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Redis does a Python, crushes 'offensive' master, slave code terms

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Re: They should ask Torvalds to rename git.

"male dominance over a female partner!!"

yeah and with all of the BDSM references for master/slave LAST time around...

I still think Tori and Uke would get past the radar. They're Judo terms. Judo. 'Tori' literally means 'bird' and is the person doing the throw (also according to the web page from the verb 'toru' which has a meaning of take or pick up or choose - but if you've ever had a bird steal your food, it makes sense). 'Uke' means 'receiver' more or less and is the person being thrown.


any OTHER connotation, political or sexual, was (*cough*) accidental.

/me thinks "at least I didn't say 'tops' and 'bottoms' - no, wait..."

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"start using the 'n' word more. It just means black person."

Uh, no. Direct racial epithets aren't the same thing as the use of the term 'master' and/or 'slave' with respect to one another in a technical context.

[but maybe you made a good point anyway, in a backwards kind of way - 'master' and 'slave' aren't racial epithets unless you WANT them to be, so that you can control other people's speech or something]

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SJW indoctrination

"And on a more general note, how exactly do you become 'offended'?"

It has to be CAREFULLY TAUGHT which is why 'the left' pretty much pwns education these days...

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This is just silly.

big thumbs up for brevity AND accuracy

Microsoft adds Windows module support to PowerShell Core while Amazon unleashes it on Lambda

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How come they can't learn bash, perl ?

How come they can't just learn bash, perl? Why must we inject Microsoft's insane model (read: power-hell and '.Not') and way of doing things into the world of POSIX shells and scripting lingos?

This is like building your house out of glass because you like windows. Yeah bad 'pun'ishment there. Careful not to play ball games in the yard [or throw stones].

Microsoft accidentally let encrypted Windows 10 out into the world

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Re: Micro$haft

Oh, come on now... at least point out something we can snark at, not just make fun of their name and use profanity.

Like maybe that they treat end-users like Minions instead of Customers, by FORCING us into 2D Flatso, spyware, adware, forced updates, strong-armed 'Cloudy Login', 'the Store', yotta yotta. And being their QA department.

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"The next time these chuckleheads boast about their quarterly profits, remember part of that largess comes at the expense of having anything resembling a responsible QA process."

cannot be emphasized enough

(insiders and end users - those are the new 'QA department', with forced updates to perpetuate it)

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Re: Accident or a test?

Microsoft does not do "testing" any more. It's why they have minions insiders.

And they probably don't have a sense of humor, either.

Hey Micro-shaft: it's ready AIM fire, not ready FIRE aim. Or, in your case, patch, TEST, upload to servers, not what YOU did: patch, upload to servers, test.

Well, that's right - you don't do "test" any more! So you REALLY did patch, upload [no test].

icon, because, facepalm for the OBVIOUS 'lameness' of this moment

Russia: The hole in the ISS Soyuz lifeboat – was it the crew wot dunnit?

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Re: Zero G

this problem was solved in the 1960's during the Gemini program. They also had a drill-operated wrench, if I remember correctly. the back story, as I recall, was that they put a test rig filled with typical operations like turning wrenches and screwdrivers and using a drill into the back end of a gemini capsule where it had an equipment space set up for this kind of thing. An astronaut went outside in a suit and tried to do all that, but failed miserably. Then NASA came up with a brilliant plan of using a swimming pool to simulate zero gravity [which they've been doing ever since]. They rehearsed the mission, and tried it again, this time successful.

Anyway, a bit of NASA history from the dark spider-webbed recesses of my mind.

also mentioned (sort of) here

The swimming pool helped them 'get it right' with Gemini XII

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I still think it was done by a Russian technician

who was trying to plug a leak by drilling down to where the leak was so he could put some kind of leak-stopping material in there. the hole would've been considered 'benign' and apparently it was covered up so it couldn't easily be seen.

Then, the patch that was made on Earth failed, causing the recent leakage. Their fix was kinda like what I propose the original fix was - inject something into the hole to stop the leak, and cover it up.

Occam's razor in this case.

(not nearly as interesting as snarking all over it and pointing fingers and conspiracy theories)

Trump shouldn't criticise the news media, says Amazon's Jeff Bezos

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Re: Poor Jeff is so right, nobody takes his leftist hate pamflet seriously anymore

"Washington Post claims president Trump is a sorcerer creating storms."

you know, that's worth a pause for thought, at least...

when you take *THIS* kind of lunacy into consideration, and apparently from all angles [except Fox and a handful of others], is it any wonder Trump is 'a little unhappy' with 'the media' ? They've been filtering out all of the good things he's done (economy, trade, N. Korea, etc.) and only reporting what they perceive to be the bad, mixed with obviously biased opinions, continuously, for the last 2+ years, worse than they ever did to Nixon as far as I remember - admittedly being a snark-meister is more fun, but they are being at least a *little* irresponsible, ya know?

Oh, and the new Amazon location is possibly the one here in the San Diego area. They're apparently looking to hire 'DevOps' people. One of the ads I saw practically begged people to come work for a 'socially conscious' company or something like that. I think I'd rather sleep at night, thanks (and keep my stomach contents on the inside where they belong). If the benefit for working at Amazon is working for a 'socially conscious' company, I have to consider some of the recent news about Google where they (*LITERALLY*) did a big 'group hug' in response to Trump being elected, and someone recently leaked the video to Breitbart.

In the past, certain 'Silly Valley' companies have been reported to have colluded together to drive down wages with secret 'do not recruit' pacts, and to use H1-B visas to hire foreign workers and kinda 'trap them here' so they can pay them less and drive the wage scale down. Trump's approach to immigration threatens this kind of thing [which is good, because nobody outside of 'them' likes wage manipulation].

Couple that with some of the 'big tech' company policies with countries like China (Google helping the 'great firewall' to block content, for example, something called 'Dragonfly') ya think maybe *THAT* kind of thing is ultimately why a lot of these very wealthy "tech" CEOs don't like Trump??? Trump is in their way for driving down wages and controlling the flow of information and goods here in the U.S. (and of course 'the world'). And apparently they're 'globalists' and Trump is 'America First'. It's an obvious divide in politics that can't be crossed.

So yeah, maybe Amazon's CEO should review his own company policies, and remove the obvious blinding 'log' from his own eye, before trying to remove the spec of sawdust from Trump's eye. Yeah, that was in the bible someplace, an illustration about hypocrisy.

Microsoft lights a fire under .NET Core teams, just in time for Ignite

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what if you 'outgrew' ".Not" (aka ".Net") itself?

I 'outgrew' '.Not' back in the early noughties, when they thought it up.

I just do a native compile. Seems to go blisteringly fast, too. It's WAY better than some p-code wannabe that's part of ".Not". Bleah. Throw it away along with 'garbage collection' and the bass-ackwards pseudo-object-oriented way of doing things that's so "core" to ".Not".

I mean, do you REALLY need "Universe.Galaxy.system.planet.continent.country.province" <line break> ".county.city.district.street.house.pet.flea" just to get to "flea"? beginning by enumerating the 'universe' collection? And getting EVERY! STINKING! DETAIL! about EVERY! OTHER! FLEA! during the enumeration to find the matching flea? Seriously?

OK maybe not THAT bad, but it was an illustration of the bass-ackwards thinking behind ".Not"s very design. Thanks, I'll use API functions instead, and write efficient C/C++ code that compiles to a NATIVE BINARY and doesn't need a MONOLITHIC TOP-HEAVY SHARED LIB [that gets updated _ALL_ of the time because it's so flawed] just to LOAD [let alone RUN].

[and - dirty little secret - if I design my C++ code properly, I can compile it for MFC _or_ wxWidgets with the SAME! CODE! BASE! Imagine that!]

Martian weather has cleared at last: Now NASA's wondering, will Opportunity knock?

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Re: I hope the little booger is still alive

martian dust storm, more like the martian equivalent of a hurricane. a planet-wide one.

here, rover, heeere rover! good doggy - come and get your biscuit!

/me runs the electric can opener - usually works

Microsoft: You don't want to use Edge? Are you sure? Really sure?

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Re: Another weird feature in 1809 (current release)

"Windows 10 search is utter shite"

better to install Cygwin, use 'find' and 'grep'. Or, just not run Win-10-nic at all.

(see icon)

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Re: Another weird feature in 1809 (current release)

"Windows 10 is worse than shite. It's broken to the point of being utterly useless."

well, I couldn't go THAT far and remain accurate. It's not 'utterly useless'. IRRITATING for sure. But, unfortunately, people really ARE able to use it to get things done. Except during certain phases of the mandatory updates. [and I don't want to schedule my life around Micro-shaft's convenience, thank you]

I still despise Win-10-nic and the horrible attitudes of those who continue to try to force-market and strong-arm us into it.

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Re: It's OK; you can set firefox as your default!

there are a handful of people, admittedly, who actually _LIKE_ windows 10. What *REALLY* *PISSES* *ME* *OFF* is how *THAT* is used to *JUSTIFY* *CRAMMING* *IT* *INTO* *THE* *REST* *OF* *OUR* *RECTUMS* because Micro-shaft and a small percentage of windows users *FEEL* it is better, and so the *REST* of us *MUST* *USE* *IT* *TOO*.

taking away choice is BAD customer relations. It's more like... *A* *MONOPOLY* !!!

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Re: I bash google when possible

"like a equation has parts that cancel each other out."

until you divide by zero...

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Re: Links to resolutions, will work with any browser

"running software that only runs on Windows"

In many cases, this is easily rectified. In a few cases, sadly, it is not. However, alternatives most likely exist. I think it was said best when Ernie Ball got one of those "predatory audits" back in the _very_ early noughties, and has been "Rockin' on without Microsoft" ever since.

link: "https://www.cnet.com/news/rockin-on-without-microsoft/" (I hate captcha, using 'a' tags forced it to happen, go fig, I'm not a bot, and 'noscript' breaks captcha anyway)

According to the article, Ernie Ball (the company) saved about $80k 'right away', nearly paying the $100k fine+costs. No doubt he's got 'a fleet' of computers, people who need to be trained to use them, etc..

Yeah, "not that hard". No thanks for the FUD. here's a nice example of why Linux is a viable (and in this case, WAY less expensive) solution. Worth pointing out they use a commercial Linux (RH). Imagine what kind of money (and maybe even time!) you might save by using CentOS or a Debian derivative [including Devuan] and just having Linux-savvy IT on the premises.

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Re: More bloat in an already over bloated OS

"SatNad and his crew in Redmond get more like [Big Brother] each and every day"

Like that graphic with Bill G. as Locutus of Borg. It's been happening for a while. SatNad is just the latest. I would say 'Borg Queen' but that has so many alternate implications I figured I'd leave that one alone... oops, too late.

When i went to check on a security vulnerability yesterday, I had to load the MS link for the CVE in a separate security context and process incarnation of firefox that allows script AND cookies [and then dumps it all when I close it - ha ha]. Upon loading the MS link for the CVE report, which basically didn't tell me anything useful, I had to AGREE to their TOU for some @#$% reason...

just how far are they gonna TAKE that #&%$ anyway?

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Re: Dear Microsoft

"a shitty, intrusive and annoying feature for the next iteration."

like 'Clippy' ?

/me plays oblitatory "It looks like you're writing a letter" salmon days BOFH video clip.

C++ devs take a Step Back, let the UWP guy play with Visual Studio

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finally they acknowledge the C++ devs

I might give them a nice slow-clap for that.

In the mean time, all of that "special attention" to UWP, when practically NOBODY actually doing that, can only be driven by some kind of internal agenda to cram UWP "development' into our body orifices.

Isn't that "special" !

However, being able to 'go back a line' sounds like a cool feature. Too bad I'll be sticking with the last DevStudio I'll ever need (2010) because everything SINCE then has the 2D FLATSO, UWP, Metro, and so on look, even on 7. And I might have to re-learn how to NOT have ".Not" be a dependency of your project. There were several steps to ensure that in 2010, and MFC is becoming more and more bloated as time moves forward, and static linking (to me) is MANDATORY for all too many reasons.

I'd just like it if the 'class wizard' and dialog editor interfaces went *BACK* to the way it was in 1998... if you are a typist, and don't like lifting your hand off of home row to mousie-clickie-mousie-clickie, you'll know what I mean. I __**REALLY**__ __**DESPISE**__ the VB-ish 'property' things. "Cumbersome" is an understatement.

(and don't even get me STARTED on ANYTHING that tries to type things in for me... at least I can shut that OFF)

/me observes there's really only ONE feature I REALLY like about DevStudio. It's been around since "Programmer's Workbench". 'Virtual Space'. ALL editors need that!!!

Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms

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Re: Thinking about others feelings?

so you can more easily poke fun and ridicule the feelings. because everybody has them, and they make a *HORRIBLE* basis decisionmaking. I feel with my fingers, curled upwards in a perverse kinda way.

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Re: What's next?

it would only be a problem if it were "fatherboard".

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Re: BDSM will deliver the goods..

I was kinda hinting at the whole BDSM thing with some of my name suggestions earlier. might as well make it a title

I should add 'Owner / Gimp' to the list...

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Re: Daemons

there was a bit of a flap over 'beastie' the FreeBSD mascott. Some FUD went around [and I fell for it...] regarding the logo change, that it was some kind of P.C. thing. Well 'Beastie' is still 'the mascott' but yeah the logo changed to a ball with horns.

that being said there were a lot of us "spun up" over the potential of P.C. screwing things up for 'most people' at the benefit of a very small, vocal, minority of overly-sensitive SJW types. So yeah. Sick of it for over a decade.

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Re: that's the point where things start to go downhill.

yeah I'd actually done 'Overlord / Minion' a bit further down. great minds think alike though

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"I'd like to see your alternatives, just in case I find any of them offensive."

I already posted my alternatives, and people might find them uproariously funny [as well as offensive]

to add to that list: Top / Bottom

(or you could do 'Top Dog' / 'Under Dog' - heh heh heh)

with careful consideration and a complete irreverance for this kind of 'social justice' idiocy, all *kinds* of fun 'equivalent' comparative terms may develop!

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Re: The terminology is not the problem.

"until all such relationships are corrected to be consensual."

The safety word is 'pigeon'. Now we can continue

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Re: Brain-dead

"How about 'exploiter' and 'exploited', instead"

or 'Overlord' and 'Minion'

bombastic bob Silver badge

that's the point where things start to go downhill.

ack on the 'downhill'. P.C. and 'hurt feelings' don't belong in tech.

But if they don't like master/slave, how about:

a) dominant / submissive

b) sadist / masochist

c) Tori / Uke (Judo terms. Judo.)

d) Giver / Goatse

e) Boss / You

f) Microsoft / Everyone Else

and so on. heh.

Raspberry Pi supremo Eben Upton talks to The Reg about Pi PoE woes

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Re: not skookum

"The foundation perpetuates an elitist attitude that no one can do things as well as they can"

this IS a discussion about the Raspberry Pi, right?

I haven't found any of what you said to be true. Maybe some time surfing around the web site would be a good idea.

Sometimes the info you want _IS_ hard to find, but if you surf around a bit you'll eventually get to it. "Poorly indexed" might be a good criticism to use, and it's obviously not done deliberately.

Some links on their web site lead more down rabbit holes than to useful information. Yeah, that's irritating. Eventually you find the right set of pages and links and VOILA it's all there! Or at least most of it. Then you download the broadcom CPU docs and surf around other sites like elinux.org and sometimes their info isn't 100% accurate, so you occasionally tear out your hair over it, but in general, it's pretty good docs for something this inexpensive and flexible.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Oh dear, a fan

the fan may be a necessity with certain Pi versions, having that circuit board over the top of the 'otherwise open' ventilation space for the CPU...

Otherwise, it's probably cheaper to get a simple $10 PoE adaptor on amazon [several versions exist at around the same price with very good reviews], one of the 'wye splitter' variety at any rate. [yeah this was discussed on IRC last week, along with links to one particular device that fits the category of what I just said].

but PoE is less important (to me) than having a proper power/shutdown switch... and yeah external boards exist for that, too.

It's September 2018, and Windows VMs can pwn their host servers by launching an evil app

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"see i told you so"

with respect to 'safe surfing' practices, how many times have _I_ been DOWN voted for saying things like this?

With respect to CVE-2018-8475 at least:

a) do NOT surf the web logged in with admin or root credentials

b) do NOT use a Micro-shaft browser

c) if possible, do NOT surf the web with a MICROSOFT OS

e) do NOT view mail "as HTML", and especially do NOT preview images 'inline'.

(see? see? see????)

e) run 'noscript' or other script blocker BY DEFAULT

f) never "just open" the attachment to an e-mail [even if you know the sender]

and so on.

I ALSO expect that ad servers, image-related blog sites, spam mail with images embedded in them, and even web pages on places like 'deviantart' and 'imgur' and so forth can become VECTORS for the exploit.

And it's very difficult to get *DETAILS* on this one, meaning it's probably VERY bad, enough that search engines are maybe DELIBERATELY keeping us from [easily] finding those places where it's properly explained... [my 'google fu' is usually pretty good, but not with THIS, not THIS time]

yeah a little paranoia, and a *BIG* *FAT* "see I told you so" on the SAFE SURFING!!! because, even if they SAY it is patched, what OTHER similar vulnerabilities are STILL THERE waiting to be found???

[sloppy coding is as sloppy coding does]

bombastic bob Silver badge


seems that the details for this are being hidden or something...

best I can figure, it's a problem in the kernel.

Ok, Microsoft, *WHY* are image files loaded up (and apparently parsed) within the kernel again?

I was hoping it was an IE/Edge-only flaw so I could snark all over it.

bombastic bob Silver badge

round up the usual suspects

they've all got major vulnerabilities. again. patch patch patch! [and hope Micro-shaft doesn't cram some UI update at you that erases your preferences and/or jams some new UI 'feature' or spyware at you]

America-China tariff tiff could flip the switch on Cisco price hikes

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Re: nope

I have to wonder what percent of the total cost of a Cisco router is affected by this...

But it _DOES_ suggest that relying on "single source" for parts is _BAD_ [even if it's cheap].

I've seen an illegal knockoff built in China before. An antenna company I worked at had an antenna that was potted in plastic. Cleverly they had etched the company logo into the antenna design (removing it would affect antenna performance). The knockoff had the same antenna logo on the copper, underneath the plastic, but it was kinda 'rough' like they'd used an X ray to clone it. The antennas WERE being made in China at that time, and so the existence of knockoffs were COMPLETELY undeniable. And this was around 10 years ago.

I suggest that companies in the UK get some 'lights out' factories built. As long as it's cheaper to hire "pile of bodies" in China to work for slave wages to build our stuff, companies will do that. When it becomes economically viable to NOT do that, i.e. with robots doing the tedious manual labo[u]r, and a lack of tarriffs, shorter lead times, cheaper shipping costs, etc. to go with it, using LOCAL sources for at least PART of the product will make a whole lot more sense.

I doubt China's chip foundries are any better than those in other places in the world, including Japan, UK, and USA, just cheaper cost. They've actually done things pretty smart, trying to get the entire supply chain 'over there' so they can reduce costs. Inventory is expensive. So having all of that 'in one place' shortens lead times and maximizes supply-chain flexibility.

On the other hand, what they're doing with their trade and IP policies is NOT smart. Angering your customers is bad policy. IP theft angers customers. 'Predatory practices' angers customers. 'Retaliatory tarriffs' angers customers as well. But the government ultimately runs the show, and they're not capitalists, they're neo-communists, and so their thinking process is tainted by their politics.

Maybe a clue-bat is required?

Wannabe Supreme Brett Kavanaugh red-faced after leaked emails contradict spy testimony

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It could very easily been a response to various hypothetical questions

exactly. I think it proves how desperate that certain Demo[n][c,R]ats like Booker and Kamala are. Consider also how certain Demo[n][c,R]ats literally invited disruptive protesters to the hearings (it's the only way they could have gotten in; and 50 or so arrests were made as I recall)

Now they apparently have in their hands a "gotcha" e-mail [that isn't, but they're claiming it is], because they want to do what an aggressive prosecutor would do to someone using a "process crime" sting, i.e. trap someone into "lying" under oath ('I did not do this', followed by the paper copy 'evidence' and the subsequent 'process crime' arrest) in order to coerce a guilty plea to some low-level process crime, and THEN get that person to 'sing' or 'compose' against someone else, etc. to stay out of prison [what they sometimes do to members of organized crime syndicates, for example].

In any case, reading the El Reg article is the first I've heard of it. I think if it were a big deal, a big deal would've been made of this by now. [it's still interesting info, but not compelling]

Apparently the e-mail is real. That deserves an explanation [not fingers pointing and accusations]. However, I can't remember what I e-mailed last year, let alone 2001, and we don't even know what the context is! And without the context, you really don't have a "lie" if, as in the title, it was a response to various hypothetical questions.

icon, because, facepalm all of this. Booker and Kamala are way out in 'cloud cuckooland' as far as I'm concerned. Anything they say or do is tainted, by definition.

PPI pushers now need consent to cold-call you

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Re: If anyone

this reflects the same problems with the FCC and the 'do not call list' in the USA. My numbers have been on that list since it began. I still get occasional robocalls [which are illegal in their own right] in addition to what appear to be actual humans cold-calling me for what they believe to be a legit reason...

I do have one 'confirmed kill' though: a solar company in Orange County. I got the Better Business Bureau involved, and 2 months later an apology e-mail from them (via the BBB). They were caught, they knew it, I could've pressed it further (and their e-mail expressed minor regret and a lot of finger-pointing at their advertising/marketing firm) and unfortunately most of the calls nowadays are robocalls and only have a "press 1 to speak with an operator" and no other identifying information...

Y'know what? VoIP can also be free from pesky regulation – US judges

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then it becomes their only method of communication not by choice

cell phones. nearly everybody owns one. or more than one.

just sayin'.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"Shouldn't that mean that they're all free of regulations now "

I wouldn't mind THAT happening at ALL! With cell phone coverage nearly everwhere, there's sufficient competition for POTS to warrant more de-regulation. The only reason for regulating it before was that a single company typically served up an area, so it's a kind of monopoly in that sense. What you'd end up seeing is more cell phone carriers providing 'primary service' to residential and business customers, in lieu of physical phone lines, and the local phone companies busy trying to get their business back through more competitive options. Or I'd like to think so. [sometimes it's a crap shoot, but odds seem to be that you usually roll a 7 at the right time]

OK maybe SOME regulations need to remain, to keep land lines from being 'not fixed' for extended periods of time, like happened to me, 3 weeks without land-line nor intarwebs, due to a storm etc. (techs were just BUSY). THAT SUCKED. And it had happened a few times before, too. Turned out one of the splice boxes had a pinched wire in it, and it was MY wire, and it corroded to the point it just freaking broke. Naturally, it was the one my pathetic DSL is on. But I digress...

in any case if phone companies were required to hire consultants to get service calls completed with, let's say, 3 days, it might make things nicer, and possibly not cost more (since it is a rare occurrence). But a nice 'quid pro quo' would be the other de-regulation. So there ya go.

bombastic bob Silver badge

FYI - in the USA, doing 'anti-competitive' things like "hobbling access to save their phone service", would get you indicted/punished under various anti-Trust and similar laws.

given that, a lack of what you perceive "net neutrality" to be isn't going to make a difference. These things will STILL be illegal. we don't need overlapping laws that have unwanted consequences to fix an incorrectly perceived problem that's already covered by EXISTING law.

FBI fingers the Norks it wants to pinch for Sony hack, WannaCry attacks

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Re: How long until a US Government hacker gets the same treatment?

if ANY of our intelligence and military hackers "get caught" like that, they DESERVE it. Just sayin'

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: You'd be amazed at how many hackers ....

well, if our intelligence service is as good as I assume they are, it's theoretically possible to send a small team of people into N. Korea and just haul the guy outta there, and back to the USA. I'm thinking divers, submarine, Seal Team, etc.. That'd piss off Kimmy though, so the more likely path will be diplomatic, with that guy's face on the list of 'bad things you people in N. Korea are doing' for as long as necessary.

/me points out that my old boat had a 'diver chamber' on its back for YEARS throughout the 90's and 2000's, and there's really only one purpose for something like that: clandestine injection and retrieval of divers and/or Seal teams into a hostile area where you need to be stealthy getting in and getting out. So yeah.

A real shot in the Arm: 3% of global workforce surplus to requirements

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Re: They should never have allowed ARM to be sold

oh come on AC it's not all doom and gloom. INVENT SOMETHING!

It's not a few hundred UK scientists and engineers now 'on the dole' because they were laid off from working on ARM stuff... it's now a few hundred UK scientists and engineers available to invent the next 'cool thing', invested in by some forward thinkers that realize what a bunch of UK scientists and engineers can accomplish!

(you guys are at least as smart as us left-pondians, and you have British accents. If nothing else, it'll sound smarter when you explain stuff)

Pluto is more alive than Mars, huff physicists who are still not over dwarf planet's demotion

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Re: It's a big round ball wizzing round the sun innit?

The IAU needs to *FEEL* important, so they wielded power and demoted Pluto. I guess it was being a pain in 'Uranus' or something. So they're being like 'grammar nazis' (see icon) about it.

OBVIOUSLY way too much time on their hands... [are they being PAID for that?]

$200bn? Make that $467bn: Trump threatens to balloon proposed bonus China tech tariffs

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Re: The cost of theft

Thanks, AC, for a fresh voice of sanity amongst the obvious Trump-hate. Facts are SO much better than feelings and Trump-hate-media-driven perceptions!

bombastic bob Silver badge

'understand' does NOT mean 'agree with socialists'

"a huge number of US citizens do not understand that"

a) socialism ultimately fails because it runs out of "other people's money"

b) high tax rates on "the rich" are actually on those trying to BECOME the rich [thus they keep middle class in their place, and lower class on the dole]

c) one-sided trade deals ultimately favor your competitors, especially if they engage in predatory economic practices such _AS_ government subsidized 'competitive' pricing and deliberate "dumping" to drive domestic industries out of business

d) Oba[k,m]acare is a COMPLETE fiasco, because it DOUBLED insurance costs and empowered government to "make choices for you", is anti-freedom, etc.

e) China is attempting to force U.S. businesses OUT of business so that it won't have any competition, and THIS is why they're behaving "that way". If they were so great, how come they pay their workers CRAP wages in order to corner the world market on everything? It's because they [their neo-communist government, anyway] think they CAN.

And I think the American people very MUCH understand the concept of an insurance pool. Many of us, however, don't want to participate in something that costs THAT MUCH, but has no real benefit. Example, you only care about emergency hospitalization, but are forced to pay for HMO-like coverage, except it has a deductible that is SO high, you never exceed that amount in a year. So what's the point of paying for "all of that" when you could get "just emergency care" coverage for WAY LESS??? And that's why Oba[k,m]a-"care" *FAILS*.

Or like me, say "F-that" to insurance, and just buy what you need, because THAT is what _I_ want to do. It's _MY_ life, not anyone else's, and the rest of the universe can PACK SAND if they *FEEL* I should do differently. They're not ME. _I_ run _MY_ life. *FREEDOM*

Microsoft tells volume customers they can stay on Windows 7... for a bit longer... for a fee

bombastic bob Silver badge

I would consider 'Windows 9'

if Micro-shaft would evar create it. It'd have to be 7-like in appearance and everything else (i.e. 3D Skeuomorphic, no spyware, no adware, no 'app store', no cloudy logon, NO FORCED UPDATES), with the updated kernel etc similar to 10.

But please no "you must have micro-shaft sign the kernel drivers" requirement. that's just wrong...

(yeah fat chance Micro-shaft would CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS enough to DO that)

Brit teen pleads guilty to Minecraft-linked bomb and airline hoaxes

bombastic bob Silver badge

"The rational part of a teen's brain isn't fully developed and won't be until age 25"

Does that mean his juvenile actions get him tried as a juvenile? [I hope not]

Yeah, he's going to 'big boy' prison. Good riddance.

And that bit about "running around the internet with our 1337 bootnet!"... could that 'Apophis' group be any MORE lame?

/me facepalms at the lame - hence icon

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