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Cut-price laptops coming forth

Jocke Segerlund

Scam signs

* This company has a product that will revolutionize the market and are actually claiming to have a laptop that is cheaper than OLPC? They even claim to make money on the business.

* The businesses that are supposed to handle shipping to consumers as well as service were not aware of Medison until a few days ago.

* On their web they claim that VAT and shipping is not included in the price, but in forums the frontman is claiming the opposite.

* All 6 companies under the Medison-name that has been registered in sweden since 1996 has gone bankrupt, but on the site they claim 11 successful years.

* On the site they claim to have factories in Bazil and later on they deny it.

* They have sold this laptop since march in sweden, for a price of 450$ and all who claims to have placed orders are still waiting for delivery.

* When they released info about their fantastic prize they had a lot of banners from partners on their site, banners that has been pulled by companies who say that they have nothing to do with Medison.

* Their Terms of Use & Privacy is a rip from Apple

* Founder has no income, no capial and no real estate

* Why advertize Windows Live Messenger on a site for a laptop that only ships with Linux?

* Why launch this during the time in Sweden where all is more or less closed due to vacation and almost nothing can be verified?

* Howcome a smalltime swede claims to be able to make this venture possible and even financially viable when Asus cannot?

* All this adds up to very good reason to be careful

Sadly Swedish mainstream media has reported that this is viable and many unsuspecting Mr & Mrs Swede is placing orders. Forums all over are claiming this is a scam and media refuses to change their view on this, thus luring more and more to give this scammers money.



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