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KABOOM! Billionaire fingers dud valve in ROCKET WIBBLE PRANG BLAST


Too much money

What? He has too much money? He earned that money. If he didn't have that money there would be no reusable space program, just garbage government programs.

"Let's finally get back to taking risks again."

Without any money to do it with right?

Note this guy risked his whole fortune on this and you think he has too much money? You'd rather the government spent it all on welfare I suppose.


Re: SpaceX Booster Recovery Saga

ULA wasn't trying to do crap in the reusable rockets department until Spacex started testing grasshopper.

In fact their CEO, Bruno, said:

"Bruno said firing engines to control a rocket's flight back to Earth, as SpaceX is now trying to do with its Falcon 9 booster, wastes fuel that could help deliver payloads to orbit.

"That's how rocket engineers see the world," he said. "That's all energy you could have used to put a bigger payload in the same orbit, or the same payload further up.""

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