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They say software will eat the world. Here are some software bugs that took a stab at it

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Re: Management is but one problem

simple and usable - yeah I like those things. Good for 'first principles"

from article: "High-level languages with automatic memory management and no direct use of pointers, such as Java, first released in 1996, have made it easier for developers to avoid some errors."

while at the same time, creating INEFFICIENCY and BLOAT. And solving LITTLE. See icon.

A bit of self-discipline and specific "look for that" reviews of the code, by people who didn't write the thing, might be in order instead of resorting to 'garbage collection' memory "management".

I doubt you'll EVAR see things _like_ OpenSSL coded with a computer lingo that employees "garbage collection". But if that happens, I think it'll be forked by SANE developers who understand the implications and unintended consequences of resorting to 'garbage collection' memory management.

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you hackers are targeting 'nuclear, defense, energy, financial' biz

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emails contain poisoned Word documents


facepalm. see icon.

It's time for corporate firewall appliances to aggressively strip off any MS Office document attachments, particularly those that contain scripts, and for company policies to dictate and enforce "never open or preview them". If it can't be sent as plain text or something WITHOUT script in it, don't allow it to be received.

it's been what, TWO DECADES since the first word macro virus?

The Wikipedia page on Macro viruses states that the Melissa virus was from 1999.

Hole-y ship: ISS 'nauts take a wander to crack Soyuz driller whodunnit

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Re: Bits of foil

actually, escaping air through the hole would have enough oxygen in it to oxidize most materials that they'd make spacecraft out of, such as aluminum or titanium, both of which rapidly form a protective oxide coating when exposed to O2 in air...

[hence welding aluminum or titanium is extremely difficult, compare to other materials, because of the oxidation and thermal properties and other such thing]

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Re: Prank Check

/me observes goat-man backside plus hands graffiti hastily drawn around the hole in black felt-tip marker...

(that's because there were no spray paint cans available)

Waymo presents ChauffeurNet, a neural net designed to copy human driving

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Re: @jake - California != the world

yeah anyplace near 'the grapevine' or Donner's pass is ripe for weather-related bad road conditions. Black ice in August? Ew.

A couple of times I had to sleep in my car waiting for I5 South to open over 'the grapevine' (night driving to get home by monday) and one time the CHP escorted everyone behind the snow plows with black ice still on the road. There was stop/go going up the hill with ice and mush underneath our tires. I saw cars pulled off the side of the road similar to mine, drivers apparently unable to get moving again with the icy-slick road after having to stop while pointing up a steep hill. So I wonder if the bots could be taught "the trick" of partially applying the brakes to prevent one tire from spinning really fast, and thereby get some traction on the other tire...

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Re: I would dare Waymo

Thinking about winter weather...

Being blown off of an icy road due to strong crosswinds, especially for high profile vehicles, might be a nice "anomoly" to add to their list

Then there are 'hydroplane' conditions when raining, which might require you to NOT make any sudden adjustments, even if you're outside of a lane. Or lets say you end up spinning anyway and need to recover from it.

It appears to me they're still working on 'fair weather' problems like a child running in front of the car, or someone drifting into your lane.

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Re: How many billions of dollars are being spent chasing this?

'shock news' heh.

from article: "Neural networks are notoriously data hungry; it takes them millions of demonstrations in order to learn a specific task."

Well, in theory, 'once learned' the concepts can be copied. But I suspect that using raw neural network learning is grossly inefficient.

Some things are intuitively obvious, like staying in the lane, stopping at a stop sign, and so on. Being able to recognize what a "lane" is and what a "stop sign" is should be solvable as separate problems.

But of course, there do not appear to be enough details as to how they're really going about this.

I see this, instead, as an opportunity to just "hard code" some basic rules in there, to avoid having to run a million simulations that come up with the same "conclusion" in the AI [and it'll probably RUN faster on the hardware]. So "Nice Try" to the AI people, who are probably being like the proverbial hammer seeing everything as a nail...

In 2018, Facebook is the villain and Microsoft the shining light, according to techies

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Re: Legislate, regulate


No. Just no. Other than something like GDPR, which requires that users would be given a choice regarding the data slurpage, the moment you start doing things like taxing e-mail and prohibiting anonymity... well, let's just say it won't work. "Other Means" will be made use of to circumvent it.

Anyway, if you *FEEL* (not think, feel) that way about anonymity, perhaps you can set an example for the rest of us by posting your personal data and real name in this forum? You know, name, phone number, date of birth, address, where you work, yotta yotta yotta...

Oh, that's not very safe, now is it? It's why some level of anonymity MUST exist in public forums in order to have a free exchange of ideas. Then people are free to say/do pretty much whatever they want without being HARASSED I.R.L. about it (when you look at college political correctness activism, as one example, it has a CHILLING EFFECT on free speech. Anonymity protects freedom of thought).

So, do you see why banning anonymity is a BAD idea?

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Re: Some what does MS do with the data?

"There was telemetry collection at least as far back as XP. "

"Yes, but it was optional. Now it's not. That's an enormous difference."


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Re: How quickly they forget @Shadow Systems

agreed, MS's EULA and policies are a bit *chilling*. It's another reason NOT to use Win-10-nic. As for things like github and LInkedIn, I've got my eye on them...

You can try doing like I do: Don't surf the web from a Windows computer (especially NOT Win-10-nic), don't enable Javascript unless you have no choice, and ONLY use 'in memory' cookies for web sites that MIGHT track you (so you can dump them whenever you want).

And if you need to access a web site with scripting etc. enabled, set up a "sandbox" browser (with a different user login) that dumps ALL history when you're done with it (not just another instance of the same browser you're looking at pr0n in a different tab with, heh). Then it can't attempt to examine the web cache or history of the one you NORMALLY use, either. It won't HAVE a cache nor history when you close it!

On a POSIX system with X11, as long as you've enabled TCP access for the X server (and blocked port 6000 in your firewall to 'teh intarwebs'), you can run 'remote sessions' from different logins similar to this:

For the user that starts the X server (I use startx, not gdm or anything like that, YMMV) the '.xserverrc' file will need to contain something like this before you start the X server:

exec Xorg -listen tcp

Then, via a 'logged in' user on the desktop, in a bash shell:

xhost +localhost


su - otheruser

(log in as normal)

export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0

Then run firefox or whatever, and it will run IN THE CONTEXT OF THIS OTHER USER, which can have its own settings, script enable/disable, etc.. It's reasonably "sandboxed", and won't be 'just another window in the same application' as any running browser on the desktop.

Oh, and yes - this means NOT running Windows, the FIRST line of defense against MS's EULA and "privacy" policy.

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Re: How quickly they forget @Shadow Systems


yeah I was ready to thumbs-up all of that until I saw the VPN comment... and how exactly is Micro-shaft slurping every web site you browse via a VPN? *crickets*

Are they simply keeping a log of the URLs you visit? maybe. Easier ways exist to make THAT happen, including having the browser do that, if they REALLY wanted to do so. But that could be more easily done with a DNS server, too [just log the name lookups]. Right, Google? Or just do like Fa[e]cebook and put an 'F' icon on all of the pages you wanna track, with some scripty/cookie tracking, by paying web content providers to do so via ads [or whatever].

So yeah some accurate evidence of them spying would be acceptable, but "evidence please" on the MITM stuff. Otherwise, FUD.

Microsoft to rule the biz chat roost – survey

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Re: None of the above.

Just create an IRC channel on EfNet or Freenode. works for me. Make it 'invite only'. Or run your own IRC server if there's some super-secret thing being discussed. You could even use SSL encryption and some ancient hardware running Linux...

Super Micro says audit found no trace of Chinese spy chips on its boards

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'Fake News' by Bloomberg, then?

I think SuperMicro has at least done the right thing and made a SERIOUS effort to, well, "take it seriously" and ensure that NONE of their products have been tampered with. It's also likely they'll continue to look for the possibility just so they can SAY they are.

It's hard to re-build a reputation that's been SO DAMAGED like this.

THAT being said, reputations are what they are, and I think the ball is NOW in Bloomberg's court.

'Fake News' has been getting out of hand a LOT. These "un-named sources" who seem to know SO much, wanting to blow the lid off of some scandal, blah blah yotta yotta TABLOID NEWS.

Bloomberg, I think you guys SCREWED THE PROVERBIAL POOCH. Funny how they doubled down on it, too.

I hope they have really GOOD evidence to support their claim, if it's true. Because it's PLAUSIBLE. But if they have NOTHING, which I suspect is the case, they'll end up on the wrong side of a defamation and libel lawsuit. And, don't forget the drop in stock value.

Then again, the drop in stock might be 'stock manipulation'. Did anyone MAKE LOTS OF MONEY by SELLING SHORT on SuperMicro stock? S.E.C. where are you?

I'd like to see how this plays out. Needless to say, if spy chips WERE being planted, I doubt it will happen again any time soon, because NOW people are LOOKING for it...

Poor people should get slower internet speeds, American ISPs tell FCC

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Re: Well, if they don't think it's fair...

It's not fair if:

a) doing the necessary things to EARN BETTER INCOME does _NOT_ get you "better things" (including internet service);

b) you are CHARGED BASED ON YOUR INCOME for the SAME SERVICES as everyone else gets;

c) HIGH TAXES "keep you in your place" so that those who do NOT work hard, etc. can have the SAME THINGS that YOU have to EARN;


ISP's could provide CHEAP DIAL UP for people who can't aford broadband. In fact, there are FREE DIALUP services, last I checked.

But the _LAST THING_ I would _EVAR_ want to see, is a "universal lifeline service" for INTERNET. Because, _I_ would never get it, I'd ALWAYS have to PAY for it, and people who ARE LAZY would RECEIVE IT.

Unless there is INCENTIVE for people to BETTER THEMSELVES, "the lazy" will ALWAYS use SOCIAL PROGRAMS and "PROGRESSIVE" taxation/fees as *A* *HAMMOCK* !!!!!

("get a job hippy")

Google CEO tells US Congress Chocolate Factory will unleash Dragonfly in China

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I thought Google was supposed to 'do no evil'?

If Dragonfly is a real thing, which they're apparently NOT (directly) admitting over at Google ('for China' wouldn't be the same as admitting they're creating a special 'filter' just for the communist regime to use AGAINST their own people), then the NEW motto should be: "Don't let anyone SEE US do evil" or "Don't ADMIT to doing evil".

And WHAT! MAKES! ANYONE! BELIEVE! THEY! ARE! NOT! ALREADY! USING! the 'Dragonfly' "technology" TO! SILENCE! ANYONE! THEY! *FEEL*! DESERVES! IT! ??? (aka Conservatives, Critics, and Competition - and Enemies, oh my!!).

I am definitely NOT buying their B.S.. And if they *FEEL* (the 'F' word) as if nobody in Congress can figure out when they're getting manipulated and condescended to, they are in for a BIG surprise. [OK most lawmakers probably ARE idiots, but at least a few of them aren't, and they're most likely NOT amused. I wouldn't be]

Microsoft, you shouldn't have: Festive Windows 10 Insiders build about as exciting as new socks

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Re: A CLI??????!!!!!

/me re-writes words to REM song

"Shiny happy WINDOWS everywhere..."

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Re: good start, now...

put that all into an 'extras pack' for people who want it. then see how often it gets installed...

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2D flatty flat flatso flatness flugly

'"Stupid flat look" - aesthetics is a choice, i actually like the way win 10 looks'

OK. that's YOUR choice. Why can't _I_ have *MY* choice???

answer: because a handful of ARROGANT SMUG 'we know better than YOU what YOU should have' types RE-WROTE THE [profanities] UI to be ALL 2D FLATSO AND FLUGLY, that's why!!!!

And they forgot that THE CUSTOMER (me) is ALWAYS right, and should be GIVING ME (the customer) _WHAT_ _I_ _WANT_ !!!

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Re: Any change to notepad is big news of course.

yeah fixing some of the more 'irritating features' of Notepad _IS_ an improvement. As long as it doesn't go all UWP on us.

assuming UTF-8 (without a control char seq saying 'I am UTF-8 format') is a good start. So is that irritating prompt to 'create a new file' if you enter a non-existent file name on the command line... [maybe just the ability to turn that on/off in case someone WANTS that?]

Fix that and line endings and it should be good to go. Now how about a back-port for 7?

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Re: Maybe they got it right this time?

" there's currently a user's laptop on the bench that's been running Windows Update for 9 days solid"

you should put a web cam on it, and a page that snapshots it, maybe a web page called "the daily windows update", etc.. Have some fun, let us all get a nice big 'schadenfruede' laugh over it, etc.. Or maybe you could make a time-lapse youtube video with a running timestamp (and ambient room light indicating day/night) so that people can see just how sllloooooww it's going. Heh.

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Re: Havn't they finished this yet?

"And using more than 16 MB of memory is just a waste of resources?"


my 'smug' detector almost went off...

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Re: Havn't they finished this yet?

yeah, they should change the icon for windows to an "under construction" sign...

/me runs away seeing as so many web sites used to do that to the point where it became a trope to be ridiculed...

/me also points out that anything with any COLOR in it would be an improvement over that 'monochromatic' white on 'whatever background' 2D FLATTY 'windows at an angle' icon is...

China on its way to becoming the first nation to land on the far side of the Moon

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eliptical orbit satellite...

not sure if they meant one of the lagrange points. One exists on the far side of the moon where the 'gravity shadowing' is at L2...


So having a comms satellite stationed there could receive signals from the 'dark side' of the moon (queue one of the best Pink Floyd albums, evar), and then relay to Earth. The total signal distance would be about 3 times the distance from earth to moon, which is reasonable. Downside, having to keep a satellite at the L2 lagrange point with respect to earth and moon. I guess one that orbits the moon would cost less... [or you could have 2 or 3 of them, so that one is always 'in contact' while the other(s) go over the horizon]

post-note - the moon wouldn't block the signal to the L2 point if the circle/orbit that the satellite makes about the L2 point has a large enough diameter. Lagrange orbits are kinda like 2 strings with a weight in the middle, spinning in a circular orbit 90 degrees to the 2 gravity wells [or in this case, as illustrated by the strings]. So yeah if that circle is too small, the satellite will be blocked by the moon. It would have to have a diameter larger than the moon, in other words. Should work, though.

Doom at 25: The FPS that wowed players, gummed up servers, and enraged admins

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for those who 'get it' - heh

The internet is going to hell and its creators want your help fixing it

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Re: Dear fragile and wonderful academics...

"The fact of the matter is that if someone can find a way to ABuse something to make money, it's already screwed and that's human nature"

Fixed it for ya. Using something to make money is a GOOD thing. ABusing ANYTHING is bad. And that's the point. The fact that SOME of the ABuse is to make money [presumably in a dishonest way], it's no different than anything else in the past or present.

Like travel technology, which has resulted in airplane hijackings, car jackings, and before that, train robberies, where opportunistic criminals and psychopaths use 'the new thing' to do the same KINDS of evil they've always done, you now have WORLDWIDE COMMUNICATION.

There are tried and true ways of dealing with ABusers without punishing everyone ELSE. Usually it takes the form of law enforcement, honest individuals who assist with law enforcement, and some kind of judicial system with due process, etc. [otherwise it becomes totalitarian, oppressive, fascist, etc. - or worse, COMMUNIST].

But yeah, the world's control freaks and "governing opportunists" will ALWAYS pick something that solves NOTHING, but increases THEIR power and influence over YOU.

Personally, I'd rather have ANARCHY than a POLICE STATE on 'teh intarwebs'. We don't need a "great firewall" protecting us from "teh pr0nz" for our own good... (or more likely, keep us 'protected' from 'THE TRUTH' in place of gummint-approved 'fake news' etc.).

Brit bomb hoax teen who fantasised about being a notorious hacker cops 3 years in jail

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Re: "is an insult to the many thousands of sufferers who lead law abiding lives"

eh, AD[H]D, autism spectrum, and other things like that, MOST of the time, are just 'another word' for 'genius'. Or an excuse for bad behavior, as was attempted here. Yeah I think the psycho-babblers have gone too far with their definitions (which detracts from the few who actually need some kind of treatment).

They forgot that, to a hammer, EVERYTHING is a nail. They see 'disorders' where 'a slightly different NORMAL' exists.

/me recalls that one guy claiming ADD made him do bad things in Singapore, and got 'caned' as punishment for it. Obviously Singapore criminal justice system didn't buy it. AND, I bet he won't do that AGAIN, either.

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actually that bit about claiming to be 'a psychopath with a history of killing small animals' almost sounds like something from a Monty Python sketch...

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Re: It's not very PC to say, but

I shall NOW write a naughty limerick about this using the word 'nutter'

There was a young 'Nutter' from Watford


ok what rhymes with 'Watford' ?

Boffins build blazing battery bonfire

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Re: The Greatest Challenge

and here _I_ thought it was THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!!!

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Re: "cheaper"

Well, a 10:1 improvement in the cost of the infrastructure for "just the storage" OBVIOUSLY leaves out the cost of conversion from heat to electricity (the article even said so, more or less). This latter part, 2nd law of thermodynamics notwithstanding, has been THE problem all along in making electrons move through wires so that we can watch TV and read by electric light... and in some cases, heat various rooms in the house that aren't practical to heat any other way.

And if you're going to go THAT far, we might as well use URANIUM to produce the heat in the FIRST place. Until, of course, hydrogen fusion reactors become practical.

It's obvious that politics of the day are driving all of this.

/me plays "Baby it's cold outside" - not simply because it IS getting colder, and will continue to get colder, on average, in the Northern hemisphere, until ~2040 due to the ~70 year temperature cycle, but MOSTLY because I heard some people whining about that song recently and so I'm having fun with it.

To the scientists who suggested 'hot rock' storage: Nice try. How about 'Nuclear' instead? Nuclear doesn't generate CO2, the thing you fear the most. But wait, it's not in line with the POLITICS, now is it? Heh, yeah, pointing out the obvious again. I think I prefer FREEDOM.

Linux.org domain hacked, plastered with trolling, filth and anti-transgender vandalism

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Re: Hopefully

" only to discover the neighbour is a transgender ninja with anger management issues police officer"

I'd rather see the perpetrator take a trip through the criminal justice system. It's slower, public, and leaves a more 'lasting' impression upon others who might try and do something like this as a "me too".

It's official. Microsoft pushes Google over the Edge, shifts browser to Chromium engine

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Re: Lipstick on a pig

actually, Lipstick on a BOAR, and NOT the on the end that goes 'oink'. implications obvious.

"updates can happen without using Windows Update or requiring a restart."

Although I could never think of a reason as to why windows update requires reboots for things like browser updates, I'm SURE they'll figure SOME reason [and always require a reboot].

A big part of this is the way windows handles files. In the POSIX world, a file is simply an inode, and if you replace it with a new one, with the exception of 'certain semantics', the inode for the OLD file is STILL THERE (as long as the file remains open) and can be used by already-running applications [assuming it's executable or a shared lib]. In windows, apparently the directory entry IS the file, and not merely a pointer to it [for all practical purposes] and so a replaced EXE or DLL *must* require a reboot and copy-on-boot post-install crap.

There are a lot of OTHER things windows does poorly (compared to POSIX systems) but this is the one that requires rebooting on EVERY! STINKING! UPDATE! like that...

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Re: And who got fired for taking all the wrong decisions?

"What's next? Windows 11 will be based on 7 UI?"

it's what MOST of us wish for, but it will NEVAR happen. That's because MS isn't done CHANGING US INTO WHAT THEY WANT US TO BE yet. expect more cramming of unwanted "whatever", indefinitely.

'please be patient, Microsoft isn't finished CHANGING ME yet'

^^^-- a new catch phrase in need of an acronym

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I'm looking forward to seeing it this will bring any real benefit at all.

This deserves a topic.

any REAL benefit? most likely, none.

Micro-shaft has DOUBLED DOWN on the 2D FLATTY and THE SLURP, by adopting ANOTHER "slurpy browser" to violate user's privacy with. And display web content "all 2D FLATTY". Well, Austalis "went there" a few years ago, disappointing Firefox users (but making their snowflake overlords FEEL GOOD about it).

And Chrome is known for slurping on 'droid platforms, so why not WINDOWS AS WELL???

It sounds like the beginnings of an EVIL PARTNERSHIP. And Google is NOT supposed to be doing EVIL, right?

Disappointment is the only possible outcome.

Tech support discovers users who buy the 'sh*ttest PCs known to Man' struggle with basics

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Re: It's 2018

"If people don't know how to use a computer by now, they shouldn't even be in the workplace."

"Arrogance, millenial style" <-- new idea for a TV show too

icon, because, facepalm

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Re: "a mistaken split-second push in the wrong direction"

it's a fuse tester. the test failed.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Priceless!!

kinda like "internet help desk" from "3 trolls in a baggie"

Wintel dust up: Intel supply woes vs Win10 demand

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Windows 10 continues to be a lure for PC buyers in the wider enterprise space(?)

see icon

Since *WHEN* has Windows 10 been a LURE for PC buyers???

And THIS is why the PC market has slumped. It is NOT because people don't want new ones.


FCC slammed for 'arbitrary and reckless' plan to change how text messages are regulated

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Re: comforting innit.

I am really tired of the anti-capitalist FUD.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: The reason isn't money

"Information services have lower protections."

Yes, and to fix THAT, you need CONGRESS to act, and NOT the FCC.

This is likely to be addressed some time in the next few years, maybe within the next two. Politicians in the USA (including Trump) are often angered by the OBVIOUS filtering and discrimination and politically motivated 'editing' that's going on within the "big data" cartel (aka Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and, in the same way that Teddy Roosevelt (a republican) went after the monopolies and trusts at the turn of the 20th century, I bet Trump and many of our congress-critters will be wanting to do the same in the 21st century.

And, THAT is where it NEEDS to be done, and NOT with over-the-bounds-stepping regulations from a gummint bureaucracy, namely the FCC. And the same with 'net neutrality' (which surprisingly isn't 'neutral' when you consider what I just said about the "big data" cartel filtering and editing and so on, and THEY seem to be ALL for THAT version of 'net neutrality' that was KILLED recently).

(and who knows, maybe GDPR-like regs will make it into whatever law eventually gets passed, but CONGRESS has to do it, not bureaucracies)

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Re: Universal Service Fund

"This slush fund needs a stake through the heart."

more like killing it to death by burning it with fire.

or perhaps a more excessive 'overkill' method - see icon

Like so many OTHER liberal "rob Peter to pay Paul" giveaway programs, _I_ will _NEVER_ see _ANY_ of that. I would NEVER choose to contribute to that kind of giveaway program, I do NOT want MY money paying for it via taxation or confiscation, and I _CERTAINLY_ wouldn't say "it's about the money" because "evil greedy corproations won't pay it".

Its like the previous poster said: The PAYING CUSTOMERS are TAXED.

I'm going to leave out the rant about who ends up getting the benefits of this. I think it's obvious what I'd say. And of course I'd have FACTS to back it up. But I'll spare you, anyway, even though this _REALLY_ bugs me.

Adobe Flash zero-day exploit... leveraging ActiveX… embedded in Office Doc... BINGO!

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Flash, ActiveX, Office doc embedding/scripting - should already be DISABLED

what it says in the title.


(yeah it's a bit like Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt and the football... the only way to win, is NOT to play)

And *STOP* accepting e-mailed "office format" documents at the firewall!

icon, because, facepalm.

it's not like these 3 security craters haven't been KNOWN for DECADE(s).

GOPwned: Republicans fall victim to email hack

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Thumb Down

"I suppose that chimes with him appointing people who know fuck-all about science to science positions."

I was laughing until I hit that part. you just HAD to go there...

(I'm going to resist the troll-bait and NOT bite on it)

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Re: The Russians are Coming!!!

"You make a good point in a poor way. I'm assuming that's the reason for so many down votes."

Naw, it's just the usual howler monkeys downvoting for the usual reasons (some might be members of my 'fan club' heh so I expect the same here). I gave him an upvote [because I 'got' the humor, for one]

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Re: All we can do is wait

well, there could EASILY be a "there there" with the RNC. It's just possible that none of it would be a surprise, and so it would have little (if any) impact.

We ARE talking about POLITICIANS, people who collect money from special interests in order to get re-elected over and over and over and over...

There have been well-respected Republicans (as well as Demo[n,c][R,r]ats) who've been elected and respected, and later been indicted and convicted for campaign fund fraud (or other corruption), "Pay to Play" being one of the worst. Randy Cunningham, a Korean war veteran, was one such congress-dude from my area. Duncan Hunger Jr. (also from my area) is currently under investigation for 'irregularities' (i.e. using campaign funds for personal expenses) and may likely be convicted for it.

Washington D.C. can ruin the morals of even the MOST morally straight people, with all of the money and corruption and opportunities these people are exposed to. "The Swamp" is no exaggeration.

The only more CORRUPT town is Sacramento.

In any case I'd like to know what OS and e-mail system that the RNC was using. If it had been ME setting it up, a traditional setup using Linux or FreeBSD and reasonably secure SMTP+IMAP would've been in use (sorta like how I got my home setup working, even with just the built-in/default sendmail (or Exim) and Cyrus port, using default settings and SOME level of security on the LAN, would probably do the job).

and if it's an open source OS with open source e-mail/IMAP servers, maybe the NSA can get involved and produce special 'hardened' ones for government use?

Windows 10 or Cisco Advanced Malware Protection: Pick one

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practice 'safe surfing' - seems to be compatible with everything

well, MY version of 'safe surfing' avoids using Edge, HTML mail, and Windows (in general) for web surfing, so maybe it's not so 'compatible' after all... (since 'avoid using windows' is a big part of it)

but at least do THESE things if you must use Windows:

a) don't view HTML mail as HTML [and no inline attachment previews, either]

b) don't preview e-mail nor web browse with an account that has 'admin' privs

c) don't use a Microsoft web browser

d) disable javascript as much as possible

e) don't download/install the application/plugin 'to view the content'

f) don't use any Adobe viewers (PDF and flash especially)

'c' and 'd' are probably the biggest vectors for malware, followed by 'e' and 'f', and then 'a' and 'b'. It's not perfect, but it'll work for most of what's out there, especially 0-days.

in any case, no need for anti-virus/anti-malware if you execute some self-discipline and do those things I just mentioned. THAT, and don't surf the web nor read e-mail logged in with 'admin' privs.

(or you can ignore what I said, at your own peril)

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Re: Why?

"Windows 10 already comes with decent malware detection already."

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Sing it loud and sing it proud: It's all about the cloud for Microsoft

bombastic bob Silver badge

I hear market speak

I'm not against what MS is doing with Azure [maybe they should stick with that] but yeah, the analytics side of things DOES seem 'creepy' to me... particularly with the slurping that we already know about.

That being said, IoT and cloudiness may have its use, but it seems more practical to keep IoT things on the private LAN and _not_ go into "the cloud". If your phone application needs to know what temperature your oven or refrigerator (or living room) is at, a 'peer to peer' method is PROBABLY a better solution. OK it would need a 'cloudy tracker' but NOT a 'cloudy service'.

Cloud IS overrated for MOST things that I've seen. It has its uses. It is NOT "the ultimate solution".

And, is all of their market hype part of a PLAN to monetize more of us 'end-users' ?

Microsoft's .NET Core 3 is almost here, which means time to move on from .NET Framework

bombastic bob Silver badge

"it is .NET Core 3.0 which will get devs excited." really?

you sure about that?

I strongly suspect it is all more lipstick on the boar, and on the non-oinky end. again. wheeeeee.

when ".Net" was first conceived, back in the early noughties, it was for an IIS web back end. Its overall design looks more like what "they" (the object-oriented evangelists) want EVERYTHING to look like. At least, that's my perception of it.

Then MS tried to shove this down the throat of EVERY developer, in EVERY version of DevStudio, by requiring you to JUMP THROUGH HOOPS to EXCLUDE it from your C/C++ build. I mean, WHO wants that monolithic do-nothing "you must have the latest" '.Net runtime' thing installed along with your application?

Granted, the DevStudio hoops aren't THAT difficult, but it requires some specific targeted "un-tick the box" settings changes in the project, and a careful test at the end to see if it's STILL hauling in ".Not" as a dependency. It's the fact that you HAVE to do them in the FIRST place that bugs me.

To think that non-windows developers might actually USE this is laughable. Ok maybe one or two. But still...

Remember how much *hate* there was when Gnome added 'tomboy' as a dependency, which THEN caused all of the mono stuff to install along with Gnome? I do. In particular, one of the Debian packages did this. I'm not 100% sure it was all gnome desktops, in case it wasn't. But that was enough for me. I went out of my way to make sure tomboy and all of that ".Not"/mono garbage was OFF of the system!

Well maybe devs WILL get 'excited'. But perhaps that word does not mean what you THINK it means...

icon because 'facepalm'

The news I'd lke to see: a C language toolkit that wraps Win32 API calls and runs on X11-based systems with unmodified Win32 API code. You know, like 'Wine' except sanctioned by MS.

Microsoft gets open-sourcey with Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation

bombastic bob Silver badge

trying to resuscitate the thing

I see this as Microsoft trying to resuscitate their *FAILED* "new, shiny" UI model, aka that XAML-based abomination that ultimately helped make WinRT the failure we all know (and hate) today.

Just like it has been with ".Not Core" and other major components, trying to get the open source community to make use of this on non-Windows platforms has been _interesting_ in a lot of ways. The biggest 'interesting' is just how far they can take/use it for 'Embrace Extend Extinguish'... by way of open source!

Regardless of how else you see this, they're taking a failed idea and giving it away, more or less.

XAML, in theory, might make UI design easier. But when I looked closely at it [with respect to windows 8] I was horrified at what I saw. Reaching for the pink liquid, I decided that it would be a COMPLETE waste of time to take development in "that" direction. It seems, due to its lack of following, that other developers more or less agreed with me on that. (and yeah, UWP is NO better)

There are SO many cross-platform development tools, of which GTK and wxWidgets and Qt are probably the best option (or just use Java), that we do NOT need Micro-shaft cramming "their bloatware method" down anyone's throats.

On the other hand, the open-source-ness is STILL a good thing. It can provide some nice sample code on how to implement specific features that you might want to implement in your OWN open source library.

/me points out that if it weren't for ".Not", XAML, UWP, WinRT, and "The Metro", we'd have a really really good version of Windows without the controversy. That, and the 2D FLATTY. And the slurp. And the ads. And so on.

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