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HBO slaps takedown demand on 13-year-old girl's painting because it used 'Winter is coming'


Set up a fighting fund for countering idiotic trsademark protection? Just do it

Ask for donations, however small. Every little helps

This is only a suggestion, feel free to Nave it your way

Thanks to the Register this comment is connecting people, because you're worth it,

As for me, trademarking? I'm lovin' it - making America great again

Smart Meter rollout delayed again. Cost us £11bn, eh?


Re: Outdoor gas meter - power source?

I worked for a major energy supplier until recently as a SMART meter installer. The setup we had involved an electric meter that also powered the comms hub (by wire) which used a zigbee network to take data (wirelessly) from the leccy meter and the gas. The gas meter's signal was powered by a battery in the meter that also powered the display and was stated to last for ten years.

Downside of the setup was that if a change of supplier was made by the consumer the SMART system had to be removed and replaced with the new suppliers kit. That apparently is set to change so that change of supplier to the one offering the most agreeable tarriff should be as easy as changing phone suppliers with an unlocked phone but certainly until April 2016 when I left change of supplier involved a complete change of meters ...

Apple Watch: Exactly how many vids does it take to teach a fanboi to tell the time?


Re: How to tell the time?

Great clip, thank you - and may your god go with you!

DWARF PLANET Ceres beams back SUNNY north pole FROWN


Careless photographer, studio lights reflected.


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