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FBI won't jail future US president over private email server

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Re: Interesting downplaying there

'Classified as "secret".'

'They're ignoring it because it's not bad."

(sarcasm appreciated)

Keeping it in perspective, here's a nice way of saying what the different classifications might mean:

for official use only: potentially embarassing

confidential: disclosure could compromise security or military advantage

secret: disclosure could GET SOMEONE KILLED [or worse]

top secret: disclosure could START A WAR [or worse] or cause the U.S. to LOSE a war

(and there are higher levels but I don't know what they are)

most of the interpretation of what each level means is just my opinion, but I was in the military back in the day, and I had access to classified material as part of what I did (nuclear reactor operator on a submarine). The location of a submarine is considered 'secret' and there was actual top secret equipment on the boat. Other things, like whether or not nuclear weapons are on board, are also 'secret'. The propulsion plant and mechanical details were 'confidential', and at the Nuclear Power school in Orlando, Florida, we had to stamp all of our notes and keep them locked up when not in class or studying.

Anyway, in case nobody understood what 'secret' really means: In short, disclosing 'secret' information (or higher classification) can EASILY get people *KILLED*.

You know, like the TERRORIST ATTACK at Ben Ghazi a few years ago...

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Re: You can now call her O.J. Clinton.

"Just wait until Vlad starts blackmailing her."

which is why we don't have "proof" of any Russian break-ins to the Clintstone private e-mail server aka "a way to prevent 'Freedom of Information' requests from revealing their dirty secrets". It's easier to blackmail someone if nobody can prove that Russia has that info. Or anyone ELSE for that matter (China maybe?).

Not just 'one law for the Clintons, and another for everyone else', but communications and records and paper trails and all of that stuff that got Nixon in trouble. Mrs. Clinton was *kinda* involved in THAT, on the Demo-rat side anyway [to OUST Nixon].

And what about that 'Foundation' of theirs, that allegedly accepts 100 million dollars in bribes charitable contributions from foreign interests, many of them NOT acting in the USA's best interest [a kinder and gentler way of putting it].

Donald Trump is going to have a FIELD DAY with this. You KNOW it's coming. Mrs. Clinton's flat out lies to the American public, reminiscent of Bill's "I did not have sex with that woman" followed by LYING UNDER OATH [which Mrs. Clinton may NOT have done, but seeing her ADMIT things under oath might prove fun to watch, intermixed with her LIES to the American people, in a political ad]. Mrs. Clinton *CLEARLY* tried to skirt 'Freedom of Information' records-keeping and has NOT provided sufficient evidence that she's disclosed *ALL* work-related e-mails, classified or otherwise.

As for the comparison to O.J., I was thinking of that earlier. O.J. certainly lawyered up and got away with murder. And the Clintstone legal team is probably the best and most powerful in the world.

Linux letting go: 32-bit builds on the way out

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Re: There's always FreeBSD

"Ubuntu like to think they're trend setters, but they get it wrong more often than they get it right."

unity and gnome 3 - there's two right there.

And here's a thought: does dropping 32-bit support _INCLUDE_ the 32-bit 'binary compatibility' libraries? sure they're in a separate library directory, with an appropriate name [I forget where they go], and you have to deliberately install those packages. HOWEVER, if they're no longer AVAILABLE in future releases, THAT could be a BIG problem...

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Re: what about RPi?

well that's the point, the IMPLICATION of 'x86' is why I ask the question, "what about RPi"? But if all they meant is x86, then there may be some point to that, except for us legacy computer users who might have an old Toshiba laptop laying about that still works, doesn't support PAE, but has plenty of RAM and disk space to run Linux (and works well for testing certain things, particularly bluetooth connectivity and microcontroller-related serial port stuff). Oh, wait, I _do_ have one of those!

They're also forgetting it's possible to load a 32-bit build onto a 64-bit CPU... (so testing on newer hardware is STILL possible).

In any case, there's also another bit of 'forgetting' going on here: we forget that 64-bit binaries run SLIGHTLY SLOWER than 32-bit binaries, because the data and instructions are (by default) BIGGER than they would be for 32-bit, so you suck more RAM through the pipeline. The binary files are also slightly larger, and memory requirement is slightly higher.

Further, how many programs _NEED_ >2Gb of RAM space in order to operate? Not a lot, yeah, unless they're coded by _IDIOTS_ that waste resources, assuming "no limits", and/or rely on 'garbage collection' to compensate for a lack of knowledge of 'malloc' and 'free' (Mozilla, that's YOU).

In any case, the RPi and other 'embedded' platforms (x86 included) are reasons NOT to dump 32-bit in general. But, we've seen bad decisions before. I suppose a FORK will happen, just like for systemd, just like for Gnome 2 (now MATE), just like for Open Office and 'MySQL' (when they were sold, so "something" would STAY OPEN).

/me points out that "faster hardware and more RAM" is *NOT* justification to use inefficient code, because you CAN now - Micro-shaft does EXACTLY that, and we hate it, don't we? Rather, it should be reason to produce MORE inexpensive hardware (with yester-year's specs) that can be used for mundane purposes, like embedded systems basically are.

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what about RPi?

someone out there is cluelessly forgetting EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, and the Raspberry Pi, when they so ARROGANTLY PROCLAIM that everything MUST be 64-bit now... like 32-bit is now STONE AGE or whatever.

they're starting to sound a bit like Micro-shaft... [best sung like it's from musical theater or something]

Prominent Brit law firm instructed to block Brexit Article 50 trigger

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we get court challenges a lot in the USA

We get court challenges to legitimate 'wins' in referendums ALL of the time here in the USA. This is because hand-picked (activist) judges are relatively easy to manipulate, compared to what the PEOPLE want. Expect to get THEIR agenda shoved up/down/into various orifices as a result. It's how "they" get things done. Not by referendum, not by convincing your representatives in Parliament to legislate, but by ABUSING the legal system to block, frustrate, and ram an agenda through. Because "they" are a minority opinion, but "they" won't tolerate not getting "their" way in SPITE of the majority. "They" know BETTER, after all...

Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware goes FULL SCREEN in final push

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Re: It's fine

"Windows 10 is absolutely fine, no worse than Windows 7"

"after upgrade it consumes less CPU and works noticeably faster."

you forgot to include the 'sarcasm' tags... (oh, were you SERIOUS? I'm sorry, your experience differs so much from mine that I can't see any possibility of you even being REMOTELY correct here)

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Re: Disability legislation


Micro-Shaft is ALREADY skirting *THAT* one after having limited our choices with respect to screen colors and OTHER settings (ones that _I_ believe 'assist' *MY* old eyes, like having borders for windows that are MORE! THAN! ONE! PIXEL! WIDE! and with a COLOR assigned on top of the grey edges - I like red, makes the border VERY visible, but can't have THAT in 'Win-10-nic' now can we?).

I've mentioned it a zillion times on the 'answers' forum, before they threatened to ban me because of my writing style (you know, using CAPITALIZATION for EMPHASIS, and occasional BANG! MARKS! for even MORE emphasis), but it was REALLY because I _constantly_ _complained_ about these *kinds* of things, trying to turn the barge around [but to no avail]. Usually the fanboi-trolls and MS-shills would make rude comments like "refusing to change" and kept calling the 'new' stuff "modern" like I was some *OLD* *FART* stuck in his ways, unwilling to 'modernize'.

And I think that's Microsoft's attitude these days, which should REALLY anger everyone over 40... or those who have some kind of disability, for whom the windows settings and simple assistive technologies usually made computers usable.

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Re: Simplix

"There is a lot of good stuff that comes out of Russia too... they have a lot of really talented programmers over there"

ACK - I've worked with several Russian engineers in the past (would visit the U.S. from St. Petersberg periodically) and they'd come into our office with their Russian-made laptops etc..

There is a kind of 'N.I.H.' mentality inside Russia. They like making their own stuff, NOT importing. So you can see some potential here. And they ARE pretty good at it.

Now, if a company in Russia were to produce its OWN OS, something that people outside of Russia would want, something that might COMPETE DIRECTLY WITH WINDOWS, it would be a rather interesting outcome from Micro-Shaft's big blunder with Win-10-nic...

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Thumb Up

Re: Just like that annoying paperclip

*BRILLIANT* (you, sir, deserve our applause). 10 thumbs up for that one (but I could only vote 1).

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Re: A final throw of the dice before

"Pretty obvious they would be turning to a subscription model, probably why there's so many holdouts.."

ONE reason (and maybe a big one). OTHERS include, ( /me clears throat )

  • The Adware
  • The Spyware
  • 2D FLUGLY (lack of 3D skeumorphic like 7)
  • Removal of customization options
  • "The Metro" in general
  • FORCED updates
  • Frequent 'High bandwidth' upgrade/update downloads
  • Windows Logon and its anti-privacy EULA
  • No clear performance improvements over 7
  • Feature Removal (from those built into earlier versions of windows)
  • The 'Start Thing' vs the 'Start Menu'
  • Using customers for Q.A. testing (i.e. releasing UNSTABLE CRAP via 'updates')

A longer list is, of course, possible, but these are *MY* reasons, NOT including the subscription thing, which has yet to manifest itself.

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"Microsoft Chutzpah" - the application

Complete with it's "The Metro"-style TAKEOVER of your ENTIRE SCREEN, and the 2D FLUGLY (flat/ugly) look, reminding you of *EXACTLY* *WHY* you do *NOT* want to DOWNgrade to "Win-10-nic".

It EPITOMIZES exactly why so MANY of us REFUSE their "offer".

Apple, Amazon and Google are screwing us, warns Elizabeth Warren

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Re: Oh my. I'm shocked that screwing is going on!

"Fauxcahontas has her new wedge issue to flog."

'Fauxcahontas'. good one. I'm actually at least 1/8 American Indian (2 different tribes, and I can name one of them along with my ancestor who was a member of that tribe), and I have a few facial features to prove it, the shape of my nose and things like that. SHE, on the other hand, has NONE of that. Then again a LOT of us across the pond, particularly descendents of pioneers, can make a similar claim. So it's no big deal, really, unless you're a liberal Demo-Rat trying to identify with 'groups' and manipulate people.

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"I see two tech companies missing from the list. Intel and Microsoft !"

They must've paid the extortion fee already.

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Re: Let me see if i understand this.

"Senator Warren is a Democrat."

and in the back pocket of the same dragons she's attempting to APPEAR to be slaying. Create an enemy, appear to want to SLAY it, rally the emotions and manipulate, manipulate, manipulate!

So we get the Queen of Hearts _AND_ the Queen of Diamonds. _TWO_ "Red Queens!" Oh, joy!

Those two would drive me MAD as a Hatter.

Seagate axing 1,600 staff amid PC sales slump

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Seagate might invest in Linux to offset PC sales slump

it's worth a thought... if people see a Linux PC as being something they WANT, rather than being force to buy a Win-10-nic machine, maybe Seagate would get a really GOOD return on the investment?

the actual investment would have to include marketing, some software development, and a LOT of encouragement of key software-makers to product "a Linux version" (or at least Wine compatible versions), maybe even PAYING THEM to do it.

Fear and Brexit in Tech City: Digital 'elite' are having a nervous breakdown

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Re: Let cooler heads prevail...

"It's now time for the return of King Arthur."

he might have some trouble getting things through Parliament...

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Re: So any company that trades with an EU country has to open their borders to EU inhabitants?

The UK is a _small_ market? Sorry, I don't think that's the case. I'm not in the UK but I DEFINITELY understand how important to the world the UK is. Otherwise, why ELSE would all that "cheap labor" be flocking to the UK, instead of STAYING PUT?

It's because the UK economy IS important, and that's where the JOBS are. (other countries too, and they may be NEXT to vote 'leave').

Some years ago Google and other silicon valley companies were caught colluding to keep wages down, by agreeing to NOT engage in 'predatory hiring practices' with one another's employees (among other things, as I recall). It's therefore NOT surprising that companies would vote 'remain' to keep more 'free movement' immigrant workers in the 'available' pile.

(yeah we have a bit of a problem with that over here in the USA, too. I live in San Diego. Border issues and immigration are pretty important topics where I live).

Google Spain raided by Agencia Tributaria in latest European crackdown

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why tax corporations at all?

why tax corporations at all? Just have the stock-holders pay tax on the dividends as 'income'. That would encourage corporations to spend the money IN THOSE PLACES WHERE THERE IS NO TAX, and you'd get the 'trickle down' effect. Yeah, I actually BELIEVE that supply-side economics WORKS every time it's tried. Predictable thumb-down howler-monkey campaign will follow, yeah. I'll call it a badge of honor.

Microsoft releases cross-platform .NET Core 1.0 at Linux event

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Re: why you should use Microsoft dev tools

"you may need a paid version for non trivial applications"

like Qt maybe? I haven't used their IDE (it might be pretty good). I've messed with the toolkit on occasion, though.

The _ONE_ feature in MS dev tools that I _REALLY_ like, which seems absent everywhere else, is "virtual space". (yes, my own tool will prominently have that, and no need to be able to shut it off, either).

Seeing MS trying to wedge ".Not" into the Linux world bugs me. I've successfully written 'dual source' applications using a combination of wxWidgets and MFC. It was mostly to verify it COULD be done, but also a practical way of making it happen.

The _LACK_ of success of Mono should've been the death of ".Not" on Linux. Apparently, like with the Windows "Ape" (8.x) 'migration of suck' (and making it worse) to Win-10-nic, Microsoft can't read the writing on the wall. They just push forward over the cliff, ANYWAY, _in_ _spite_ of the obvious warnings, because, Microsoft.

(fanboi 'thumb downs' will be laughed at, again)

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Re: Oh good

"Red Hat Systemd; and Microsoft .NET together - What could possible go wrong?"

wait... " Microsoft ® SystemD ©®☭™ "

and patent encumberances... oh my

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"New .NET Core workloads can now be easily moved from a Windows Server environment to Red Hat Enterprise Linux"

"God knows why anyone would want to though."

perhaps they should migrate to a NON-'.Not' solution INSTEAD. might be less effort.

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Embrace, Extend, Extinguish...

"Secondly, they remember the old Embrace, Extend, Extinguish approach to other technologies."

yeah I should've remembered that. thanks for the reminder, all who've mentioned it and commented on it. Not as much 'uber alles' as EMBRACE, EXTEND, EXTINGUISH

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Re: why you should use Microsoft dev tools

"Because Visual Studio is a an excellent development environment? What's the open source alternative now?"

I'm actually working on one. OK it's slow going, and it's pre-alpha, but it wouldn't take a really long time to find considering it's on github and sourceforge and has my 'handle' associated with it.

(proper funding might speed up the process, otherwise it's 'when I have time')

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Is Microsoft ready for LINUX ???

"To be honest, I wonder if a lot of MS software is ready for the Windows I platforms I use."

Or, the corollary: Is Microsoft ready for LINUX ???

Red Hat may 'support them' but I think they'll support *ANYTHING* (and should, within reason).

But all ".Not" will become is Micro-shaft's CONTROL over EVERYTHING, an "uber alles" move In My Bombastic Opinion.

wxWidgets, GTK, Qt, and even JAVA make for better cross platform development than ".Not". Microsoft is just flailing.

I've been working on my own cross-platform dev kit for quite some time - yeah, slow going - and I've seen others besides the ones I already mentioned, so it's not like they're the ONLY GAME IN TOWN, but they want people to *THINK* they are. My personal pref (other than my own, which is incomplete) would be wxWidgets, because the translation from an MFC/C++ windows application is pretty straightforward (ok NOT trivial, but it's somewhat 'procedural' once you get started).

No means no: Windows 10 nagware's red X will stop update – Microsoft

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The free upgrade will be withdrawn on July 29


or will GWX demand my credit card number to purchase the "up"grade I didn't want, now that it's no longer "free" ???

Hillary Clinton: My promises to America's tech industry

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open access to gummint data, like her E-MAILS maybe?

If Mrs. Clinton weren't lying through her teeth (her native language, "the lie") I might think what she says has at least SOME merit. But like a broken clock, she's occasionally correct.

Now, when it comes to access to gummint data, what about her E-MAILS, particularly the ones she "lost" but were recently FOUND, and DEFINITELY related to government business.

And she obviously knows NOTHING about the internet, or technology. Her swiss-cheese security on the e-mail server is proof of THAT.

I wouldn't trust Mrs. Clinton if she did everything under watch of cameras. The practiced sleight-of-hand and illusions of honesty are just too much.

yeah g'head and downvote it. I don't care. Gumint needs to keep out of the internet anyway. All it can do is get in the way, and rob one person to pay another. Gummint doesn't "help" anyone. Claiming it CAN is just a big, fat, lie.

'I urge everyone to fight back' – woman wins $10k from Microsoft over Windows 10 misery

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thinking about the possibility of manipulated search engine results, and excessively downvoted things in the El Reg forum... yeah, it's possible, but I don't think it's very effective.

Now, the BLATANT filtering of news stories as "current" or "interesting" by facebook staff... that's probably MORE effective at keeping bad news about Win-10-nic (particularly successful small claims court cases against them) out of the view of the general population.

it makes for a nice conspiracy theory, and probably IS happening, but yeah I think it has limited effectiveness. But I've noticed the downvote 'howler monkey' "apparent campaign" responses, too.

Astroturfing: artificial campaign designed to LOOK like 'grass roots', but isn't. Usually done to boost up a very minority opinion to make it look 'majority', often to demoralize and/or discourage opposition response which would OTHERWISE succeed... Hey, didn't something like that happen a few days ago in the U.K. ??? Except it didn't work.

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Re: puzzled

"so someone who didn't explicitly authorise a Win10 install has been found by a court to have suffered an injury (in a financial sense)."

not just the INSTALL, but the *BANDWIDTH* *THEFT* for the DOWNLOAD as well (and any UPLOADING your PC might have done on Microsoft's behalf, like you're an involuntary torrent node).

did you suffer media skips while streaming Netflicks or watching Hulu or Youtube or whatever? Might it have been WINDOWS 10 downloading "in the background" that did it?

YOU SUFFERED DAMAGES! [well, I think that's pretty damaging, since *MY* bandwidth REALLY SUCKS, and 'win-10-nic' update downloads KILL it]

Visiting America? US border agents want your Twitter, Facebook URLs

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because, you can't "profile" a terrorist

Why act so insane?

Because they're PROBABLY under orders to inspect ANYONE and EVERYONE in unnecessarily intrusive ways, if there's any truth to ANY of this. Because, Obaka. Because, political correctness. Because, special rights for Islam, because it's NOT christianity. Because, you can't just ask someone coming in from a primarily Islamic country with a lot of ISIS activity about their religion or look them in the eyes to see if they MIGHT be terrorists, so you have to feel up granny and little 2 year old Suzie for IEDs, and leave the women in burkas and long-bearded men in turbans completely untouched, because, political correctness.

Yeah, I plan on voting for Trump, so maybe the insanity will stop, and we can star screening SPECIFIC PEOPLE instead of EVERYONE, and if that means PROFILING, so freaking what.

On behalf of SANE Americans, I apologize for their rudeness.

(or you can just LIE and say how you NEVER use faceb[ook,itch] or tw[i,a]tter because they are LAME cesspits of wasted bandwidth, INVASIVE of your privacy, and BENEATH YOU. (I could say that, it's true!)

Looking good, Gnome: Digesting the Delhi in our belly

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Did they fix the *REASONS* why Mate was forked from 2?

It's always good news when open source developers actually LISTEN to what the users want and DELIVER IT (and without the condescending attitudes pointed out in the article). I've been using Mate since it existed, and Gnome 2 on my FreeBSD desktop since forever. There has been *NO* compelling reason to "up"grade to Gnome 3's way of doing things, and a ZILLION compelling reasons *NOT* to (and to use Mate instead).

My biggest concern with Gnome is in line with my biggest concerns about what Microsoft did to windows, starting with "Ape": Gnome 3 made it NOT possible to cram 20 icons on the panel, along with 6 system monitor thingies, the date and time, the menu, and some extra white pace between groups of icons arranged *MY* way, not *THEIR* way. Fat-finger spacing *RUINED* the panel. And don't even get me started on the bizarre key combo needed to edit a Gnome 3 panel icon's settings.

When Gnome 3 "bothers" to fix THOSE kinds of problems, I'll re-consider it. My mouse+keyboard system does *NOT* need "fat-finger-friendly" spacing between things, enforced because some arrogant developer "feels". I want pure user-customization, even if "they feel" it's WRONG for me to have it "that way". It's why Mate exists, after all.

I'm guessing I can cherry-pick adding Gnome applications like 'maps' onto a Mate-based system, but fresh-installing a Linux system is STILL likely to get a Mate or even Cinnamon desktop instead.

In any case, it sounds like reason enough to take another look for myself. Here's hoping...

At least in the open source world, if the devs screw it up (like hamburger menus and fat-finger-friendliness), you can fork it from a previous release yourself (like Mate).

'Leave EU means...' WHAT?! Britons ask Google after results declared

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Re: So how long before ...

" the price of oil slumped today"

stocks in general slumped. it's a good time to buy. If I had $ to invest in pound-sterling I'd do it. Expect fluctuations for a week, then "about like it was". Just my 'from across the pond' opinion.

When a small fraction rage-sells, another fraction panics, and you see "that". It'll adjust back.

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Re: Seriously...

"Actually, half the country has a below-MEDIAN IQ. #math"

this would only matter if the distribution of numeric IQ values is uneven. In a large enough sample, that's unlikely.

Interestingly enough, to someone at a near-genius level (or higher - average Reg reader probably), EVERYBODY ELSE (who is NOT significantly above average/median) appears "about the same as one another".

/me leaves flowers for Algernon. Poor Algernon. he was a *really* smart mouse. Too bad the 'other mice' rejected him [that's a metaphor, yeah]. If he were a dumb mouse, they'd have still rejected him, but would've felt sorry about it later. Equally 'out of touch' on both ends of the intelligence spectrum.

Three non-obvious reasons to Vote Leave on the 23rd

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Re: @Bombastic Bob

" Michigan & Texas fought a war to decide that fact, one of the relatively bloodiest in human history, the American Civil War."

All very true, and it was essentially over the '10th ammendment' issue of STATE SOVEREIGNTY. Our constitution is SUPPOSED to prevent federal intrusion into states' rights. Well, it's gotten too big for it's britches, in my view. You guys in the UK are having your own election regarding the very SAME kind of thing. So on our end, we have a presidential election of "more of the same" (Clinton) vs "turn the barge around" (Trump). On your end, you're voting as to whether or not to be a member state of the EU. But it seems to me there are common themes here, that start with "too much centralized power" and "not enough sovereignty". Laws against 'vaping' for example, mentioned in the article (as I recall, I read it yesterday, long read, skimmed a few sections), were decided in the EU capitol instead of in London, and not in the fairest way, either. "Already decided" I think was the phrase used to describe it, so that the hearings were just a formality.

When I mentioned 'bailouts' with respect to the EU it was for depressed economies like in Greece. The EU has to cough up the cash for all of that, ultimately. Those countries NOT being bailed out ultimately pay for it all with higher taxes, less benefit from being an EU member. I personally don't like bailing out Michigan's auto industry with my tax dollars (nor the trillion-per-year debt rackup by the current administration).

But this is why we all have ELECTIONS. Right?

(think how nice things could be if 'federalism' gets its reigns tightened this year, and the concept of individuality wins over collectivism, even if 'individuality' means the sovereignty of individual states within a 'united' nation)

Anyway, I'm not hiding the fact I'm not British. But I think we have a common problem. "Too much central control".

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Fixed

"Let me be the first to say it has already been fixed and we will not leave,"

hmmm, with all of the downvotes on any post so far that favors "independent Britain" I have to wonder if the 'howlers' are actually the ones downvoting, in an 'astroturf' attempt to undermine the 'independence' campaign... ?

My ten cents' worth from across the pond is that independence is probably BETTER than being told how to run your country and enforce your laws from Brussels. And propping up the 'bailouts'.

I heard a nice quote from Thatcher (from 1992) this morning on the radio, regarding the EU membership. It sounded to me like she was 100% right.

US House to vote on whether poor people need mobile phones

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gummint shouldn't pay for anything

Gummint shouldn't pay for anything, whether it's phone service or your electric bill or broadband internet. That's because it has to take money AWAY from someone ELSE to pay for "that freebie". Seems to me it just takes away the incentive to better yourself, when gummint hands out freebies and buys elections with "other taxpayers' money".

Microsoft joins battery-saving browser bandwagon with Edge claims

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Re: Web browser?

"I'll stick to gopher, thanks!"

I've toyed with a simple gopher server, and it has its uses. There's support for Firefox for gopher (client). Unfortunately, the gopher server that I found doesn't support IPv6. I could fix it myself, but that would take work.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: He who controls the OS...

"Ask yourself how easy would it be to for Microsoft to tweak the OS so that certain programs have better or worse power consumption?"

Considering it's Win-10-nic, probably NOT hard at all.

One of the BIG problems I've seen in Win-10-nic [which hasn't been fixed, as I understand it] is how applications tend to SPIN on 100% CPU usage when waiting for one another. Micro-shaft has split up their system into multiple "apps", where "something" waits on the start menu "app", or the cortana "app", or whatever else, to return back some results. You see it during the startup. I've even measured what effect it has overall. You can see the CPU utilization peg at 100% *UNNECESSARILY* for WAY too long, and don't even get me STARTED on "the METRO" games, which are the WORST offenders.

The problem goes back to how 'yield()' and WaitForSingleObject and other API functions actually work, PLUS the effect that "100% CPU" (no idle time) has on CPU frequency throttling, etc. etc.. It is my observation that 100% CPU keeps you at the HIGHEST CPU frequency, which equals MAX POWER CONSUMPTION. If the "apps" (sic) were SMART enough to *NOT* peg out CPU usage (and *I* know of ways to code this PROPERLY, which I use in my OWN code, but they're all writing ".Not" C-pound 'Universal' piles of CRAP so they do it *WRONG*) then the scheduler would detect "not using 100% CPU" and throttle CPU frequency and save power. "All that BACKGROUND CRAP" in Win-10-nic *NATURALLY* disrupts this possibility, *AND* "CPU spinning" [CR]apps completely NUKE it.

So, Micro-shaft would've had to somehow FAKE the CPU throttler into lowering frequency ANYWAY, or else 'work around' the "100% CPU utilization" problem within Edge. And would they *SHARE* that 'work around' solution? heh, I doubt it.

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Re: Cherry picking

"No doubt their billions of data points told them which notebook, and specifically what to test."

This would be 'business as usual' from Redmond. Consider all of their "independent" performance comparisons (windows vs linux etc.) from a decade ago. And license agreements saying you couldn't publish your own performance tests without "permission". "Rigged Game" is an understatement.

But the fact that all of the tests were (apparently) run under WIN-10-NIC, I'm surprised they had ANY battery life at ALL! I'd also like to see what Micro-shaft *DID* to the Win-10-nic settings to SHUT UP all of the BACKGROUND CRAP that's constantly hitting the internet - you know, 'Sports' 'News' etc. - you have to CAREFULLY TURN THAT ALL OFF to STOP THOSE [CR]APPS from frequently updating themselves. And, it is a LOT of traffic. WIRESHARK it yourself, if you don't believe me..

And, does 'Edge' do that FOR you while it's running (turn off the [CR]app background web updates), via some new undocumented API, to TWEEK ITS OWN STATS in its own favor? I have to wonder...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: ad blocking > all

"Edge suspends Flash content on tabs that aren't visible. Chrome doesn't do that by default."

I wonder what effects that script/flash blocking plugins like 'NoScript' would have in Firefox's power consumption... yeah, compare THAT to 'Edge'. TURN ON the crap-blockage, watch Edge be significantly WORSE than the locked-up Firefox. We'll also conclusively show how much ALL THAT WEB-CRAP costs US.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Billions of data points of aggregated telemetry

don't forget "in a system built for the test, not for real-world performance"

Non-US encryption is 'theoretical,' claims CIA chief in backdoor debate

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Re: What's all this then?

"Its a good thing none of the foreign countries like say Belgium understand encryption. Oh wait."

don't rule out Finland, either.

that and libertarian-minded Americans who'll do it on the "dark net" and not tell anyone they did it. HELLO "underground economy".

Making drugs illegal - that really stopped THOSE, didn't it? And how about that 'prohibition' thing back in the 1930's? How'd THAT work out?

All I can say is, "they" (politicians, D.C. insiders, "the establishment") must think WE are IDIOTS.

Smut shaming: Anonymous fights Islamic State... with porn

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Re: Worth 1,000 Words

" I look forward to finding out what the "nuclear option" in this particular effort will be."

How about a picture of "The Prophet" bending over like the goatse guy? That assumes it hasn't been done already [je sui Charlie]

It also reflects the *FRUSTRATION* from the people at the COMPLETE INEFFECTIVENESS by our collective gummints that treating their religion with kid gloves has, showing them a form of RESPECT by calling them 'ISIL' instead of 'ISIS'. You don't respect your enemies, if you want to WIN. You DESTROY them.

Yeah. I think 'pr0nning' helps.

Microsoft releases open source bug-bomb in the rambling house of C

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Re: C is not an applications programming language

I disagree with that subject line... C is a perfectly good application programming language. the thing is, coders need to self-enforce a few simple rules, and use methods that aren't inherently problematic.

you know, like 'strcpy(buffer, string)' --- should be 'strncpy(bufer, string, maxlen)'

Point is: learn to FREAKING CODE. Don't code like a script kiddie. Don't allow script kiddies to commit code that don't check buffer lengths. that kind of thing.


then again, Micro-shaft designed C-pound and ".Not" for the INEXPERIENCED coder, so that senior people wouldn't be "senior" any more...

Russian government hackers spent a year in our servers, admits DNC

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"I'm surprised the NORKS didn't get blamed." "add the Chinese since they supposedly got the personnel database."

Maybe *THEY* learned to *NOT* leave footprints behind? Or the other possibility... we were *MEANT* to find those footprints!

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Re: Hillary's mail server

"Until a denial is issued, we may assume for convenience that" Mrs. "Clinton and the DNC hired their admins from the same applicant pool and got similar skill levels."

Considering the politics of the DNC, and the EXPECTATION that their security team are ALSO of a similar political mindset, the average intelligence of their 'pool' might just be a room temperature I.Q. number (in Farenheit, not Celsius, I'm being kind that way). General snarky comment on average intelligence of average gummint employees notwithstanding.

/me ducks for expected rotten veggies and thumb-downs from the 'howlers'

Oh, and it looks like they were running WINDOWS servers! I'd have to wonder if a properly configured (and firewalled) BSD or Linux server would've been so easily cracked... unless they have a root password of 'dadada'. And allow ssh logins to root. Without 'fail2ban' or some other means to cut down on the crack attempts. Yeah.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for the price of 36 Instagrams

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"Microsoft Acquisitions" leitmotif


"Beware of the blob, it creeps

And leaps and glides and slides

Across the floor

Right through the door

And all around the wall

A splotch, a blotch

Be careful of the blob"

(ending theme from 'The Blob', from the early 1960's)

Yes. Microsoft is now "The Blob". They were "The Borg". Now they're just "The Blob".

RIP ROP: Intel's cunning plot to kill stack-hopping exploits at CPU level

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Re: Silver Bullet

"My password used to be password, but I changed it to dadada."

you TRYING to put that song into people's heads? heh heh heh

(password, secret, love, sex, money... and GOD. don't forget GOD. system admins *LOVE* to use GOD).

and there's that OTHER xkcd, something about "correct horse battery staple"

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Re: Would also bork legitimate code

"Back in the days of the 8-bit processor, I remember writing code (in assembler!) that would implement a 16-bit jump by pushing the target onto the stack and doing a ret."

on SOME processors, you STILL have to do that. I'm thinking 'microcontrollers' at the moment. There's no 24-bit jump instruction on an AVR, but some AVRs have 24-bit addressing. So the fastest way to jump 24-bit is to leverage the 24-bit program counter value on the stack after a call. I am pretty sure there's a 24-bit CALL function, however [can't recall at the moment]. Just no JUMP instruction. So when my bootloader does a jump to the start of code, while running within the highest 128kb page of memory, it must do the 3-byte address stack push followed by 'RET'. With '#ifdef' around it for CPUs that have a < 128kb address space. It works.

bombastic bob Silver badge

non-executable flags on 386

as I recall, protected mode had this, but you had to NOT alias the code area with a corresponding data area. Unfortunately, windows *DID* just that. 32-bit 'flat model' was no exception (there were a couple of 32-bit global selector entries available for that). I had a utility for peeking into the internals of win 3.x and '9x that would leverage that global selector. I'd create call gates and jump to internal operating system functions inside of drivers to get certain kinds of system information. It was kinda cool, but I ALSO recognized how vulnerable the systems were, because someone "not me" could do the SAME! THING! for nefarious purposes.

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