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US cities react in fury to FCC's $2bn break for 5G telcos: We'll be picking up the tab, say officials


Re: Yet another GOP scam to pay for the $2 trillion giveaway to the rich

The pattern you allude to fits the larger story - this is yet another example of a “public comment period” which in the end likely will have effect similar to a “victim impact statement” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victim_impact_statement.

Google Chrome: HTTPS or bust. Insecure HTTP D-Day is tomorrow, folks


Re: Letsencrypt is free but it sucks

As it happens... https://github.com/dylanbeattie/rockstar

US voting systems (in Oregon) potentially could be hacked (11 years ago) by anybody (in tech support)


For those interested in discussion around a long-standing archive of evidence of the many contemporary mechanisms used for election fraud in the us, I’d suggest browsing over to blackboxvoting.org.

Tech’s big lie: Relations between capital and labor don't matter


Makes sense. Games are played and it’s hard for even smart workers to get the opportunity to see all the cards which define the size of a company’s pie, even when those workers may believe they have figured it all out for themselves. For example the manipulation of the value of shares, and thus the value of employee stock options. Many workers have bought into clever psychology and no longer think of themselves as part of a group of « workers. »

Go DevOps before your bosses force you to. It'll be easier that way


From the list of symposiums and summits which have cropped up these past few years this is a sizable trend. Given how trends are followed many budgets appear to be set by marks and gamblers, and there's no talking to them really.

I imagine that if one were cynical and didn't really care, it would be advantageous to invert any applicable wisdom (that is to be disruptive) in order to write a marketing campaign for a book and a training program.

Barring cynicism, it's simply a label, all team members will be called devops-opers in the end, and a philosophical attitude will be essential to muddle through what's to come.

Go No! Google cyber-brain bests top-ranked human in ancient game


OK, I guess it is coming to the time for us humans to devise an AI-game-design program which could be used to create a game that AI cannot beat against a human player.

Q&A: Bruce Schneier on joining IBM, IoT woes, and Apple v the FBI


Re: Didn't answer "Are you planning to stay on?"

To know that I suppose that we'd have to be able to read the term stated in whatever performance clause may be included in the acquisition contract.

Uncle Sam's boffins stumble upon battery storage holy grail


Or for car batteries, instead of charging there's the concept of hot-swapping - which might make the charge time moot for some drivers


Mobile: DevOps for IT shops. Minus the upheaval


The dev part is where a thing get made for someone who needs it. Emphasis on the word need.

The ops part is where the processes of an "ecosystem" interpose.

Devops is one of the labels used in the long history of efforts to re-assign blame for failure, and I doubt this overall trend will die anytime soon, unfortunately.

IRS 'inadvertently' wiped hard drive Microsoft demanded in audit row


Re: inadvertent" blunder?

> Never forget Hanlon's Razor.

"... but don't rule out malice"

Skilled workers, not cost, lured Apple to China says Tim Cook


> tool and die

It seems it's easy to rationalize the history of the labor market as it suits one.

I saw plenty of tool and die workers in the states years ago. If there is only a room full of them left now, then where do you imagine they all went to, Mr. Cook, and why?

Ho ho hosed: Asian biz malware pwns air-gaps, thousands of Androids


Re: Degrees of naughtyness

I understand your overall point, and it's also impossible to tell the accuracy of that claim from the scant details in the reg article, but jumping a gap has been demonstrated (with very specific circumstance).


Report fingers China for assault on Australian weather supercomputer


My forecast is for a gradual increase in global trade agreements which will bring a decrease of the use of the word "national" in this sort of article, followed in coming years by heavy rains of the phrase "corporate espionage".

Google open sources machine learning software


"Sure, self-interest is a part of this too, but in the end it's a win-win for everyone. ®"

To my eye, this reads like light ad copy.

As someone who is faced potentially with making a choice of platform in which to invest time and human learning, I'd be more interested in learning the reg's take on relative merits of viable alternatives.

Gods' own broadband: Loon option for DEITY


Re: And so the battle lines are drawn...

Perhaps TPP will take effect in some area where Loon and FB drones are finally launched, in time to let them turn into an interesting test case.

PGP Zimmermann: 'You want privacy? Well privacy costs MONEY'


> See the debt hole?

Yes, thus the quotes around the word "free" - perhaps a tad too subtle, I agree that taxation is another form of payment.


It strikes me odd to belittle consumers for hesitating to purchase yet another security solution, while extolling government and enterprise markets - neither of which use personal funds to buy a product.

Effective legislation, laws and enforcement would bring all the end-user privacy we desire for "free", using tax funding.

Apple and Samsung are plotting to KILL OFF the SIM CARD - report


Switching SIMs for development and testing

As it is, I have far fewer carrier accounts than I do devices, and I frequently switch SIMs among devices to set up test beds. Any process to switch devices which would involve carrier intervention sounds like it would be a major pain.

Parting is such sweet sorrow: eBay sells fat stake in Shakespeare-crazed Craigslist


eBay - why?

I would have been interested in any further insights available as to why the classifieds group part of the eBay multinational, given they had the resources to set up a global family of eleven of its own brands including Kijiji and Gumtree, might have seen any pressing need to bother playing the games described, including infiltration or the AdWords trick.

Farewell then, Mr Elop: It wasn't actually your fault


Would you want to work for him?

I've worked for CEOs such as he. Someone responsible for an organization making technical products needs to understand not only how to manage an enterprise, a board, people, teamwork, morale, and communications, but how to conceive, design, build and market the offerings, and especially how to really engage the consumer. I just don't see it Andrew. I don't see the point of this piece, if it is meant as a farewell assessment of the aftermath within the Nokia and Microsoft mobile devices groups. Whatever the problems that were laid at his feet, the fellow you laud so seems to have demonstrated lack of ability in many of these areas. I'm not sure what confidence he could inspire.

The world's first proper Bitcoin exchange will be live in a month


Re: "Built by Wall Street professionals,"

> itBit has pitched itself as being entirely trustworthy.

> "Built by Wall Street professionals," its website pronounces

I agree. This is presented much too blandly; might the author have veiled the black humor here?

IBM’s 700TB security threat database enters the cloud. Look to the heavens, hackers


The count of the main alerts and advisories threat list I found linked to from that site

for all of 2014 plus 2015 appears to be far lower than the count of threats I've seen listed for the period covering the past month or two on other sites I use.

I've just started to scratch at the surface of the data that can be searched and analysed, and I think it's great it is made available, but I'd guess that the list I found above is not up to date.

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