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We're not looking for MH370 in the wrong place say investigators

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Re: Given that they haven't found it...

"..or they're not done yet."

how long did it take to find the Titanic with modern equipment? I'd figure something smaller than Titanic might be harder to find, and it may be deeper there.

I suspect classified military information might have already pinpointed its location, right after the crash, even [which is why they keep searching "those areas"]. But revealing classified information can lead to "oh, you have THOSE capabilities!" revelations to people who shouldn't know such things...

So the only help they could give is a circle drawn on a map, and a "we think it's within this area someplace". And if there wasn't a submarine on station within a few days of the crash, listening to the underwater beacon in order to get a proper fix on it, I'd be VERY surprised. But underwater, sound does NOT travel in a straight line, the detailed knowledge of oceanographic and other factors that affect sound propagation is probably STILL classified, and even the locations of a submarine is classified as SECRET and above (for the U.S. Navy), and probably similar for Australia, Russia, and China, and any OTHER country that might have a sub in the area. So there you go.

Did Donald Trump really just ask Russia to hack the US govt? Yes, he did

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Re: Americans...

"Honestly, who is better qualified to run the free world?"

How about the one who wants to make America BETTER? Not pandering to groups, dividing people by race and religion, showing favoritism to certain races, religions, behaviors etc. and paying groups of people with "other people's money" in order to purchase their votes. Yes, that would be 'Business as Usual' for the Demo-Rat party, and the ones who run it, i.e. the Clint-stones and (formerly) Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz.

I'd say TRUMP is better qualified.

Trump already wants to lower tax rates, make 'gummint' (so-called because it nearly always GUMS THINGS UP) more business friendly [so we can have JOBS instead of 'unemployment' or 'welfare'], and THEN go after the gummint WASTE FRAUD AND ABUSE to make the annual budget actually go DOWN for once. I can hardly wait for a bunch of gummint dweebs that merely punch a clock everyday, and spend 'work' time surfing the intarweb all day, to get those pink notices from Trump's administration: YOU'RE FIRED! And the national debt - doubled under Obaka - needs to be dealt with as well. I'm sure Mrs. Clinton would TRIPLE IT.

But I digress...

Trump's habit of saying whatever the hell he wants to say is actually *REFRESHING*, particularly for people like *ME* who are *SICK* and *FORNICATING* *TIRED* of "political correctness" and the hypersensitive chip-on-shoulder HOWLER MONKEYS who go into full poo-sling mode every time they even THINK they (or anyone else) *might* be offended. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Exactly! Only free to say what the howler monkeys LET you say according to P.C.. And I know that *I* am sick of it, and seeing Trump say this stuff and *CHANGE* *THE* *NARRATIVE* every time just makes me smile...

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Re: Treason

"Trump was going under the assumption that the Russians ALREADY HAVE the Clinton email, from a server that no longer exists."

that was MY first impression as well.

A thumb-UP from me, even though the 'howler monkeys' are thumbing you down [a badge of honor, heh]

and, did ANYONE ever think that Trump *might* be telling a JOKE? *I* thought it was UPROARIOUSLY funny!

Why Agile is like flossing and regular sex

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Re: When the business mandates Agile but still thinks Waterfall

"To be hip and trendy the latest multi year project I'm involved in is being run on Agile principles."

"The customer mandated the product be managed using Agile"


reading your intro reminded me of some of the BOFH articles. well done! Simon would've been snarkier, of course.

as for me, I'll fill in the blanks as I see it:

1. Customer exec read an article that had the word 'Agile' in it.

2. This filtered down to the contract manager as a "requirement"

3. Agile 'as a requirement' became part of your development contract, with no explanation as to what that actually means.

4. People on YOUR end head-scratched for a while, trying to document how they were fulfilling the contract, and "came up with something"

and the result (as you described it):

"its all a complete cluster fuck trying to keep the new age customer happy, the old age executives happy and still deliver a credible product in the short term."

It can't be said any better.

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'waterfall with dithering'

It's amazing - I've worked at a handful of places that do "Agile" but none that do Agile. If you see what I mean. At the best it's waterfall with dithering.

My current place does "scrum" - an hour long meeting in the pub every other Friday.

this looks like a PRACTICAL approach, not a hard-line stick-to-the-definition approach. Isn't that what we REALLY want?

I've never seen pure 'waterfall' design. Normally things are done "top down", that is 'definining the spec' but the spec CAN change if it's necessary. It becomes more difficult as you go further along, but if you need to change an API before it's published, that should be fine. If you need to change it AFTER, you have a 'compatibility' version. I think APIs have been managed like this for as long as they've existed. So you have to think *REALLY* hard about "that kind of design work" before you actually implement it.

But you could still be 'agile' without diving 100% into the concept known as 'Agile'. So your comment about 'waterfall with dithering' makes sense.

And, it probably ships product ON TIME and UNDER BUDGET. then you can work on 'Rev 2.0' (that deals everything you COULD still be working on if you'd done Agile, but you wanted revenue from sales of 1.0 didn't you?)

AND, bi-weekly "scrum" meetings at the local pub, yeah. In my part of the world, it might be an actual BREWERY.

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Re: The Way Good Software Is Done?

"an old dinosaur who has been coding for 40+ years and can still teach these youngsters a thing or two."

yeah I like your rant against this 'Agile' thing, which I've only seen ABused. meeting, after meeting, after meeting, and a year (and 400 direction changes) later, they're *STILL* using the prototype I hacked together BY MYSELF in 3 weeks [and spent maybe a week's worth of intermittent time making fixes] to DEMO THE PRODUCT's CONCEPT to prospective clients.

4 weeks' worth, done by me, by myself. OR, a YEAR by a team of 3 [one manager, one 'programming pair']. I was NOT in on those meetings. They knew better. I was working on OTHER things. After the layoffs, I assisted the more senior guy in FIXING IT UP so it would actually WORK "as advertised".

yeah, NOT a fan of "Agile". Analysis paralysis, meetings in lieu of actual work done, and "the junior guy" *ALWAYS* gets HIS way, because it's not FAIR to exclude junior programmers and their impractical [reflecting their extreme inexperience] ideas.

You want a team to work on something? DESIGN THE 'CONTRACT', then implement to it. Separate duties so nobody steps on anyone else's toes. Then, MANAGE the programmers by periodically asking "how's it going?" and "when will this be done?". then, solve the problems as they show up (you know, like CLASSIC management, not this "touchy feely" garbage).

Captain Piccard's planet-orbiting solar aircraft in warped drive drama

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oil is "liquid energy"

keep in mind that the energy density of fossil fuels is STILL much better than electric storage batteries, and is likely to be so for a VERY! LONG! TIME! to come.

besides, CO2 isn't killing the planet. CO2 is depleted by rain, and kept at a chemically balanced equlibrium level in the atmosphere, forming carbonates in the ocean (and other bodies of water) when it reacts with Mg, Ca, etc.. Higher water temperatures cause the oceans to EFFERVESCE CO2, and zealous "scientists" take measurements and try to prove the CO2 caused the warm, but it was really the WARM that caused the CO2. Besides, CO2 has 1/10 the absorption spectrum for infrared than does WATER, and I don't see anyone complaining about WATER VAPOR. The blanketing effect of WATER VAPOR could be 100 times or more than CO2, and it changes so unpredictably (whereas CO2 tends to be a constant by comparison).

But this kind of common sense analysis is NOT what the warmists want to hear.

So I'll say "Solar plane, COOL! Geek-factor-major" and I think it's a fun thing to accomplish, too. But for practical energy storage, particularly for FLIGHT, it looks like good old-fashioned FOSSIL FUELS will be the way to go, for a long, long time.

Did the Russians really hack the DNC or is this another Sony Pictures moment? You decide

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Re: Really?

"They're all managed by Elite VPN. They are probably all VM clones of the same machine."

that's pretty sloppy, though. re-generating a server key isn't that hard...

ssh-keygen -A [I think that's right]

if you delete the old ones first, this should give you all of the ones you need. It would be a good idea, if you plan on using a hosted server to anonymize you, to re-generate the keys periodically... UNLESS you *INTEND* for people to "find" you.

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Re: It's funny

"I'd vote for Putin over Hillary. At least he's an honest bastard."

I'd vote CTHULHU or SATAN over Mrs. Clinton. Either would be the LESSER evil.

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"At kindergarden they told us not to point fingers - it is not polite and while you point at others, three of your fingers point back at yourself."

Unless you're a Clintstone; then, everything "slicks" off of you, and doesn't stick.

Mrs. Clinton's native tongue is "the lie". The DNC is nearly as bad. Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz has quit her position over this already, but Mrs. Clinton is still in there, ready to become the next "Liar in Chief". You can expect LOTS of finger-pointing as the USA circles the drain, if SHE gets elected. "It was a MOVIE on YOUTUBE that caused it!"

Microsoft offers admins free Win 10 upgrade lube

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Re: El Reg at its best

"Round of applause and please everybody raise your hat!"

I'd wear one just to raise it

also reminds me of a 'Bob & Tom' parody song... something about a guy in prison... the falsetto ending, in particular.

thanks, MicroMega-shaft!

The very latest on the DNC email conspiracy. Which conspiracy? All of them, of course!

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Thanks, Vlad!

Thanks, Vlad! Your contributions to our nation's future are greatly appreciated!

(because, U.S. law enforcement is all too blatantly, all too corrupt at the moment to do a proper investigation of the Clintons, the DNC, and all of their dirty dealings, so it takes a foreign government that "has it in" for the Clintons to do it on our behalf)

MI6, you guys wanna give it a go as well?

Silicon Valley's contribution to the US Republican Convention: Gayness

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"Most cultures in this world are in agreement with Republicans on this issue, regardless of how the press tries to make it appear the opposite."

and, apparently, the DOWN votes in this forum (trying to make it appear the opposite)

[badge of honor again, thank you!]

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"JFK may be a Democrat icon but was he really liberal? "

Actually, No. JFK and Nixon were friends, and actually agreed on MOST issues. JFK was a CONSERVATIVE Democrat, probably one of the last [along with his brother, Robert Kennedy].

For example, JFK believed in tax rate CUTS, and his policies went into effect after his death, in 1964, causing an economic boon. JFK was ALSO a cold war 'Anti-Communist' kinda guy, like Nixon. But JFK's big issue was civil rights, as I recall, which may have differentiated him significantly from Nixon (that, and the press LOVED him) and got him elected. As I recall, Nixon later embraced the civil rights issue, which helped him win against Humphrey (and Wallace) in 1968. (many of the hippies really liked Nixon in 1968).

Civil Rights issues really started in the 1800's. The Republican party formed out of the Abolitionist movement, and Lincoln was the first Republican president. Democrats, on the other hand, heavily promoted "state's rights" when it comes to slavery. And the REAL Demo-Rat party surfaced as LBJ created "the great society", a means by which they can buy 'poor minority' votes INDEFINITELY, by giving away other people's money (i.e. higher taxes), but not enough given away to create wealth among the poor; the policies deliberately give away just enough to "keep them in their place" and buy their votes (with plenty of fear-mongering that Republicans HATE them and will stop the gravy train if they don't vote Demo-Rat).

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I love how the author implies that acceptance of gay marriage is a prerequisite for acceptance of gays period. They are different issues, regardless of what the Gaystapo says. It is possible to accept gays, and still consider the ancient institution of Marriage to be intended for the raising of children and not just a societal label that all have rights to.

Well, there's this former politician, a Republican, who's on the air with a radio talk show in my area. He's also an openly gay guy. Demo-rats actually tried to use that AGAINST him, stressing things about "his BOYfriend" in political debates, etc.. Yet Carl DeMaio is VERY conservative on most issues. On social issues, he's kinda 'libertarian', which I think is the better position to take. And he's NOT "an activist" by any means. And I suspect that OTHER members of the Republican party (who happen to be gay) are the same way, and would EQUALLY get MY vote.

The thing worth re-pointing out: It was a DEMO-RAT that kept HARPING on his Republican opponent being gay. That Demo-Rat became mayor of San Diego (Bob Filner). THEN, he got ousted for being a sexual harassment predator. It shows you what kind of guy he is.

The only problem with the 'gay' issue (that I see) is how IN YOUR FACE the activists are. The moralists (their only opposition) are in the minority. Most people (as I see it) take a 'live and let live' stance on this. They don't want their OWN lives disrupted, but think that others shouldn't have THEIR lives disrupted either. So we don't need 'in your face' activism, OR changing the definition of what 'marriage' is to suit 1.8% of the population. [I support Civil Unions for equal legal protection and so did Arnold Swarzenegger when he was Gov. of California].

Why gummints got involved in the whole 'marriage' thing is beyond me. It is possible for gummints to get OUT of it. Just call ANY marriage a 'civil union' for legal purposes, STOP ABusing the tax code by using different rates for married vs single, and basically ELIMINATE the "grievances" that the gay marriage issue is trying to resolve. Then nobody has to be 'forced' to accept anything they don't like. People can MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

And when it comes to child custody and support issues, actual marriage is not even required in the legal dispute, at least not in California. So gummint involvement in marriage, including the determination of who can marry and who cannot, is just an IRRITANT. It's just not needed.

I'm perfectly happy, as a Republican, with welcoming and recognizing the 'LGBTQ' community (as so-named in Trump's speech), and welcoming them into the party. But I'd expect them to act more like CONSERVATIVES, in that they're "not activists" about it.

Worth pointing out: the 'moralists' aren't CONSERVATIVES. They are 'activists' in their own way. Conservatives seek to work with things as they are and NOT make radical changes. Activists, on the other hand (and I include the 'moralist' activists in this), want nothing BUT 'radical changes'. So openly accepting and acknowledging 'LGBTQ' people is a good step forward, without the 'radical' element you would see in the Demo-Rat party. I think it was done appropriately, without the usual one-sided activism you see from the Demo-Rats.

Most cultures in this world are in agreement with Republicans on this issue, regardless of how the press tries to make it appear the opposite.

In fact, the USA today is one of the most TOLERANT nations with respect to 'LGBTQ', and SHOULD be. If you look at Obaka's favorite religion, Islam, you'll find a LOT of hate in there, and nations that embrace Shariah would (obviously) NOT treat 'LGBTQ' people well. Neither did the Nazis (pink triangle) back in WW2. Something to think about.

It falls under the argument that 'most people are really conservative', which is why Republican candidates need to stop leaning to the left after the primaries, and instead SELL CONSERVATISM to the 'undecided'. And, I bet Trump will say ON MESSAGE without deviating at all.

Free Windows 10 upgrade: Time is running out – should you do it?

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hmmm.... that's not how I remember things. went to the PDC for the 3.1 beta also. As I recall, the Win 3.0 SDK cost me about $300, MS C/C++ 6.0 was another $300, and I had to purchase a 2nd monitor and hercules-compatible adaptor to get CodeView to work under windows. It was a rather big commitment, actually, to do Windows coding, and I didn't see ANY lack of demand for the same stuff I was buying...

I also recall a number of "we're working on it" comments. Lotus went with an OS/2 version at about that time, but didn't make a windows version quickly enough (which they later regretted). Maybe we're just reading the facts differently, but there _was_ a bit of a scramble. It's also not an easy port, going from MS-DOS character mode to Windows GUI. It takes a bit of time.

Paradox for Windows, Lotus for Windows, and Word Perfect for windows took a year or so to become available. But everyone was blind-sided by it.

The intent HERE, of course, is to NOT blindside developers with making LINUX versions. We get them on board, NOW, and get the manufacturers to start shipping more linux OS 'preloads', and at REDUCED PRICES while we're at it (since Linux is, essentially, FREE).

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Re: Actually

"Actually in terms of the efficiency of the base coding of 10 you may well be right but there is a problem and its name is telemetry."

We got PROBLEMS! Right here in Micro-shaft city! With a capital P that rhymes with T and that stands for TELEMETRY!

Aside from THAT obvious thing, there's the 2D FLUGLY that just irritates the *BLANK* out of me. I can't even use "Ape" (8.x), not even with 'Classic Shell', it's too distractingly UGLY. Tried. Couldn't stomach it. I don't even have an "Ape" VM any more.

And Win-10-nic is much, much, worse in that regard. 'Start Thing' comes to mind...

bombastic bob Silver badge

"All new CPUs will ONLY run Win 10."

Actually, not *entirely* true, but there is NO move by Micro-shaft to support newer architectures with older OSs. THAT being said... Micro-shaft appears to NO LONGER BE INTERESTED in other businesses that have (in the past) derived THEIR success from the success of Micro-shaft, and Micro-shaft continues to proceed over the lemming-cliff at full speed, cracking whips behind the stampeding mass in order to speed it up.

If I were Intel and AMD, _I_ would invest in making LINUX the next major OS that people WANT to get in order to run the APPLICATIONS that they want. This would mean a LOT of marketing effort in getting software vendors on board, from games to accounting. All of those applications that run ONLY ON WINDOWS will need to be PORTED.

Remember how Windows 3.0 changed the rules for MS-DOS applications, and EVERYBODY scrambled to "get on board" ? Well... how about a SIMILAR scramble for Linux!!!

THAT is what we need, a mass migration AWAY from Micro-shaft, who can NO LONGER BE TRUSTED to bring success to anyone ELSE... or themselves, for that matter.

Oh, and I'm sure Linux and the BSDs will support the new CPU architecture. Just not Micro-shaft, with any OLDER operating system than Win-10-nic.

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Re: "....should you do it?"

"No if you own and wear a tinfoil hat which has a propeller on it."

a big "thumbs down" for more smug, snooty-snob arrogance, and the pejorative 'tin foil hat' commentary.

unless you were being facetious. but it seems you were not.

you seem to think there are no LEGITIMATE reasons for *NOT* embracing Win-10-nic. I find the 2D FLUGLY to be #1 - I can't stand seeing it in Win "Ape" (8.x) either. So I use 7.

the advertising and spyware and EULA "anti-privacy" are just MORE reasons to NOT use it.

About 2/3 of desktop computer users are NOT using Win-10-nic, despite it being FREE, for a YEAR. MOST of these people use W7. Many online resources, such as statcounter, support this.

(the ratio of 7 to "Ape" users was about the same, 2:1, before Win-10-nic released).

Your 99.99% "should upgrade" argument doesn't hold much water. It's like some claim that a LOT of idiots, who don't have facts to back up what they say, would make: they just make schhhtuff up, rectally atmospherically extrapolated, as if it's "truth", to "prove" their points.

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Re: dont forget your tin foil

"windows 10 is actually significantly better than windows 7, is it different yes, so oh no you have to learn something, so scary."

typical. arrogant. snooty-snob. snot-nosed-baby. pejoratively criticizing those who simply DISAGREE.

What, is their something CLINICALLY WRONG WITH US (tin foil hat insanity) if we do NOT embrace "the glory and wonder" of Win-10-nic ??? *AND* become EVANGELISTS for it? "The cult of Redmond" indeed.

'oh no you have to learn something'. So much arrogance and snobbery in THAT statement alone, I don't know where to begin criticizing it, except to point it out again.

Yeah we're all a bunch of WACKY NEANDERTHALS for *not* "getting on the bandwagon" with Win-10-nic, REFUSING TO LEARN, evolutionary THROWBACKS now doomed to EXTINCTION for NOT ADAPTING to "the new normal".

In a year I'll offer you a special dish, Crow a la humility sauce. enjoy.

[since we're "going to have to learn something" I suggest learning LINUX instead!]

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Re: Surprise!

"One lovely surprise is when Win 10 decides to update for 90 minutes right in the afternoon. WTFG!"

I frequently put off updates on XBox 360. The 'yes/no' full-page thingies [that often repeat] aren't something I want interrupting my game time, and I don't want to waste OTHER time doing their blasted update downloads. And considering what some of the 'update's have added [including ADVERTISEMENT CONTENT] I think I'll pass until I have nothing better to do...

But at least I can *DECLINE* the "offer" on a 360. I can't imagine what 10 on an 'XBox One' might do to your afternoon if you REALLY wanted to play a game, but end up waiting 90 minutes or more to "update" instead.

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Re: 'Prettier'? you meant 7, right?

"GWX, surely you mean the "Admiral Ackbar" update..."

Heh - "IT'S A TRAP!"

I should start calling it 'Admiral Ackbar update' from now on

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Re: Mint 18 + WINE

"As long as that lets me use Office (2007 or 2010) then I don't do anything that needs Windows."

have you considered 'Open Office' or 'Libre Office' ? I have yet NOT seen anything (other than old MS Access stuff I used to do a decade-and-a-half ago) that requires a Microsoft product like 'Office'...

I had Office '97 which worked ok until I had an XP box with >1G RAM, and then a bug kept it from printing. Trying *FIX* that bug broke other things. Dumped Office '97 for Open and/or Libre Office suites, which matched what I was already doing on FreeBSD and Linux. All of my template-based documents (like address labels, envelope addressing) worked perfectly. Never looked back.

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"In what world is it acceptable for a vendor to remove features from a product, post-purchase?

or add NEW *unwanted* ones (like spyware and GWX in W7)

or CHANGE! THE! CONTRACT! (like their *new* EULAs)?

bombastic bob Silver badge

"So you're to young for all the shit they were doing in the 90s? Like ensuring Windows borked DR-DOS and secret APIs etc..."

ah, yes. the 'secret API's. I scanned their DLLs for things that weren't documented, because I'd heard about it, and saw "GlobalHandleNoRIP" which became EXTREMELY useful in a buggy environment, to validate global handles before you attempt to lock them. Kept those pre-blue-screen 'Unhandled Exception' dialog boxes from interrupting my application. And the reasons FOR that sort of thing were *rarely* due to MY code...

(later, a lawsuit forced Micro-shaft to DOCUMENT things like that, because MS Word used these things internally for the SAME reasons *I* did - stability! 'Unfair advantage' was the justification, and so Micro-shaft had to document them for EVERYBODY)

bombastic bob Silver badge

"On the other hand, Windows Millennium...now we're talking. :)"

I love it when the obvious facetiousness gets a significant number of downvotes. It's like a badge of honor.

bombastic bob Silver badge

'Prettier'? you meant 7, right?

"A simple example is the new UWP calculator; it may be prettier than the old accessory, but it is slower to launch, takes more screen space without advantage..."

Uh, wait. 'Prettier than the old accessory'. SERIOUSLY????

2D FLUGLY is *NOT* *PRETTIER*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You forget about the total eye candy that is Windows 7. *THAT* is "prettier".


You know, like Windows 1.01 was: flat, crayon-art, etch-a-sketch quality, *BARELY* better than an MS-DOS 'GUI-like screen' with ASCII graphics (say 'QBASIC').


as opposed to that really nice screen from the article, despite it having fewer things to put checkboxes in: it just LOOKS BETTER


the image on the RIGHT is CLEARLY more aesthetic, more pleasent. Micro-shaft's move towards fat-finger-friendly screen-real-estate-wasting 2D-FLUGLY EXCREMENT was one of the WORST things ever invented by the Ballmer/Turner/Sinofsky "3 Stooges", killers of Microsoft's image, quality, and future.

No _WONDER_ they have to SHOVE! IT! UP! OUR! ASSES! with GWX!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: bashing

"Strangely enough I get a Unix like experience on my Linux boxen, and the OS still free after the point Win 10 becomes non free"

Windows 10 was never 'free' - you pay with your privacy and future enslavement to whatever forced updates are coming down the pike.

but yeah, you could run Linux or one of the BSDs and get a TRUE "UNIX-like" experience, or run Cygwin and get something similar on _ANY_ version of windows, or use Micro-shaft's 'Embrace, Extend, Extinguish' version and get something FAKE that has "issues".

Microsoft to rip up P2P Skype, killing native Mac, Linux apps

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"The Cloud" is *SO* overrated!

Nothing like "single point of failure" (consisting of multiple nodes) to screw up reliability. Free P2P was one of the coolest features that Skype had... [I used to pay for skype access for certain kinds of long distance calls, but not any more - it has been YEARS, in fact, since I did that]

"The Cloud" - _SO_ overrated. even 'google docs' hasn't been immune to widespread outages.

Firefox to banish hidden Flash files – and kill off sneaky ad snoopers

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Re: BBC video still Flash here

I think firefox used to have a global setting that let you determine whether or not flash COULD be enabled. There WAS a web page for youtube to (by default) play in HTML5...


it has some browser compatibility tests on it. might be helpful.

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Re: Flash

"Java is the "plugin from hell". Flash is a distant second."

thumbsup from me. And I assume that's JAVA, not javascript, though javascript _IS_ the cancer that kills "teh intarwebs". 300k+ for freaking jquery or whatever OTHER garbage-script that could be done with style sheets or good-old-fashioned-html. YUCHHH!

Microsoft ordered to fix 'excessively intrusive, insecure' Windows 10

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"Microsoft will release an updated Privacy Statement"?? How about Microsoft get rid of Satya Nadella and perhaps hire someone else who has the vision and the skills to lead this company.

you and I should submit our resumes

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Re: To think that...

"and with so many Linux distros being infect with SystemD I've move to VectorLinux which is based on Slackware."

you can always use FreeBSD or one of the other BSDs. I do.

(ghostbsd has a nice live DVD version you can boot and install from)

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Re: Rather Late....

"Why not just get a Windows tablet and install Ubuntu on it?"

at least that way you'd have a choice of desktops, from Unity (*shudder*) to Mate or even KDE.

CHOICE - something that Microsoft no longer understands [unless it is THEIR choice]

that, and the hoovering of our personal info for their profit.

After Monday's landing, SpaceX wants to do it in triplicate

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Re: Titusville is a s***hole

"These are the same people that complain about a lack of high-paying space jobs now that the Shuttle is gone, yet they complain about sonic booms from SpaceX."

clueless, yeah

"So I got to see a rocket launch, and 10 minutes later, I also got to see a rocket landing. Great!"

sci fi authors of the past should be clawing their way out of their graves to watch something like that in real life. So many old sci fi books written where rockets landed on their tail. And it took SpaceX to actually make it happen - on a regular basis, anyway.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"I doubt there will be any serious challenge to this"

never. underestimate. the UNMITIGATED GALL. of a BUNCH of FLAMING ACTIVISTS. to *RUIN* a GOOD thing like SpaceX, through the COURTS, with RIDICULOUS claims, particularly environmental ones, which ultimately ENRICH THE LAWYERS.

One such L[AW]YER in the San Diego area is INfamous for having abused the legal system to turn a man-made oceanic swimming area known as "the children's pool" into a CESSpool for breeding sea lions (that decided to just 'take over' because NOBODY stopped them), that comes complete with the foul stench that can't even be cleaned up because, environmentalism.

So I'm sure SOMEONE will find some "endangered" flea or brine shrimp, or make some ridiculous touchy-feely claim regarding dolphins or sea turtles that SOMEHOW impedes SpaceX from having a landing platform. SOOooooo predictable.

Microsoft tweaks TCP stack in Windows Server and Windows 10

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Re: Of course...

"The Linux IP stack has had all these and more since 1976"

Looks like nobody got the humor. and you got more downvotes than me. NOW I'm envious...

(/me points out Linux was invented in 1990's, but the UNIX stack would've existed back then...)

At one time NT had an implementation of the BSD stack, with appropriate copyright statements in their documentation. They should've stuck with that, and tracked the BSDs.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Took their time

Being less agressive during periods of high latency was specifically mentioned

(from article)

"LEDBAT will stop Windows competing aggressively for bandwidth during times of high latency"

yes. it's ABOUT TIME on THAT one... not like I hadn't specifically complained directly to them about that OVER A YEAR AGO (and others as well).

it's probably the WORST thing that Micro-shaft does with their forced updates: DOMINATE your intarweb connection with WHATEVER SCHTUFF *THEY* want to use it for, at a time of *THEIR* choosing, even if you're watching streamed media content. OOPS - interruption - because, Micro-shaft.

An anniversary to remember: The world's only air-to-air nuke was fired on 19 July, 1957

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Re: ICBMs was the end of air to air nukes etc

"Once ICBMs become common, it was excepted that shooting them down was not an option, so "air to air nukes" etc stop being made."

In the world of anti-submarine warfare, something called 'SUBROC' was invented in about the same general time frame, to take out a ballistic missile submarine that was about to shoot its missiles. The principle was the same: large blast area, large kill zone. you just had to be 'close'. Sadly, shooting one was almost a guaranteed suicide mission...


however, like you pointed out, ICBMs made bombing planes obsolete, so air-air nukes were unnecessary (and impractical). And things *like* SUBROC were eventually abandoned.

/me thinks: "Nuke 'em 'till they glow, then shoot 'em in the dark."

If managing PCs is still hard, good luck patching 100,000 internet things

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Re: The way round this is

" ... the "things" should simply have a secure transport layer config ... "

And that's where it all falls down again...

yeah, theyd probably use MODBUS over TCP or something similar at the local site, for all of the sensors and control devices, then a process on the MODBUS control thingy to either transfer data to the cloud, or allow a cloud-based process to query the data from the 'central' thing.

If the 'central' thing were properly designed, and the TCP to device connections properly isolated, you wouldn't have a problem. Good luck with THAT happening, though...

unless you can IPSEC the MODBUS stuff [probably not], then it's just 'in the clear' and anyone/thing can access the devices, once you have access to the private LAN with all of them.

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Re: Oil Rigs

"They are still thinking in basic 2-tier client/sensor-central server/processing terms. When 'cloud' needs to be more of an n-tiered 'cached' processing architecture."

when I see the 'tier' word I keep thinking a bunch of hype from the noughties, when the "3 tier solution" was seen as somehow 'inferior' to a 4-tier or 5-tier, like "more tiers" made it better...

Windows 10 a failure by Microsoft's own metric – it won't hit one billion devices by mid-2018

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analysis of the CEO and management style

"MS as a corporation are too large and don't listen. What is the point in having a 'feedback' program if you are going to ignore the most asked for features ?"

(then comments about bullying-style management at Micro-shaft)

(then a reply)

"Your analysis of the CEO and management style is spot-on."

I tend to agree. Micro-shaft forgot 'Business 101' "The CUSTOMER is always right." I tried to remind them back in the 'insider' days, but they threatened to ban me over my writing style. Go figure. Maybe they just don't like 'El Reg' over there, and my comments reminded them of it (heh).

Ballmer left a year or so ago, isn't that right? He's been followed by Keven Turner, their former COO.

In an El Reg thread I suggested that Turner's presence seemts to correspond to MANY of the EPIC FAILS at Micro-shaft. Some were pointed out in the article as well. There's Vista, "Ape" (8.x) where firing Sinofsky was merely symbolic. They *KEPT* the *2D* *FLUGLY* and "tilish" stupidity (the things that made 'Ape' so ugly and unusuable, in my opinion). *WHO* over at Micro-shaft *FELT* (not thought) that *THAT* was a *GOOD* thing? Well, I bet it was KEVIN TURNER! And WHO does anyone guess MIGHT have been behind GWX? Well, I bet it was KEVIN TURNER! Finally the proverbial dung hit the proverbial fan and spewed all over the walls and everyone/thing in between, and "the board" no doubt said "we gotta get RID of this guy" so they 're-organized' to avoid having a "shake-up" in the company cause a STOCK PRICE FREEFALL. And it worked.

But we still have 2D FLUGLY Win-10-nic with its adware, spyware, and [apparently soon to come as a few have accurately predicted] SUBSCRIPTION-ONLY RENTAL FEES!

This of course has gone WAY BEYOND what anyone could have imagined in 2005 when Kevin began to do his self-destructive changes at Micro-shaft. And Ballmer is to be blamed for GOING ALONG WITH IT.

Kevin is apparently an ASSHAT to work for (employees reviewing one another? to determine BONUSES? Can you say RIVALRY and BACKSTABBING?), and according to the 'El Reg' articles, VERY aggressive. I might even agree with "bullying" as a management style, as pointed out by the original poster of this topic [that I named].

Blame where blame belongs: the captain of the ship, and his first mate, and his engineering officer, all SCREWED THE POOCH on this one. The engineer (Sinofsky) was fired first. Then, the captain (ballmer) resigned, leaving the 1st mate (Kevin Turner) securely at his post, which was the key to the continued failure. No doubt he's really good at sweet-talking his boss (Nadella) into the SAME! KINDS! OF! STUPIDITY! and maybe even GREATER stupidity than before. And so Nadella goes along with it, and wrecks the ship. AGAIN.

"How did this happen?" Well, DUH...

(sorry if TLDR)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: I'd add

"Easier still. Have /home on its own partition & don't reformat it. Same with /opt & maybe /usr/local."

also true. thanks for pointing it out. (see how easy a system restore or version upgrade is with a POSIX system? AND you get to keep your SETTINGS!)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Sure pal.

"Please, enlighten us, I could do with a laugh today."

to be honest, the measurements I've seen (and some that I've done) show that loading an application is (generally) slightly faster with Win-10-nic than with 8.x - but at a cost, of course. Win-10-nic has a lot of 'background cruft' that spawns whenever it wants to. [I've seen this kind of behavior in 7, but only within the first few minutes after bootup]. Also, Win-10-nic has a *NASTY* habit of "pegging" the CPU meter for no good reason, typically when one "the METRO" app(sic) is waiting on another "the METRO" app(sic) and I doubt THAT problem has been addressed since I measured it over a year ago. (it appears to do with 'spinning' in a loop within the 'Universal' or 'RT' libraries while one app waits for a response to whatever command or communication it sent - the 'spinning' consumes CPU cycles, forces the OS to constantly switch to a "non-idle" mode, and heats up the CPU unnecessarily, wasting electricity and wearing out fan motor bearings).

'Faster' claims are rediculous anyway. "less inefficient" might hold water...

(and that piggy 'paranoid cached' registry is JUST! AS! BAD! AS! EVAR! in Win-10-nic, if not *WORSE* - 'paranoid cacheing' is when you re-re-read something ANYWAY, even though your hard drive data is 'in the cache', because it *might* have changed. Outside of the cache? unlikely. But watch hard drive activity when you load applications. They're too STUPID to allow the registry to be properly cached. It must be physically read/written and slow everything down. Even with SSD it's a time waste, but I don't have one of those, so it becomes OBVIOUS, and that goes DOUBLE for when it's in a VM)

the pathetic nature of win-10-nics inefficient internals, and 8.x's slightly MORE inefficient internals, makes me wanna cry - but I'll laugh at it ANYWAY.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Perhaps ....

"They might not have been able to compete on free-as-in-beer but if they'd cut prices to be affordable they could have competed on quality."

What's Red Hat and Suse's model? they seem to be doing fine. SCO could have done *THAT*. Then they'd be on par with RH, Suse, and any other commercial Linux distro. RH even competes AGAINST ITSELF by offering Fedora for free. Yet, there they are, still in business.

I'm a Debian fan, myself. I think the package system is better than RPM but that's just me, and use both Ubu (semi-commercial) and Mint when the occasion requires it. But my main desktop is FreeBSD. Designing everything for "build from source" (even it if would take 4 days to re-build everything from source) makes it a DEVELOPER'S platform. And that just makes the point that it's individual CHOICE on the POSIX side, with lots of available "flavors" to suit your needs.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: I'd add

"In place upgrades are the La Brea tar pit for operating systems."

the beauty of Linux is that clean-installing the new, if you back things up properly, is a pretty easy thing to do, and you can keep all of your personal settings by tarballing /home and just re-installing the latest versions of whatever you had installed before.

been there, done that a few times. also works when cloning onto a new box.

yeah try doing THAT with all of the registry cruft. good luck, heh.

(for servers you can manually merge /etc and so on, but I'm referring to user workstation type installs)

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Re: The sad thing is that Windows 10 is great and adoption would have (snip too long)

"Windows 10 is much better than Windows 8 and 8.1, and is much faster than Windows 7 on multi-core machines."


"Ape" is demonstrably slower than 7, and Win-10-nic is barely "as fast" as 7 and slower for MANY things. And it's 2D FLUGLY. And it has adware+spyware. And it doesn't have a proper start menu (it has a 'start thing' instead). And all that "the METRO" cruft. yuchhh.

And the Microsoft Logon with it's anti-privacy EULA, which is practically ARM-TWISTED onto your desktop, is probably the WORST part. It's how they can track you EVERYWHERE.

but I think the 2D FLUGLY is the worst part. It's so distracting (in a bad way), it harms my productivity. Good 'feng shui' of the workplace *EXCLUDES* Win-10-nic.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Bet they assumed Windows Phone contributing a few hundred million

"Microsoft continued to putting out the same tired stuff that looked and acted like it was designed in 2001"

and _THEN_ they release Windows "Ape", and it looks like it was designed in 1985...


bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: The penguin struggles to reach 4% market share with a free product

"The penguin struggles to reach 4% market share with a free product."

because of very little *MARKETING* effort. Win-10-nic, on the other hand, is nothing BUT market-hype and "you must accept this upgrade" shoving it up our as...down our throats.

Imagine what it would BE like if some SERIOUS MARKETING were done with Linux, from computer makers PROMINENTLY advertising their Linux-equipped computers, to software makers GLADLY announcing their new LINUX version! (sorta like when they announced their WINDOWS version back in the early 90's). Yeah, THOSE were they days, right?

MARKETING is all Linux needs to win the desktop platform. It's already WAY better than Win-10-nic or "Ape". Maybe even better than 7...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Bet they assumed Windows Phone contributing a few hundred million

"The only thing that will let them EVER get to a billion devices is quitting selling Windows 7 and stopping updates for it in early 2020. Until that end date for Windows 7 forces enterprises to get serious about upgrading to Windows 10 in 2019, they won't reach a billion."

Shhhhhhhh... don't give them ANY ideas, K? someone with windows 10 might read it, and the spyware could tip off someone in the Halls of Redmond. I know they don't listen to GOOD ideas, but BAD ones seem to make it through... I once joked about "what's next, ads in the Start Menu?" on a Microsoft forum. Next thing you know... [sorry sorry sorry]

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