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Qual-gone: 1,200+ axed from Snapdragon, Centriq giant Qualcomm

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Re: Qualcomm deserve to lose out

yeah, and I suppose "all corporations are evil" [even the ones that are not].

A corporation is there to make money. And when they can't continue funding a particular project, what are they supposed to do, LOSE money? Of course, they 'cut costs'. A job is NOT an entitlement. It's an exchange of WORK for MONEY. And when there's no work, there's no money. That's just the way it is.

In other words: The BUSINESS WORLD is _NOT_ a FORNICATING WELFARE PROGRAM! And, I'm quite HAPPY with THAT fact!!!

Well I guess this means trying to apply for a contract position at Qualcomm will be out of the question for a while, and my friend that works there may be looking for work again.

This could also mean "business opportunity" with a bunch of competent engineers that will be looking for employment in the very near future. Keep in mind that Qualcomm's efforts are most likely in the world of ARM+Linux and having 1000 or so experienced engineers in THIS realm may lead to something VERY interesting.

[now, where can I find a VC willing to go with this...]

Government demands for people's personal info from Microsoft reach all-time low

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Re: Government requests for people's data from Microsoft fell

no longer any need for it to be "requested"

My first reaction to this was "'Obaka D.O.J.' vs 'Trump D.O.J.'" and "draining the swamp".

And if the requests become "we really need this" kinds of info, and it's WELL justified [instead of, let's say, a FISHING EXPEDITION], then data providers (like Micro-shaft) might be more WILLING to cooperate...

But yeah - I hope Micro-shaft and OTHER data providers hold out FOREVER in any cases where it's pretty obvious that the D.O.J. is simply on a FISHING EXPEDITION. Any judge signing an order like THAT _deserves_ to be 'objected to' and such a case where a motion to compel discovery might lead to an actual TRIAL over it, I think Micro-shaft [and others] would WIN, and it would be a really GOOD fight for them to engage in, in the name of data security at least. Good P.R.. But of course, IANAL and my legal opinions might not work as well as I'd like.

As for providing information when it's LEGITIMATE to do so, I tend to favor the cops on this one. And fewer requests, I think, would increase the percentage of cases in which it _IS_ legitimate.

Twenty years ago today: Windows 98 crashed live on stage with Bill Gates. Let's watch it again...

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Re: Bill Gates

"by that logic, we could only say good things about Adolf Hitler."

no, because THAT would be LYING.

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Re: Bill Gates

Libel is printed, Slander is spoken, but it's only libel or slander if it's NOT TRUE.

So, as long as you can PROVE what you say or write is true, no problem!

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Re: " Still funny, even after all these years"

I thought it happened at the 1997 PDC, but apparently I was mistaken.

'Developers Developers Developers Developers' was in 1993, as i recall [though Ballmer may have done it more than once].

And I _MUCH_ prefer Win '98 to Win-10-nic, in AS MANY WAYS AS ARE POSSIBLE!

Amazon, LG Electronics turned my vape into an exploding bomb, says burned bloke in lawsuit

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Re: Health Hazard?

"massively less hazardous irritating to everbody ELSE than smoking"


[I care NOT what people do to themselves. That's THEIR business. What _I_ care about is HAVING TO BREATHE THEIR DIETY CONDEMNED FEELING *EXHAUST*, because their SOCIOPATHIC DISCOURTESY and SELF-CENTERED "NEEDS" takes precedence and priority over EVERYBODY ELSE, in particular ME, whether or not anyone ELSE is affected by that damnable CIGARETTE EXHAUST because of a medical condition, like asthma or other allergic reactions, or if it's just simply irritating, or both. I mean, My "NOT Smoking" isn't bothering anyone, now is it? And self-imposed addictions should NEVER be prioritized over EVERYONE ELSE's comfort, health, etc.. Ok done now.]

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Re: Batteries in the pocket, eh?

it's a fair bet that a LiPo or LiIon battery that bursts into flames was SHORTED OUT ELECTRICALLY.

They do have a very low internal resistance with a full charge, so even a small one could balloon up and catch fire within seconds if you short it.

I once accidentally shorted one when I plugged a battery into a device I'd modified slightly (added something to it as part of testing) and it had a small solder bridge that I didn't catch after modifying it, which shorted out the battery, and when I plugged it in it swelled up like a balloon and got VERY hot. I unplugged it quickly and soaked it with water to prevent flames. It suddenly shrank back down but was completely worthless after that [would not hold a charge at all].

So yes, it is VERY likely that keys+change+whatever in the guy's pocket caused a short circuit, causing flames etc. but then he LIES about it and says the batteries were IN THE DEVICE and he burned himself NOT grabbing flamin batteries out of his pocket, but trying to REMOVE bateries from the device. OK I would've thrown the device on the ground, with the batteries inside, hoping to save body parts instead of something that can be replaced, and I think MOST sane people would, too.

So yeah probably some B.S. in the guy's story, which does NOT help his lawsuit. If _ANY_ of his claims are bogus, the entire thing will be thrown out of court by any reasonable judge.

but, IANAL and juries are often COLLECTIVELY STUPID and *FEEL* instead of THINK.

There is no perceived IT generation gap: Young people really are thick

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Re: That takes me back

"have dogs moved on as well and become cultural start-up freaks?!"

No, they've simply trained the human race to pick up their crap for them.

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Re: I stuck my finger in a dike once...

"She jerked her head back & cleared the nostril. Snot got everywhere!"

WRONG END! (you obviously didn't study biology)

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Re: Education is no longer designed to teach.

"students seem to be actively discouraged"

this is the key point. You cannot be *INDOCTRINATED* if you start thinking for yourself. Next, someone will have to provide an army of those face-slappers from the Vogon planet that will slap the thinking right out of them, starting on day 1 in kindergarten...

That's right. Let's create a generation of VOGONS and overly-sensitive SNOWFLAKES, ready willing and able to create a scene that requires security to intervene, and then photograph the "un-sensitive" individual [OH, the HORRORS!] that DARED to made reference to the story of the young Dutch boy that saved the town by STICKING HIS FINGER IN A DYKE!

Obligatory reference to the red light district in the town that defined the trope...

[political correctness can bite my hairy, naked, ass]

Machines learned to assemble IKEA’s semi-disposable furniture

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Re: Yes but

"Whos going to assemble and program the robot"

Uh, other robots?

The biggest loser in this scenario is CHINA. Unless, they're making the robots...

Here's a thought: build your factories in countries where LOTS of robotics-savvy people are, where shipping costs direct to customers is lower, and have the bots make EVERYTHING [not quite 'lights out' but close]. Unskilled labor basically disappears, everyone who works for you is a reasonably well paid technician or engineer, "levels" of middle management are no longer required, etc. and the cost of manufacturing is pretty much the same, anywhere in the world. "Offshoring" will "die on the vine".

OK, this time it's for real: The last available IPv4 address block has gone

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Re: Compatibility


uh, do you REALLY understand IPv6 at all? It coexists just fine with IPv4. but yeah, really old code written ONLY for IPv4 would need to be updated to do IPv4/IPv6 sockets. That, and devices with ethernet or wifi devices that only handle IPv4 [like wiznet ethernet controllers, for example].

Other than that, should be NO problem!

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Re: "Nobody uses it..."

I haven't had trouble with any 'droid device on my network [I have IPv6 via an he.net tunnel and AAAA records for a domain that correctly point to multiple machines' IPv6 addresses].

I'm running the usual support protocols as well as DHCPv6 so maybe that's why everything just works...

[and I've had people come to my house and use their 'droid and iOS devices, no problems noted]

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Re: Time to claw some back

part of the scheme uses an IPv4 /30 block, which basically wastes 3 of the addresses. In reality, a scheme that uses something _like_ PPPoE or some other kind of tunneling protocol would only require 1 IP address in a block of 255 to be a gateway address. The additional bandwidth you might get by having to NOT use a tunneling or PPP-derived protocol (maybe 5%, let's say) would be compensated for by a much lower price. The ISP would be able to sell 3 times (or more) as many fixed IPv4 addresses to customers that need them.

All of this being said, it's the lack of efficiency of small netblocks (particularly /30's that potentially waste 3 for every 1 that gets assigned) that's eating up the IPv4's I'd bet.

I still want everyone migrating to IPv6. It's just that the ISPs have been dragging their feet for SO long that it's likely I'll need to maintain a fixed IPv4 address for the short haul, at least. And I don't want to see them priced out of the range of affordability.

Oracle demands dev tear down iOS app that has 'JavaScript' in its name

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Re: Easily solved

"LarryIsAnArseScript" isn't bad, but I still like "Semprini".

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what's next?

well, looks like the term 'JavaScript' ©®�⍟☂☢™ can't be used ANYwhere without permission and/or royalties. Does that include being embedded in a 'script' HTML tag?

Let's just change the name to something else, then. I suggest "Semprini".

Chrome 66: Get into the bin, auto-playing vids and Symantec certs!

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by-default blocking of auto-play content that includes sound.

what about by-default blocking of ALL auto-play content? I do _NOT_ want AD VIDEOS being streamed, EVAR, on ANY web site. A 'click to view content' replacement graphic is acceptable.

because, you KNOW it's coming!

I didn't see in the article where you can block ANY auto-play content with any kind of setting. Must I load a plug-in for this? Because, flash blocking is easy, javascript blocking is easy, HTML5 video blocking may NOT be so easy, and I _DEFINITELY_ want to do _THAT_!!!

Europe wants cloud giants to cough up data from anywhere in 6hrs

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Big Brother

In the name of 'safety'

From the article:

"EU members knew this stuff was coming as safety is a legislative priority for the Union 2018-2019."

EU members knew this stuff was coming as safety MORE CENTRALIZED CONTROL and LESS FREEDOM is a legislative priority for the Union 2018-2019.

Fixed it for ya. (it's often like that across the pond, too)

It's US Tax Day, so of course the IRS's servers have taken a swan dive

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Shhh... don't get them started on the possibility of a MICROSOFT "solution" to this!!! [please, NO!]

Remember, these are ACCOUNTANTS we're dealing with. They're inevitably the ones who got the spear-phishing e-mail that took down every computer on the network. Hand their boss a "solution" with "Microsoft" or "IBM" or "Cisco" or "Oracle" (or even "Google") on it, and they'll be like WHEN DO I SIGN THE CHECK? [and will *BEG* Con-Grab to fund the grossly inflated price tag]

post-edit: I don't know what took the IRS net down, besides too much demand on it, but a spear-phishing e-mail would be ironic, don't ya think?

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Re: you should get your taxes done just as soon as you can.

I try to set things up so I pay THEM at the end of the year. That way they won't b0rk up the refund and make me wait 2 months to get my money out of them for some bureaucratic B.S. reason. THEN, I e-file some time before the dead line (say a couple of weeks) and have the amount owee auto-deducted from the bank a day or two before "the deadline". Then I check the bank balance online to make sure they didn't b0rk it up. Generally it works without problems, but I have to pay a kind of 'toll' (turbo tax or similar) along the way to make it happen. I think it's still cheaper than a CPA for what I need to do...

BUT, _I_ have A SOLUTION to all of this! Just *SIMPLIFY* the tax code. Make it a FLAT rate, "you earn this much" "you pay that much" and END OF PROBLEM (something like the Forbes plan would be good, too). You can 'file' on a post card that way. And no more "progressive" (*spit*) tax rates and bizarre deductions! [they only empower politicians anyway]. In fact, make everyone WRITE THE CHECK 4 times a year, as in NO payroll withholding. We'll see how long tax rates remain as-is...

Cisco, Microsoft and 32 big vendor pals join ‘Accord’ to improve security by doing … security stuff

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how many 'vendors' does it take to change a light bulb?

This reminds me of a bad light bulb joke...

"How many 'vendors' does it take to 'feel good' about web security?" Or maybe "how many companies from Redmond and Silly Valley does it take to change a light bulb?"

Apparently, it takes 32 + Cisco and Micro-shaft, and one electrician to find a new light bulb and replace the old one with it. Except they may have trouble as to what 'type' is the politically correct light bulb of the day, harumph harumph harumph .

Sorta like 'How many people from Marin County does it take to change a light bulb?' It takes 50. One to actually change the bulb, and 49 to "share in the experience".

Well I suppose those 34 companies are "feeling really good" about themselves, not getting a damn thing accomplished, but making a handful of people someplace overly proud, as if they have.

At times it's "all about the FEEL" and NOTHING about the ACCOMPLISHMENT, these days...

Facebook admits it does track non-users, for their own good

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Re: Blocking FB cookies

in Firefox, this might help:


there are others, too, but this particular one lets you go into "session cookie only" mode, where it acts as if it's storing a cookie, but when you turn it off, or exit the browser, they all go into the bit bucket. Whitelisted cookies are saved as usual.

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Re: Why?

"Start a hashtag campaign"

How about hashtag-BiteMyShinyMetalAss ?

/me needs a 'bender' icon

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Re: Freedom of information?

LinkedIn are even more annoyingly insidious at this point.

I should delete mine. It's been a few years since I looked at it. After Micro-shaft took over I said "I'm gonna delete it". I've gotten occasional spam from it, too. Haven't logged in at all. Just too lazy I guess...

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"if the people who understand the issues just use a plug in and leave everyone else to be spyed on"

well, activism and politics aside, it helps at least to spread the word about taking up a defensible position online...

If you guessed China’s heavy lifter failed due to a liquid hydrogen turbo engine fault, well done!

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Re: Translation...

part of the problem may be the use of H2 rather than kerosene. The Saturn V first stage used kerosene but all other stages used liquid H2.

As I recall some of the problems with using liquid H2 in the first stage has to do with the fact that it's at an extremely low temperature, which causes material problems. Metals get brittle at cryo temperatures, and lubricants "don't". It's not so bad when you're operating in a vacuum or near vacuum, at least as I understand it, but at sea level you have moisture accumulation and the engine nozzle is somewhat of a compromise since it has to operate at atmospheric pressure as well as a near vacuum, and everyplace in between.

To get fuel into the engine at the necessary volume and pressure, you need to have a high volumetric flow turbine-powered pump. And apparently that's what broke. I think they use reaction-style turbines.

(unfortunately this site requires javascript to view the content)


Anyway, my understanding is "it's tricksy" and Elon avoided it in the 1st stage, deliberately. And so did NASA back in the 60's. Probably for the same reasons.

I would guess the fuel tanks would be smaller as well, though the 1st stage would weigh quite a bit more when fully fueled, using kerosene rather than liquid H2.

Google, AWS IPs blocked by Russia in Telegram crackdown

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Big Brother

Re: Iron fire curtain!

I just thought Pootie had his panties in a wad, after that little business in Syria recently. Looking for someone weaker than him to pound on, he picks a messaging service. BAN time! [now he feels better]

icon, because, Putin.

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it's a pun waiting to happen

Silly Russians

Their tricks are for kids children.

(grabbing coat)

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Big Brother

Re: MInor Correction

Spot the difference?

Nope. I do not.

Nor do I. Regardless of any alleged 'differences', it all has one thing in common: gummints using some kind of 'back door' [key escrow or other means], like a kind of master key or skeleton key, to ensure THEY can break in any time they want to.

And that's what's at issue here.

Net neutrality advocates freak out as lobbyists pull rug from California's draft net neutrality law

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Re: CA government is so corrupt

Cali-Fornicate-You's gummint is probably THE most corrupt institution in the USA, let alone half the world.

Lobbyists on the floor being consulted on EVERY bit of legislation. The best legislators money can buy!

And they keep getting RE-ELECTED, no doubt through FRAUD in the voting system. That, of course, is kept well-hidden. I mean, WHO would vote FOR Jerry Brown??? That guy's nuttier than any Lewis Carol imagined creature ever thought up, all rolled into one complete lunatic that happens to be in charge...

It may have started with those cultish EST seminars from the 70's

Windows Admin Center: Vulture gets claws on browser-based server admin

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Re: Maybe...

" I don't want yet another fing app I have to learn."

ack. How about "yet another F'ing":

a) API

b) user interface

c) subsystem

d) method for administration

e) command line interpreter

f) license license license


Micro-shaft: getting things horribly wrong throughout the 21st century.

(note: I liked Microsoft things up until Ballmer's ".Not" initiative, around 2003, as XP was releasing. I didn't mind XP. But I _DESPISE_ ".Not", C-pound, and all of their 'new, shiny' since then [though windows 7 is 'ok']. If they'd stuck with the UI of Windows 2000, with its efficient performance even on a Pentium I machine, or even XP, I'd be VERY happy).

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: All this to avoid installing ssh and usable command line tools

"What a lot of effort MS goes to to re-invent a wheel" (etc.)

yeah, they've had the 'command.com' square tires since MS-DOS days, and didn't want to shift over to something like csh or bash (an obviously superior, yet similar-enough way of doing command shells).

".Not" is a symptom of a paradigm that is ANTI-PRODUCTIVE, unnecessarily "detail-complex", monolithic, bloated, vogon-bureaucratic, inefficient, and BASS-ACKWARDS. And PowerHell is NOT helping by effectively "wrapping" it like a boar in a naughty nightie (and lipstick not even on the oinky end].

Give me something like bash, ps, awk, kill, grep, sed, and top, along with stdin/stdout piping THAT ACTUALLY WORKS, and it's a fair bet that I can admin your system without spending hours and hours trying to figure out the details and the nuances of PowerHell and bass-ackwards BLOAT like ".Not".

You know, like, maybe, CYGWIN???

(if, that is, CYGWIN could manage some of the windowsie nuances that seems to fight against it, things like permissions on files, for example... but Micro-shaft COULD fix this. They just DON'T.)

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Re: Great. Webmin for windows

"I've done 30 years of Unix coding and shell scripting and finding Powershell on Windows was such a breath of fresh air"

I would've used different words to describe Power[s]hell, with terms like "odious" and "stench".

And back in the Win 3.x days, I had written a really nice command line interpreter with some of its own enhancements. But after working with POSIX utilties for a while, and being HORRIFIED at the eldritch abomination known as ".Not", I can easily embrace the concept of MANY utilities that "do one thing, well" as opposed to a MONOLITHIC "shell" based on a bass-ackwards "wow, it has OBJECTS now" so-called object-oriented [read: bloated, slow, and inefficient] layer of accessing the otherwise REASONABLE Win32 API.

I mean, come on, Micro-shaft, wouldn't it be BETTER to just support piping more intelligently, and have a whole array of useful utilities to do 'cool things', rather than CRAM THEM ALL INTO THE SHELL with its 'way too much' approach? Well, you DID create ".Not", so I guess it was the next step in de-evolution...

bombastic bob Silver badge

"And how long before serious vulnerabilities are waxing lyrically?"

I'm sure they ALREADY ARE!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Great. Webmin for windows

title says it

Congressional group asks FBI boss Wray to explain Apple lawsuit

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Re: Can't unlock 7800 devices

and if a hammer has been taken to them...

(right Mrs. Clinton?)

/me ducks expecting howler monkey down-votes

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Still...

"I rather like those questions"

and so do I. Good job [for once], Congress!

Asking _THESE_ kinds of questions should help prevent legal overreach in the future [say 'mandatory back door']. Or, at least I'd like to think so...

FBI overreach, in-fighting, and dishonesty with Congress (and the American people, for that matter): these are ongoing "swampy" problems, soon to be "drained" we hope!

Go away, kid, you bother me: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla kick W3C nerds to the curb

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"insisting on plugins to implement the DRM"

nobody's heard of reverse-engineering? "security by obscurity" simply raises the bar a bit for someone to break the lock. Personally, I think JUST having an https connection for HTML5, with proper auth cookies (session-type of course, no storing on the hard drive) would be enough. You log in, you get a session cookie, and you can now access the content, using https. Like the way a bank does it. How hard is THAT ???

(yeah "they" want to try and control things beyond that point, well TOO BAD, there are "ways" to pirate everything, and if you simply make streaming and ownership inexpensive and desirable enough, nobody of significance will bother with the piracy)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Who are these unnamed large companies (which are not Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Mozilla - ok, Mozilla's not that big) that are driving the W3C?

someone already suggested Fa[e]cebook...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: "altruistic standards bodies "

There are no "more altruistic standards bodies".

that's not necessarily a BAD thing...

THEIR altruism isn't necessarily MY altruism, nor the kind of altruism that OUGHT to be implemented. If "the rest of us" are HELD BACK because of 'politically correct issue of the day', for example, it's not helping.

I _ALSO_ have to wonder if "the big 4" got together one day to "2D FLATSO" 'teh intarwebs' and got away with it... because right now, there's no significant presence of a BROWSER that doesn't have an Australis-looking UI with a hamburger button instead of a menu, FLATSO elements, and fat-finger-friendliness that can't be taken away. And WEB PAGES that _SHOULD_ have 3D skeumorphic elements _INSTEAD_ of flat-looking BOXES that ACT like they're buttons... FLAT BOXES like the "buttons" labeled 'preview' and 'submit' at the bottom-right of this edit thing [and with font text that is almost UNREADABLE because the FONT is WAY TOO SMALL!]. "Standards" made THAT happen, maybe?

So it would seem to _ME_ that "the big 4" running "the other standard" from the W3C's "Standard" are JUST AS BAD, but in a different way. And I don't believe that ANY of the motives behind these things is helping ANYBODY.

[as for me, I use OLD SCHOOL HTML, rarely use script, and use PNG and JPEG files for buttons so they can retain that nice 3D SKEUOMORPHIC look, instead of being a FLAT BOX that ambiguously "looks like a button". I also deliberately pick text vs background color schemes that are easy on the eyes and high contrast, NOT like grey on white [for example], or light blue on white [even worse, MICRO-SHAFT, _YOU_ do this ALL of the time!]. And the bandwidth requirements are _SMALL_]

bombastic bob Silver badge

"The test isn't whether disabled people can access content, but whether content and agent comply with standards which themselves are inaccessible to and unrepresentative of disabled people"

Using tiny grey text on bright white background should be PUNISHABLE by DEATH!

That, and ads that have moving content. or use script. or track me.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: W3C dead?

just don't make me STREAM _AND_ WATCH ad videos, or pop CLICK-THROUGH SCHTUFF up into my FACE when I visit a web site... even with HTML 5 and no scripting!

it might not be too late for that...

Super Cali's frickin' whiz kids no longer oppose us: Even though Facebook thought info law was quite atrocious

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Re: 'harder for lobbyists to kill off new laws (etc. title too long)'.

just to point out, if this is a ballot initiative, those kinds of things don't need to involve politicians. In fact, they can be used to STOP politicians [since vote fraud seems to keep them in office, the only plausible explanation at any rate]. There's currently one in the works to REPEAL a ginormous gasoline tax increase, for example (because NO crooked politician EVER dislikes a tax increase, especially if it increases THEIR power and control over citizens' lives, "for the children" or roads or whatever, it always gets diverted into their pet projects and buying votes, and then they *BEG* for *MORE* and do it *AGAIN*).

On the other hand, these ballot initiatives are sometimes often de-railed by the courts [which are also pwned by the 'political class'].

And as such I'd expect any ballot initiative that attempts to empower the people to first be EMASCULATED, then MADE IRRELEVANT, by 'twisty' legal action combined with political lobbying and corruption in general.

Cali-Fornicate-You's state legislature has been called one of *THE* most corrupt institutions in the world, with lobbyists on the floor at all times, regularly consulted on EVERY piece of legislation before any vote. Cali-Fornicate-You legislators are therefore some of the WORST crooked politicians on the planet, the best that lobbyist money can buy.

And considering this, Google and Fa[e]cebook will find "a way" to circumvent ANY will of the people. Don't doubt me! Sacramento needs an ENEMA, starting with the legislature.

[and lobbyists won't be able to 'kill off' this law, they'll just emasculate it and render it irrelevant, like they always do, as soon as "the right people" are in office]

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Surveillance Capitalism

especially when NOT on the oinky end? [someone else on El Reg said something like it before me, so credit where due]

Facebook scandal: EU politicians should aim for straight answers, not star witnesses

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: is Zuck best one to grill?

Yes, but a consistent diet of such could cause a condition similar to 'rabbit starvation'...

Roasting and eating REAL weasels (i.e. the actual animal) would be healthier.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Get the engineers in

autism: another name for GENIUS

(same with 'assburgers' I might add...)

Anon biz bloke wins milestone Google Right To Be Forgotten lawsuit

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Re: Does this cover all search engines - or just Google ?

"They already actively piss around with the way they return results anyway."

And, THIS case with NT1 and NT2 justify them doing it even MORE...

"But, but, but we HAVE to tweek our search engine results, because, because, EU laws, that's why!"

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: regressive evolutionary step towards goldfish

NT8 and NT10 are the ones to REALLY be forgotten. Or perhaps just left out back someplace to rot.

Whois is dead as Europe hands DNS overlord ICANN its arse

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so who do you report abuse to, now?

1. fake rolex/handbag marketing

2. spammers

3. blatant violators of the law

4. defamation and slander/libel

5. 'copycat' domains

ALL of these will NOW be made EASIER.

thank you, gummint overreach.

"unintended" consequences? or not?

/me points out that an 'abuse@' e-mail address that is ignored and/or filtered won't be able to receive complaints. A valid mailing address and/or phone number also guarantees that the owner isn't trying to HIDE from authorities. Anonymizing services are available. I use them as well as most domain owners. Why do we need to "GDPR" the domain name registry?

Donkey Wrong: Arcade legend Billy Mitchell booted from record books amid MAME row

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Re: Kaliber

"Just wondering how you guys know what urine tastes like"

probably had something to do with 1) a diaper changing accident, 2) a dare while intoxicated, 3) a night with Hurricane Hessie (those tropical rains) [I can't screw in this kind of weather] 4) a combination of an overfull bladder and a morning stiffy that won't go away in time 5) survival training [they say that drinking your own pee is 'a way' to survive severe dehydration, possibly extending your own life for a few days]

OK is this getting way too graphic now?

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