, for our OWN GOOD, whether we WANT it or NOT, because, CHANGE is *ALWAYS* better, right? [in THEIR minds it is apparently so]

In the case of Micro-shaft, they went to "the Metro" UWP and a phone OS on the desktop. Unity isn't much better, but THANKFULLY it was ABANDONED by Canonical.

However, Canonical still needs a CLUE BAT when it comes to systemd and Wayland. And so do the project managers over at Debian [hence, Devuan].

Obviously these people have NEVER read Arthur C. Clarke's 'SUPERIORITY'.

So that handful of "old farts" who STILL retain some decisionmaking power should *NEVAR* enable those damned millenial CHILDREN who want all of that "change for the sake of change". Just because they're YOUNG does _NOT_ make them "hip with the latest beat". OK my age is _REALLY_ showing now.

The fact is, THESE CHILDREN do _NOT_ know arses from holes in the ground, CRAP from shinola, etc.. They *FEEL* they do, and their emotions drive them too much. "Old Farts" that ENABLE them are as much to blame, if not MORE. Yeah, it's HARD for some people to say "No". I had to teach that to someone a long time ago who fell for telephone hard-sales too easily. You just say NO, and hang up the damn phone. "What do you say when they start talking about how you need this?" "NO!"

Same with those 2D FLATSO 4" phone UI loving millenials (some call them "4 inchers" based on how they see the universe through a 4 inch screen). They have NO CLUE what's possible, and they're more than willing to TAKE IT AWAY and SHOVE THEIR CHANGE into whatever bodily orifice an unsuspecting end-user might have, simply because they are:

a) arrogant

b) inexperienced

c) full of themselves

d) horribly misinformed

e) short sighted

f) smug

g) living in a bubble world of ONLY others like themselves

h) totally clueless

i) unable to drop their phones for 5 minutes and have a REAL conversation

j) way too influenced by social media

k) caught in the trap of "new, shiny"

and that's all about I can think of at the moment. Add all of that up, and you get your explanation.

You're welcome.

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Re: Gun, meet foot.

it just means checking out what's up with devuan. Hopefully THOSE guys "get it" and REFUSE the Wayland, too, along with systemd.

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Re: Ch-Ch-Changes

I like caja. 'caja' is spanish for 'box'. easy to remember the name that way.

(no, not THAT kind of box)

And 'pluma' (the editor) retains everything I liked about the gnome 2 version of 'gedit'. [gnome 3 gedit is CRAP and irritates me]. 'pluma' is Spanish for 'pen'. also easy to remember it that way.

OK Mate is just _SUPERIOR_ to Gnome 3, that's all. Heh.

(and FreeBSD has _NO_ systemd, nor will it, EVAR)

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Re: Gun, meet foot.

"What's now to differentiate between Ubuntu and Fedora"

apparently not much. Systemd, and now Wayland.

icon, because, FACEPALM

let's hope Mint and Debian have the decency to NOT go with Wayland. It takes away a specific feature that I find INCREDIBLY useful for a LOT of reasons, particularly with headless systems: It allows me to run a GUI that's hosted on one machine, and displayed on a different one. Works with X11, but _NOT_ with Wayland.

And that's a DEAL BREAKER for ME.

It also works pretty well with X11 if you have different logged-in users on the SAME box.

Let's say you want to run Firefox *NOT* as the logged-in user. Let's say you're doing this for security reasons, and have a sandbox user specifically intended for this, with its own home directory, a cache that auto-purges [along with all history, cookies, etc.] when you exit, and NO group permissions on the login that might be a security problem. You see a somewhat suspicious sight (maybe on facebitch or twatter] that you dont' want a permanent cookie or script tracking you for whatever reason.

OK so you log in with your "special" login using "su - special" (or whatever), then type in something like "export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0" into the command line [or put this in your login script, whatever] and then [after xhost +localhost from a console in the logged-in session] run firefox from the 'su -' shell, and VOILA! You're running firefox on the same X desktop as before, but logged in as someone else. It's NOT going to snoop on what you've got running elsewhere [it can't]. It's not going to start tracking other sites that happen to have the right magic javascript code, or the right invisible graphics on them, or the right 3rd party cookies. It's a completely separate process, running as a completely separate user.

And I _like_ that.

Or let's say I have a VM running that does the same thing. It's a VM on my machine, or maybe on a different machine. Whatever. I log into the VM via 'ssh' then run firefox in a similar way, displayed on MY DESKTOP, except it's running on the VM. Now I can visit those "dangerous" sites [or the ones that track the CRAP out of you], and when I'm done, the history goes BYBY! And I dont' have to close one of the 30 or so browser tabs that I leave open with the logged-in user.

But try and do THAT with WAYLAND! G'head, g'head, try it! Oh, does NOT WORK???

Well that just proves what a piece of **CRAP** that Wayland is, huh!

Yeah, ubu, be like Micro-shaft and TAKE CAPABILITY AWAY. Or worse, change it around completely like systemd does. Yeah, THAT will "fix" things.

At least you had the sensibility to abandon UNITY. And you support Mate installs, which is also good. But, when it comes to X11 vs WAYLAND, I think the choice is CLEAR for true power users. I'll keep my X11 thank you, and give it up when you PRY IT from my COLD, DEAD, FINGERS!

Plants in SPAAAAAAACE are good for you

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Re: RE: I see what you did there

"You have to have enough space to grow it though."

This is where the 'inflatable module' makes a lot of sense. Put a bunch of seedlings in several inflatable modules, inflate after takeoff, let them grow.

I would guess that, at some point, we'll start getting some artificial gravity "spinning" modules that help the plants [and the people] with at least a partial gravity. Plants sort of need to know which way is 'down' for the roots to work correctly.

/me has been looking forward to that classic '2001 a Space Odyssey' spinning wheel station. If it hadn't been for politics getting in the way, we'd have been there by now...

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Re: There's got to be a lot more of this if humans want to live on other planets.

well, the article also hits on the "feng shui" aspect of having plants in your office, or a fish tank, or something of that nature. It improves your mental state.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update tackles IT's true menace: Cheating gamers

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Re: open to abuse?

too late, remember the Sony Media CD ROM thing? It caused CD ROM drives to stop working properly, after listening to a single audio CD with the "virus" equipped on it. Very embarrassing for them.


bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Cheaters will cheat as Crackers will crack

Ugh, they're going to leverage this new gamer API in order to *FORCE* games to *REQUIRE* win-10-nic.

Thanks, micro-shaft, for yet ANOTHER compatibility problem.

I won't be installing Win-10-nic just to play a game. The game devs should realize that and target 7 instead.

Icon for the facepalm I just did.

Hate to break it to you, but billions of people can see Uranus tonight

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Re: "Which Zodiac sign is it in?"

if it's opposite the sun, wait until midnight, then look due south, at an inclination of 30 degrees or so.

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Re: Childish Name

why change it when not even the Romans did.

In both greek and roman mythology, it's "Uranus" for that guy, where as every other god apparently has a different name, they kept THAT one around after borrowing everything else from the greeks, and then changing the name - or at least that's what it SEEMS like...

but yeah I saw that episode of 'Futurama' also, the one with the 'Smell-o-scope'.

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Re: Uranus's Moon

I thought it was called "dingleberry"

You can yacht be serious: Larry might be planning his own version of America’s Cup

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Re: Left hand down a bit!

"A signalman who prepares and flies flag hoists."

Also referred to as a "Skivvy Waiver" [with 'skivvies' being a navy term for boxer shorts]

Is that anything like 'bunting tosser' ?

In the USA, 'bunting' is a baseball term where you hold the bat horizontally and allow the ball to bounce off of it, ideally stopping after a short distance, somewhat between home plate and the pitcher. This forces the catcher and/or pitcher to run from their positions to grab the ball and throw it to first base for a 'forced out'. Usually the batter will be out, but it allows time for a runner to get to home plate (score) or for a runner to advance to the next base (as a strategy to score a run later).

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Re: So Oracle and so larry

Maybe he should just hire some decent nautical engineers to design his boat, and teach his crew how to SAIL it properly...

Yes, British F-35 engines must be sent to Turkey for overhaul

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Re: Turkey is a NATO country.

I have to wonder, "why Turkey"... and if the reasons are POLITICAL, from the previous administration.

AND, will the NEW administration "fix that" for ya? Hopefully, yes.

What the fdisk? Storage Spaces Direct just vanished from Windows Server in version 1709

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Re: Missing the point...

"this isn't the latest full fat version of Windows Server 2016, this is Windows Server 1709, part of the bi-annual updates which is only supported for 18 months"

ok so WHAT version of Windows Server 2016 banana-grape-mango-surprise do we need to RETAIN things and PREVENT Micro-shaft from removing them? AND, still get security patches and bug fixes?

Just pointing that out...

[it's like I fell into a 'power rangers' universe where you need the ultra-whack-job-hinky-super-zoid instead of the mongo-tripod-bat-guano-ultra-zoid]

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"I am pretty sure it will happily upgrade a server with hyper-converged directly attached storage configured and brick it in the process..."

Back in the MS-DOS days, running 'chkdsk' on your hard drive was likely to create a CRAP-PILE of cross-connected files while trying to "repair" a problem. It's how Norton Utilities started out, basically writing their OWN 'scandisk' to do the job properly, WITHOUT breaking/bricking things.

So there's already a precedent.

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Re: Pay for? Or severe bugs?

"The storage team lost a political fight"

IN-FIGHTING within the hallowed halls of Redmond? Say it AIN'T SO!!!

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Re: Hmmm...

"And a re-writing of the past.."

"Microsoft Past" - it's a new feature

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Re: You're expecting sense?

I was a Windows and MS evangelist all through the 90's and early 2000's. Then we all saw the totally insane and schizophrenic MS phone "strategy."

Sadly (icon), your club has many other members [including me]. Micro-shaft lost my fandom when the ".Net Initiative" started, shortly after XP's release. THAT was, for those who don't remember, the *BEGINNINGS* of "all of this", in particular, "the Microsoft Logon" (only it was called 'Passport'). For tracking and marketing to you, naturally.

(fortunately, at that same time, OS/X had recently released, and I found out that it was based on UNIX, and so I decided to learn BSD and Linux well, since UNIX-like OS's were now the #2 OS and on the rise... and realized how much _better_ things were for the developer, on UNIX-like systems, in the process)

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Re: It will probably be back...

lessee... FORCED update that removes a critical feature, and then PAY UP if you want it back!

Sounds JUST like a Micro-shaft marketing manipulation ploy...

So the 'Year of Linux' never happened. When is it Chrome OS's turn?

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Re: Widespread Linux on the desktop remains elusive.

"The desktop is not the be all and end all like it once was."

not when it's running Win-10-nic, that's for sure. But a nice Linux or FreeBSD machine with Mate or Cinnamon or something REASONABLE would do 95% of what end-users want to do.

The ONLY reason that LInux isn't the #1 OS on desktops (where it's #1 on phones, #1 in embedded, #1 in the cloud from what I understand though I could be wrong about that, yotta yotta yotta) is the LACK of MARKETING. When you have Micro-shaft's STRONG-ARMING of computer vendors with respect to shipping WINDOWS LICENSES with EVERY computer they sell, and using "secure boot" to LOCK OUT the ability to install a DIFFERENT OS [this has been worked around a few times where applicable[, you have a DEFINITE MONOPOLY here, and Micro-shaft has invested a LOT of time, money, and MARKETING EFFORT in _KEEPING_ it that way.

It's the LACK of proper marketing that keeps Linux "in its place" (from Micro-shaft's perspective).

If it were a valid platform according to MOST software developers, they'd GLADLY make a Linux port of their stuff. Some of it is apparently written in Java [I hear QuickBooks is written in Java] and so a Linux port might actually be TRIVIAL. But that's what it will take to get vendors on board: an actual USER BASE.

meanwhile Micro-shaft is doing EVERYTHING! THEY! CAN! to anger their installed base with Win-10-nic. This is yet another example of snatching FAILURE from the jaws of victory. It's a squandered opoprtunity, just like so many OTHER things [it seems]. Sad.

Microsoft concedes to Mozilla: Redmond will point web API docs at Moz Dev Network

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Re: MDN? Never heard of it.

I recently google'd how to do some 'tricky things' with style sheets [read: I have to fix someone else's bogus b0rked-up style sheets by embedding "style=" within the tags directly to avoid excessive work] and so I've stumbled across the Mozilla dev network pages. They're not bad. Not "super scripty" and load times are pretty reasonable. Reasonably well laid out, though going from HTML section to CSS section involves naviguessing up to the top level and back down again. Still, not bad. MUCH easier on the bandwidth than MSDN ever was!!!

well, until it becomes ad-driven BLOATWARE, but still...

Windows Fall Creators Update is here: What do you want first – bad news or good news?

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Re: Inivitably!


Being harsh towards politicians, liars, bullies, arrogant people, and Micro-shaft: thumbs up [they deserve it]

Being harsh towards grandmothers: thumbs down.

And Linux Mint (with Cinnamon or Mate) could be learned in minutes, and would prevent MOST of the "exploit" problems that the non-savvy users might not know how to deal with nor prevent..

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Re: Inivitably!

at least, if she'd been using 'pluma' in Linux with a Mate desktop, she could've walked away from her computer for more than 10 minutes [let's say it takes her a bit of time to get around the house] and then come back an hour or two later, and the text would still be there, and she could realize she hadn't saved it yet and then do so. Maybe it was a bathroom break that distracted her, or a phone call, or any of a NUMBER of things that happens during a normal day, and I bet 'David Neil' has walked away from HIS computer once or twice without saving, too.

I'd rather not have an operating system that treats the end-users *HARSHLY*. Or arrogant windows-fans that act the same way toward's someones grandmother who (maybe) just uses a computer for recipes, e-mail, photos, and other "consumption" kinds of things.

I bet she could learn Linux in only a few minutes, and then it would be like nothing's different, except it wouldn't be Win-10-nic, and it wouldn't be doing *THAT* to her...

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Re: Start menu

"Bob, what is it with you and 2D UI's?"

They *SUCK*. It's like being in a room with ugly wallpaper, or a ridiculous color scheme. It's "bad Feng Shui". It's disturbing, distracting, and NOT what I want. When I see it, it PISSES ME OFF, just by BEING there. [I actually tried to work with Windows 8 ("Ape"), once I put classic shell on it, but couldn't stomach it, nor the 2D FLATSO DevStudio that went with it. YUCHHHKKKK!]

I'll make the assumption that a large number of people reading El Reg weren't computer gurus back in the early 90's when Windows 3.0 first hit the shelves. So here's some history...

Back then, most computers were running MS-DOS with DOS applications that had text-based interfaces with menus, all flat-looking because you can't really do 3D effect without a GUI. Windows 286 and Windows 386 (both 2.x versions) were kinda sucky and looked a lot like THIS [but only slightly better]


Microsoft had been developing OS/2 presentation manager for IBM, but it ONLY ran on PS/2 machines, and a very select handful of clones, because IBM and the way they did things back then. I had taken a class in OS/2 Presentation Manager programming [I actually like the OS/2 API naming convention better than windows, because it's "object verb" not "verb object" and therefore easier to find similar things in the docs]. But when I tried to BUY OS/2, I couldn't. And I didn't have $$$$ to spend on a PS/2 machine with OS/2 on it.

OS/2 1.2 looked BETTER in so many ways than its predecessor, because the various elements were "3D Skeuomorphic", such that knobs on scrollbars looked like actual knobs, buttons looked like buttons [not just colored squares with text in them], and so on. It was just enough eye candy to make things PLEASANT and almost made you WANT to use the computer more. Well, I thought so.

THEN, Windows 3.0 released. It had the SAME KIND of nice 3D looking interface [like OS/2 PM 1.2], a 386 "enhanced mode" built in (so you could run your DOS applications in a window on the same desktop), and a Solitaire application that looked good and probably sold MORE copies of Windows 3.0 than anything else. Its appearance was pleasant, easy to understand, and relatively easy to work with (and you could customize it, to some extent).

Windows 3.0 _IS_ _WHAT_ _MADE_ _MICROSOFT_ . MS-DOS would've lost to OS/2 had IBM marketed their product for ALL computers. Instead, Bill Gates did that, and guess who won?

Not only that, but EVERY STUDY I have ever heard of, or even read about on El Reg, says that a 3D skeuomorphic interface is EASIER to work with, that people RECOGNIZE the UI components FASTER, and that it's PREFERRED over "Flatso" by a (conservative) margin of 2 to 1.

2D FLATSO on a _PHONE_ is even *UGLY*. And on WEB PAGES it's even *UGLIER*. I **HATE** the 'Australis' crap in Firefox. NOT being able to use a "UI Restorer" plugin is motivation to FORK FIREFOX so that I can CONTINUE to use one. Or, if I get motivated enough, maybe I can write my own webkit-based browser that FORCES a classic 3D look with menus and reasonable-looking toolbar buttons.

It's also POSSIBLE to *REBEL* against the 2D FLATSO. All you need to do is draw some bitmaps for the buttons in your applications, and use THOSE instead of system defaults. I "fixed" the icon of an application I've been working on (droid) so that it has 3D borders. MOST of the icons in the application list on 'droid (that version anyway) have shadows, which give them a 3D look. Everyone I know prefers a 3D look. Only a handful of FASCISTS that insist the REST of us have 2D FLATSO _EVAR_ insist that "we must stop being dinosaurs" and "get with the *MODERN* interface". They should just GET OFF MY LAWN. I want my 3D SKEUOMORPHIC INTERFACE, DAMMIT! Even if _I_ must WRITE IT MYSELF.

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Re: Start menu

Microsoft's cold new corporate motto should be "Resistance is Futile".

A comparison to The Borg has been made... and falls short of reality.

/me looks for that pic of Bill Gates as Locutus.

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