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US Congress mulls expanding copyright yet again – to 144 years

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Re: Creative Commons

using 'pay/donate if you like it' is kinda like shareware. I'm sure it works, but artists will probably starve.

It also takes power away from MPAA and RIAA (etc.)

Unfortunately, the existing system [even though it picks the winners and losers] is more lucrative to actors, artists and musicians.

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Re: Copyright extensions need to stop

"the history of that little ditty that gets sung at just about everyone's birthday party"

not 'the birthday dirge', right?

(to the tune of 'Volga boatmen')

Oh, happy BIRTH-day

Oh, happy BIRTH-day

Misery and despair, people dying everywhere

Oh, happy BIRTH-day

You're getting OLD-er

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Re: Copyright, Patents all screwed.

"If your song suddenly resurges after 30 years"

A resurgence of 80's music, WITHOUT copyright protection? TOTALLY AWESOME!

[and it would shed the light on how lousy most "modern" music is, by comparison]

On a related note, Smash Mouth did pretty well with retro-60's stuff. A case in point!

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Re: Copyright, Patents all screwed.

"the rhythmic moaning of some idiot who can not hold a tone without massive computer filtering"

good one! [it's why I don't listen to most 'modern' RIAA stuff']

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Re: how long before...

"The 144 years would be reasonable"

No, it's really not reasonable. It's "gross". Why is it 144 anyway? What kind of rectal extrapolation made THAT determination?

This entire proposal stinks of rectal juice. Because that's where they pulled it out from.

Copyright should have a reasonable restriction in time. Otherwise, it's just "money grubbing" by entities that live longer than the humans that created the content in the FIRST place.

Now that's old-school cool: Microsoft techies slap Azure Sphere IoT chip in an Altair 8800

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ack about 'the cloud' - "there is a lot more that can go wrong"

'The Cloud' is _highly_ overrated. I'd much rather have everything running without 'teh intarweb' connection.

[but without 'teh intarweb' and "The Cloud", you can't be turned into revenue for 'the providers' - yes, that was a lame star trek reference]

Other than that, I think the RPi PDP 11 was much cooler! (and a bit more old-school)

Das blinkenlights are back thanks to RPi revival of the PDP-11

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I cut my teeth on a PDP-11

back in the day, 11/34 at my high school, and 11/70 at the university. the 11/34 ran RT-11. The 11/70 ran RSTS/E. I did some interesting things with assembly language, the most useful of which was a re-write of the access program for diskettes [it was tee'd from a terminal on a 9600 baud serial port] that did NOT lose data. The one written by the grad student DID lose data, and was pretty much worthless with more than a handful of people on the system. students were supposed to do backups using that diskette drive, but write-only memory is pretty worthless.

WIthout my assembly language program, it was 'write only'. that's because the grad student made a n00b mistake: he assumed that the input buffer would never fill up. what I did to fix it: I sent one buffer's worth of data at a time, and polled for the next buffer after receiving it. Also mine had a FAT-like directory instead of skipping through the disk looking for "directory tags" that would fail for binary files. yeah, mine could store binary files, too. But it was generally incompatible with the 'grad student' BASIC version.

I gave the system operators the source and everything, gave copies to friends, etc. before I left. Thing is, I fear that it was generally unused because nobody understood it... [or they feared I'd put some kind of back door into it, but i thought it was pretty simple ya know? comments read like a book, too]

Signal bugs, car hack antics, the Adobe flaw you may have missed, and much more

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I'll have to agree with ACLU and EFF on this one...

U.S. border patrol should NOT be able to snoop/confiscate your devices, particularly if you're a U.S. citizen, without some kind of justifiable cause (and due process). ACLU and EFF are right on this one.

[getting a warrant usually doesn't take that long, courier goes to the court house with documents, judge reviews and signs [or not] the warrant]

I'd expect any rulings here would be applied to non-U.S.-citizens as well.

Open justice FTW! El Reg fought the law – and El Reg won

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Re: “Too much GDPR documentation going on.”

when GDPR meets the public's right to know what's going on in the courtroom, who wins? This includes the public being able to see for themselves whether justice or INjustice was served.

Oh, and "nice job" there El Reg

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed

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Re: Early information

Don't forget this (alleged) perpetrator also (allegedly) made BOMBS. If he's willing to do that, he's willing to engage in all *KINDS* of different illegal activity to do what he wants to do.

These kinds of people have a name: criminals. And no law in the world will stop them (but in most cases, it probably deters them). But the law CAN incarcerate them. And so it shall.

To the best of my knowledge, it was illegal for a 17 year old kid to even possess/transport firearms. It was illegal to bring them to school. It was also illegal to shoot people and plant bombs around the area.

Having laws against these things did not STOP them from happening. However, it DOES allow the courts to put this (alleged) perpetrator in JAIL, following proper legal procedings. And THAT should prevent him from doing it again, as well as sending a clear message to any OTHER potential perp out there... unless he gets off on a technicality, or slap-on-wrist sentencing for being "underage", and then gets out of prison to rinse/repeat.

(but this happened in Texas, so they'll throw the book at him)

Want to know what an organisation is really like? Visit the restroom

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Re: I'm guessing

I'm still guessing whether the toilet paper unrolled off the top or from underneath (underneath makes one-handed operation easier), and whether it was 'open rolls' with plenty of spares handy, or a lock box filled with the kind of paper NOBODY would want to steal...

Seriously, Cisco? Another hard-coded password? Sheesh

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Re: Unmentionable

"But poster above insists we must use 'person'? Is that really reparative, or merely retributive social flexing? Ah, but social rage is all the rage."

Well, proper grammar (see icon) defaults to MALE pronouns when the sex of the subject/object of the sentence is unknown. Changing that out for "the singular 'they'", or mangling anything with the word 'man' in it to be 'person' instead, is beyond silly.

And I shall continue to DELIBERATELY use 'man' 'he' 'him' etc. whenever I might catch myself accidentally doing otherwise, because I know it will irritate the P.C. police. And it's GRAMMAR-IFIC!

Biometrics: Better than your mother's maiden name. Good luck changing your body if your info is stolen

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Re: Biometrics vs Maiden Name

problems with biometrics:

a) scarring [obvious] or other debilitation

b) beards vs no beards

c) fingerprints can be faked with some ingenuity, some superglue, and some tape

d) not sure about retinas, but in how many movies has a stolen eyeball or special contact lense been used to fake that? [I have to wonder how realistic either of those is]

other than a DNA scan [which doesn't work between identical twins, as they have identical DNA] what else could there be? that is, without going the "whole body MRI" approach.

I suspect we'll all be 'chipped' before biometrics becomes practical for every day use at a point of sale machine or ATM.

Microsoft returns to Valley of Death? Cheap Surface threatens the hardware show

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Re: It doesn't much matter

"I honestly don’t understand the Windows hate".

It's actually WIn-10-NIC and "Ape" hate. Windows XP and 7 are OK, as far as I'm concerned (and most of the Win-10-nic haters seem to agree).

Ever since Sinofsky and Larson-Greene invented "the Metro", Windows has been sliding down a slippery slope of angering their customer base with "new features", moving away from what the customer wants, and towards what THEY want the customers to HAVE, and often enough, not so gently.

Here are SOME of the reasons for the Win-10-nic hate:

1. The 2D FLATSO "tile screen" of Windows "Ape" and 'the Metro' in general.

2. The abandonment of the best of Windows 7's features

3. The addition of ads and spyware into Win-10-nic

4. The policy of "forced updates"

5. The COMPLETE lack of proper QA and testing of those updates

6. UWP foisted upon developers as "yet another" direction change, and only compatible with Win-10-nic

7. The use of GWX and other "sneaky methods" of shoving Win-10-nic onto your existing computer, whether you really wanted it or NOT.

And this tiny list *EASILY* explains the *HATE* on its own.

Even if you're a 'fanboi' and actually LIKE all of that stuff, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to see why OTHERS might hate Win-10-nic (for those reasons and others).

DOJ convicts second bloke for helping malware go undetected

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35 years

for accepting money from criminals to give them critical assistance (apparently) in causing millions of dollars of damages.

If it had been assisting 'bank fraud' for millions of dollars, I think the 35 years would be about right. "white collar crime" needs to be punished like anything else, to put a stop to it. Long jail terms are a deterrent to OTHERS who might try this, thinking "slap on the wrist" at worst. nope. IRON BAR HOTEL STAY for half your life, instead.

Yeah, KEEP THEM OUT of law abiding society, k-thanks.

Software development slow because 'Most of our ideas suck'

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Re: Flowcharts

actually, for most things, 'structure diagrams' replaced flowcharts a long time ago. It's part of the whole "top down programming" thing, which [of course] is *SUPERIOR* to whatever horrible "most of our ideas suck" process that generates things like Win-10-nic, FF Australis, gnome 3, systemd, ...

(that is because top down methodology defines the actual functionality FIRST, instead of moving the target continuously until you feel like you're "done")

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Re: What's missing in this commentary

The difference between good and bad ideas is whether or not they bring benefit to the customer.

Heh, you must be OLD [like me]

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Re: "Safe experimentation"

Only companies like Micro-shaft [with their forced updates and "up"grades] do 'continuous experimentation' on the unwitting public. Thing is, they all *FAILED* but nobody's willing to admit it.

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Re: Precious

I prefer the one in the title: 'Most of our ideas suck'

Systemd is ONE of those that suck. So's the 2D FLATSO crap (including Australis). And yet, these ideas that SUCK have been foisted upon us, the customers, by aggressive "developers" who fail to realize that THEIR IDEAS SUCK.

Perhaps they need to stop trying to solve problems that do NOT exist? Oh but THEN their very existence wouldn't be JUSTIFIED and SMUG MILLENIALS wouldn't be able to CRAM THEIR CRAPWARE into our collective orifices, because they *FEEL* it's better, and it makes THEM FEEL GOOD to do it!

Yeah, it's all about "the feel" with those idiots. I'm glad someone's being HONEST about "most of our ideas suck" for once.

Old school inventors already knew this - I have to wonder how many times Edison tried to make a light bulb work by trying hundreds of configurations before he found one (carbon), which wasn't even the BEST material [but was the first one that worked well enough].

Net neutrality is saved in Senate vote! No, not really, it was a giant waste of everyone's time

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actual legislation, not regulatory gerrymandering

is what is really needed. Obaka's FCC should NEVER have simply reclassified internet as a 1930's era telephone, and Pai is 100% correct to abandon that stupidity.

Con-grab needs to do THEIR job and address the issues properly, through a legislative process, and NOT an unconstitutional Obaka-era-style bureaucratic POWER GRAB.

And that was one of _MY_ main points from the beginning. but this was NEVER about 'net neutrality'. It was about REGULATORY POWER GRABS, and CIRCUMVENTING the legislative process, something OBAKA was INfamous for doing.

Oh, great, now there's a SECOND remote Rowhammer exploit

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this sounds like you'd need to know something about the hardware

I suspect that direct access to the network is one of the pre-requisites, and with direct network access you'd be able to determine what hardware is being run [more or less] based on its MAC address.

However, I'd doubt any kind of proof of concept working across "teh intarwebs", even with a super-fast fiber line and distributed attack.

subsequent edit. From the linked article (PDF):

To induce the Rowhammer bug, one needs to access memory in the main memory repeatedly and, thus, needs to circumvent the cache. Therefore, either native flush in-structions [87], eviction [4, 28] or uncached memory [84] can be used to remove data from the cache. In particular, for eviction-based Nethammer, the system must use Intel CAT as described in Section 2.3 in a configuration that restricts the number of ways available to a virtual machine in a cloud scenario to guarantee performance to other co-located machines [40]. If none of these capabilities are available over the network, an attacker could not mount Nethammer in practice.

Boffins build smallest drone to fly itself with AI

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"HydroElectric dams produce a shit load of power and are pretty darned reliable."

And are cost effective. /me likes hydro power.

But good luck getting one built, these days. Enviro-wackos will red-tape your project into non-existence.

Wait until the enviro-wackos start objecting about solar farms and windmills. No, wait...


[the only thing that will make enviro-wackos happy is if we ALL STOP using electricity and fossil fuels, period, and live like LUDDITES and/or Amish - except for them - because they're "the elite" and are "special" and it's OK when THEY "do whatever", it's just the REST of us that have to be inconvenienced, stopped, controlled, whatever]

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Re: re: Dodgy Geezer

I'd rather have NUCLEAR than solar. MORE POWER!

And fusion energy (potentially) allows us to have virtually unlimited fuel, assuming you can make it fuse with 1H and not require 2H or 3H or something else.

The 1H+1H->2H fusion reaction has very little mass defect, but doesn't really consume any energy, so it should be possible to have 'breeder' fusion along with 2H+2H->4He fusion for power. Until then, we can use a centrifuge to separate out the heavy water and still be cost effective (and have LOTS of fuel available).

In any case, i just want the cost of energy to be lower, so if solar is actually cheaper [not because of gummint taxes and regulations and subsidies, either] then use it. Otherwise, burn dinosaurs and ancient plants. And nuclear fission, too. Whatever costs the least, doesn't force rolling blackouts or 'conservation' or any other inconvenience, etc..

After all, why should MODERN people in 1st world countries live like they're in 3rd world countries? if you run out, MAKE MORE (note: this does NOT mean 'pollute everything' so you anti-tech fascists can't say it now, bleah). And tell the enviro-wackies to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY and stop blocking construction projects.

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7 minutes' flight? That's still not bad, though battery tech now becomes the limiter, and not the electronics or programming.

the solar panel can be in the docking station. then you can make it as big as you want.

Agile development exposed as techie superstition

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Re: Let's get rid of these myth too

"10x programmer"

no, that would be me. The secret to being a 10x developer is to get as much done in as short of a period of time as you can, so that you'll be left alone to work independently on "the hard stuff".

So if you come in and there's a backlog of things that need to get done, you hit them in order of 'easy to hard', with some "high priority" items stuck near the top so that people are happy with you. not only do you look as if you're DOING SOMETHING, you earn the freedom to approach things your own way, because it WORKS.

Then, when you've reached that difficult thing, you can spend time on that as you need to, because everything else got done. You can explain how hard it is, and maybe break it up into smaller goals that you can get as many as possible "done" within a short period of time, so it looks like you're busy and good at what you do.

Interestingly, when you reach a major roadblock, that requirement might end up being removed, when other people see how much effort is required. They get used to getting things done, too. Everybody wins.

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Re: Agile, another idea sold to the weak minded

upvote for the title

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Re: Another Speaker talking without experience

"I simply feel"

got my downvote. just being honest.

The problem with Agile appears to *BE* "feel". Instead of 'think'. Or study. Or analyze. Or 'manage'.

My number one example of this: The 'scrum' meeting in which everybody gets to have their 'say', including the PFY that wants to feel good about himself and his ideas. I've seen it before, and it was a disaster, when "junior guy" convinces "manager" that HIS idea is a good one, and then "manager" tells "senior people" to do it the way the PFY wants it done, amidst objection, but he's the boss. etc.

because, *feel* instead of think. A proper manager would NEVER allow THAT to happen. But it does.

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Re: Thank the heavens

"the rest of us have to work in teams - typically with a wide range of skill, experience and frankly basic engineering talent."

This is where proper management comes into play, and a 'top down' method is superior: you define the requirements, put one member 'in charge' of the sub-tasking, and hand off "the task" to them in a way that stays out of other people's sandbox as much as possible. 'The Manager' would then be in charge of anything that crosses into other sandboxes. The manager would also assign the teams.

Competent management makes this possible. A lack of competent management may be the ROOT of why 'agile' was *FELT* to be "the right thing to do" (in a kind of 'straw' test case). Results, predictable.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Thank the heavens

On the surface, 'Agile' sounds more like 'affiliation' management style, rather than a proper top-down 'delegator' style. Even a dictatorial 'authoritarian' style would be better [since directions and specifications are more likely to be clear, and not moving all of the time].

As opposed to what FRagile appears to be, an affiliation-based collective with a "let's just have a meeting and that will solve it" approach, because PFY *must* have ideas that are as good as grey-beard-ent engineers, because, FRagile. And meetings fix EVERYTHING!

/me once wrote a proof of concept in ~8 weeks [total effort], a linux kernel module, that was used as the demo for a new software product that was being worked on by 3 people (manager, senior eng, junior eng) for a *YEAR* and they STILL didn't finish, so they asked me to come back into that project [when junior guy was getting laid off] and basically 'get it working'. I saw the manager's door closed a LOT during that year, while the 3 of them wasted endless time in 'meetings' and I worked on a bunch of 'other things'. And I heard senior engineer trying NOT to complain, but throwing his hands in the air [effectively] at what "was decided" by the other two. A LOT. He did what he was told. Can't expect much else, really.

And, the talk when they started? How great 'agile' was and how they wanted to implement it in this project!

I've been told that what THEY ACTUALLY DID was not "agile" but who knows, maybe it really _was_...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Agile is b*llocks. Any non-idiot knows this.

I call it "Fr"agile. Because it broke down so very often.

There should be a requirement to use "the hacker term" whenever possible. It usually lacks the ironic, oxymoronic, and/or "market speak" overtone, replacing it with a more accurate (and humorous) term.

'Agile' - like someone who's told to "dance" in an old western (while bad guy shoots at his feet)

To upper level management and marketeers [that want to drive development], it must sound like a MIRACLE!

To the rest of us, it sounds like "endless boring meetings" "last minute overtime crunches" "spinning compass direction guessing" and "getting yelled at a lot for being unable to meet expectations".


Pointless US Congress net neutrality vote will take place tomorrow!

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Re: bob the bot-herder

I don't look like a bot when I look into a mirror. Strangely I'm being accused of being one.

I just don't tow the liberal-lefty-line. Maybe everyone *ELSE* is a bot... [and based on what we see in social media in general, according to the 'Russian Collusion' investigation, using bots to make one person look like "a swarm" is commonplace]

but I figure the "howler monkey" downvotes are either bots OR collusion. Or both. HA HA HA HA HA!

Seriously, I sometimes think that commenters are being hired by organizations like "Media Matters" to individually comment so they don't LOOK like bots. Those of us who are conservative, true libertarians, or simply "disagree" with the politically correct socialist viewpoint, get *PUMMELLED* all of the time by the gang-up bullying LEFTISTS (aka 'howler monkeys' slinging poo).

That's ok, like Trump, I'll just throw it back at 'em.

(my 'fan club' can find me on USENET, too)

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"He is an embarrassment to America"

you meant OBAMA is an embarassment to America. I had to tolerate that [insert pejoratives here] for 8 years. FINALLY there is SOMEONE who does what _I_ want done in the White House!!!

So yeah, I'm pretty stoked that Trump is President.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"all the things the Trump administration has foisted on the US populace"


I do not think that word 'foisted' means what you think it means.

But as for 'net neutrality' (the ironically named attempt at gummint control of content on "teh intarwebs"), *THAT* in and of itself (aka 'net neutrality') is "the pointless thing".

Google shoots Chrome 66's silencer after developer backlash

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Re: Options

"I'd quite like an option."

I'd like options for a LOT of things, including turning off the 2D FLATSO appearance and getting an actual MENU back [i.e. desktop friendly, not fat-finger-feel-screen-friendly].

but auto-play videos should be "handle-able" with a simple user-maintainable white-list of sites you want to allow this for. yeah, too much user-customization, not a "one size fits all" so-called "solution". can't have THAT. no, no, users are IDIOTS and we KNOW BEST here at Google!!!

Void Linux gave itself to the void, Korora needs a long siesta – life is hard for small distros

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Re: Open Source monetary contributions

in a lot of cases, if there's a non-profit organization (or for-profit, for that matter) that can fund it, that's one way to do it. Your dev work is billed to the foundation/company/whatever.

actually that'd be a nice way of getting an income, for popular tools, even if it's just for weekend work. but I'd guess that [unless a company has a direct interest in the tool's success] it's generally done as volunteer work because the dev wants it.

yeah open source revenue models are somewhat unique in that way...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Luddite OS

for those of us who don't want:

a) systemd

b) anything else "poettering"

c) mono/dot-net-core/whatever-they-wanna-call-it-tomorrow

d) wayland

e) 2D FLATSO "chrome-ishness"

f) slab-friendly desktop-hostile

and whatever NEW "new, shiny" that smug millenial "developers" excrete over the next few years (and subsequently try to JAM UP OUR AS DOWN OUR THROATS)

The name itself would preclude all of the usual arrogant millienial smug-monkey-poo-throwing pejoratives, almost DARING them to use "such terms" to describe 'the rest of us'.

I bet it would be popular, too. Like Devuan. In fact, I just replaced the OS on a Debian jessie box with devuan, using 'apt-get dist-upgrade', with very few issues - they were cleaned up by running aptitude a few times to get rid of systemd entirely and then re-install mate. Working fine now.

Bowel down: Laxative brownies brought to colleague's leaving bash

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Re: Giving a crap

someone had the guts...

America's forgotten space station and a mission tinged with urine, we salute you

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Re: "Could have been used to feed hungry people"

"The list of tech that owes it's existence to the early program is a real eye opener"

I can't give you enough thumbs up for saying this! And yes, the "collateral benefits" of NASA and the space program in general is hard to 'dollarize' but I would expect it to be a NET BENEFIT. It "gave back".

After all - with all of that money we bought rockets and blasted them into space. We got what we paid for. Imagine what we'd have got if we'd paid for something that DOES NOT GIVE BACK...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: I hope..

"could have been used to feed hungry people"

WAS used to HIRE hungry people (to build rockets, etc.). then they can FEED THEMSELVES instead of requiring some form of charity [whether voluntarily given or FORCIBLY TAKEN from taxPAYERS].

there. I said it.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: the final crewed mission of the Mercury programme

I'll say 'manned' because

a) it's politically incorrect

b) it's true (there WAS 'a man' aboard)

c) Proper grammar defaults to male pronouns, etc. when sex is indeterminate or unimportant. See 'a'

/me wonders why the 'pee' problem in Gordo's flight was never mentioned in "The Right Stuff".

(my 'mailman' is a woman)

Android devs prepare to hit pause on ads amid Google GDPR chaos

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Re: "personalised ad" stuff is absolute nonsense.

ads within applications [and operating systems - Microshaft] is JUST! PLAIN! WRONG!

[I will not download nor use 'adware']

I can tolerate web site ads when a) they're part of my shopping [like amazon, target, etc.] or b) they're not IN MY FACE so I can ignore them if I want [like ads have been in newspapers forever].

Beyond that is irritating, and you don't want to irritate your potential customers.

Julian Assange said to have racked up $5m security bill for Ecuador

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Re: Heroes

well, if they ARE heroes, maybe people would fund them with a 'go fund me' kind of campaign? At least they could pay back the Ecuadorians for the extra security costs...

UPnP joins the 'just turn it off on consumer devices, already' club

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UPnP - insecure out of the box

one of the worst designs in UPnP would be the ability of a client to open up a port in any firewall configured for UPnP. In other words, if NAT was (at one time) protecting a computer from being a listening port on "teh intarwebs" for command/control, guess what? UPnP makes that possible, too.

So many levels of wrong. So many security craters. Why is it even "a feature" on routers?

/me thinks we can blame Micro-shaft, somehow...

icon, because, facepalm

Date engraved onto net neutrality tombstone: June 11, 2018

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: "Light touch regulation" - where did that get us before?

"It lead directly to the sub-prime mortgage f*** up"

No. that was caused by SPECIFIC regulations that (essentially) told banks to lend money to people who couldn't afford to re-pay them, because, political correctness and affirmative action and other similar feely things.

Link to Article

"a federal program that ordered banks to lend money to people that had no way of paying it back, lend money to people that didn’t have to take a credit test and pass it, lend money to people that everybody knew would never pay it back"

"There was a thing called the Community Reinvestment Act. It was originally proposed by Jimmy Carter, but it sort of languished after Carter proposed it. Bill Clinton in 1998 rejuvenated it, reignited it, as a means of distracting people from the Lewinski scandal."

"Community Reinvestment Act was a plan designed to get people into houses who had no business being in houses ’cause they couldn’t afford them. " " The banks were under federal orders to do it."

"most of the beneficiaries in the subprime mortgage were minorities. Racial minorities. So, anyway, millions of people who could not afford bank loans were given them, and they went out and bought houses. This led to the utter crash of the housing market."

"The banks, working with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, packaged these worthless mortgages into pools of worthless mortgages and called them mortgage-backed securities, and sold them — under false premises, essentially."

"The banks foisted off worthless paper to people who didn’t know what they were buying until they figured it out."

"That bunch of people decided to repackage them as something else and sell them again, and all the while they were insured by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Worthless paper, worthless loans that everybody knew were worthless kept being passed down to other investors until finally there were no more saps left to buy them and that’s when the crash happened and that is the Cliffs Notes version of what happened"

Rush says it better than I could.

(I wonder if this one will exceed my current downvote record, near the top of the comments - currently at 70 downvotes! Heh, I must be doing something "right" [wing])

Did I say Chinese jobs? I meant American jobs says new Trump Tweet

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Art of the Deal

how Trump operates.

How many ways can a PDF mess up your PC? 47 in this Adobe update alone

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who still uses Adobe anyway?

especially true on Linux, BSD systems

atril works pretty well for me. [evince now enforces 2D flatso look last I checked, won't touch with 10 foot pole]

(I had to go back and check what it was they did - was thinking '.Not' but it was a gtk 3 2d flatso look that irritated me)

Cheap-ish. Not Intel. Nice graphics. Pick, er, 3: AMD touts Ryzen Pro processors for business

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Re: Microsoft priority for "business" ryzen flawed

also, from the article: "a string of promises to big biz"

Does this mean I won't be able to SHUT OFF the remote management crap? NOT being able to do so is a huge 'deal breaker' with me. Although, a lack of Linux/BSD compatibility is a true deal-killer.

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