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Trump 'not normal' FCC commish reveals amid Sinclair-Tribune mega-media-merger meltdown

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Re: Trump 'not normal' FCC Commish reveals

compared to 'normal' politicians, I'll take "not normal" *ANY* day.

The internet's very own Muslim ban continues: DNS overlord insists it can freeze dot-words

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Re: Well....

how about .semprini ?

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Re: Playing with fire

wasn't that already done (sorta) with .onion ?

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Re: Too late

I'm sure there are other religion-based TLDs out there. I found '.guru' and '.yoga' but most likely they're not in reference to eastern religions at all.

One reference suggested 10 TLD's were "religious" but I didn't want to wait for their slow scripted site.

The place I searched was gandi.net but they don't have EVERY TLD (just the vast majority of 'em from what I can tell). Notably did NOT find '.christ' or '.zen' or '.buddha' or '.hindu' or anything similar.

But as for NOT registering '.islam' etc.: if terrorists and/or jihadists were to get '.islam' TLDs wouldn't it make it easier to TRACK them? Seriously someone isn't thinking very well...

/me points out that if believers in Islam use '.church' it would be just as applicable as a christian religion. And I saw several TLDs listed in foreign lingos and so I couldn't read 'em, so maybe they're at least slightly religious? Anyway, I think ICANN wanted to avoid this entire thing, but I say open the gates and let it all happen, equally.

UK 'fake news' inquiry calls for end to tech middleman excuses, election law overhaul

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Re: 'Fake news'

"The Labour party recently held a workshop teaching its MPs to lie in order to smear opponents."

In the USA this is called 'politics as usual'. it's most common every other October. Surprise! I think it's been this way since the beginning. Extra points for mentioning "for the children" (see icon).

(On occasion I've gone with the side that's the least irritating with the negative ads)

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Re: Yup.

well, I'm of the position that people should be able to say whatever they want, as long as its not blatantly libelous and/or slanderous, or in any other way illegal [like advocating riots or other crimes]. But the grips on that kind of thing are rather loose, and so you'll see occasional things that might offend you. Oh well. Grow a thicker skin, I say.

The thing about Fa[e]ceB[ook,@#$%] being as large as it is, accused of filtering news in a way that favors their own interests [whatever that might be], is what's apparently at question here. I say 'no filtering' and leave the liability with the individual posters. That's the simplest way to avoid quelling speech while simultaneously giving FB [and others] the means by which they can do T.O.S. bans as necessary. If that means banning every conservative or right-winger off of their network, I say "their loss of revenue". I certainly don't need FB for _MY_ news, nor google for my searches. Or whatever.

But you know, business is business, and politics is politics. The smart business owner will realize this and NOT "play politics". Everyone's money is the SAME color. Welcome, valued customer!

Microsoft devises new way of making you feel old: Windows NT is 25

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Interix/SFU/SUA/whatever - I tried, REALLY TRIED, to make it work so I could build things with it. But X11R5 was just TOO out of date, and autotools didn't have the capability of handling the lack of compatibility. And writing those changes myself proved to be a frustrating (if not impossible) task.

Didn't even have 'tar' - only 'pax', and pathetically didn't support a lot of things (like compression).

I gave up on it. Cygwin just works better.

As for Windows NT needing 16Mb of RAM: compare that to Win-10-nic, which seems to run poorly with 100 times as much RAM... especially 'the Metro' / UWP garbage.

I had the unfortunate experience of having to create a virtualbox VM running Win-10-nic to test an application on. I had an easier time installing the latest ReactOS (multiple crashes, and looping in the 'OOBE WELCOME' menu thing. After (effectively) disabling audio (switched to the AC'97 driver, which apparently isn't supported at ALL), I was actually able to install it. Then I went to give MS feedback on how pathetic something worked, and the performance of the UWP text box was SO bad, I coudl type LITERALLY! TWICE! AS! FAST! as the text rendering of what I'd typed. Meanwhile, CPU on _TWO_ _CORES_ was being _MAXED_ _OUT_ the _ENTIRE_ _FREAKING_ _TIME_!!!

I'd take that old clunky NT 3.1 *ANY* day over CRAP-WARE like Win-10-nic.

Oh, and my windows application ran JUST FINE (even though I had to test it to make sure). I'll need to fire that thing up ocasionally to test it out AGAIN and AGAIN, of course. But I think I'll "unplug" the virtual network drivers when I do it, so that it doesn't spend unnecessary time and bandwidth UPDATING itself whenever I do it... and use a diskette or CD image to transfer the application EXE file whenever I test it. Heh.

FBI boss: We went to the Moon, so why can't we have crypto backdoors? – and more this week

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Re: "...True, but a REAL blackmailer would provide proof..."

I got one of those blackmail e-mails today, demanding 300 bitcoin or something. The FBI got a copy of it on their on-line complaint web site (with mail headers). Yes, NOTHING is too good for our new special friend!

It's the best thing to do with it, forward to whatever law enforcement agency has jurisdiction. And the "you can't find me I'm in another country" taunt at the end was laughable, at best.

[I wonder how many people received this e-mail, obviously a bulk mailing]

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Re: @LeeE -- Man on the sun

RE: Tungsten melting point, temperature on the sun's surface

Well in theory as the metal vaporizes, it absorbs latent heat of fusion from whatever material it's attached to (and/or being heated by) - think of the heat shiield on the Apollo spacecraft as it was coming back to earth.

But other materials would make a better heat shield. And they would be consumed, rapidly. So there's an obvious time limit involved.

So it's possible, but not practical.

That of course is a complete distraction to the original point, the absolutely STUPID comparison of 'man on the moon' to 'back-doorable encryption'. How about this Mr. FBI dumb-dumb: FREEDOM. PRIVACY. SELF-RELIANT SECURITY. SELF-DEFENSE. yeah you don't want THOSE either, do you?

Western Digital wonders why enterprise isn't keen on its solid-state drives

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lower prices, higher quality

this will nearly always help with your sales figures. 'business 101'

icon because it's obvious

Hurrah! Boffins finally discover liquid water sloshing around on Mars

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Re: That conclusion seems a bit fast to me

"Elon had better make sure he takes a shovel in 2025 when SpaceX is supposed to be going to Mars."

he left one in the trunk of his car...

Politicians fume after Amazon's face-recog AI fingers dozens of them as suspected crooks

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Re: Congress

"Where did the ACLU find '28 innocent members of Congress'?"

in the same place you find Unicorns and Leprichauns and other mythological creatures

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being politicians, I thought that meant 'crook' by definition?

Microsoft celebrates a bumper financial year ... by making stuff pricier

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"It's a trap" - Admiral Ackbar was/is right!

Micro-shaft's strategy seems all about "the trap" and/or "the lock-in". It's followed up by subscription pricing, where you must pay annually for 'whatever' rather than one-time only.

Transparent, obvious, and (unfortunately) not very customer-friendly.

It goes hand-in-hand with 'Embrace, Extend, Extinguish'.

IBM - you guys used to be ALL about the customer, so maybe it's YOUR turn to show them up?

Swan dive: Intel shares dip under interim CEO Bob as 10nm processor woes worry Wall Street

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Re: General overvaluation

if you think China and the U.S. President have anything to do with Intel stocks, then you're greatly mistaken. Either that, or you merely WANT it to be so because the alternative disagrees with your world view or something. Whatever.

Intel's current problems are based on a few things:

a) Meltdown and Spectre, and their somewhat 'lackluster' responses to it all

b) Effectively hitching their wagons to Win-10-nic to sell new computers. THAT right there is a BIG part of it.

c) Moore's Law not doing what it was doing 10-15 years ago any more; i.e. computers aren't perceived as being 30 percent faster each subsequent year. [so people are more likely to hang onto what they have]

d) Features like 'Management Engine' or whatever it's called, and the inability to canonically DISABLE it.

None of these things are helping their bottom line. Getting 10nm processes going is just the latest excuse, I say.

To fix the problem, they need to do the following:

a) properly fix Meltdown+Spectre, including for older CPUs [when possible to do microcode updates]

b) properly document (and support) SHUTTING OFF the 'management engine'

c) Promote other operating systems, including Linux and Mac, _ESPECIALLY_ including marketing for new affordable non-windows computers, software ports of existing applications to Linux and Mac, and other stuff necessary to get people to switch to a non-windows OS so they don't have to hitch their wagon to Micro-shaft's poor decisionmaking.

d) Promote and develop multi-thread algorithms that actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the perceived speed of applications. This COULD include a client/serer model for the GUI (you know, like X11) which inherently could take advantage of multi-core.

But yeah, moving away from relying on Win-10-nic to sell computer chips is a BIG one. They should get serious about that.

Enterprise Windows 10 users, Microsoft has some 'quality' patches coming your way

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Re: There was a time

there was a time when Micro-shaft actually (seemed to) CARED what the customers wanted, and NOT merely "herd them" into a lock-in to whatever THEY decide to excrete.

that was back in the Windows '98, NT 4, and Win 2k days, for sure. XP too, for the most part, up until the ".Net" initiative. After that, everything went awry. Micro-shaft's attitude about customers and the direction of their company slowly changed to what it is today.

/me points out: Change is NOT always a good thing. When change is for the WORSE, it's sometimes called "rotting"

In the Win '95 beta program I had a lot of online conversations with MS engineers over features, performance, and so on. I'd like to think I had an influence over the quality and perception of the UI and the software that was bundled wtih Win '95. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't as bad as it COULD have been... and they were pretty cooperative and even mailed me a replacement CD ROM drive [I sent them mine so they could figure out why it wasn't working, even with the DOS drivers]. THAT is how they USED to do things.

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Re: Widnows 10 "Enterprise" LOL

"until they finally throw in the towel on that Metro UI disaster zone."

ack, but they've already gone and jumped in with both feet, hit the bottom, and started diving deeper with UWP and every OTHER excuse to "not let go" of the "Sinofsky and Larson-Greene" production often known as "The Metro UI".

You'd think they'd acknowledge their mistake and go back, but NOOooo. I guess the 'children in charge' "have decided for us" and we'll keep their lipstick-on-the-non-oinky-end-of-the-boar indefinitely, as it is now UNDEAD and can't be beaten to death any more. And THEY like it, so WE MUST AS WELL! [or they'll forcibly insert it into a body orifice for our own good]

Boffins: Mixed-signal silicon can SCREAM your secrets to all

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Re: Impressive!

sometimes separating the RF devices prevents their power amplifiers from overloading the input circuitry of the other device. more 'screaming' yeah. put a meter between them, at least, maybe that'll help.

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"Chips usually have completely separate analog and digital signal grounds"

And also, power supply lines. As an example, ATMega CPUs have an 'AVCC' and a 'VCC'. Same grounds all around, but separate power for analog circuitry and 'the rest of the chip'. Generally, however, proper use of bypass capacitors (etc.) are needed to pass FCC "unintentional radiator" limits on the CPU itself.

There's also proper board layout, use of ground planes [as needed], bypass capacitors located near the devices that generate RF spikes, occasional current limiting resistors on switched signals, and so on.

So I also have to wonder, why wouldn't normal FCC bandwidth and modulation tests NOT pick this up? Or are the 'artefact' signals being generated all within the tolerances allowed by the BT/Wifi/whatever spec?

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Re: Not Unexpected

"Someone with a reciever and fancy gear within a few metres of you, though, isn't in most people's threat models, fortunately."

"not that fancy" of gear I expect, and in theory, anyone sitting near you in a wifi hotspot. As for BTLE, I'm not sure how that's relevant for AES keys, since its speed is way slower than wifi (making it suck for any kind of networking) so why would anyone be using AES keys like that over BTLE? [ok maybe someone knows, but I don't see it]. Unless it's some kind of "log me in" authentication BTLE dongle that sends passwords or something...

Another German state plans switch back from Linux to Windows

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Re: The problem is not Linux itself...

When you consider OTHER decisions that have been made by German government agencies, such as "where will Germany be getting its energy resources from", you have to REALLY wonder what the motivations are behind "change", especially with all of the PEOPLE'S MONEY being spent to DO it!

So: Are politicians (or former politicians, or their friends) raking in some dough over this? Yeah, maybe some non-profit corporation getting "contributions" on the side or something... or being placed in charge of the project (as a CEO or something) now that you're no longer in office.

I know that U.S. gummint politicians are often "the best that money can buy". Not surprising if OTHER countries have similar problems. Yeah, just pointing out the obvious. Some journalism in this area would shed a LOT of light on the topic.

I doubt very seriously that "efficient use of the people's money" is behind ANY of this.

Windows 10 Insiders see double as new builds hit the deck – with promises to end Update Rage

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Re: Whats wrong with

MS can't let users have ANY control. We're too stupid [in their eyes].

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Thumb Down

"What kind of shitty old computers"

The kind that would run JUST FINE with 7 (or earlier) on them. but NOOoooo, Micro-shaft just HAD to remove THOSE OS options from the market. Now we're stuck with Win-10-nic and all that comes with it.

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Re: Predictive Fuckups

"Why not just let users choose when they want to apply updates?"

"Because they might choose 'never' because their machines are running nice and stable."

Micro-shaft quite obviously feels [not thinks] that THEY should be in control of YOUR computer. After all, they're smarter, younger, more 'hip', etc. etc. etc. [fill in whatever possible excuse they might come up with for such *evil* *b0rg* behavior that they're engaging in by forcing updates upon us].

ReactOS 0.4.9 release metes out stability and self-hosting, still looks like a '90s fever dream

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Re: Try out the UI

"Also UI90 is better for reducing eyestrain from all the sloppy blur / fade effects."

and eyestrain from the following:

a) poor contrast colors (light blue on bright white - what idiot thought THAT up?)

b) poor UI 'cues' for what is a button, etc.

c) uber-thin window borders that make resizing difficult, if not impossible

and the NAUSEA from the 2D FLATSO, in general

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Re: "Last century called. They want their UI back, please"

"The snarky comments and cheap shots about the "dated" interface demonstrate that the author of the piece has fallen into the trap of thinking that a UI is meant to be pretty and stylish, not functional and useful."

yeah but the Win-10-nic and "Ape" "The Metro" and "UWP" interface is anything *BUT* 'pretty' nor 'stylish'.

It's more like what Micro-shaft arrogant+smug "developers" decided to SHOVE INTO OUR COMPUTERS without permission. Because it's "modern". And we're LUDDITES for *HATING* it.

nothing 'pretty' nor 'stylish' about THAT. It's more like 'the few' imposing their will onto 'the many'.

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Re: Modern UI

Article: "Last century called. They want their UI back, please"

"This Century" can *KEEP* their 2D FLATSO FLUGLY Win-10-nic and Windows "Ape" *CRAP*!!!!

_I_ _WANT_ _THE_ _RETRO_ _UI_!!! You know, 3D skeuomorphic, what basically *SOLD* everyone on windows in the FIRST place!!! (compared to windows 286/386 and so on, it was a HUGE improvement)

So thanks, ReactOS, for not giving up. More o same, please. I would like to do my accounting stuff on YOUR OS instead of "what micro-shaft did to windows out of smug arrogance" (with forced updates and slurp and UWP and 'The Store' and that HORRIBLE 2D FLUGLY UI).

I predict a riot: Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit

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Re: Vogon

"Hence the confusion at the highest levels WRT to Brexit"

I agree with a lot of what I'm reading so far, things like produce sent to France, or JIT manufacturing deliveries affected by new inspection requirements. Many of your concerns are valid, for sure (the doom/gloom FUD however, isn't). Politicians need to get off of their collective asses and get some work done to keep negative effects down to a minimum.

So, how about a 'Brexit' that actuall ADDRESSES these concerns in a sane manner before 'Brexit Day'?

OK that would make too much sense for politicians. But I think the USA is already working on forming proper trade deals with UK (at least, that's the perception). EU should be doing something similar. (or they COULD address the reasons why 50.1% or so of UK voters chose 'leave' but that would make too much sense as well, wouldn't it?)

Anyway, it's "change" so you should EMBRACE it, right? [I know _I_ am expected to embrace 'change' when it's the OTHER way...]

Quantum, Linux and Dynamics: That's the week at Microsoft, not a '70s prog rock band

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Re: Powershell on Linux

bash on windows works really well in Cygwin. So do the other POSIX tools.

If MIcro-shaft would simply support a built-in X11 server for windows, with Cygwin pre-installed, a LOT of compatibility and cross-platform problems would be solved (they used to go the 'subsystem' route for things like OS/2, why not POSIX and X11 and use Cygwin rather than INTERIX/SFU/SUA ?). But NOOOooo, they have to go down the "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" path. 'Power Hell' for Linux is exactly _THAT_. If it weren't so obvious that Micro-shaft is trying to take over the Linux environment, so they can control, extend, and then DESTROY what it used to be [in favor of some subscription-based spyware infested 'adware or paywall' version], maybe Micro-shaft might get away with it.

But the "Linux community" knows better, especially those of us who WENT TO LINUX (and other POSIX systems like FreeBSD) because of what Micro-shaft was up to early this century (the '.Not' initiative being the first of the worst, and it goes downhill from there).

I'm like a "former windows fan" who was BETRAYED back at the beginning of the century, when Micro-shaft took a wrong turn beginning with the '.Net' initiative. So I saw the writing on the wall, and learned how to work with POSIX systems instead, seeing as Apple also went with POSIX for OS/X, so there were really just two kinds of operating systems to learn and master.

(and I wonder how many OTHER betrayed windows fans switched to POSIX / Linux operating systems?)

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Re: re: don't bother trying to reinvent wheels that have been invented better elsewhere.

"How is piping text between commands better than piping objects"

because there are a LOT of text-massaging POSIX utilities that are tried+true, well understood, and relatively easy to work with. I can, for example, use 'awk' 'cut' 'sed' or 'grep' to massage any reasonably-formatted text data, and the result of piped text data can also be assigned to a shell variable within something like bash, or in a language like Perl, where you can do even more with it programatically.

"An Object" is, unfortunately, too vaguely defined for such utilities to work with. Passing objects (rather than text-based data) would be denying yourself the ability to make use of the standard POSIX command line tools, the very things that have made the POSIX command line shells *SUPERIOR* to anything on DOS or windows for DECADES.

But if you want to do everything "the Micro-shaft way" instead of using POSIX tools, have at it.

UK spies broke law for 15 years, but what can you do? shrugs judge

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Re: So that's the big deal

well, I'd be MORE concerned if the slurped info lead to convictions later on. But as it's just "being snoped on" it's something to be concerned about, but nothing to be paranoid about. yet.

USA is going through some similar problems, with the alleged "meta-data only" NSA snooping.

I'm sure 'bad guys' already just assume they're being snooped on and use some kind of code [and "burn phones"], which calls into question the validity of such snooping in the FIRST place, right?

Microsoft Visual Studio Code replumbed for better Python taming

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Re: Visual Studio 2017 is still a mess full of bugs and no ISO installer...

I stand corrected on the Visual Studio Code installer - there's no ISO! I checked the MSDN download area for it... LAME! (since it allegedly runs on Linux, you'd think an MSDN subscriber could get an ISO for a Linux version without cloudy-BS, but NOOoooo...)

icon - because - facepalm

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Re: If you want proper Intellisense, use a statically typed language

"C#, a superior language."

Heh, nice joke! Oh wait, you were serious?

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Visual Studio 2017 is still a mess full of bugs and no ISO installer...

I just wrote a semi-long post about free installers (including one I wrote) and then realized that the complaint was about the VS installer, and not about being unable to (easily) build your own SETUP image with an ISO as the output...

When I go to the MSDN subscriber download web page I can usually download a DVD ISO for the DevStudio "whatever version" so it's worth pointing out that for MSDN subscribers (no small chunk of change, annual subscription) you can DL an ISO and install it THAT way. For some cloudy freebie "ghetto" version, yeah, the installer must suck pretty hard, because ultimately they want you to use the 'pay for' version, right?

I haven't checked for an ISO of the latest DevStudio, though. I certainly don't want a cloudy installer because they *SUCK*. But I've DL'd a 2010 ISO, a 2012 ISO, etc. before. I only use the 2010 version since the rest of them SUCKED as far as I was concerned. I hated it when 2012 went all "the metro" even for a W7 install. YUCK! I even installed it on "Ape" to at least "give it a try". Bleah. Waste of time. But yeah you need the ISO images around for 'whatever' 'in case you need it'.

(/me recently had to DL a Win-10-nic ISO - I've got it, haven't installed it in a VM yet, but I'll need to test a winders application with it at some point in the near future... yuck - the things I'll do for potential customers, they make me 'feel dirty' sometimes)

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Re: So inferences that might be used to make suggestions about statically typed code won't work

"Sounds like this will encourage bad programming habits"

Too late. C-pound, Python, and Micro-shaft (in general) already done that.

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Re: Where are the holy relics

"multi monitor support"

If you had 2 monitors for the same desktop, probably works 'as-is'. If you want 2 desktops on 2 monitors, in theory it should work if you open a separate window on the 2nd desktop, or moved a 2nd window to it, THAT might do what you want.

Well, then again I'm thinking of a Mate desktop here, so maybe Win-10-nic is too brain damaged to do something that's otherwise SO simple to do (for the last 15+ years) with Gnome, KDE, and now Mate desktops (and Cinnamon and vtwm and fluxbox and xfce and everything ELSE that has multi-desktop window managers, like practically ALL of them).

/me tried using right-click 'float' on a tab in VisualStudio 2010, but all it did was stay INSIDE the same @#$% IDE "one window to rule them all" as a floating MDI child. That's just freaking LAME. Micro-shaft should make it work like Firefox's tabbed IDE, where you can drag a tab outside the window and create a new one, or drag it back and put it inside the tabbed list again. This stuff is _NOT_ "Rocket Surgery" after all!!! yeah, I _have_ to port my non-windows application to windows for the sake of customers, but I do most of the work NOT on windows, muahahahaha! VS is just open so I can conveniently test-build it after moving source into svn and then onto the winders box... (then re-build, etc., make sure the mostly-POSIX code also works in windows - I'm really happy how wxWidgets is so MFC-like that it makes doing an IDE with it practical for me, with parallel MFC-specific code in the same source - maybe 10% of it like that)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: 'IntelliSense autocomplete system'

"That's not a good thing, it just occurred to me... I should mend my ways."

NOT coding in C-Pound is probably a good start in the right direction

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: explaining Jedi

"That's why you *disable* Jedi to get the new thing."

oh yeah, THAT explains *everything*! (see icon)

Seriously, though, how do I shut off BOTH "features"?

(oh _I_ know - use 'pluma' like I normally do, get the syntax highlighting but none of that other *@#$%*, _ESPECIALLY_ lack-of-intelli-sense! )

if I wanted an IDE written (as if it is) in Java (script), I'd use Eclipse. Or 'Android Studio'.

Hey Micro-shaft, how about this: STOP with the 'new, shiny' and just FIX WHAT YOU HAVE, and GIVE US BACK MORE CUSTOMIZATION.

When I _must_ winders-code, I use DevStudio 2010. Why? NO 2D FLATSO and no "the Metro" nor UWP! And it builds W7 applications WITHOUT [after a few targeted configuration options] the @#$% *&%$ F$#%+&^ '.NOT' in it!!!

/me points out that WITHOUT the '.Not', shared runtime, and shared MFC dependencies (i.e. static link EVERYTHING), an application built for W7 wouldn't have "those issues" if running under Wine. I've read the licenses about shipping these things, about NOT installing them on non-windows operating systems. So I want people to be FREE to use MY applications wherever they want. Even for free OSS stuff, they're still 'customers' and _I_ want to treat them THAT way. [how are YOU guys doing in that department, eh Micro-shaft??? yeah I thought so]

on a semi-related note: Python in DevStudio. I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.

Microsoft still longs to be a 'lifestyle' brand, but the cupboard looks bare

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Re: Win 10 :(

I say: STOP the:

a) slurp

b) ads

c) threat of a subscription model

d) forced updates

e) 2D FLATSO mandate

f) strong-armed 'Microsoft cloudy Logon' for your HOME COMPUTER

g) removal of user customization

h) "the Metro" in general

i) "the Store" in general

j) 'breaking the model' for 3rd party add-ons that attempt to un-do what you did WRONG to Windows

k) "one windows" to rule them all, "one windows" to find them, etc.

l) treating CUSTOMERS as if they are MINIONS

I have more, but that's "a good start"

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: if you don't succeed...try, try, try, try, try, try try try again!

just a *slight* modification to your point: If at first you don't succeed try SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Unfortunately, Micro-shaft has been re-trying the same FAIL thing over and over, expecting it to work "this time, for sure!"

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Re: @ deive Know what you are

"Unfortunately the coding is in house."

yeah I can imagine what the 'Halls of Redmond' are REALLY like, these days:

a) many employees in the break room a good part of the day, because game consoles and ping pong and foosball are SO important to a company's work environment these days...

b) 'sharing in the experience' like a bad 'Marin County' light bulb joke (how many people from Marin County does it take to change a light bulb? 3 - 1 to change the bulb, and 2 to 'share in the experience')

c) agile/scrum 90% of the time, actual work 10% of the time

d) bureaucracy the size of MOUNTAINS, dwarfing the ones around Seattle even

e) junior coders given as much design decisionmaking (or possibly MORE) as senior coders [this is obvious when you look at the diferences between 7, 8, and 10, and how it went DOWN HILL so fast]

f) senior coders retiring and taking their stock options NOW, while the gettin's still good.

g) no need to QA your work, there's the first round of 'windows update' for that.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Know what you are

'Temet Nosce' - yeah I saw 'The Matrix' too

Micro-shaft has been direction-changing a LOT these days. They anger their customers, anger the "Developers Developers" with moving targets, and FORCE their 'changes for the sake of changes' up our ass down our throats. And they FREQUENTLY make business decisions that have less to do with profit and MORE to do with "market control", to what end we probably don't want to know.

What has been successful for Micro-shaft in the PAST (with the 'average' customer) is what the article mentions, things like XBox and Office, as well as what made Micro-shaft successful in the FIRST place: Windows.

Windows 3.0 was successful because it was "pretty". I remember hearing people seeing the Solitaire 'demo game' playing on various monitors around a computer store, and how much they liked it and wanted Windows 3.0 BECAUSE of it. The 3D skeuomorphic appearance was a night/day difference from Windows 2.x's "2D FLATSO" and lousy color combinations, and you could personalize a LOT of things with respect to the appearance.

Now Micro-shaft is back to 2D FLATSO and lousy color combinations, as well as 'data slurp' 'forced updates' and LESS user customization in Win-10-nic, in the name of CONTROLLING AND TRACKING THE CUSTOMER.


And, it's REALLY too late to re-introduce "Windows Classic" and capitalize on THAT like 'New Coke' and 'Coke Classic' did back in the 80's. If they'd done THAT a year after releasing Win-10-nic, I'd have probably gone with it for my own stuff, assuming 'Windows Classic' would be very much like 7.

So, in effect, Micro-shaft has blatantly abandoned the 'success' model (giving customers what they want/need) and replaced it with the "take over the world" model.

Well, maybe THAT is who they REALLY ARE?

ME! ME! ME! – Intel's management tech gets a quartet of security fixes

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: compulsary remote management

"Typical PC sold for "home" use isn't going to have the vPro that has these flaws, I think."

yeah, right, "restrict" home users to an INFERIOR model? i don't think so. Yeah I know that's an extreme 'straw man' kind of position but I'm using that illustration to make the point that ANYBODY should be able to have ANYTHING HE WANTS and if it's a "business" version, then so be it.

Besides, the problem here isn't whether or not a user is a 'home user'. the problem is that INTEL PUT THIS THING INTO THE SILICON. It is a _REASON_ to _NOT_ use their silicon.


You wanna be an alpha... tester of The Register's redesign? Step this way

bombastic bob Silver badge


"Have mercy on my aching ocular orbs."

A couple of points that can be addressed without losing the current 'look'.

a) off-white background to limit the blue level. Lowers eye strain

b) no more "grey on white". *EVAR* (especially when hovering).

(and the 'edit comment' text size is just TOO SMALL - can you fix THAT too, please? I didn't test with the new site appearance, though, so maybe you DID fix it?)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Setting cookie already takes JavaScript

"JS is pretty much a prerequisite for seeing ads"

NOT true. By careful use of session identifiers and server-side effort, advertisements can be served up, clicked through, tallied, etc. _WITHOUT_ client-side scripting. It's just that the "programmers" who do it the CURRENT way are *LAZY*, *UNEDUCATED*, and *LACK* *CREATIVE* *THINKING*. That's all.

/me coded a web page, to be run on a fondleslab, using ONLY server-side script and CSS, to solve certain kinds of puzzle problems in a popular video game. So that way when I play it I can use a fondleslab to solve those, when they show up. Otherwise I'd never be able to complete the game. Some of them are _IMPOSSIBLE_ without a computer, or extended white-board analysis.

Anyway - I _KNOW_ it can be done, and I have NOTHING but CONTEMPT for ad-networks that REFUSE to do it *PROPERLY*. And it's GDPR compliant if you do it PROPERLY. how about THAT one!!!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Setting cookie already takes JavaScript

"but the drive towards JS-only websites is rather infuriating"

More like the icon. Security-minded people should be blocking script, period. And El Reg needs to understand that in their design. That goes MEGADUPLE for scripting in ads.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Still too much grey space ...

"wide screen monitors are a thing of the past"

not on MY planet. and I'm certainly no "luddite". I *despise* vertically oriented aspect ratios anyway. My eyes are next to each other, side-by-side, and I view the world in "wide screen". Ultra-portrailt mode (>2:1 aspect in vertical orientation) makes it hard for me to recognize objects in photographs, let alone read TEXT. You and the other 3 people that agree with you can keep your vertical orientation. I'll take WIDE SCREEN every time!!!

/me rotates slab devices into LANDSCAPE mode nearly all of the time.

Oh, and El Reg? Please keep this in mind, i.e. make it look good in LANDSCAPE orientation, k-thx.

bombastic bob Silver badge

4-wide panels good; needs better 'NoScript' compatibility, non-flat buttons

Please don't even REMOTELY fall into "the blackhole of scripting nightmares" (and the UNNECESSARY bandwidth consumption that comes with the CDN and 3rd party scripting bloatware library downloads) that too many OTHER sites "feel" they "need".

Using 'NoScript' caused most of the graphics to "not display". Please test with NoScript and its default settings, and make sure the appearance is the same. If it's because of "a bozillian different servers" are feeding content, please stick to ONE server (or at least one URL base), or maybe two at the most, and no use of scripting to load graphics. Most browsers are smart enough to keep connections alive. You don't need 'many parallel servers' to feed content efficiently for a single web browser. (so please don't head in that direction either, thanks).

Less 'bandwidth intensive' is _ALWAYS_ better! (even if it's not YOUR bandwidth that's affected)

NOTE: I _ALSO_ suggest fixing ad banners so that they NEVER have script in them. That way, they'll still work when people use NoScript. IT professionals SHOULD use NoScript, and practice "safe surfing". They should understand just how *INSECURE* scripting is (meltdown, spectre, 0-days, bitcoin harvesting, yotta yotta) and NEVER run scripts on anything but the MOST trusted of web pages, and even then, by specifically allowing for it "just for this session". With _THAT_ kind of very security-minded thinking, you'd expect MOST 'El Reg' users to NOT allow scripting, not even for El Reg. So make your ads work WITHOUT the script. Then we're ALL happy!

New column design: 4-wide instead of 3-wide: easier to scroll article titles. I like it.

HOWEVER, putting non-size-compliant panels (including ads) and THEN cramming others to make 'em fit: not so much. It breaks up my ability to eye-scan the page for interesting things to read. In other words, it GETS IN THE WAY. Things that GET IN THE WAY simply *ANGER* IT people. But you knew that.

And pseudo-random panel size changes are WAY too similar to a "the Metro" tile screen. That's enough to HATE it, right THERE!!! Think about how SOME people actually take it upon themselves to gripe at *ME* for using things like CAPITAL LETTERS for emphasis (I do this to break up monotony and stress points). But, at least the text itself doesn't change size.

"The Metro" and "Tile Screen" and "Start Thing" are _NOT_ "modern", no matter how many millenials whine and call people like me "luddites".

The existing 3-wide panel design _does_ waste a lot of screen real estate. So going to 4 wide is good! Changing panel widths at semi-random to put an oversized ad panel in there? not so good.

And, finally:

The 'subscribe' "button" at the bottom looks like a flat red rectangle. How about some 3D skeumorphic effects to make it look like a BUTTON instead? That's right, I want to START a REBELLION against the 2D FLATSO! (I gotta try). FYI I use 'bitmap image' buttons for my stuff. The files are usually very small, and you can make 'em look like "whatever" that way. Hand-draw in the 3D skeumorphic, maybe with a vulture watermark, some ALL IMPORTANT 3D skeuomorphic features, and voila! [your own articles and research show that flat rectangle buttons make for BAD UI cues - can't recall the article, it was from about a year ago]

There's supposed to be a shadow effect in CSS but it may not be supported in all browsers. However, using a "bitmap button" works every time it's tried.

Microsoft to pay new bounties for identity services holes

bombastic bob Silver badge
Black Helicopters

Re: This Window Sazure sure is gonne look good in my mansion.

"Why does Microsoft even have that many different sites for login & authentication services."

I'm glad SOMEBODY already said it, 'cause I was sure THINKING it!

Here's another thing: If I attempt to crack M-shaft security, in order to perform vulnerability tests, and the captain DOES notice, will I _STILL_ get arrested by some idiotic law that prevents "regular people" from doing such tests for research purposes? You know, like some of the DMCA crap passed a while back? The same kind of "law" that says penetration testing is ILLEGAL, regardless of the reason for it? (like the arguments for making GUNS illegal because SOME people shoot other people with guns for criminal reasons, so 'they' wanna BAN THEM ALL)

DMCA did what it did because there's no 2nd Amendment for HACKING. worth pointing out.

/me NOT grabbing my coat. SOMEONE has to say this kind of stuff. watching out for black helicopters, though...

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