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Is this cuttlefish really all that cosmic? Ubuntu 18.10 arrives with extra spit, polish, 4.18 kernel

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Re: "the system has a more modern and 'flatter' look"

yeah 2D FLATSO FLUGLY makes me wanna hurl.

however, the mate release might be worth a try:


[should at least have 3D skeuomorphic themes available for Mate]

Core-blimey! Riddle of Earth's mysterious center finally 'solved' by smarty seismologists

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Re: out of curiosity

"would the core be a liquid cooled iron moderated fission reactor in part"

Evidence of former 'natural reactors' does exist. It may be why the core is STILL molten.

And yeah, iron/nickel have stable atomic masses near 56, which is at the top of the binding energy per nucleon curve. In short, all fission and all fusion [that is exothermic] heads towards end products of iron 56-ish and nickel 58-ish. Cobalt too, but for some reason, not so much of it in the core.

So yeah earth's core is basically dead-star-stuff, with the highest binding energy per nucleon, basically the lowest potential energy with respect to fusion/fission reactions. By contrast, hydrogen has the least binding energy per nucleon, and the highest potential energy for a fusion reaction - like in the sun.

Sciency wikipedia article HERE.

also relevant, fissionable material would've all fissioned away by now, more or less, if it had a tendency to sink deep into the core and form a critical mass. which it probably did.

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Re: So it's...

'Soft' solid - it might be metal in its 'plastic' state, that is, just at the melting point but not really liquid. Under pressure it would behave as if it were solid, and yet be a bit more like melted glass or slime... as opposed to a 'truly liquid' form like molten iron poured into molds and whatnot.

As for the earth needing the core to sustain the magnetic field... I fear the potential of this being politicized some day. Just sayin'. Never underestimate etc..

Apple boss demands Bloomberg Super Micro U-turn, Russian troll charged, NSA hands out cash, and more

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paying $25k/pa for a Bloomberg terminal? [I'm guessing you're a news provider subscribing to them]

I think I'd prefer 'Fox and Friends' over Bloomberg, or better still, THIS guy. Lots more entertaining, at the least.

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Black Helicopters

"Intel putting in a defensive move to dilute any stories about its management engine"

That's a NICE conspiracy theory! I like it! [conspiracy theories are fun - not like I necessarily believe them, but they're definitely fun]

/me ducks to avoid being seen by the black helicopters [see icon]

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reporting got carried away with 'possibility' and reported it as 'fact'

sounds like a topic line to me. This (captain obvious says) is sometimes called 'fake news'. 'Fake news' usually consists of a ton of 'anonymous sources' claims, and click-bait headlines, surrounding a plausible story [or at least plausible to the audience].

Sometimes, this ends up becoming REAL news, over time, like 'Watergate' back in the 70's. Other times it turns out to be just pure B.S. and FUD, often just an attempt by press organizations to gain attention, drive an agenda, or worse.

I'll give Bloomberg 'benefit of the doubt' on this and keep a skeptical eye on them at the same time. If they prove to have been guilty of spreading 'Fake News' they will DESERVE the lawsuits that are likely to follow.

/me points out that they're sometimes called 'Doomberg' within conservative media. heh.

Pull request accepted: You want to buy GitHub, Microsoft? Go for it – EU

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Re: How about........

LinkdIn has become a bit Micro-shafty, but otherwise isn't as bad as I feared it could become. Still, I'll only run it from a sandbox'd browser. Too much script anyway. Not enough compelling reasons to kill a LinkedIn profile that I established a decade or so ago...

and I see the same with GitHub. Micro-shaft's influence on THAT will probably be obvious, and I suspect they may do things with it that are mildly irritating, but as long as I can use the legacy tools to do push/pull and clone, I'll just continue to do that.

But, if editing issues or the wiki forces me into an Office 365 environment, I'll terminate my repos and tell them how far they can insert their service into their collective rectums! Similarly if the github login causes me to be tracked, or to a lesser extent, if the site simply won't work with 'noscript' loaded.

London flatmate (Julian Assange) sues landlord (government of Ecuador) in human rights spat

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Re: Lets Get Real

I think his concern (read: paranoia) about the CIA/NSA extradition may have been relevant at one time, but I think he's been locked up in the embassy too long. 'Statute of Limitations' most likely applies here. Also he should consider that self-imposed incarceration "time served".

Facebook names former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg head of global affairs

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Re: Vacancy for a scapegoat

evil moustache - either a long waxy/twisty one, or a really really narrow one...

seriously this is no culture class from FB. Liberal Democrat fits right in with FB's natural political inclinations. They simply hired someone who's like-minded with the rest of their management.

F5: Don't panic but folks can slip past vulnerable firewall servers, thanks to libssh's credentials-optional 'security'

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Re: Loads of places

apparently this advisory has been claimed for FreeBSD, although the 'base' version of libssh isn't affected (according to the devs). Apparently a ports version might be, however.

There seems to be a bit of FUD circulating around with respect to this advisory, but understandably so. I saw some reference to it affecting FreeBSD, but according to the devs, it's a different library in 'base'. Things using libssh from ports, on the other hand, may be affected. Not clear on whether or when it had the bug. Apparently patched now.

AWS apparently claims they're using a different version of libssh, so no problems there. I have to wonder if they're running FreeBSD or OpenBSD... (and that THIS is the reason why they're not affected - forked from the BSD version maybe?)

Silent running: Computer sounds are so '90s

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Re: The Sound of Silence

"hatch a BOFH like plan to remotely silence the machines"

after hours, send the PFY around to poke a needle through the audio cable and snip off both ends with wire cutters. It'd take about 10 to 15 seconds per workstation, including the average time to traverse from one to the next.

Then you get a pile of calls and e-mails to "fix the audio on my computer" to which you can respond [robotically] "we have been receiving a lot of calls like this. With so many, it might be a virus. we are currently researching the cause, and will get back to you as soon as we have a fix." Follow this with a budget request to increase staffing to handle the work load. Throw a party instead of hiring someone new.

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Re: PC noises

"most of the noise is from women's shoes"

'pock pock pock pock pock'

it's deliberately loud, so you notice them. Except in the P.C. office, you can't actually look at women walking, even though "the women's movement" is usually worth a look. Or two. So I guess it's not very P.C. to discuss this kind of "not so P.C." noises generated by women's shoes...

coat, please.

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Re: Ringtones are cringworthy

the only ringtone _I_ use sounds like "vibrate".

And if someone's phone goes off in a meeting, I nearly always retort with "ball and chain call again?" or similar. [ball and chain needs to stop calling 'just to talk' during work hours; inevitably, it will be during an important meeting, where one call pauses 30 people for long enough to say 'Hello? Hi! What's up? ok. ok. I see. Yes. ok. I'm in a meeting right now. ok. yes. Is that why you called? Sure. uh, huh. I have to go, ok? yes. right. I see. Uh huh. Sure. I've really got to go, ok? Yes. I love you. Bye.']. So yeah, meeting policy should be "all phones off". It's not like everyone doesn't have voice mail.

Admittedly I used to assign 'special' sounds to all of the mousie actions in windows. Most of them were cartoon sounds. My favorite was an edited version of the Warner Brothers "That's all folks" on exit. Admittedly, the startup sound for a laptop (running window 7, for things I actually need windows for) is a short clip from a Monty Python sketch - "My Brain Hurts!". [the rest of the noises, aside from startup/shutdown, are all off, now. I eventually grew tired of dog barks, train whistles, narf, poit, zort, slide guitar up/down, etc.]

X11 desktop managers can have event noises, too. But I usually disable them.

Equifax exec's inside trade shame: Software boss sentenced for mega-hack stock profit

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IT Angle

Re: Justice

I think in his case, any kind of lucrative career in I.T. is now over.

Stroppy Google runs rings round Brussels with Android remedy

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Re: Ha

@joekhul - I think you miss the point here. There's the appearance of anti-competitive behavior here, with the likelihood that it IS happening. A libertarian like me would agree that SOME government regulation is needed, and it's not "socialistic" to use anti-trust laws (and similar laws) to REGULATE a company that engages in anti-competitive and/or predatory behavior. It's why governments exist in the FIRST place, actually, to stand in the way of injustices *like* anti-competitive and predatory practices.

I don't believe it's socialist at ALL to want anti-trust investigations and/or prosecution here.

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Re: Ha

"If people dont want android they wont buy it"

this is true, but what other choices do you have? iPhone, or nothing. At least, for now...

it's the same with windows, in a way. A du-opoly with Apple isn't helping. "Oh but you have a choice!" Really? I'm still hoping Linux will become more popular, but everyone says it won't. Sad.

If what Google is doing is KEEPING COMPETITION OUT OF THE MARKET (aka 'predatory' or 'anti-competitive' behavior), then anti-trust regulations should be usable against them. Same with Micro-shaft, a while back, during the 'browser wars', as was made reference to in the article. That went poorly for Micro-shaft.

What Google needs to do instead is clean up their ad revenue scheme so that it works on any browser without excessive tracking [like GDPR compliance] and does not slurp your life. then they can ignore the browser side and just rely on providing a good service with ads in it for revenue. Instead, they seem to be violating our privacy and locking us into "their solution" with greater and greater lockin and overreach and standing on the line of legality, practically taunting lawmakers and enforcers to come after them.

/me points out that if ads weren't so irritating and/or did NOT use script, people would be less likely to HATE and BLOCK them with non-Chrome browsers... but 'they' seem compelled to script them for tracking purposes, animate them, etc. DESPITE how much people HATE that.

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Re: UK needs the EU

'Thank Thatcher [snip] for putting a stop to a lot of the union silliness'

I'm surprised you got THAT many upvotes! Here's one from me.

[I was in the U.S. Navy when the Falklands war broke out, generally cheering you guys on. We'd have helped but you guys didn't need it]

As for Google's silliness, our congress is looking a bit sternly at them these days. It might take 'an entire world' to stop this, admittedly. But if UK could do it on its own... as a signal... they might flinch! [then the snowball would roll downhill and EVERYONE would benefit].

I wouldn't count on Brussels fixing this any time soon. GDPR is a good start, but if that's not ENOUGH to stop this, and Google is going for the loopholes to exploit to their maximum, they'll have to be a HELL of a lot harsher with them before this can EVER be over. And our Con-grab as well, of course.

Existing anti-trust, anti-monopoly, and similar laws/regulations might help in this case. Expect 2-3 years tied up in court, first. I doubt Google will cave. And if EU can't stand the long game on this one, they don't DESERVE to be in any position of power. I hope they *CAN*. And UK, too, post-Brexit.

WD shoots out 96-layer embedded flash chips

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Re: Fab time?

Fab cost as well. Is the fallout rate higher? Is the overall process more expensive?

maybe economy of scale and working out the bugs will improve this to lower prices, and maybe grow the capacity some more, but how long will we need to wait for this?

Enterprise Java caretakers float new rules of engagement for future feature updates

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Not evolving fast enough?

Sometimes I think things are evolving TOO fast, and the least-likely-to-survive "mutation" is being artificially selected, as opposed to NATURAL selection. You know, like 2D FLATSO. And ".Not". And NodeJS.

Java has a LOT of potential as cross-platform development environment, and always did, which is why Oracle uses (or used?) it for their front-end GUI applications, as well as the Arduino IDE and Eclipse itself. For a lot of things, it makes SENSE.

What Micro-shaft did with C-pound [part of their failed attempt at embracing and extending Java] is an example of "evolving too fast" and "artificially selecting the winner" [instead of NATURAL selection].

What we do NOT want to see is a Java spec that circles the drain with "new shiny" after "new shiny" to the point where developers CANNOT POSSIBLY KEEP UP, *ESPECIALLY* if it means abandoning old things for new, or you're just simply LEFT BEHIND.

Evolving TOO fast, particularly without supporting the OLD stuff properly, is a recipe for FAIL.

I'm not saying don't evolve. You see Linux (kernel) and the BSDs "evolving". You also see what Gnome and Firefox have done to themselves, and what Poettering has excreted for Linux userland. They're chasing FADS and effectively saying they are "evolving". WRONG. That's not evolution, that's rogue mutations that are ENDANGERING THE SPECIES.

It's bad enough that my Java experience only includes Android and making tiny modifications to the Arduino IDE. I admit I'm no expert. I also don't want Java to become "the next Gnome 3".

Love Microsoft Teams? Love Linux? Then you won't love this

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Re: "Vanishingly Small"

embracing the competing products... in this case Linux and POSIX in general.

Yeah, MS definitely _IS_ embracing. Next will be extending. Then extinguishing. *EX-TER-MIN-ATE*

VS Code running on Linux is NEVER designed to actually build Linux applications. It's for ".Not Core" applications. The 'Extend' part of 'Embrace Extend Extinguish'. And it was written with NodeJS which is a complete joke. And I'm not laughing.

So what they've done with 'Teams' is apparently what they've always done: EXTEND to the point where you can't use the old system any more, you MUST adopt the 'Microsoft XXX' or you can't use it. I have no doubt that the reason ONLY Chrome 59+ works is because of MS and 'bleeding edge' - if they're not driving it themselves, they'll use it to FORCE users onto "new, shiny" as a path to 'Extinguish'. They're making use of some 'new, shiny' feature ONLY found in certain browsers and rejecting everything else. And Chrome looks like Win-10-nic with the 2D FLAT and also 'big Google', etc.. I'm considering the black helicopter icon now...

Yes. They're manipulating you. Unless you've abandoned them. In which case, they'll ISOLATE you.

Deeper dive with GitHub Actions: One config file to rule them all and in the darkness bind them

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Microsoft's influence

I smell that (see topic).

What I see: Yet another overly-complex market-speak technology being touted as the 'new shiny' that everyone MUST embrace, which really targets a tiny percentage of customers/end-users, and probably complicates more things than it de-complicates in the process, and will likely be abandoned later down the road for YET ANOTHER new, shiny. But other git services won't have "this", so it attempts to keep people from migrating elsewhere...

Yep. Smells like Micro-shaft's influence allright. I'm predictably underwhelmed.

Just how much 'automation' do we need from git repos anyway? I've seen one attempt at integrating the git repo stuff into 'things' before, and it resulted in a virtually unusable [because it was SO pig-slow] google doc spreadsheet that was trying to track hours to issues in a private github repo. I've seen better performance on a swap-bound windows '95 system with 4Mb. Example: waiting 30 seconds to a MINUTE for a change I typed in to 'take' so I could move the cursor (due to the formulas copy/pasta'd throughout the spreadsheet). Yeah, it was THAT bad. Do we need MORE things like that? I suspect NOT.

(I tracked hours manually and it was a lot easier, and probably a lot faster, by storing a draft e-mail on an IMAP server that had the hours and issues in it, as simple plain text)

Someone's in hot water: Tea party super PAC group 'spilled 500,000+ voters' info' all over web

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New list for HR-filtering your resume/CV

You know that Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other such companies are going to be able to use this list to FILTER YOUR RESUME in case you actually WANTED to work there...

then again any self-respecting Tea Party member (official or otherwise) wouldn't WANT to work for any of those companies...

Microsoft points to a golden future where you can make Windows 10 your own

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Re: I Will Fucking Murder Mail

yeah outlook, THAT is an "improvement" (not)

Well, over the UWP mail CRapp, I guess it is...

Outlook Express wasn't bad back in its day. I use T-bird though because it's basically the same on ANY platform (and works just fine with my IMAP). Its quirks have stabilized, more or less.

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Re: Windows Insider: Hustle as a Service

Larry Flint might approve

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Re: Deinstall Win 10?

"It's live usb nowadays"

USB DVD - heh [they tend to go bad less frequently, especially the writers - I've had 2 DVD writers go bad by just sitting in the box spinning without being used...]

flash drive images are ok if you happen to have a spare one handy that'll do the job. but everybody's got a DVD drive, more or less, with very very very few exceptions. And I still got a couple o' boxes of blanks

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Re: What about the stuff that we really don't want...


well said!

Chinese biz baron wants to shove his artificial moon where the sun doesn't shine – literally

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Re: Size of the mirror

actually, if the orbit were not perfectly along the equator, the eclipsing problem would be solved [but of course the satellite would appear to move north and south from the earth's perspective]. So the earth 'eclipsing' problem is real, but solvable.

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Re: Sums

I mentioned earlier, it's really about total surface area if you focus the energy with a parabolic reflector. So the idea is, that if the sun puts out a certain energy, and the moon's reflection is a fraction of that energy, then the ratio of the surface area of the mirror to that of the illuminated zone is roughly the same as the ratio of the moon's total luminocity (as seen on earth) to that of the sun.

It's still implying a ginormous mirror, something made of mylar would still be uncontrollable without supports, yotta yotta and the weight goes up from there. Even memory-metal wouldn't help at that point.

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Re: Eight times brighter than the Moon?

"It'll be a shaped mirror focussing on a relatively small area."

a city isn't all that "small" but yeah, not like the moon which is competely UNfocused reflection.

A space-mirror would have solar energy reflected from it based on the total surface area of the mirror. if the mirror were exactly the size of the city, perfectly focused, etc. it would light it up like daylight. A fraction of the surface area of the city means an equivalent fraction of the light level, and so HOW bright did you want it? HOW big does that mirror need to be? 1/10 the surface area of a city with a population THAT large? Oh let's just ballpark it at 100 SQUARE MILES!!!

(article said 10 to 80 mile area - is that radius, diameter, or square mileage? if square miles, then make the mirror about 1/10 of that - but 10 square miles is only ~3 miles or so on a side, maybe the general area around his house but that's about it)

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Re: Drag

Problem: you need to move a parabolic mirror that is pointed/focused at a city from geosync orbit.

a) the mirror is large enough to reflect enough sunlight to light an entire city;

b) the energy density of the sun that lights it up in the day is 'n'

c) you want to reflect 'n * m' energy for night-time visibility, where 'm' represents the fraction of daylight brightness you want at night

d) the surface area of your mirror must be 'city area' x 'n' x 'm', with extra factors added in for reflectivity and atmospheric losses.

So, HOW BIG does that mirror need to be?

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Re: The silver lining

messing with the day/night cycle - unintended consequences follow

Lighting streets with lamps is one thing. Shining the sunlight onto an area 7/24 is not the same thing. You can turn a street lamp OFF. The satellite is a "one size fits all" kind of thing. You can't control it. It's ON whether you want it or not.

But I think it'd be a nice target for ground-based 'satellite killer' laser testing - mirror? Oh CRAP!

(oh and for this to work properly, the mirror would have to be the size of a city, something about energy density, etc.)

Raspberry Pi fans up in arms as Mathematica disappears from Raspbian downloads

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Re: Missing info

right, as long as you can do "sudo apt-get install mathematica" I'm good. No need to bundle it if only a percentage of people actually care if it's there [thereby saving 700Mbytes in the SD image which to me is more important].

Once more with feeling: Windows 10 October 2018 Update inches closer to relaunch

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Re: A powerful sense of dread

"they just cant help themselves can they"

I spend at least 80% of my time working in FreeBSD. Same idea as those who use Linux.

Windows is for accounting applications, occasional e-mail, and music authoring [because I bought cakewalk almost a decade ago, and might as well use it]. And it runs Windows 7. Best e-bay purchase I made, a Lenovo box for 'cheap price', dual core 3Ghz reconditioned model with 4G and Windows 7 pro. While I still could.

So yeah. couldn't help myself mentioning THAT.

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Re: I'm just wondering

even though many of us (former?) insiders have made the SAME kinds of comments in the past, i.e. that it's not our job to constantly fiddle-fart with 'updates' in lieu of getting work done, I'd expect the same response to companies [even big ones] making the same kinds of complaints.

Micro-shaft does not care about customers. They are 'minions' and 'revenue generators', and so the customer is NEVER right, MICRO-SHAFT is right, your computer is a means by which they can exploit you, and you're lucky to even get something that works MOST of the time. The rest of the time, you're a slave of Micro-shaft Marketing, your computer's maintenance is the end-all be-all of your day, Win-10-nic and any 'CRapps' they CRam into your body orifices are MORE IMPORTANT than ANYTHING ELSE you do, yotta yotta.

It's the same kind of arrogance that used to crap up your 'autoexec.bat' and 'config.sys' files back in the DOS days, when "whatever application" was _THE_ _MOST_ _IMPORTANT_ _THING_ on your computer, so "of course we can take it over".

Chrome 70 flips switch on Progressive Web Apps in Windows 10 – with janky results

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underwhelmed indeed. I toyed with something *like* that on a droid SEVERAL YEARS AGO, but it actually displayed a web page in a way that made it _look_ like you were running an application. But it was a specialized web server. The alternative had the web browser decorations which took up screen space.

The 'droid application was something like 5 lines of Java code, and a hard-coded web server URL. Good enough for a prototype. But yeah it needed a customized web server to work. That's the REAL magic.

Alexa heard what you did last summer – and she knows what that was, too: AI recognizes activities from sound

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Re: "...and potentially nudge users towards healthy behaviors..."

"Harry Harrison thought of it first, if I'm not mistaken."

He thought up 'cheddite' (Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: The title is no longer required.

putting a new 'spin' on audio 'analysis'

OK - that was just *BAD*

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Big Brother

Re: More accurate spying - Who wouldn't want that?

"The younger generation is quite adamant about their right to be spied upon"

they have grown up on reality TV... and post their mundane activities on social media like anybody else cares about their bowels or whatever.

yeah, and if one o' those hears ME sneeze it'll sound like... "Ah, Ah, AH SHIT!!!" [yes I really do that, I hate sneezing - it interrupts what I'm doing]. I wonder if it'd call an ambulance, thinking it means "I fell and can't get up" (and of course THAT introduces the topic of false alarms generated by a big-nanny spy-on-your-life system). And no, I don't need Alexa to order me some narcoleptic cold medicine either.

Finally. The palm-sized Palm phone is back. And it will, er, save you from your real smartphone

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Re: A phone from the past

I just use a dumb phone anyway. Fits nicely in my front pocket.

Phone in a phone - is that like 'Matryoshka' dolls?

In Windows 10 Update land, nobody can hear you scream

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Re: Pity

sounds like a top 10 list...

Top 10 ubuntu-like name suggestions for Win-10-nic releases

10: Nosy Ninny-Nanny

9: Unscheduled Upgrade

8: Flatso Failure

7: Slurping Snake

6: Tracking Tyrant

5: Arrogant Adware

4: Bandwidth Bandit

3: Crappy Cortana

2: Hideous Hog-OS

and the #1 ubuntu-like release name suggestion for Win-10-nic releases:

Worthless Win-10-nic !!!!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Windows 7 "outdated"?

'not enough sales' 'PC market saturated'

This is NOT because of Windows 7. This is because of WINDOWS 10! People see Win-10-nic on a new machine, and they're like "how is this BETTER than what I already have?"

You want to increase sales? UPDATE Win7 for the newest architectures, and RE-INTRODUCE it into the market, shipping NEW MACHINES with Win7 on them, instead of Win-10-nic!

Yeah. it's obvious to anyone with a CLUE.

When 'Ape' (8.0) released, MS read the tea leaves wrong. they saw Moore's law NOT driving new computer sales any more. They saw an uptick in slab sales. They *FELT* that everything would be a slab, now, regardless of whether it was a desktop or laptop. And they were *WRONG*. They were *SO* wrong, 'windows for phone' fell ON ITS FACE as an EPIC MARKET FAIL. And we're stuck with the "phone-y" Win-10-nic user interface with UWP which will NEVER be used outside of Win-10-nic.

And, they're too embarassed to go back and do it RIGHT. So they keep going over the cliff, towards the icebergs, etc. because stopping and turning around makes them LOOK BAD.

But regardless of how they *FEEL* about it (the 'F' word, 'feel'), reality says they've SCREWED THE POOCH and it makes them look even WORSE by PERSISTING at it! The occasional lipstick on the non-oinky end of the boar, as well as the 'forced update' cockups, just re-enforces how bad things have gotten.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Is it still a choice...

accessibility is less of a 'thing' than it used to be, when nobody had the screen readers (etc.). I remember seeing some effort towards this in Gnome 2. Not sure how it's handled in Mate, as I don't use acessibility features. It's probably about the same as gnome 2 was.

But... I might consider the effect that "light blue on blinding bright white" has on the eyes. THAT hideous color combination, so typical of 'UWP' and 'The Metro' and Chrome and WAY too many web sites, deserves a FREAKING LAWSUIT under some 'Disabilities Act' clause, because that color combination is HARD ON THE EYES. It could make people GO blind! Well, contribute to macular degeneration, at any rate.

Blue light depletes the macula of its orange pigment. I did some work for an optometrist a couple of times, one project involving a 'flicker' test. It's used to test for macular degeneration. Light blue on bright white is likely to CONTRIBUTE to macular degeneration, which is why [on my FreeBSD system] I 'off white' the background colors a bit, so that they're slightly yellow - easier on the eyesight. [but I have to complain about this edit window as the font is WAY TOO FREAKING SMALL and everything looks like BLUR - I make a LOT of typing mistakes because I can't read it easily - hint hint hint - needs fixing, El Reg!]

So, for those "not yet blind", Micro-shaft needs to GET RID OF those HIDEOUS 'UWP' colors, and LET! US! CUSTOMIZE! THEM! OURSELVES!!! In fact, going back to a 3D skeuomorphic appearance would help a LOT with readability... and no WORSE THAN HIDEOUS 'dark themes' or so-called 'high contrast' themes, either. MS devs wouldn't know a nice looking readable easy-on-the-eyesight desktop if it BIT THEM IN THE ASS!

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Re: Installing Windows 7 on Sky/Kaby Lake CPUs

"Windows 10 doesn't try to serve the user; it tries to force the user to serve Microsoft"

well stated!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Yes I understand Microsoft's problem ... and Linux...

"Does MS really want to choke its only chicken?"

thanks for that image. brain bleach, please...

(good one, heh)

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Re: Last time

"Why downvote me and not tell me why"

Don't take it personally. It's probably the howler monkeys, slinging poo as usual. Go fig, yeah. I get downvotes all the time, just for being me. It's a badge of honor. Par for the course. Etc.

I got this T shirt that says something like: "The Internet - if you're not offending someone, you're doing it wrong". You could insert 'getting downvotes' and ti would be similar.

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Re: No warning

"Why do Microsoft find this stuff so hard to get right?!"

Simple: they don't actually get WORK done in the Halls of Redmond. At least, not what _I_ would call 'work'.

And as such, they can't POSSIBLY comprehend what REAL WORKING PEOPLE need a computer for, or how it's typically used.

Couple that with their desire to MONETIZE THE CUSTOMER, the general attitude that THEY own the hardware too, and the ARROGANCE that goes with being an effective MONOPOLY on operating systems.

Let us not forget GWX. That kinda says it all.

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Re: Installing Windows 7 on Sky/Kaby Lake CPUs

@AC - here's a simple breakdown of paragraph 1:

"I just don;t understand why so many people have issues with Windows 10."

1. 2D FLAT crammed up our asses (and taking away config choices)

2. 'Settings' instead of Control Panel crammed up our asses

3. 'Microsoft cloudy logon' strong-armed during install and when you add a new user

4. 'The Slurp' - monitoring everything you do, phone home to 'The Store' so it can 'suggest' things

5. the ADS (and 'The Store' in general)

6. 'Forced Updates' as in why these update COCKUPS are such a problem [updates are overrated anyway, unless it's to fix a REAL problem]

7. Reset of our configuration back to 'default' [which is FUBAR] following an update

8. Uber-slow inefficient update process overall, at Micro-shaft's convenience [not ours]

9. The general attitude that customers no longer matter

10. The general atmosphere that we have NO other choice, and something is wrong with US if we do NOT like being treated "this way"

"Especially resorting to gimping themselves with a 9+ year old outdated operating system."

'new' is not necessarily 'better'. Win-10-nic is evidence of THAT. If it's old, maybe it works REALLY REALLY well which is why we're still USING IT (instead of DOWNgrading to Win-10-nic).

"Is Windows 10 so incredibly different that your brain can;t cope with the changes?"

This is a typical pejorative 'leading question' that asserts an assumption that those who don't "get on the bandwagon" with Win-10-nic are a bunch of OLD FART, STICK-IN-THE-MUD, REFUSE-TO-CHANGE, UNABLE-TO-LEARN, STUCK-IN-THEIR-WAYS, UN-TEACHABLE LEMMINGS running off of the cliff.

The truth is, the [insert profane pejorative here] FANBOIS that promote Win-10-nic and *INSULT* those who aren't LIKE THEM (i.e. those who do not drink the Win-10-nic koolaid), are the REAL "lemmings leading the other lemmings over the cliff"...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Yes I understand Microsoft's problem ...

Solution: sub-contract someone like Linus to manage a *REAL* QA dept for Win-10-nic updates. Expect lots of profanity directed towards the developers. It's called "accountability". Deal with it.

[instead we appear to see NO accountability and the poor quality that's doomed to happen - I guess MS has too many 'safe spaces' inside the Hallowed Halls of Redmond, so that their "I grew up feeling good about myself" *SNOWFLAKES* can "feel good about themselves" even when they're *ROYALLY* *SCREWING* *THE* *POOCH*. I wonder how many directions the fingers are pointing over the Intel Audio SNAFU...]

OK nevermind. the REAL solution is to use LINUX (which already DOES have a 'QA department head' named Linus)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: "It has been a hellish couple of weeks for the Windows giant"

"so what about us poor customers"


(Bend Over, Here It Comes Again)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Rigorously Tested

"the Intel driver was 'incorrectly pushed to devices via Windows Update'"

More like "excreted to the world via the usual process", i.e. without any testing at all, i.e. "it will work, trust us".

As far as I can tell, Micro-shaft does not HAVE a QA/Test department. They were all laid off just before Win-10-nic released... to be replaced by 'insiders' aka 'fanbois' (who are then ignored). See icon

Unless the testers can press the "no go" button, and can spend all day long JUST testing the OS and teh updates (aka get a salary for it) on a wide range of hardware, we can expect more of this.

(but everyone here already knew this - obvious thing is obvious)

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