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Norks' parade rocket fails to fly, again

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"Any suggestions for the programming language(s) they use?"

probably C-pound with '.Not' on a pirated copy of Win-10-nic

EU bureaucrats claim credit for making 'illegal online hate speech' even more illegal

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Big Brother

Re: The problem....

I'm offended by Facebook's very existence. Will they shut themselves down?

Compatibility before purity: Microsoft tweaks .NET Core again

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and the size of its system libraries will increase

title = quote from the article.

YES. That is the nature of Microsoft's bloatware known as ".Not" (aka '.Net').

It's why I avoided doing anything with 'mono' whenever possible, back in the day when it was relevant. But in one case I was 'ordered' to do so by my boss at the time, who was a total C-pound and '.Net' fan, and wrote a C-pound GUI application to be used on Linux to test the system we were working on (yeah, it 'worked'). He also like Windows Vista over XP. And most of us were Linux+embedded people, doing kernel drivers. [he also thought that putting a linux VM on a Windows server box to run 'case sensitive' source control was a BETTER idea than dedicating a Linux machine for that same purpose]

Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform? It's an uphill battle, warns key partner

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Re: Maybe Microsoft will do the right thing eventually

"And decouple UWP from the store."

I doubt THAT would help. The UWP concept, "dumbing things down for the lowest common denominator" so that your crippled application runs on ANYTHING, just plain stinks. NOBODY wants a DUMBED DOWN application. PERCEPTION is EVERYTHING.

When "Ape" (windows 8) released, those 'Ape' machines COLLECTED DUST when you could buy an equivalent 7 machine instead. That's because it was PERCEIVED to be *WORSE* . But Microsoft didn't learn from their past mistakes. They "sent more trains" to the TRAIN WRECK. Now they've got Win-10-nic as their "solution". HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

UWP - *THAT* will fix it. Riiight. I code for Win32 on windows systems. I don't need that crappy ".Not" monolithic dead-man on the back of my applications, I static link all libraries (including runtime), for reliability among every OTHER reason [don't need some 3rd party CRapplication breaking mine, since I'll be the one getting the midnight phone call to fix it], and just about everything ELSE Microsoft has been getting developers to buy into, then switching gears (again) and abandoning, I've just looked at and said "what, the, @#$%???".

If you look on TIOBE, Java [a very cross-platform language] seems to be leading the pack. In 2nd place, C. If you combine C and C++, it's roughly equal to Java. then at 5 or 6% is "C-pound", with ".Net" garbage at ~10% total. That means 90% of development is _NOT_ ".Net". If _THAT_ is the case, why is Microsoft so big on their "new, shiny" UWP?? I'd say it's *THE* *STORE*.

So no de-coupling them at any time in the future.

Microsoft wants to fling money at startups. Don't all rush at once

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I'd get them to invest in MY company, but...

I'd get them to invest in MY company, but... the kinds of things I work on wouldn't be in their _perceived_ best interest. And I'd hate to have the ones pulling the purse strings directing me to do things WRONG. Having the $ would be nice, especially NOW. I could probably use it to turn things profitable for them in the long haul, while paying my rent and having some left over to buy things.

But having them breathe down my neck and do what THEY perceive as "the future" ('play' to get paid in other words) would just get in the way. Past Performance Predicting Piss Poor Products in their case. *sigh*.

$10bn Oracle v Google copyright jury verdict: Google wins, Java APIs in Android are Fair Use

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Re: The saga goes on

"And the case has been extensive and the verdict unanimous, highly unlikely that the appeals will be successful."

In a SANE world, this is true. HOWEVER, never underestimate the ability of activist judges (appointed by activist members of gummint, no doubt) to TWIST the laws to their own agenda, and side favorably with someone that NEVER! DESERVES! THE! RULING! for whatever sick, twisted, and demented justification they rectally extrapolate. It's even happened in the U.S. Supreme Court, within the last few years, allowing "certain legislation" to move forward, even when it's *BLATANTLY* unconstitutional (and bad for the country).

Yes, I'm very cynical about our legal system, when it comes to TORT law. It needs an *ENEMA*.

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Re: Is it actually over now?

"But is it actually 100% over now? Because this was supposed to be over YEARS ago."

Of course not! The LYERS (aka lawyers) need to MAKE MORE MONEY!

So this will go on for years and years and years and EVENTUALLY hit the U.S. Supreme Court, hopefully (by then) to be filled with a few extra Scalia types and not "the other type".

Copyrights were never intended to STOP ENGINEERING WORK from happening (particularly without compensating the inventor for using his ideas). That's what patents were for, and their time limit is much shorter for a reason. Copyrights were intended for ART and LITERATURE and DOCUMENTS and things of THAT nature. Their application to software is INTERESTING for a number of reasons, but a COPYRIGHT is not a PATENT.

Keep that "original intent" in mind, and it's a foregone conclusion that this will all hold up. HOWEVER, if you start getting into feelings and fear tactics, and re-interpreting law "for the times", then _ANYTHING_ can happen and it's a huge open forum for the LYERS to increase their income and power.

In any case, this is FAR from over.

The Windows Phone story: From hope to dusty abandonware

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Re: "Universal" anything is always a disaster...

"But people keep chasing the holy grail..."

will they get arrested for being 'too silly' at the end?

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Windows user “experience” on both PC and mobile has become awful.

(a quote from the article in the topic line)

THIS is _ABSOLUTELY_ the case! Win-10-nic is the DIRECT result of trying to make a silk purse out of the sow's ear (as pointed out in the article) that resulted from Sinofsky's "abortion" known as the Windows 8 'tile' look. Microsoft (for some reason) went in with BOTH FEET on that, and it's stunk ever since.

Nevermind that W7 was successful... "no we have to do something *NEW*". And they're busy forcing us to "UP"grade AWAY from 'successful' to CRAP, because that way they can continue to sell us CRAP in the future: we'll be accustomed to it.

(I think their reasons for jumping in like that were based on lip-licking prospects of puffing up the patent portfolio, and litigating any competition out of existence, but that's just a theory. In any case, THAT failed and we will NEVER know unless it's part of a bankruptcy)


because... there's NO reason to continue forward in that direction, with the obvious cliff looming ahead. But I bet they'll do it ANYWAY.

US nuke arsenal runs on 1970s IBM 'puter waving 8-inch floppies

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TIme to emulate old hardware on RPi with simh

well, an emulation package for all that old hardware already exists, capable of running on an RPi last I checked, as long as we can get some disk images.

Then, migrate the disk images to some USB 'ramstick' drives, program the RPi to boot up into a console that looks like the old system, make some custom boards to emulate any specialty hardware, put USB hubs and plug in anything else you might want, and VOILA!

well, not instantaneous, but pretty good nonetheless, and a LOT cheaper to maintain.

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Re: Programming skills .NE. programming languages

"It's not that difficult to learn a new programming language. Even easier to learn an old one."

unless your only exposure to coding is C-pound, ".Not", and maybe Node.js, in which case REAL coding will probably confuse you.

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Re: Some Department of Commerce weather alert systems use Fortran

in the 90's I worked in an IT department maintaining a FORTRAN-based database system (ASK/MANMAN and related) that was the company's database on an HP minicomputer. This was actually a very popular product at the time. It also ran on VAX. Not sure if it's still around, but it wouldn't surprise me as it worked pretty well for large corporations and timeshare minicomputer systems.

it's amazing what you can do with a common block and an EQUIVALENCE statement

Hillary Clinton broke law with private email server – top US govt watchdog

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Re: Rules are for little people

the arrogance of power is made evident, once again.

I guess that contribution from tin-horn dictators to the Clinton Foundation will be drying up soon. Time for Mrs. Clinton to get a REAL job [even if it's the laundry in the prison facility].

Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'

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don't run windows update until august 1

I'll just make sure KB3035583 is NOT installed on any windows 7 computer (or development VM), put windows update into "completely manual" mode, and NOT! RUN! UPDATE! until after August 1.

If that means NOT surfing the web from that particular windows computer or VM, so be it. Besides, I do my web surfing from Linux and FreeBSD, and practice "safe surfing", disabling flash, running noscript, etc.. And I *NEVER* go online using a login with 'admin' privileges. EVAR.

So thanks, Microsoft, for making windows update *UNUSABLE* for the next couple of months or so, and I hope you *KEEP* *YOUR* *PROMISE* to *NOT* "upgrade" (read: screw up) any of my computers after August 1.

Don't forget, the Windows 7 EULA *NEVER* gave Microsoft permission to FORCE! UPGRADES! (or updates for that matter).

Pepper robot acts like real teenager, gets job at Pizza Hut

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Re: Is anyone else thinking "Get on the cart, toadies" ?

"you are going to need systems that can read peoples feelings and respond to them."

why bother, when average humans aren't very likely to give a crap and respond accordingly.

"You want it... WHEN?" "Have it YOUR way?" "I'll get to you as soon as I'm not busy."

yeah, never seen THAT happen...

[Us Americans are probably as good at queuing as our British counterparts, with the obligatory 'Hitchhiker' reference of course, and know well the frustration of the average un-caring teller]

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Re: Dentist near my office has one

you know, dentists often treat people who have swollen faces, numbness from the painkiller you were just injected with, or the inability to move part of your face because of "why you are at the dentist".

I wonder how the robot reads 'facial expressions' when YOUR! FACE! DOES! NOT! WORK! PROPERLY!!! That and still drooling and droopy-faced because of the new filling...

Microsoft bans common passwords that appear in breach lists

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Re: @codysydney: Because, Dear Commentard.

this guy over 50 uses 'keepass' to try to manage the password chaos... then I only have to really remember ONE password (what the hell was it, anyway...)

(it wasn't the one in that XKCD comic, either)

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the movies give us the answer

doesn't anyone remember the movie 'Hackers'? You know, the most common passwords:

love, sex, money, secret, and of course, god.

just ban those and we're fine.

and, of course, this:


Republicans threaten to derail internet transition

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past performance predicting potential problems

"If Marco Rubio is asking for a delay until this latest set of reforms can be seen to be working, he's not acting irrationally, he's simply noting history."

a well written conclusion.

It seems that ICANN is one of MANY "non-profits" being used for 'other than honorable' purposes someplace beneath the surface. Mrs. Clinton's foundation is another great example. Take money from those who are NOT working in the best interest of the world, or the American people for that matter, and don't say it's to influence you, but pay out mega-salaries to yourself and your relatives and your friends out of that non-profit's "budget", like there's no tomorrow or end to the incoming cash.

THAT, and engage in POLITICAL MANEUVERINGS (like paid lobbyists) as was pointed out in the article.

I'm guessing that a LOT of people *SMELL* the corruption. I do. it's a reason to pull back the reigns and have another look.

Letting go of IANA at some point in the future is a GOOD idea. Handing it over to a potentially corrupted ICANN (remember, they're in California) without sufficient legal protection for THE PEOPLE, would be a HUGE mistake. We might just find that China gets way too many IPv4 address blocks re-assigned, for example, leaving ISPs to use NAT and making IPv4 blocks *UNAFFORDABLE*. And *NOT* widely adopting IPv6 beforehand!

You wanted innovation? We gave you Clippy the Paperclip in your IM client

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The Silicon Valley world view

"The second problem is that it shows the limitations of the Silicon Valley world view."

There's more truth in that one line than is apparent from reading it, even reading it multiple times.

where do I begin? the pervasive politics? 'too much money' without the discipline MOST people have in accumulating wealth? A 'bubble' of like-minded immature inexperienced elitists who 'feel' that they know better than the rest of us do on what's "best for us" ? And they busily 'sycophant' one another into believing their own B.S. (it's sorta like that in Redmond, too).

At some point, like the 'dot bomb' bubble from a decade-and-a-half ago, this house of cards MUST collapse under its own weight. Even the 'unicorns' must go.

LinkedIn plays down '117 million users' breach data sale

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I always want salt on my hash

"prior to the breach, passwords were hashed but not salted."

sprinkling some salt on my hash now.

I normally dislike social media, but admit to having a linkedin profile. got the warnings from linkedin, the first one being an e-mail from 2AM, and the 2nd when I attempted to log in [I logged in specifically to reset my password, convenient].

So yeah, they wanted me to reset my password, and so did I.

Funny, when I logged in yesterday, I couldn't find the "change password" command and got caught up in updating my profile (and forgot to do it). This morning I remember "I didn't change the password". Well, they 'helped' and made it easy. Looks like 'I forgot my password' is the fastest way to get there.

Maybe THAT is the problem - make it easier to ACTUALLY! CHANGE! THE! PASSWORD!!!

The PC is dead. Gartner wishes you luck, vendors

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Re: The PC...

"The PC's demise is greatly exaggerated."


As you pointed out, SALES are dead. well, not ENTIRELY dead. Just dropping and low.


a) user perception of "better". Win-10-nic and "Ape" don't 'look better' or 'perform better' than existing (say windows 7) machines. Moore's law isn't making them 'faster enough' than 'what you already own'.

b) the 4-inchers [aka 'phone zombies'] who do ALL of their computing on a 4-inch phone screen, do faceb**ch, tw*tter, and texting [the new 'messenger'] MOST of the time. They buy new 'toys' to do this with, and they're nearly always a 4-inch 'phone factor'.

- which leads to -

c) SALES are currently driven by the 4-inchers. This drives CLUELESS MARKET-DROIDS into "feeling" that "the PC is dead". which is WRONG.


give people a reason to WANT to get a new PC/laptop to replace the old one!

[as of now, "Ape" and Win-10-nic are DIS-incentives to get something new]

/me points out: sales figures are more like a derivative, not an integral, and nobody is tracking "the depletion rate" of existing machines, now are they? So it's an incomplete picture at best.

Microsoft shifts Windows 7 and 8.1 fixes to 'rollup' bundles

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Will the rollup silently include KB3035583 and (unwanted) telemetry?

Has Micro-shaft discovered JUST HOW MANY OF US are NOT getting any updates (or deliberately NOT installing a certain handful of updates) because of their AGGRESSIVE GWX marketing tactics? And, the alleged SPYWARE being added to 7 and 8.x via Windows Update?

Not to mention the more RECENT discovery, having GWX 'up'grades to Win-10-nic AUTOMATICALLY SCHEDULED FOR US.

I take it that this will be THEIR way of STOPPING us from picking and choosing which updates we DO install.

Thanks, Micro-shaft. We really _NEEDED_ that...

Microsoft .NET Core update asks developers: How you doin'?

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Re: Cross platform

"But like you say, lots of ill feeling in some parts of the Linux world."


I don't like '.Not's bass-ackwards way of doing things, being inefficient among other stuff. CAIRO, OpenGL, and other standard graphics libraries have been around for quite a while in the open source world, to abstract graphics from the display surface or OS. But they're not "Microsoft's Creation". Same with whatever ELSE ".Not" might do 'for you'. Poorly.

The _ONLY_ reason '.Not Core' would exist is for Microsoft to "leverage" every non-Windows operating system too, like the way they build TELEMETRY into it and require "opt out" to get rid of it. "Their fingers in EVERYTHING" in other words.

A few years ago a single 'Mono' "app" [tomboy] was added to the default Gnome 2 install. HOWLS ensued. *NOBODY* WANTED to haul in the 'mono'-lithic pile of CRAP that was needed to support THAT! ONE! APPLICATION! [one I don't even use]. It was subsequently REMOVED and eventually replaced with something that did NOT have a "mono" dependency.

I doubt ".Not Core" will be any BETTER than mono. More ginormous monolithic inefficient libraries, I'm sure.

I'll stick with gtk, qt, or native X11 coding thanks, or use something like wxWidgets which can be adapted from an MFC C++ application with some effort. [gtk and Qt and wxWidgets are _ALREADY_ cross-platform, too!]

The Windows 10 future: Imagine a boot stamping on an upgrade treadmill forever

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Re: Dependency Hell

there's an easy fix to that: a) static link [don't rely on already-installed non-updated shared libs], and b) install dependencies yourself, with name changes as needed.

Example, if you need ffmpeg with your appLICATION, include ffmpeg source as part of the distro (for GPL compliance), and ship it with a re-named binary built from that source (or installed into a particular location), all nicely STATIC LINKED to avoid ANY dependency issues with shared libs / DLLs.

With the exception of certain shared MICRO-SHAFT libraries, this is practical and generally does not increase the memory footprint by much. It's what *I* do. POSIX included.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"the slow decline of Windows and PCs into irrelevance"

you're wrong about that. you can't look at NEW computer sales to measure what people are actually using, particularly for business, which is still using windows and desktop/notebook computers.

Although I'd like to see them use LINUX or BSD desktop/notebook computers...

"Savvy users will make all their business apps have web frontends"

Why, so they can look like "Universal" windows CRapps? Puh-lease...

Better off using Py-gtk or Qt than web-based front-ends. Or wxWidgets [which you can translate an MFC appLICATION into with reasonable effort, as long as it's not relying on ".Not"].

Then your GUI applications will run on Winders, Linux, Mac, maybe even Open Solaris. Whatever platform you want, pretty much.

That'd kill the MICROSOFT OS NEAR-MONOPOLY really fast, wouldn't it?

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Re: "Makes Windows 10 seem like an infection. Quite apt"

"Got a pop-up yesterday telling me when my Windows 10 upgrade was scheduled. Microsoft need to be hit with the world's biggest anti-trust suit."

I'm waiting for a 'The Register' article on this. Saw one on Tom's Hardware, e-mailed URL to Reg staff yesterday...


El Reg, this one's pretty heinous. As bad as the malware-looking "upgrade now" or "upgrade later"

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Re: So...

"Or are you just going to sit on the same version of Linux forever?"

I typically don't upgrade my BSD machines [other than patches] to bleeding edge. Why bother if it's working? patch the infrequent vulnerabilities. no need for 'bleeding edge' if what you have already works. It's why I'm sticking with Windows 7 for my windows boxen.

As for Linux, I typically stick with one version of THAT as well. It's more stable, particularly for software development. If I upgraded a particular ubuntu build machine (a virtualbox VM) that has patched compilers [patched by me] for a particular CPU, I'd have to re-do the patches. better to leave it 'as-is', because it's *STABLE*. So what if it's 3 years old.

'Bleeding edge' is *OVER*-*RATED*

Flash zero day phished phoolish Microsoft Office users

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Re: If I had a genie...

I've heard that in the publishing world, Adobe products are some of the best. What they should NOT have done is Flash, Shockwave, etc. [the biggest security craters on the intarwebs]. Those things are probably costing the company more than they were ever worth, especially reputation-wise.

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Re: Tempting to say : 'Good'

"Or the fact you can still embed shit shit in an Office document?"

could be worse, a mail reader could OPEN THOSE AUTOMATICALLY in order to "preview" the attachment. You know. like 'Virus Outbreak' aka 'Microsoft Outlook'.

And the article suggesting that Win-10-nic is any kind of "mitigation" for this is laughable.

"Oooh look a really funny thing, it's in a '.doc' file attached to this e-mail, I need to open the document to view it, I have Office and it can open those"

The fork? Node.js: Code showdown re-opens Open Source wounds

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Re: Without open source there would be no leftpad

"...and then what would we do?"

learn how to code without some 3rd party library?

Seriously, maybe it should wake people up to the *evils* of things *like* 300kb java libraries. Do we REALLY need THIS on EVERY web site? It's worse than an irritation. It's a PLAGUE, or a CANCER. 'Teh Intarwebs' needs an enema.

/me points out (again) I hand-code my html and use '<table>' to format it really nice. Why can't others do this? 1/10 the size, or even smaller, faster loads, faster renders, yotta yotta...

(fortunately, MOST open source is far less trivial, and far more useful, than 'leftpad')

Americans cutting back on online activity over security and privacy fears

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credit vs debit card

Related to this is how the American banking laws protect credit cards BETTER than debit cards.

As it turns out, if you use a CREDIT card to pay for something online (from an American bank), you can reverse that charge pretty much 'for no reason' within ~30 days of getting your statement, and the money won't go to the vendor [or scammer]. As I understand it, the USA is the only country that does this. And, for this reason, I do *NOT* use debit cards for online purchases. That way if I'm ripped off I can reverse the charge. Also card holders are only responsible for $50 on scams.

but it's a LOT harder to get your money back for debit cards, or from a fraudulent e-check, or any kind of direct access to your bank account. not sure what happens in those cases.

I got new debit cards right away after both the Target and Home Depot breaches. The bank gladly handed them out when I went there in person to get them re-issued, barely any waiting, like they were waiting for me.

Kill Flash now? Chrome may be about to do just that

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Re: Off-topic (almost)

"If you have to unblock Javascript just to view the page content, then they're doing it wrong."


A couple of years ago, things worked fine if you used noscript and 'gnash' (it's a POSIX thing) rather than Adobe's plugin. Gnash being open source was LESS likely to do evil things, and it had the extra interesting capability of doing automatic stream captures to a directory of your choice. Unfortunately gnash is behind the latest moving target on FLASH specs, and didn't work last time I tried it.

So now I happily disable all flash plugins, on everything, period (even gnash). And I use 'noscript'. It's like "safe surfing". It's amazing how many viruses and hijacks will NOT happen if you block javascript and flash. [and I have others do the same, and it works, even on a Vista system]

And blocking HTML5 content by default, particularly ads - that is *EXACTLY* what *I* want to do! More people should do the same. If *EVERYBODY* does this, then it would force ad servers to use static content again. And, NO SCRIPTING.

/me pointing out that you can make a nice, readable web page by using '<table>' to size columns. I like making the content 85% of the screen width so it's easier on the eyes. no need for script. drop-down menus are overrated.

Criminals exploit zero day Flash vulnerability

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Re: Sure it can

there _WAS_ gnash, that used to "sort of" work, but doesn't seem to be keeping up with the moving target aka "standards". So after disabling flash entirely, I don't miss it at all.

Google asks Unicode to look over 13 new emoji showing professional women

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Unicode has gone far too beyond what was necessary.

"Unicode has gone far too beyond what was necessary."

I suppose we could just include UNICODE alphabets for all of the Tolkein languages, and Star Trek languages (Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan), and any OTHER sci-fi fictional language for that matter.

No, wait...


(an attempt WAS made...)

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Why "Music = rock" only?

"Agreed. Let's have emoji for musicians playing musical saw, theremin, glass harmonica and spoons."

don't forget washboard. we can use 'Bender' the robot in that one.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Prejudice

"Your post shows shameful lack of appreciation for the strands of diversity in the community we represent."

hook, line, *AND* sinker!

You did not get the humor nor satire, did you?

Personally, I am *SO* *SICK* *AND* *TIRED* of all of the political-correctness "diversity" nonsense. Why can't we just recognize people as 'human' and NOT make race/sex/appearance/behavior/whatever a criteria for ANYTHING? Are all too many of us as immature as a 4 year old, needing a doll that "looks like me" or something? Or in this case, an emoji. Cue 'rainbow brigade' emoji list ad infinitum. I wonder what the 'gay' one will look like...

But the final conclusion of the original poster was the correct one: let's just abandon the use of emojis, period.

"Your last point completely disregards the feelings of those people"

Not surprising. 'Feel', the new 'F' word as far as I'm concerned. Everybody has them, they're a poor basis for decision making, too many people *feel* instead of *think*, and maybe that's how we got here...

thanks for playing, though.

(or was the smiley at the end an indication of satire?)

Windows 10 build 14342: No more friendly Wi-Fi sharing

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Re: symlink support for Linux subsystem

"Also, annoyingly, the arguments to MKLINK are swapped relative to 'ln -s'. Never miss up a chance to be incompatible with other systems, I guess."

There's the RIGHT way, the WRONG way, the MILITARY way, and the MICROSOFT way.

[guess which way THEY chose?]

what I would like to see is a hard-link to a file that does what you see in POSIX systems; that is, it increases the reference count on the physical storage for the file, allowing you to refer to it from anyplace on that volume, and it appears as if it IS "the file" from any of them, but deleting any of those references doesn't delete the actual file until the actual file has no more references.

So Microsoft's 'junctions' really are like symbolic links, and NOT like hard links at all. When you do a 'dir' listing they show up as 'junction', etc. etc. (though I don't recall if a file alias shows up differently or not). And don't even get me started on attributes like 'hidden' and the security things associated with them... *shudder*.

bombastic bob Silver badge

have they fixed the 2D FLUGLY? probably not...

So, have they fixed the 2D FLUGLY (flat/ugly)? probably not...

and I doubt they fixed the adware/spyware or the preponderance of "the Store". Or that 'start thing' (ok I can run classic shell, so it's on ME for that one).

Until Micro-shaft can address THESE! MAJOR! PROBLEMS! I'm not touching Win-10-nic for anything OTHER than verifying that the appLICATIONS that I write are COMPATIBLE with it.

they need a serious CLUE-By-FOUR applied to something...

GitHub pricing change

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it's still pretty cheap

So, it's still a pretty cheap cloud-based solution for private projects where multiple developers [particularly remote developers] can collaborate. I've been doing a lot of contract work where the repositories are on (private) github repositories, and I've created a few public ones for my own stuff. It's not perfect, has it's flaws and irritations, but works well enough.

What I didn't see in the article is whether or not these prices are higher or lower than before. Or is that "forthcoming" ?

Blocking ads? Smaller digital publishers are smacked the hardest

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Re: Their loss someone else's gain

"Advertising is such an all round shitty thing I am surprised it isn't more regulated for the good of everyone."

I disagree. advertising is GOOD for many reasons. It's just that we should be able to choose whether or not to view it. And, like FAX spamming, and TEXT spamming (and to some extent, e-mail spamming if you consider paid bandwidth), when it costs the RECIPIENT to view advertising, various gummint agencies should either regulate it heavily, or make bandwidth-heavy methods illegal 'for the good of everyone'.

That being said, advertising can be GOOD. You can advertise your skills to get hired, or hiring managers can advertise an available job, and maybe a simple sign on a store is a form of 'advertising' too (I'm looking for a place to buy drain cleaner - hey, there's a hardware store!). It's been around since capitalism came into existence. And I don't want to replace capitalism, because the "something else" would be a WHOLE! LOT! WORSE!!!

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: "Incentivized" - yech!

"What pushed me to ad blocking was the fact that I can get the computational clap from reputable sites"

that sort of thing has made a few headlines recently (on 'The Register' specifically).

this is why AD BLOCKING (and script blocking, and flash blocking) is part of what I like to call "safe surfing". Think of the ad/script/flash blocker as a CONDOM on your web browser. They shouldn't blame us for using the "net condom" because the alternative is NO web surfing, or risk getting the 'computational clap' as you so eloquently put it.

bombastic bob Silver badge

"I still think network level ad blocking is a terrible idea though, and I'm still kind of expecting some legal or regulatory move to put the kibosh on the whole idea."

ACK, since it 'breaks the internet' and violates any concept of 'net neutrality'.

a simple client-based program or web browser plugin is a better idea. phone providers could even pre-install them. MITM-based filtering works for corporate firewalls, but doing that for wide release again "breaks the internet". It's a pandora's box we don't need opened.

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Saving bandwidth

ACK on the 'saving bandwidth' part. If ad-makers would STOP IT with the scripting and the 'flashing' and soon to come, HTML5 video, I doubt people would block them [they'd simply ignore them like I have come to do by habit].

On a related note, the article states:

"The research reckoned that smaller publishers are most at risk from the rapid adoption of ad-blocking software as they often solely rely on revenues from advertising to continue operating."

This may be true, but I doubt anybody cares. I think "better advertising revenue model" is due. They need to find out what ads people will NOT block, and then do those. I can think of ways to put ads on the page that would NOT be blocked. It's called an 'ad banner'. No scripting, no CDNs, a simple graphic with a link. It works. It won't be blocked. It won't be noticed by "the bots" because it will appear to be CONTENT. you could even put a small ad banner in the middle of article text, and as long as there's no obvious scripting and iframes and all that, it will look JUST like content to the bots.

And I doubt anyone would complain, especially if the graphics' file sizes are small. It would be like an ad 'in the middle of' a newspaper article, right below the "continued on page A5" or whatever. People see that ad. It works. And content makers can take a lesson from the hundreds of years of newspaper publishing on THAT one.

Russia poised to unleash 'Son of Satan' ICBM

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: So ...

I think you and I posted that at about the same time (which is why I missed it when I added my previous comment)

"great minds" and all that

bombastic bob Silver badge

Pootie misses the cold war

Looks like Pootie simply misses the cold war. He "felt" more powerful back then. This new missile is his 'compensation' for... well... heh heh heh.

Microsoft bods tell El Reg: We've re-pivoted open-source .NET Core

bombastic bob Silver badge

Lipstick on a boar

well, ".Not core" is lipstick on a boar as far as I'm concerned.

a photo of their project manager wearing a T shirt with a FLUGLY 2D 'modern' windows logo didn't help. ew.

If they wanted to put a 'face' on the open sourceness, they should've just hired the guy that invented the thing....no, wait...

".Not" is bass-ackwards, and pretends to be 'object oriented' at the expense of resources and performance. You do NOT need to get multi-verse, universe, galaxy, solar system, planet, continent, yotta yotta, atom... just to get 'atom'. It's REDONKULOUSNESS at its best, and no WONDER Windows performance took a dive beginning with Server 2003 [where the UI became VERY "dot Notty" compared to Server 2k and XP].

Windows developers are better coding for the Win32 API (on windows 7, where ~2/3 of windows computer users still are), at least until Microsoft actively tries to stop us.

Can ad biz’s LEAN avert ADPOCALYPSE?

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Dear Advertisers, the solution is simple.

even a simple static graphic would be ok with me, NOT in my face, NOT moving, NOT consuming excess bandwidth, NOT tracking my web browsing, and NOT scripted. 'Banners'. they're fine, too. like a newspaper, as you pointed out. They've been in the newspapers for hundreds of years, right? Only recently, when it's possible to have them grab your nose and TWEEK it a few times, did they become heinous.

and 'targeted' advertising, let's say on "El Reg", would consist of "what people who read The Register might be interested in buying". THAT kind of 'targeting' is OK with me. Like a newspaper or magazine.

Gobble away! Charter-Time Warner Cable merger OK'd by FCC

bombastic bob Silver badge

I have been putting off business cable with TWC because of this

I have been putting getting a 'business cable' connection with TWC because of this. Business expense of having a fixed IP DSL with lousy bandwidth is bad enough. monthly price more than doubles to get significantly better bandwidth with cable. I wouldn't doubt that business connections via the cable (which may be the only real option I have) are in ANY way covered by any FCC requirements prior to a merger. I can only imagine that the kinds of "boiler room support in India" I've gotten from the DSL company would be ANY BETTER after a TWC/Charter merger. And so I've tolerated the lousy DSL with a fixed IP address for way longer than I should have.

I guess some more 'wait and see' is in order. A typical TWC biz cable connection would cost around $150/month for 3Mbit up/down and a fixed IP address (or about $110 for 1.5mbit up/down). I'm sure it can only get WORSE, not better, after the merger.

FCC urged to pause its fight against America's $20bn cable-box rip-off

bombastic bob Silver badge

Re: Good. Now we know their names.

"Let's brand "Corporate Shill" on their foreheads so they can't hide that fact"

how about a mandatory mailing of all of their major contributors? One page-full would do [all that stuff is public record]. alternatively, a web page.

tracking all of the non-profit [shell?] corporations (527, 501(c)(4,6)) that have surfaced because of 'campaign finance reform' (quoted cynically) might be a bit trickier... [how many lead to 'George Soros' for example, like 'MoveOn.org']

perhaps an alternative would be a mandatory RIBBON BAR worn on the chest, similar to ribbons and medals for military. Each one indicates a major contributor. then whenever a ConGrab-man stands up to speak, you'll see it all on whatever cable network is televising. Heh, yeah, cable network televising Con-Grab. back to THAT again.

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