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Crowdfunded lawyer suing Uber told he can't swerve taxi app giant's £1m legal bill


Re: Who is ultimately responsible for collecting/paying the VAT

I don't think an out-of-court settlement would do anything here. He (clearly) doesn't care about his £1, he wants to make Uber pay VAT.

Linus Torvalds pulls pin, tosses in grenade: x86 won, forget about Arm in server CPUs, says Linux kernel supremo


I did the same and for us the bugs lay 80% in the higher layer and 20% in the lower ones at all layers. 80% in the Java code, 20% below that. Of those, 80% in the JVM, 20% below that. Of those, 80% in the OS, 20% in the architecture.

Well Holby damned! We've caught a virus: Brit medical soap operas team up for 'cyber' episode


It's all over when the researcher finds the kill switch

Google: All your leaked passwords are belong to us – here's a Chrome extension to find them


Re: Which password manager to plump for?

Chrome. Trivial to use. Just have to trust Google a little.

Mobile network Three UK's customer details exposed in homepage blunder


Re: Testing?

You can't be blamed for not testing when it's been put live accidentally. I also doubt it's CI/CD because pipelines don't click the wrong button and end up with a test version live.

Facebook cuts off independent political ad reviewers, claims security concerns


Re: How is this done ?

Security. The web browser has to be able to stop a rogue script clicking on a "new window" link, but allow the user for example. Once you've done that then there's a way for the website to determine if a click was by a user or not. I'm not saying that's how it's done, but there's no point in hiding the source of a click if there is a way to find it out.

Whats(goes)App must come down... World in shock as Zuck decides to intertwine Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp


Re: Telegram

WhatsApp's encryption is message level, not just transport level. Read the whitepaper on how it works. I'm not saying they perform zero analytics in the app but I do believe that individual messages are not readable by Facebook or anyone else. The current benefit for Facebook is the immense value of knowing who communicates with who and how frequently.

xHamster reports spike in UK users getting their five-knuckle shuffle on before pr0n age checks


Re: Great Britain encapsulates itself not only against the EU, but also against 90% of Internet cont


IBM insists it's not deliberately axing older staff. Internal secret docs state otherwise...


Re: So Ginni should watch out.

Wasn't Langley Senior VP or above?

Oh my chord! Sennheiser hits bum note with major HTTPS certificate cock-up


Re: @AC

Was the code written in C#?

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: If you can stomach the nagware and price, it may be Droid of the Year


Re: It may be a £899 phone

Downvoted, I'm sure many people would pay more than £2.99 not to use that UI

DBA drifts into legend after inventive server convo leaves colleagues fearing for their lives


Clearly not a Windows user.

Mourning Apple's war against sockets? The 2018 Mac mini should be your first port of call


Re: 2GB?

I think this was fixed by the time I looked, I was more confused the the OR. Do you want RAM or storage?

UK data watchdog fines Facebook 17 minutes of net profit for Cambridge Analytica brouhaha


They use the device ID don't they? It probably tells them more in the app than the browser would give away. I don't understand the surprise here. I also don't understand the problem - targeted adverts are just part of life on the free-to-use web, what's the issue?

Xiaomi waggles Mi MIX 3, the first smartphone packing 10GB RAM



But do they sell an umbrella under the Mi umbrella brand?

SQLite creator crucified after code of conduct warns devs to love God, and not kill, commit adultery, steal, curse...


Re: I have a code of conduct

I can't tell if that code of conduct is intentionally humourous or accidentally. It's such a common mantra now that I'm going to guess the latter.

The secret history of Apple's Stacks


Re: Workspaces

Unless I've missed something, they're utterly different.


Re: "Renewed"????

I'm going to assume your description of patents refers to American patents. Other countries do better.

Convenient switch hides an inconvenient truth


Re: Heaters are the bane of our lives

I think it was the cleaner in our office who broke almost literally every unused socket by plugging in the vacuum cleaner.


Re: stairs and hallways lights...

Yes, but when you fall off the chair with the bulb in one hand and the other hand in your pocket, you have no way to catch yourself.

On the third day of Windows Microsoft gave to me: A file-munching run of DELTREE


Yes, but have you seen the prices Amazon charge for retrieving from Glacier. Presumably I can just forward the invoice to Micro$oft

Day two – and Windows 10 October 2018 Update trips over Intel audio


Re: Edge? Snorting?

It might have been Kool-aid.


Re: rushed

Ah, Bob, I've not seen your capital letters for a while. Have you been away or have I been reading different articles?

Groupon to pay IBM $57m after getting money off e-commerce patent settlement


What are the patents?

Does anyone know what patents are involved with this? Do smaller shops need to start talking to IBM?

Cookie clutter: Chrome saves Google cookies from cookie jar purges


How is this even a story

Button that tells you what it does, does what it says it will. Shocker.

It deletes all your cookies and the logs you back in like it promises too, how is this a problem? Surely anyone who cares is not logged in to a Google account anyway?

Contractors slam UK taxman's 'aggressive' IR35 tax reforms


Re: The people behind HMRC squeezing contractors...

That's not a self-inflicted wound. Having an arbitrary difference in taxation for those who can work out the paperwork to be paid via a company would be a wound to a fair economy.


Re: It's time...

I don't disagree with your opinion on the direction of the country as a whole but cutting down on unusual tax situations is absolutely reasonable. If you're an employee then use PAYE - contractors that are really employees are so common.

You're alone in a room with the Windows 10 out-of-the-box apps. What do you do?


Re: Not turn them in to apps.

Notepad++ takes too long to start. Notepad is fast, really fast. I always replace notepad with notepad2 because it is also fast but handles line endings, large files and some syntax highlighting.

You'll never guess what you can do once you steal a laptop, reflash the BIOS, and reboot it


Re: Again,

The problem for me is not boot time but remembering WTF I was doing before I left for the pub on Friday evening.

The grand-plus iPhone is the new normal – this is no place for paupers



"iPhone 8 prices started at £699 or £849"

Well which is it? It a price can't "start at" two values!

NASA 'sextortionist' allegedly tricked women into revealing their password reset answers, stole their nude selfies

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Canny Brits are nuking the phone bundle


What a rubbish survey

Just a few people took the survey and they discovered things like "Only 36 per cent of UK SIM-only customers expect to take a traditional bundle-plus-phone deal when their current plan ends" - what's the point of that statistic?

Rejoice! Thousands more kids flock to computing A-level


Re: Fundamentals of IT

What has agile got to do with slower development?! If your manager is using agile as an excuse for more meetings then you need to have some better arguments with them.

EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.


Re: EU Standard plug

Why would a foreign plug be dangerous in the UK? The fuse box is designed to protect the wiring to the plug socket, having no fuse in a plug should surely be no more dangerous in the UK than anywhere else?

Wasted worker wasps wanna know – oi! – who are you looking at?


Re: flying patterns are misleading

Except towards the end of the summer when they have no purpose in life and are drunk and will sting with no reason whatsoever. I got stung by one on the leg when I was standing still and hadn't even seen the hateful creature.

Prank 'Give me a raise!' email nearly lands sysadmin with dismissal


Re: high time email clients, as a default

When I spoofed emails to colleagues I used to have to change the from address to .C0M so that Exchange didn't reject it - surely preventing incoming emails that say they're from the domain that you own would be rejected by default on most mail servers? I guess a lot of companies don't have the domain owned by a specific system?

The Register's 2018 homepage redesign: What's going on now?


I really like the better distinction between editor chosen content and the latest stories in date order. However it's frustrating that I now get zero content without scrolling on my mobile - just a lot of header, a big advert at the top half of an image which doesn't really represent the story it is with (I'm fine with the choice of amusing and/or pointless pictures, but not as the only content I can see!)


Re: Its too busy...

Use tables? Seriously grandad?! Just go back to sleep and let the working age people sort the website out.

Clap, damn you, clap! Samsung's Bixby 2.0 AI reveal is met with apathy


Re: What Google wants…

I quite like the suggestions in Inbox. Unfortunately it crashes when reading certain emails so it's swings and roundabouts.


Re: I already hate smartphones, this Bixby isn't going to make it better

Just buy a feature phone and stop calling your grandchildren for help with getting your emails to work.

Amazon meets the incredible SHRINKING UK taxman


Re: Just remember

It is using our roads, partly paid for by vehicle excise duty and partly by fuel tax, both of which it pays at the same rate as any other business. Defense might be a slightly better argument potentially but even then, I'm not convinced by the benefits of corporation tax, as long as they're paying VAT and income tax at the right levels (though I'm sure they successfully dodge both to some extent).


Fines are the new corporation tax

The sooner the media get that, the better. You no longer get charged a few quid for your profits, you now get charged millions for breaking arbitrary rules.

Google's Alphabet hit by Europe's other GDPR: Global Domination = Profit Reduction


Re: So... what I take away is...

Governments have been struggling to work out how to apply tax fairly for multinationals. The solution is to fine them for what they do wrong instead of taxing them for their profit.

Why Google won't break a sweat about EU ruling


Re: What I want (i.e. will pay for) in my smartphone OS

Way too simple. How can you possibly get "total control of the device" and "No need to root to do what I want"??

‘Elders of the Internet’ apologise for social media, recommend Trump filters to fix it


Re: There's something wrong with social media

Maybe 500 words. If you can't put together a well discussed argument then stick to shouting in the road.

'Fibre broadband' should mean glass wires poking into your router, reckons Brit survey


CityFibre shock survey result

So CityFibre managed to word a survey such that they got the responses they wanted? Shocking.

Why was that not even mentioned as a possible reason for the results? Is ElReg sponsored by them?

Meet the Frenchman masterminding a Google-free Android


Re: I'm uncertain...

Serious lockin. No g.

Microsoft loves Linux so much its R Open install script rm'd /bin/sh


Re: I'm going to make a guess. It was only ever tested on a dedicated VM

It would work on most machines, and this is an open source project, they're not being paid for this. Mistakes are to be expected and testing is unlikely to cover every possible scenario. No, QA is not the failing here, nor the mistaken dev, the failing is in code review. Who read this and clicked "Approve"?

In defence of online ads: The 'net ain't free and you ain't paying


But you're not paying the people producing the content, you're paying a reasonable price for a crazy amount of connection due to your location. Move somewhere sensible and stop being a parasite.


Re: Too little, too late for advertisers

Why shouldn't El Reg get some advertising revenue? And surely they need to know which articles are most popular with various demographics?


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