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Judges put FCC back in its box: No, you can't override state laws, not even for city broadband

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limited powers

seems that 'limited powers' to federal agencies might still be in place, regardless of recent attempts to 'federalize' everything via "executive orders". Yeah, that 'Constitution' thing limiting Federal power again. It's about time SOMEONE paid attention to that...

Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail

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"When you've seen a young overweight mum go out get a Mc dogshite meal for an already chubby two year old for the first meal of the day, I honestly felt like a slap was in order but she was a lot bigger than me."

natural selection is harsh. but in the long run, maybe we should just let nature take its course? And for this to work, you can't let the adult grossly-overweight person go on the public teet because "the fat" prevents getting a job...

and let the kids at school do their part, too. fatty-fatty-2-by-four etc. maybe it'll MOTIVATE healthier lifestyle. no, wait... it's not "politically correct"! [society re-enforcing bad behavior again by coddling instead of slapping]

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Re: Meat is saving animals

with the (obvious) exceptions of overfishing and possibly overhunting, I agree. In fact, the 'delta smelt' that's using up 30% of California's water supply (during an extended drought, forcing our '2nd time around' Demo-Rat governor to restrict citizens' water usage, while simultaneously DUMPING our state's limited water down the Sacramento river to 'save the fish') could become a non-issue if we came up with a good recipe, maybe canning them like sardines? A fish farm for 'delta smelt' would guarantee they never go away, ever.

/me would like fried condor and dodo burgers, next. And yeah, we'll never run out of cows, sheep, pigs, chickens etc. because they _TASTE_ _GOOD_.

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Re: Criminal offence to impose a diet lacking in essential elements ?

"But just be aware that quite a lot of people are fully aware how scientifically bankrupt the whole 'organic' food set up is."

especially in those cases where _HUMAN_ excrement had been used for fertilizer [yes, it's happened]. "organic" indeed.

I happen to like meat. if growth hormones cause *MY* muscles to enlarge, so much the better! besides, so many "food fallacies" have existed over the years. It *used* to be that MARGARINE was considered 'healthy' with all of those "poly-unsaturates". We *NOW* call them "trans-fats".

So *LEGISLATING* dietary choices doesn't sound so SMART now...

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"Therefore I'm hoping to see parents being banned from forcing..."

other things we should potentially ban parents from 'forcing' or aggressively teaching:

a) a belief in 'man made global warming'

b) voting 'Demo-Rat' (in the USA anyway) or 'socialist' in any form

c) being atheist

d) acting like reverse-racists (i.e. chip-on-shoulder minorities)

e) willingly accepting gummint handouts instead of teaching self-reliance

f) wearing islamic clothing

g) NOT defending yourself against bullies, aggressors, etc.

h) that guns are inherently evil

yes - what if the tables are turned, the 'rubber band is on the OTHER claw', etc. ???

probably best to 'mind our OWN business' instead, like someone else suggested.

[howler-monkey down-voting expected - fling poo while you're at it]

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you make too much common sense

"How about if people just got on with their own life and let other people get on with theirs"

you make too much common sense, and have the down-votes to prove it!

a *BIG* thumbs-up from ME

London's Met Police has missed the Windows XP escape deadline

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Re: Windows 8.1 is NOT an upgrade...

"Windows 7 only has 3.5 years of extended support left."

better 'go Linux' instead, then. it will save money, allow local companies to support regional police departments, and NOT send a bunch of money to Micro-shaft.

I'm sure cops are smart/savvy enough to switch over. The pain is limited by certain distros, like Mint with Cinnamon. And you probably won't need to buy 'all new hardware' either.

(more money left over to keep cops on the street catching bad guys)

Breaking 350 million: What's next for Windows 10?

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"Regular people are simply scared of an upgrade breaking something and having to learn new things. When they buy a new PC they will not have a choice."

you actually SAID that? what a LOW opinion of other humans you must have! We are NOT in an 'idiocracy', yet...

(careful, your arrogance and snobbery are showing)

Aside from the snooty-snob "we *FEEL* we know better than YOU" types at Micro-shaft MAKING! THE! OPERATING! SYSTEM! "that way", we also have SAME-MINDED SYCOPHANTIC FAN-BOIS parroting the SAME! KINDS! OF! ARROGANCE! about "regular people".

And _THAT_ is the point: Micro-shaft is NO longer "have it YOUR way" customer service oriented. They are "CONTROL THE MASSES" oriented. ONLY the *MOST* ARROGANT! of people would even *DARE* to *CONSIDER* doing this kind of thing, and "The Borg" Micro-shaft wants to ASSIMILATE YOU into doing EVERYTHING *THEIR* way so they can LOCK! YOU! IN! forever, and ADVERT! you, and SPY! ON! you, and MONETIZE! you in *EVERY* possible way.

I think 'regular people' are growing *VERY* tired of LOTS of things *KINDS* of things right now... and won't tolerate this much longer.

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"At some point H/W manufacturers may either move to Chromebooks or the like or get together to fund development of an alternative OS, maybe based on Linux, BSD or possibly ReactOS which they can control."

I've been hoping for this for YEARS, and netbooks had a shot at this [too bad they were way too tiny and underpowered to make any usability sense for most people]. The downside is that it would take a significant MARKETING EFFORT to put all of the necessary pieces together.

1. Improve user-perception of Linux so they know that it does everything their windows boxen do [basically going against Micro-shaft's FUD campaign over the last 15+ years]

2. Get major software vendors on-board to make Linux versions [or convince people to use the open source versions, like Libre Office vs Micro-shaft Office]

3. Eliminate any 'WinTax' effects and allow vendors to DISCOUNT Linux boxen accordingly, competing directly with Win-10-nic on new boxen, minus the OEM license cost. This may require politicians be confronted [with clue-bats?] to change anti-trust legislation and/or investigate Micro-shaft's 'WinTax' under anti-racketeering laws.

That would be a good start...

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Re: Windows 10 a hopeless muddle

"The acceptable amount of ads in an OS is ABSO-FUCKING-LUTLY none whatsoever."

not enough thumbs to give it an appropriate number of "thumbs up".

You, sir, are a steely-eyed computer guru, and 310% correct!

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Re: Fire Sale, Fire Sale?

"Will they be willing to forgive the WinTax with more exciting firesale prices?"

perhaps some anti-trust investigations need to look more carefully into that 'WinTax' thing...

or the OEMs can "eat the cost" of the WinTax and ship with Linux so they'll sell... who knows, I'm at least HOPING for some sense to be restored to the market!

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Re: Pacman & cancer

"I right clicked on them and selected unpin and they went and never came back."

wait until the next major update, after the hours' long download of gigabytes of cruft, the 'machine not available' stall in your othewise productive (limited by Win-10-nic's inherent anti-productivity features, of course) day, and the re-re-re-resetting of your (limited) customizations, on MICRO-SHAFT's SCHEDULE, not YOURS, so that it MAXIMIZES the effect of PUNISHING you for NOT choosing THEIR DEFAULTS, at a time and place of THEIR choosing.

That's Win-10-nic for you, no longer YOUR SERVANT, but YOUR MASTER. It's like a robot revolution! Except, of course, it's MICRO-SHAFT doing it, not the computer themselves...

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Re: Windows 10 did especially well

"the Japanese don't like the way Nine sounds cos it's similar to their word for torture or suffering."

9 = 'kyuu' - which can imply 'sudden' if I read the japanese/english dictionary correctly. I'm not an expert, but I know THAT much at least. (granted, the Japanese language has a LOT of homonyms in it, which is I think why they still use Kanji for writing, because it disambiguates things well).

Another rumor I heard is that '9' sounds like 'Nein' in German, which of course means "no". (ironically 'no' in japanese is 'iie' which sometimes sounds like "Ja" which means 'yes' in German).

The most likely skip of '9' is that '10' implies "completion" from a numerological standpoint, primarily because "count to 10" and we have '10 fingers' and other things LIKE that which are common to the human experience. So MS used the TAROT for their inspiration for "10" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

No, seriously, the Windows '9x explanation is PROBABLY the best one. To avoid confusion with past, SUCCESSFUL versions of Windows, of course, since Win-10-nic is a PURE ABORTION when it comes to everything in it.

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Re: What's next for Windows 10?

"Ironic then that MSFT ship AdBlock for Edge browser."

no, because their NEXT 'feature' would allow PAID FOR ADS (i.e. pay up or we don't let your ads get through) to slip past it... (yes, that DOES happen with OTHER ad blockers, doesn't it?)

So not "ironic" - more like sneaky, underhanded, ...

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is borking boxen everywhere

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Re: "Where every customer is a perpetual unpaid beta tester."

"Not every customer. I set group policy in Pro 10 to delay these updates by six months."

yeah, you USED to be able to do that, huh? Well, it's been "fixed" from what I've read.

When Micro-shaft LAID OFF all of their testing staff, they started relying on "insiders" to do their beta (read: alpha) testing. Now your average "insider" (who didn't unofficially *LEAVE* the program) is a fanboi sycophantic SUCK UP to anything Micro-shaft. So you can expect LOTS of ass-kissing approval of anything, and testing ONLY on the most limited range of computer hardware available (like Surface laptops and things that came WITH Windows 8.x or Win-10-nic pre-installed).

THAT would have been the "alpha" test.

THEN, it's released for Home (and now, Pro) users, and it becomes the new BETA test.

Oops, they did it again. They nuked your machine. etc. [sounds best of sung by Brittney, heh].

And _I_ thought that maybe the anniversary release was like "SP1", after which you MIGHT be able to assume some actual STABILITY. But then again, I remembered: Win-10-nic!

Stealthy malware infects digitally-signed files without altering hashes

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why am I _NOT_ surprised

Why am I _NOT_ surprised that a way of bypassing the alleged security of code signing' would eventually render it POINTLESS.

I don't have *ANY* love for "the tollbooth" involving 3rd party cert authorities, or (worse yet) the NEW requirement for ONLY MICROSOFT to sign a device driver for windows 10. It's just another tollbooth, after all, and just another way to *KILL* open source and limit what end-users can do with their own computers.

Well, looks like it was a complete waste of time, eh Microsoft? Or was your ORIGINAL motivation just another way of "protecting" DRM... which was another failure.

I guess we'll all just have to go back to NOT trusting binary executable downloads again, doing more frequent backups, and being VERY careful about clicking 'Yes' to the "Run Installer" prompt.

US Politicians tell DEF CON it'll take Congress ages to sort out how to regulate crypto

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Re: Doughnut Eaters

article said: "had to take into account the needs of law enforcement to track suspects and bring them to justice."

and you said:"Backdoors are a panacea for the lazy and incompetent."

EXACTLY! *REAL* police work does NOT need a "back door". You know, the "old fashioned" kind, like photos, surveilance in public areas, yotta yotta, plus "get a warrant" types of stuff.

If Con-Grab had EVER argued that they wanted SKELETON/MASTER KEYS for EVERY LOCK, so they *might* be able to collect locked up evidence on bad guys, they'd have been laughed *AND* voted out of office. Yet, in our modern 'generation of [p-word referring to CATS]' (as Mr. Eastwood might say), filled with clueless 4" content consumers that wouldn't understand the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption, this "back door" idea is either being brushed off as 'nothing', or is even DESIRED, with the mistaken concept that "it's for our own good" or something...

Consider the 'master key' problem with airline luggage - what was it called again? The master keys have been published for 3D printers, rendering the locks *WORTHLESS*. Same for crypto, if it ever gets a BACK DOOR. And *ONLY* the BAD GUYS will have REAL need of them.

besides, what's to stop BAD GUYS from using home-grown no-back-door encryption, when the rest of us HONEST people have been left with flawed "back door" encryption only? It's just SILLY to think law breakers will obey any encryption standard requirements.

Classic Shell hackers: We infected FossHub so ransomware couldn't (and yeah, also for fun)

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I hope they enjoy the Iron Bar Hotel

I hope they'll enjoy the Iron Bar Hotel, because the *kinds* of miscreants that do these things 'for fun' end up there, eventually. Usually it's after they've done something really stupid, maybe even a few years ago (such as using the same identifier as an old gamer ID or on a public forum), and the law enforcement investigations finally catch up (they don't give up, like a tortoise constantly trying to escape his enclosure) and suddenly, you're arrested, need an expensive attorney, and are facing 15-30 in a supermax due to your apparent danger to society... and are forced into a guilty plea in a plea bargain to avoid serious time (maybe get 1 or 2 years in a min security or something).

And last I heard, the Iron Bar Hotel has no proper intarweb or cell phone services.

[I see no favors being done, here]

California to put all your power-hungry PCs on a low carb(on) diet

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Re: Eh, well

with respect to cars... 'one model that's modded to make it legal to sell in Calfornia'

the only way Cali-fornicate-you can get away with that kind of thing is the LICENSING requirements. To license your car in Cali-fornicate-you, it has to pass "certain standards". However, you _COULD_ have a house in Nevada or Arizona, and license you cars THERE, and avoid all that nonsense. This is something the WEALTHY can do, naturally.

However, it is NOT the same with a computer. I don't need a "computer license" and if I did, I'd operate *WITHOUT* one (screw them). States can NOT block things being sold from a different state to a resident of Cali-fornicate-you, regardless of "things" crossing state lines or anything else, for that matter. The Federal Government is entirely in charge of interstate commerce, so there will NEVER be a state-line ban on such a thing. I mean, what are they going to do, put a CHECK POINT 10 miles in from Las Vegas, looking for COMPUTERS ???

So I should be able to mail order a computer (or the parts to build it) from ANY store in Nevada, Texas, Arizona, etc. or CHINA for that matter, and have it shipped directly to me, and Sacramento can pucker up and KISS MY POSTERIOR, thusly, and repeatedly.

And if I were wealthy enough, I could do an engine swap when it comes time to get my car smogged, and swap the high performance mega-engine back afterwards. But only the wealthy can do THAT.

It just proves how assinine all of this is, really. And I'm sure I didn't vote for ANY of those idiots proposing this 'green computing thing'. It's a fair bet they're all DEMO-RATS.

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Re: I'd look at banning...

"And as long as it's "only" CO2 a vehicle can spew tons of it"

it's nothing compared to the HOT AIR generated by politicians

(and anyway CO2 isn't a "pollutant" except to a lot of 'henny penny' 'chicken little' pseudo-scientists who *FEEL* instead of THINK, because CO2 precipitates into the ocean, and effervesces when the oceans get warmer, and is at chemical EQUILIBRIUM - warming CAUSES elevated CO2, NOT the other way around - and water has 100 times the effect on global temperatures [based on IR absorption spectrum, etc. and I ran the numbers myself, thank you] than does CO2 and I don't see anyone whining about THAT, seeing as our FLOODED planet has so much of it, but I digress...)


Anyway, it's nobody's business how big my engine in my car/truck is, as long as it isn't producing hydrocarbons, sulfides, and other gasses known to be poisonous or carcinogenic. And that's what the catalytic converters are for. FYI California air is VERY clean, nowadays. Unlike Beijing...

In any case, the entire BASIS of telling EVERYONE ELSE what kind of computer they can or cannot buy [while of course silently EXEMPTING themselves, for THEY are "the elite" and aren't subject to the same rules, right Mrs. Clinton?] is just, plain WRONG.

it is NOBODY'S BUSNIESS but MINE, and I *WILL* simply CIRCUMVENT any attempt to CONTROL ME. I'll 'part it together' via mail-order if I have to. Screw Cali-fornicate-you gummint and their stupid-rules. "They" can NOT govern against the will of the people, and they've already crossed that line too many times.

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Re: So, PCs sold IN Cali, eh?

I was considering Amazon, and just having the parts shipped from China...

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Re: Many coders live in California...

"So this may be a Very Good Thing."

ONLY a _CONTROL_ _FREAK_ that actually believes HE knows BETTER than anyone else how OTHERS should manage THEIR LIVES would consider this "a good thing".

and that's why it's being suggested, because of CONTROL FREAKS in gummint. THEY know *BEST* after all, because they're *SUCH* good people!

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we need an enema

we need an enema - starting with the corrupt halls of Sacramento.

Mozilla 404s '404 Not Found' pages: Firefox fills in blanks with archive.org copies

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better tha click-jacking the 'bad' URL

well, better to see an automatic archive redirect than a click-jacked advertisement page for web hosting...

and the 'right to be forgotten' cabal can take it up with the archive hosts

Classic Shell, Audacity downloads infected with retro MBR nuke nasty

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Black Helicopters

It's a CONSPIRACY, I tell ya!

"After I Installed the Windows 10 anniversary update I noticed it had uninstalled Classic Shell and had an even worse start menu as before,"

AAAaaand the FORCING YOU TO RE-INSTALL 'Classic Shell' naturally exposes you to this "new" version which results in PUNISHING YOU for NOT using Micro-shaft's *GLORIOUS* *MODERN* *INTERFACE* (with the built-in ADVERTISING).

So it's a CONSPIRACY from MICRO-SHAFT to *FORCE* you to *DO* *IT* *THEIR* *WAY* and *PREVENT* you from *BYPASSING* their *AD-CRAP* and *SPY-CRAP*!!! And they want to *KILL* the traditional 'start menu' interface that has worked for over 20 years! [and leverage it, and LOCK YOU IN, and CONTINUE to SUCK YOU DRY for every penny they can get]

(well it's a fun conspiracy theory, at any rate)

And wait until they do something REALLY heinous [as if it's possible to get worse], like re-sorting the start menu to put their "offerings" at the top, or (even worse than that) scroll them along with the 'all [cr]apps' list, so that only 2 or 3 items NOT being promoted by Micro-shaft will be in the list, at the bottom, below their 'preferential' list, forcing you to scroll-scroll-scroll to the 'W' to get 'windows cleanup' or whatever... [from now on my windows application start menu shortcut names start with the number '0', ha ha ha ha]

Microsoft adds new 'Enterprise Products' section to privacy policy

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Re: 'Among the interesting changes...'

"Am I (more) safe from Microsoft snooping"

not yet.


I think that might do it. (it's why they've embedded their spy-crap into the OS itself, and changed the EULAs to "make you agree" whether you knew it or not)

It's going to take "voting with our feet" to convince these clueless idiots of their WRONG. It's time for a REVOLUTION!

(not sure which graphic to use for this one)

US Air Force declares F-35 'combat-ready'

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Re: Perhaps

"The deterrent capability is that if launched against you it will probably hit the target, not with weapons but with F-35A itself, when the on-board systems fail."

back in the Vietnam war there was this radar system that this one guy I knew worked on. They liked it when he worked on the radar, because he'd tweek it so that it would last for an entire mission. The radar was built to fly, and as such, it was imperfect. It would drift out of spec during normal operation, lasting maybe an hour or so, and not long enough for the mission. So my friend would tweek it in such a way that it drifted from one end of the spec to the other because he understood the gear.

When I was in the Navy there was this OTHER piece of gear, an air compressor, that I hated operating because it was 'never in spec'. One day the supervisor watch suggested I do certain things during startup that weren't exactly in the procedure, because he was tired of FIXING the thing because it was "never in spec" (and ran too cold, improperly lubricated, etc.). So whenever I operated it, I used "his procedure" even though it wasn't really *THE* procedure. Result was it went into spec within a short time, and I adjusted the lubricator correctly so it had the right amount of oil, while it was operating. [hopefully the REST of the Navy adopted this idea, too]

And so I expect that when the techs and pilots start working together, we will see things "made to work anyway". Give it a year or two of normal operation, work out the bugs, etc.. Should be ok.

HPE CEO Meg Whitman endorses Hillary Clinton, dumps on Trump

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Whitman lost my respect

well, Meg Whitman lost my respect. OK I knew she was a 'RINO' and she lost HUGE against Jerry Brown (2nd time around Brown) for gov of Cali-fornicate-you [probably because she's a RINO], but she at least had SOME respect from me, until now.

But I think I know why she did it: CORPORATE WELFARE. Won't get any with Trump. WILL get PLENTY with Mrs. Clinton. So is it in HP's "best interest" she has done this? Or her own?

Limbaugh thinks she'll only strengthen support for Trump by doing this. I wouldn't be surprised.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: This design needs a dictator

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crowdsourced - by ARROGANT FANBOIS

The 'crowdsource' aspect of Win-10-nic was FIRST demonstrated during the insider program, where a LOT of us VERY vocal 'insiders' on the answers.microsoft forum, who wanted Windows 7.1, but got "Ape point Two" instead, FRANTICALLY tried to convince Micro-shaft that their direction was WAY wrong. THEN, Micro-shaft started BANNING the dissenting voices, and didn't even try to HIDE it.

The vocal fanbois would regularly BULLY the dissenting voices, requesting they be banned, backstabbing and ganging up on them and getting all-too-willing moderators to go along.

And the TRUTH was that Micro-shaft ITSELF was it's own BIGGEST FANBOI. And 'crowdsourcing' became a small percentage of users that were VOCAL, SYCOPHANTIC towards Micro-shaft, and RUDE to anyone to disagreed.

So the observation in the article, that a FEW users are "voting often", while MOST do not vote at all, is probably a LOT closer to reality than a lot of people might realize.

Windows 10: Happy with Anniversary Update?

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Re: Cortana loves you so much

install Cygwin, learn to use 'find' and 'grep'. solved?

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Use a firewall to block Cortana

"Use Spybot Anti-Beacon to disable the MS data slurping."

yet Linux (specific 'flavors' notwithstanding) does NOT require you to purchase 3rd party software or tweek your firewall in order to avoid being spied upon.

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Re: They can't win.

"They chose short-term money instead."

not entirely. They chose ".Not" instead, and tried to migrate everyone to using C-pound instead of C or C++. Even VB programmers have held out against ".Not". Not having taken over the world with THAT, they THEN went to silverlight, then WinRT, then Universal. Nobody is biting, now...

it wasn't short-term money at all. It was LEVERAGING THE PLATFORM FOR THE FUTURE that they were interested in, locking EVERYONE into "their solution", so they could do what they're doing NOW with Win-10-nic. Except we STILL have a choice, in the current environment.

"No sympathy" indeed.

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you forgot one...

"I love windows 10 because :"

11) That 2D FLUGLY look is SO much better than the "BULBOUS" 3D skeumorphic 'happy colors' 'takes more CPU cycles to draw it' look, in which my multi-core multi-ghz multi-gbyte mega-computer has to waste at least an extra nanosecond or two to draw those 3D skeumorphic versions of a button or window border in lieu of the glorious, flat, "modern", crayon-art Win-10-nic (aka Windows 1.01) version of things...

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Re: Don't care!

"newly converted Linux zealots " " So why are you here?"

human nature. 'share' with others what you like. try to convince others of what you've discovered. It's a strange form of 'political correctness' to try and silence open source advocates. Let people say what they want to, even if you do NOT agree. that would be true "free speech". [making counterpoints would ALSO be 'free speech']

I disagree with the general tone of the article. I think that Win-10-nic is nothing BUT fail on ALL levels, with the exception of the multiple desktop feature, the ONLY redeeming feature I could think of [and I really honestly gave it a try]. NOW it's getting WORSE, where fanbois of 10 _HAD_ been saying "you can turn it off" with respect to the ads and tracking. But we already KNOW from previous El Reg (and other) articles, that only Enterprise [for which you can't get just ONE license for YOU] or Educational [claim to be 'a school' maybe?] versions can shut off the more heinous "features" of Win-10-nic.

So why am _I_ here? Because I _WANT_ to be. Too bad.

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Re: Cant turn off Cortana without lose of search ? ? ?

"You trust Google more than MS? LOL again!"

NO, which is why I use 'duckduckgo' for searching, and run things like 'NoScript' in the browser for normal intarweb access.

Yes, there _ARE_ alternatives. This kind of advert+tracking nonsense is *NOT* inevitable, nor unescapable. And for those times when I have to use an unprotected browser (because of the massive 3rd-party-scripting dependencies - godaddy, that's YOU), I do so from a Linux VM, using iceweasel, pre-configured to wipe ALL history and ALL cached data after it closes (thus defeating the purpose of the tracking garbage).

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Re: You can put lipstick on a pig

"Having a nested directory structure that runs to over 256 characters is 'sensible'??"

more like 'flexible' - 256 character file path name limits are "so 90's". I think bash may have a 4k limit, though. But can't 21st century software be written INTELLIGENTLY ENOUGH to simply ALLOW FOR arbitrarily long path names?

(now, when Microsoft puts SPACES in standard file/directory names - forcing me to add QUOTE MARKS to paths on the command line... ew)

Windows 10 grabs 22 per cent desktop market share in a year

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hey I'm a "0.0015%"-er

FreeBSD gets 30k! I'm glad it's more than just a tiny blip on the radar.

Also STILL nearly twice as many XP+7 compared to 8+10, though win-10-nic managed to pass that mark in the last month. I have to wonder how long that will last...

Also, were these unique computers? Or just "total hits" ?

Encyclopedia Dramatica user hit with £10k damages after calling ex-councillor a 'paedo'

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Re: Just been on for a reconnoitre

"there's a lot of gifs and the contributers don't seem to like anything or anyone."

It's been like that forever, I think (though I think they were shut down a while back, then re-started 'under new management' ???). I went there once or twice (or maybe a few more times) for a laugh, but not for YEARS. I first heard of it when someone prominent on IRC said "hey I have an article about me on E.D." and it was both scathing and cruel.

So now someone does a libel lawsuit, no doubt some kind of judge's order to locate the various anonymized people, which gives legal searches and seizure the teeth they need, and makes a point to the 'anonymous' ranters on E.D.: You are NOT 'anonymous' any more.

And, I'd say that about sums it all up. I doubt the plaintiff will EVER get his judgement paid, and the people who did it may not even be within jurisdiction of the U.K.. They didn't bother showing up to the trial, and got a summary judgement against them. And now, if it's like it is in the USA, *all* of that is a matter of public record now, so anybody wanting the info could find out the REAL names of the defendants.

That may be 'enough retribution' in and of itself.

Windows 10 still free, even the Anniversary Update, if you're crass

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desktop OS's will be the minority by 2020 (?)

"desktop OS's will be the minority by 2020"

I disagree. More recent phone sales statistics tend to suggest that smartphones. like slabs, have had their "bubble". Also, you can't use sales statistics to judge the size of the user base for desktops and notebooks. Assuming you mean operating systems, and not devices, you'll ALWAYS have a need for something more powerful than a phone OS, and you'll need a desktop or notebook computer to run it on. Putting a phone OS (like Win-10-nic? "Ape"?) onto a desktop is just REDONKULOUS. And there's only "just so much" that you can do on a 4 inch screen... (and I don't see VR headsets becoming all that popular within 4 years to replace relatively large and easier-to-read laptop/notebook screens).

And, if you consider ACCESSIBILITY, old eyes can't see tiny screens very well...

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Re: Good OS

"I expect down votes, but I've yet to have a problem with it in my company."

no down vote from me. Only pity.

Don't worry, you'll have "that problem" soon enough. It begins with Pro being unable to avoid the ads now. You think Micro-shaft will stop THERE? You think they won't force-upgrade some new "feature" on you that REALLY causes you grief? Past behavior often predicts future performance, and so far Micro-shaft's past (and current) behavior supports MY predictions pretty well.

Back in the early 90's, Ernie Ball (makers of guitar strings and related stuff) suffered a rather nasty surprise audit and was fined $100k or so. The owner of the company said "@#$% Microsoft" and switched over to a Red Hat-based solution. Saved enough money in a year to PAY! THE! FINES!. After that, it was all SIGNIFICANT cost savings.

here's a link to the article

And, I bet it's even EASIER to UPgrade your company to Linux, now, than it was >10 years ago.

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Re: Twisting in the wind

"Let's not forget the forced advertising in the start menu."

or the 2D FLUGLY that is SO distracting it makes the OS "unusable" (and 'Ape' as well).

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Re: tell em a tree

"so t'all andicapped can now eggspect tailored ads for reading glasses, cataract operations and hearing aids?"

I'd much rather have the ability to configure things SUCH AS the window borders, making them thicker (and 3D looking) so I can see them and resize windows WITHOUT using the 'magnifier', or at LEAST pick colors that are "more readable" to *ME*... in the name of ACCESSIBILITY if nothing else.

And while we're at it, give me back the OTHER personalized 'appearance' settings. And a 3D skeumorphic appearance in general, because it makes the various components EASIER TO RECOGNIZE ON THE SCREEN (i.e. 'Accessibility). And no more nagware, adware, spyware, and pre-loaded CRAPware (it's distracting, and MAKES IT HARDER TO USE THE COMPUTER). And make ALL of the configuration stuff available through the CONTROL PANEL, and WITHOUT invoking the 'Settings' app(sic) to do it (you know, so I don't have to RE-LEARN to use my own computer after an "up"grade, for ACCESSIBILITY reasons). And how about an actual 'start menu' like 7 has... wait, am I now describing 7?

I guess I'll stick with 7, then.

Microsoft buries the bad Windows Phone news: Mobile sales collapse

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Re: Serves 'em right

It's actually the 'Extinguish' part of "Embrace, Extend Extinguish"

Dem-owned-crats: Now its congressional committee is hacked

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Re: Five minutes later

"So, Twitter is not the reason Don is pulling ahead of HRC in the polls?"

HRC - that would be "Her Royal Clinton-ness" ??

somehow I suspect a) policy, b) trustworthiness, c) likeability all play a part

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Re: misdirection

"So, with access to some of the best minds from wallstreet to Apple genius bar...haha... how can a smart organization get hack"

they went with their buddy Bill's solution: Windows server running Exchange, with Outlook mail clients. ok I'm guessing but I bet I guessed _RIGHT_ since THAT would be a 'worst case scenario' for any level of security.

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Re: "Cat's name is Родина, why you ask?"

"I read somewhere that Mrs. Clinton doesn't like cats."

is THAT why she barked like a dog?

Milk IN the teapot: Innovation or abomination?

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I use a Mr. Coffee, but no milk/cream

Whenever I brew tea, I use a Mr. Coffee, with 3 bags in a coffee filter [it holds the water longer], dripping through the bags. It works pretty well, though milk NEVER goes into the pot! Tea comes out STRONG. If I want cream (not milk), I add it to the cup. It helps prevent tongue-scalding that way.

(though I admit, it's slightly better, but more time-consuming, to pour hot water into a cup and dunk an individual bag for each cup - it also uses more bags that way)

My Microsoft Office 365 woes: Constant crashes, malware macros – and settings from Hell

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Re: What does putting my Windows installation in a VM do for me?

6) makes it much easier to do a "whole system" backup and restore of a VM by essentially cloning the virtual hard drive.

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alternate mail/calendar client

couldn't something like Thunderbird or Evolution do what you want? Thunderbird works very well for POP and IMAP, and I haven't seen anything in the calendar extension for Thunderbird that lacks usability. So maybe the thing you want is an even BIGGER/BETTER calendar extension for T-bird? There might be one available. It's worth checking into, I think.

I've been using Open/Libre office on non-windows systems for a long time. It does what I need, and seems to have BETTER compatibility for "that type of document", i.e. NOT being forced to "UP"grade just to read a particular document format. I had that happen with Office '95, so I bought '97, and ended up with (@#$*(&^(*@#$) CLIPPY on my desktop, when '95 worked perfectly well. Eventually, '97 stopped working properly with XP machines that had 1Gb or more of RAM, so I simply started using Open/Libre Office on Windows machines as well. I *NEVER* went back.

seems like "lack of a mail client" that you like is a nice OPPORTUNITY for the Mozilla project, or for T-bird addon makers. I'm sure that a 'pay for' add-on is WAY cheaper than your 365 subscription.

Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update tweaked to stop you disabling app promos

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Re: As M$ loves locked down versions:

"Turns out if you have VPN software installed the downgrade to Win 10 screws your wireless connection completely, even when you go back."

*violently shakes head*

WHAT? THE? **FEEL**???

This reminds me of that Sony CD ROM driver thing from a while back, where inserting an 'equipped' Sony music CD would "update" your computer's CD handler, without your knowledge or permission, often breaking the ability to listen to audio CDs (a lawsuit forced them to make removal tools available, as I recall, and the bad press hurt them significantly).

Now, certain nations are ALREADY making VPN illegal, so you cannot AVOID being snooped on. Is this just a way of FORCING THIS UPON THE WORLD ???

At this point, NOTHING of the sort would surprise me.

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