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eBay seller nabs $1500 for Jesus-like garage stain

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@ It's articles like this...


"Thanks Register


I aint seen this in ages - i can't believe I have found a concealed reference to Look Around You!! Whoever you are, you are LEGENDARY!

Amazon profits up nearly three-fold

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@Of course they are impressed

The point is its a really bad rate of return on investment - they have always been a company with absoloutly crap return for money. 15% is whats expected, and i would be suprised if investors will want to keep money in a company with 4% returns. Whats the reasoning behind that? Owning 10% stock won't make a difference - yes, $7.8million is a lot, but no, its still not impressive.

Burned by a MacBook

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Woah, the sheer feeling of brilliance I have at owning the last model Powerbook G5... woot (and yes, i am a fan boy - music tech student =D)

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