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Systemd adds filesystem mount tool

bombastic bob Silver badge

what do you mean 'dynamic hardware' ? Plugging USB stuff in?

on FBSD I can configure the system to take specific actions when a USB device of a particular type is plugged in. I think you can do the same on a basic Linux system as well, particularly one without systemd on it. I haven't looked at this capability in a while, though.

There's no advantage to running systemd. It's merely "this generation" doing things THEIR way, because it's THEIR TURN. It makes them *feel* important.

[this is also how we ended up with 3 phone OSs, written and force-fed onto customers' desktop computers, being recently excreted out of Redmond - this generation saying "it's OUR turn to do it OUR way now!"]

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Solving problems that do not exist anymore

"I love the BSDs but sadly for many it won't be a suitable replacement yet "

I've used FreeBSD for a long time. There are often "linuxy" things written into applications by people who believe that ALL open source operating systems are linux, and have things like systemd running (etc.). So the 'ports' maintainers have to write patches and workarounds for things to compensate. Dbus was one of those patched things, and has had issues with file mounting because of it. gnome wants to mount that file system because you plugged it in, dammit, regardless of what YOU want, and oh you configured it NOT to, so it's not on the desktop... yet you still have to use 'umount -f' to unmount because, DBus.

so yeah, linuxy things being assume/done in the design, ports maintainers have to patch it, does not always work perfectly afterwards.

and this goes back to adding a mount utiltiy to systemd...

WHAT is going to happen on SYSTEMS THAT DO NOT USE SYSTEMD??? Are the desktop people just going to ASSUME that systemd is tehre, and invoke it's version of the mount utility on your behalf?

I hope not.

(smiling daemon logo 'cause I'm on FreeBSD at the moment)

bombastic bob Silver badge

it's already bad enough with dbus...

it's already bad enough with dbus, trying to auto-mount things when I don't want it to, or causing me to have to use "umount -f" because it partially locks something somewhere internally without telling me about it...

Making systemd have even WORSE behavior, trying to automount things you don't EVER want mounted, like an SD card you're about to do a "dd if=image.img of=/dev/sdcard" or similar to, is JUST another thing that would get in the way and potentially cause system cluster-blank screwups down the road...

and I don't care WHAT file system was on that SD card 10 seconds ago... and the LAST thing I want is some "smart" systemd doohickey AUTO-MOUNTING it, or [worse] FORCING ME TO USE THEIR UTILITY TO UN-AUTO-MOUNT before I can do what I *REALLY* want...

[and if I had to *KILL* an 'fsck' process on that drive, because systemd "FELT" it needed it, when I wanted to _OVERWRITE_ _THE_ _FILE_ _SYSTEM_ I think I'd throw the CPU box through a window and scream until my ears bled)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: re: 1970 thinking.

"The fact that you think computers can do more than one thing at a time, rather than spend a tiny amount of time doing one thing then swtiching to another one, shows a staggering lack of understanding."

er, you forgot about 'multi-core' dude. Sorry, but I mostly agree with your rant against the "1970 thinking" statement, except that one little detail...

so my quad core CPU can do 4 things at once [and when I write a multi-threaded algorithm, it really does!]. But yeah time-slice thread scheduling on a single core DOES give "the illusion" of doing multiple things at once, while really doing 'what you said'.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"1970 thinking." (by an anon, naturally)

I was 10 years old in 1970. I learned programming on punch cards and these pencil mark 'mark sense' cards that used the same hollerith code. I don't know exactly what you're implying by all of that "1970 thinking" comment, but whenever I hear "remain stuck in the past" I think of an arrogant millenial calling us "gramps" or "old fart" and assuming we're stone-age neanderthals for recognizing 'what works' vs 'new, shiny'.

Show some RESPECT, you young whipper-snapper! And read Arthur C. Clarke's "Superiority".

"Do one thing and do it well". It's an excellent philosophy when it comes to making small utilities that have many many uses. Like a knife. Not a "super-doohickey-2D-flugly-GUI-the-metro" knife, but a general purpose 'works for many things' knife, which can often be repurposed in ways its inventor never DREAMED of, because "do one thing and do it well".

Your wget is broken and should DIE, dev tells Microsoft

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Nothing new

"People still used FTP?"

well windows didn't have an ssh implementation for using scp until very recently. And I have to wonder whether or not any of the "standard ssh features" are BROKE-DICK in the *new* PowerSmell

except, of course, cygwin. scp works fine there. so does rsync. yeah.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update completely borks USB webcams. Yay.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: The beginning of the end

(regarding micro-shaft office)

"I hate that &^%#$ ribbon (and it appears I'm not the only one)."

it's the most hated feature, I'd venture to guess. And in addition, I *hate* 2D flugly and hamburger menus, 2 more "new, shiny" things that have attempted to dominate our desktops. Yucchhhhh!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Windows 10 Titanic Edition

"All it needs is a catchy soundtrack."

'Those endearing young charms'

piano or xylophone, doesn't matter.


bombastic bob Silver badge

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

no, but I put it in the microwave on 'high' for 15 minutes.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: The beginning of the end

"We are watching the beginning of the end of Microsoft."


bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Linux? Meh.

"Where the FreeBSD icon when you need it?"

would THIS one suffice? (posting from FreeBSD)

(but I like Linux too!)

Password strength meters promote piss-poor paswords

bombastic bob Silver badge

"Work insists on a change every two months."

a really good password can be kept for DECADES, so long as it's hard to guess and easy to remember. Changing it more often than your socks can only create confusion and resentment and HORRIBLY insecure passwords like "passwordAugust"

"solutions" that hyperfocus on pathetically insignificant details just irritate me, like the people who think them up AND the people who insist on implementing them. They probably 'feel' everything instead of 'think', too. How predictable, yeah.

bombastic bob Silver badge

correct horse battery staple

perhaps the obvious isn't good enough.

back in the day, CompuServe generated a password for you, consisting of two unrelated words and something from the 'shift number' row on your keyboard. Same basic idea.

besides, abc123-fart would be just fine. It doesn't take much to destroy a dictionary attack. they're not that sophisticated. most of them are probably done by non-native English speakers or script kiddies anyway...

(but don't use 'fart' as it's probably going to go into a dictionary now)

so go ahead and use your easily remembered password, then add something else that's unrelated with a shift-number figure in between.

Windows Phone dives into irrelevant-like-BlackBerry territory

bombastic bob Silver badge
Black Helicopters

Re: Not surprized at all

I've only got a cheap "dumb" Nokia that has whatever non-smart OS came with it. it's a PHONE. works for me.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: A war with China will put an end to these bourgeois concerns!

"The female presidential candidate will put some starch into your collars, peons!"

Yes, after Micro-shaft donates a bozillian dollars to the 'Clinstone Foundation' she'll be compelled to make sure that gummint contracts for "Micro-shaft Phone" devices be universally made throughout the entire federal system, by MANDATE of course, as a political payback for the corrupt contributions to her "foundation"... thus saving Micro-shaft's bacon.

Predictable, yeah. Let's not feed "that pig" (well, either ONE for that matter).

GO TRUMP! (/me ducks)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Microsoft

"What's wrong with the UI from the 90s? "

EXACTLY! These "new, shiny" addicts need to take a look at more important things FIRST, like whether they're more productive or not as a result of the "new, shiny", or whether "new, shiny" is actually CUMBERSOME and BUTT-UGLY, but they're telling the rest of us we're stone-age neanderthals for liking "the old way".

If I'm going to have to change, it will be to something running Mate or Cinnamon. Or Android. Or iOS. etc.

Microsoft’s Continuum: Game changer or novelty?

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Cunning Stunts

"Android will soon be able to do what Continuum promises."

and 'stunningly' so. I look forward to an Android desktop, so long as it lets me use my favorite desktop manager (like Mate or Cinnamon) with a 3D skeuomorphic theme.

of course, Android DOES look a bit more skeuomorphic than does Win-10-nic, even on a phone. They weren't compelled to change everyone to flatso 2D FLUGLY.

bombastic bob Silver badge

You can ONLY run [CR]APPS?

Well, if the ONLY thing you can run are [CR]APPS, then it's DOOMED to FAIL.

I mean, WHO actually _WANTS_ a "the METRO" style [CR]APP to do anything 'full-size screen' on anyway? Oh, maybe you'll just play ad-ridden Micro-shaft games... in which case it's "ok" ?

and full-screen STINKS ON ICE. 'nuff said I think. It's a part of what was wrong with "Ape point 0h". At least in "Ape point 1ne" you could run [CR]apps in a window like on Win-10-nic. now broken with 'Continuuuuum'

Microsoft has open-sourced PowerShell for Linux, Macs. Repeat, Microsoft has open-sourced PowerShell

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Why?

"Being able to take a script I already use on a Windows box and use it on a Linux box will save time."

you've heard of cygwin, right? now you can write everything 'bash style' and run it on windows as well as Linux.

you're welcome.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Have you used Powershell?

"How many of the Bash people who are on here bashing Powershell have actually used it?"

I tried it once or twice under windows, and like the Eldritch Abomination that is ".Not", it's hellspawn 'powershell' is the hideous nightmare from the bowels of hell that it's portrayed to be by us "bashers".

When I decided to learn Linux and BSD, I had to start over with the shell. In the case of BSD, there are actually TWO shell syntaxes that are slightly different (csh vs sh/bash). I find that once I dove in, it was relatively easy to pick up and very very logical, and it helped me to learn Perl.

Powershell, on the other hand, is _SO_ tied into the ".Not" thing that I couldn't stomach it for more than a few minutes. It was like: no. no. NO. NO! NO NO NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! I was like Saavedro in that pathetic 'No' scene towards the end of Myst: Exile.

".Not" was the cancer that really killed windows. It increased the slowness, tried to turn senior developers (used to WinAPI, MFC) into JUNIOR developers (by changing the game and all of the rules into bass-ackwards "object-oriented" nonsense that's really BLOATED and INEFFICIENT collection-based sewage). No thanks. re-learning "that" simply because it's *new* is not acceptable. On the other hand, learning bash after using CMD and command.com was kinda interesting.

FYI - I'd written a command line shell for Windows 3.x back in the day, extending the DOS commands and allowing you to run windows applications either synchronously OR asynchronously, with some rather nice extensions. There was also a REXX for windows, which my shell played nice with (by request, actually, I made those modifications). But of course Win '9x made it all MOOT with CMD playing nicer with windows applications and the 'start' command (not the same as the start button). But if I'd had cygwin back then, I would have used THAT instead.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"I quite like it. I find it's use of words makes it more easily readable. "

like... COBOL!!!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Might be better to...

or cygwin, which does a much better job of it.

bombastic bob Silver badge
Thumb Down

Re: More embracing from MS...

"The Embrace - Extend - Extinguish litany is becoming a lame pavlovian response from MS haters who have become so reactive by now..."

when the blind lead the blind, both go over a cliff, or so I've heard...

In this case, it's the "extend" portion of 'embrace, extend, extinguish' (like I mentioned above already). We know what their plans are, and if they CAN, they'll insert ALL of the worst things in Win-10-nic into Linux as well, so nobody will be able to go anywhere ELSE except a Micro-shaft controlled spyware-ridden and adware-ridden environment, in which THEY get "a piece of the action".

Again, I predict a WHOLESALE REJECTION of this powershell on anything but micro-shaft operating systems, MOSTLY because of ".Not" and all of the implications that go with it (and future embedded adware/spyware/tracking).

"do one thing, and do it well" indeed. That, 'powershell' is _NOT_ .

(a shell should be glue for the many 'do one thing' utilities, NOT a monolithic over-controlling piece of bloatware that tries to DO IT ALL, and does so POORLY)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Why is ssh built in?

"Any built in version will either be behind the times"

using v1 protocol and 64-bit keys/hashes no doubt. "Easier to TRACK you with, my dear..."

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: "On Linux we’re just another shell"

"you need both powershell and systemd to convert linux into windows."

one way to resist (if you're running systemd now):

sudo systemctl enable multi-user.target --force

sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target

(ignore the warnings and messages)

after that, you'll boot into console mode and need to *gasp* type 'startx' to get the GUI.

you're welcome.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: They're taking over Linux!

It's the 'Extend' portion of 'Embrace, Extend, *EXTINGUISH*'

I predict WHOLESALE REJECTION of this nonsense, mostly because it's ".Not" under the hood. because if ".Not" is adopted as part of Linux, guess what's next? That's right, the same kind of ADWARE, SPYWARE, and TRACKING you get with Win-10-nic.

queue borg-speak "We will add your distnictiveness to our own. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile"

Microsoft promises free terrible coffee every month you use Edge

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Wrong data

"Edge is at over 5% (combined all versions), not at 3.91%"

yeah being off by ~25% on a pathetically small market penetration was SO wrong, it deserves the deepest of apologies, and/or being whipped with a Cat5-o-nine-tails or caned with a cluebat...

So it's doing better than C-pound on the TIOBE index, then?

/me made a cat5-0-nine-tails once, with some old cat5 that would never be used. you basically use 5 cables, folding them in half, and the 10th strand wraps around the bent end using a 'noose knot', forming a nice handle in the process...

Microsoft to overhaul Windows 10 UI – with a 3D Holographic Shell

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Think of all the possibilities...

"Ads all over your room or office. All that extra space, think about what advertisers can do with that! They even know where you are looking."

Like - "The Www.yzzerdd"


bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: A better idea ...

"would be for them to develop a real holographic display that does not require you to wear any special equipment."

I saw a video demo of such a display a few years ago, from Japan. Apparently it's possible to use lasers to heat little dots of light in midair (even in COLOR!). I think the video showed frame rates up to 15fps, but said something like "higher rates were possible"

Downside: it consumes a LOT of electrical power. Maybe that's what that "by 2050" thing was about a week or so ago...

solution: build more power plants, get bigger air conditioners. all that 'warmist' garbage is just anti-progress anti-capitalist nonsense anyway.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Yet more training

"it might be a great UI but it's still Win10 under the hood. If it becomes reality, you'll get it via some massive "update" that you didn't ask for and won't be able to stop."

And a demand for $29.95/month to "continue the service". once the EULA changes for the latest "free/mandatory upgrade".

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: 3D UI yes... useless crap VR headsets NO! JUST NO !

(with respect to "Ape" and Win-10-nic and the touchy-screen interface)

"encouraged everyone to migrate"

read: "Pounded it into our posteriors with a large mallet"

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: They have to be joking

(from the article)

"you can manipulate the 3D desktop using a Wii-like remote control, basically pointing at dialog boxes and icons hovering in the air and clicking on them rather than moving a mouse pointer on a 2D screen."

then Sebastian A said:

"So they're saying "We'll do the hard part, designing a horrible UI, now some manufacturer just needs to do the easy part, creating cost-effective transparent monitors."

(and I added)

Well, you STILL need to be able to type schtuff in. I won't be able to write code or enter data with a Wii-mote. Micro-Shaft blew it with the "Ape" tile-screen and the Win-10-nic "Start Thing", and the entire "the METRO" "your PC is now a phone" paradigm.

Now it looks like they want to do something _WORSE_.

Well, maybe we can get a 'droid application going before Micro-shaft ever releases this chimera-monster into the market, and then everyone on their 'droid phones will (effectively) have virtual holographic keyboards hovering in mid-air like Washuu or the people doing the 'Zion Control' thing in the 2nd Matrix movie...

of course you need an inexpensive headset to make this all work, preferably one with an interface that isn't limited by someone's stupid "low energy" greeny bias [like BTLE, which is notoriously SLOW as HELL] nor CONSTANT interference from everyone ELSE around you, meaning it'll need a wired-up interface, USB 3.0 or ?

Maybe Apple will do it for iOS first?

LinkedIn sues 100 information scrapers after technical safeguard fail

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Thank God..

"I keep but the barest amount of data on LinkedIn.."

don't forget to clear your browser history before logging in, and after you leave (especially cookies). A few years ago they started doing the "tracking thing" like Face-barph and Tw[*]tter. So if I need to log in there for some reason, I have a "special browser" that clears ALL history and cookies on exit, every time. Open it up, go to LinkedIn, do 'whatever', close the browser. *ZAP* and no tracking.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"but not to Canadian Viagra sellers and spammers from Vietnam who allegedly will do anything for you."

Nor any potential 'investors' from Nigeria or South Africa

Some Windows 10 Anniversary Update: SSD freeze

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Where are all the MS apologists?

"simply aren't as inclined to defend Windows 10 because it has alienated us for one reason or another"

that was me, essentially, before ".Not". When Micro-shaft's Developer's Conferences became 'all about ".Not"' I no longer participated. I thought their direction was _WRONG_ back THEN, and it's just changed names and appearance in Windows "Ape" and Win-10-nic [still the same old ".Not" initiative principles, only worse].

Then I discovered OS/X was based on a version of UNIX (Mach) and I decided that there were now 3 operating systems worth knowing anything about (this was in 2002 or 2003): Windows, UNIX/Linux, and [at that time] PalmOS.

Now, PalmOS is essentially gone now, but there are STILL 3 OSs worth knowing anything about: UNIX/Linux/Android, Windows, and iOS, in THAT order of importance. And, last I checked, iOS and Win-10-nic were TIED in overall popularity on stat counter...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Huh,

"C:/ProgramData gets full of crap so yes you should unhide it and look inside at regular intervals."

at least it's THERE and not in "C:\Program Files" with the damned white-space in the middle of the directory name... [SQL Server "light" installs its DATA files in the 'Program Files' tree, which is like some kind of file hierarchy violation, grossly violated in fact]

Micro-shaft should seriously do a 'man hier' on a Linux distro and get a freaking CLUE, and THEN stop trying to keep end-users from doing what they want. Fat chance, yeah.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Why doesn't Win10 support multiple drives better

"trying to use Windows as an OS designed in the '60s won't work, believe me. Just like trying to use Linux as if it was Windows."

here we go again with the FUD. If you knew what you were talking about, you wouldn't make claims like this. yeah you are implying that UNIX-like operating systems were "designed in the 60's". So was the Saturn V by the way, and nobody's sent people to the moon since the last Apollo moon shot, so maybe the 60's designs were pretty GOOD, ya know?

It's ALSO like claiming that the Intel x86 and amd64 architectures were "designed in the 60's" because they bear some resemblance to the architecture of the IBM 360... (which, by the way, was an awesome machine in its day).

And I use FreeBSD and Linux for nearly everything. So I don't need Windows until I have some specific "written for windows" software that I need to run. Or if I need to do windows software development, which is happening LESS and LESS these days...

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Leaving Microsoft

"LibreOffice 5 covers most user bases today and is cetainly as good as the iOS, Android mobile versions of MSOffice, given both MS mobile versions lack the 'full fat' MSOffice features of VBA."

VBA is _HIGHLY_ overrated. It's also a huge security problem. Python and/or Perl would be better. not sure if Libre/Open office has a Python or Perl interface available though. (do they?)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Leaving Microsoft

the choir says "amen" and thanks for the sermon.

Microsoft’s stealth scripting engine arrives on Android

bombastic bob Silver badge

complete with 'flatso' 2D FLUGLY

it comes complete with the same 'flatso' 2D FLUGLY you see in the "Start Thing" in Win-10-nic. That oversized 'tw[*]tter' icon is a fine example. Whenever I see it I wanna cringe...

US extradition of Silk Road suspect OK'd by Irish judge

bombastic bob Silver badge

"The US is a barbaric nation who should be told to take a hike, regardless of the crime"

I think the USA would extradite people to UK if asked...

bombastic bob Silver badge

"Yes the US justice system is not perfect by any means and has made errors, at least in the US if you can prove your innocence you'll walk free."

not entirely, 'guilt' must be proven, and innocence is presumed. All of the burden is on the prosecution.

That being said, our jails are rather full at the moment... [so they must be pretty good at it]

But yeah, those "oh my heart bleeds for you" kinds of excuses like Ass-burgers and depression are rarely accepted these days, even by the most left-leaning liberal judges [of which there are many]. I find it laughable that the attorney even TRIED that.

Lets see... 'Ass burgers' - that's when you don't give a flying FEEL about others' emotions, because you're a REAL MAN and not some flaky feely wimp... and its definition as a 'disorder' or 'condition' is just part of the "WIMP-IFICATION and DUMB-IFICATION of society" process like AD[H]D and other 'genius' diseases. yeah, let's call SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE 'disordered' so we don't FEEL bad about ourselves NOT being successful! (and use it as an excuse for 'whatever crime' and/or jurisdictional extradition)

Adblock Plus blocks Facebook block of Adblock Plus block of Facebook block of Adblock Plus block of Facebook ads

bombastic bob Silver badge
Big Brother

Re: Ad free day

"I run uBlock Origin and Noscript."

apparently your whitelist is too leniant (farce-bitch still works). All I ever see is a re-direct page with a blocked script icon, if I get sent to an FB page by 'whatever'. which is fine. I don't want their persistent cookies nor 3rd party embedded ad scripts on other web sites [including that damnable 'F' icon image] feeding my browsing info back to "mother Zucker"

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: I'm grabbing some popcorn

"Was that an advert?"

Cue the intermission riff, or maybe dancing cups singing "Let's all go to the lobby..."

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: I find the best way to avoid adverts on Farcebook...

"And what if the only point of contact you have with someone important (like a member of your family) is through Farcebook because they don't have e-mail or a reliable telephone?"

if your family member has no e-mail, sign him up for gmail maybe? you need intarwebs for faceb[itch|ook] and so ANYTHING would work.

Business users force Microsoft to back off Windows 10 PC kill plan

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Microsoft start listening to people outside your bubble

"convention for some reason keeps everyone using Microsoft."

it's probably LEGACY more than anything else, and a general LACK of interest by software vendors to start making Linux versions. Example, if QuickBooks had a Linux version, businesses would be more likely to use Linux instead of a Win-10-nic box, especially when "everything else" runs fine on Linux and they don't have to get Office 365 subscription etc. (or deal with Win-10-nic).

Once again, one of my favorite analyses of what happens when a business DUMPS Microsoft, and goes with a Linux solution (from the mid-noughties):


(Ernie Ball saved about $80k in the first year, nearly paying for the ~$100k "fine" from the aggressive surprise software audit)

bombastic bob Silver badge


"and then rolling out their standard Win7 image onto said systems."

as long as the 'downUPgrade to 7' option remains...

but if this article is ANY indication, someone at M-shaft saw the writing on the wall.

Linux malware? That'll never happen. Ok, just this once then

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: How is this a Linux issue?

it's on a Linux system... I guess ANY malware running on a Linux system, being so rare, is "newsworthy" simply because of the "Look I found one!" factor

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: the system packages for most distros are totally open by default.

"t's the reason why some distros are so keen on using sudo rather than encouraging a root login"

a fair compromise, if the 'sudoer' user's password isn't super-short/easily-guessed

And disallowing ALL root logins for sshd (or any OTHER remote access) should be THE DEFAULT, but isn't always. [it's easy, just one line in sshd_config]

Bungling Microsoft singlehandedly proves that golden backdoor keys are a terrible idea

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Explain this to me...

"What is this, if not bold blatant barefaced double standards?"

let's see if Micro-shaft or any of its top execs and/or board members are prominent donors for the Demo-Rat party and/or the Clintstone Foundation... Right Julian? heh heh heh

Seriously, though, it's what happens when consumers aren't paying enough attention. UEFI was a bad idea to begin with. Those of us who understand REAL security know that things like this CAN be bypassed. There's NO way to 'lock it down' enough and prevent it from being bypassed. Unless there's a hardware jumper that prevents flashing the NVRAM, and a BIOS setting that prevents writing the boot sector(s) on the hard drive, you can't stop it. Even THEN, it's not 100% effective to have "those things" either.

Perhaps keeping things simple, making backups easy, and having a bootable CD/DVD image for recovery is the smarter choice... [but don't expect Micro-shaft to do THAT, because it doesn't 'pwn' your machine enough]

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