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In redneck heaven, internet outages are the American Way

Maynard G. Krebs

Re: Poorly thought out attempt at Bitcoins?

I lived in Oklahoma for about 7 years, now I live in Alaska. Not sure which place has more of them. For the record I pretty much like them as a group. You are very correct in that their culture does involve a bit of violence and racism, but it is also one of the most generous I have ever come across. They will come put in a hard days work on a project at your house for a couple burgers and some beers and they will have your back in a tight spot. The other thing I really like about them as a group is that they really won't hold your past against you. They tend to judge you on what you are doing at the moment, and not what you did 10 years ago. Of course the trend of decorating the entire main room of the house in NASCAR memorabilia is a little over the top but for the most part I would rather spend a night drinking beer and playing poker with a group of rednecks than going out on the town with a group of self important political types. (I live in Juneau and we are over run with the self important political types..)

Maynard G. Krebs

Poorly thought out attempt at Bitcoins?

I bet the redneck in question had just heard about bit coins on faux news and thought to himself. Well golly gee wiz! Internet money! All I gots ta do is shoot that there cable and I bet they will just a come pouring out all over the place. I guessing that the last words uttered before the shot "Hold my beer and check this out!"

BOFH: An architect and his own entirely avoidable downfall

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Re: I wonder...

Oh we are here, and we do watch and record everything in the office. I had one job as BOFH for an accounting firm in Alaska. One of the partners thought that the IT department was also the janitorial staff. Kept asking us to clean the kitchen, take out the office trash, the final straw was when she asked me, The IT Manager, to vacuum her office one afternoon as it was a bit dusty. The next day her PC, mysteriously would not boot. Took us 2 weeks to get that sorted out. When asked by another partner why it was taking so long to fix her system this tech illiterate was informed that it was because of all of the crap she had downloaded from the internet and as she had locally saved data that was critical it was taking extra time to recover that before we rebuild her system. Oh those were the days. Never let the BOFH have your password and a key to your office when you yourself don't know how to read log files..... As an aside after her abusing 3 other employee's to the point that they turned in resignations this partner was fired. Talk about a happy dance.

HP slaps dress code on R&D geeks: Bin that T-shirt, put on this tie

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been there done that

Worked as network admin for an accounting firm here in SE Alaska about 10 years ago. They were not happy about the jeans and polo shirt. When one of the partners confronted me about my dress and said I should look more professional like the rest of the staff, I asked him how much of the day they (as in the rest of the staff) spent crawling under co-workers desks and tearing down printers and such. (Not to mention the fact that one of the more ignorant partners thought the IT staff was part of janitorial and kept assigning jobs like please go clean out all the 7 year old paper records out at the storage facility.) I then asked if the firm was willing to pay for wear and tear on non-suitable cloths for the jobs assigned along with laundering and replacement when necessary. To his credit, being the exceptional accountant he was, he said "Good question and I get it, carry on." Nothing else was ever said. Now that I freelance I wear what I want. Almost all my clients come word of mouth. I have heard more than one of them tell someone while recomending me "He may show up looking like a construction worker but he will get you fixed." Guess it helps that here in Alaska I deal with alot of construction and building companies now.......

Post-pub nosh neckfillers: Reader suggestions invited

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Poutine any one??

Ok for the record I live in Alaska, but the most totally bad ass post pub nosh I have ever encountered is Poutine, a Canadian staple. It is fries (chips for tbose of you east of the pond) with gravy and cheese sause. Heart attack on a plate but it just tastes so damn good!!!

Doom, Mario, Pac-Man level up to video gaming's Hall of Fame

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Re: re: way more impact then Doom @stucs201

Loderunner was my personal fav among the games that allowed player created levels. Construction set was included with the game. My friends and I spent many happy weekends trying to create winable but crazy hard levels. A true classic.

Tossed all your snaps into the new Google Photos? You read the terms, right? ... RIGHT?

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Re: Ah, catching up?

Might be easier for them to buy you that pint if only you hadn't posted as....... an anonymous coward....

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Re: Anyone who uses anything by Google is a cunt

You live at Moon base Alpha? !?!??! Sweet! Can you tell me how bad the nuc explosion that tossed the moon out of orbit and sped it up to a velosity that it can reach other solar systems was like? Just kidding I'm an old school Space 1999 fan and could not resist....

The oracle knows all. Not THAT Oracle, of course

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Re: Hmm ...

In the immortal words of Mr. Garrison "Remember class. There areno stupid questions... Just stupid people..."

Shields up! Shields up! ASTRONAUTS flying to MARS will arrive BRAIN DAMAGED, boffins claim

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Re: Not really equivalent

I think you mean an exploding nuclear waste dump on one side and a moon base on the other. Space 1999 anyone.....

NSA: 'Back doors are a bad idea, give us a FRONT door key'

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Re: Clipper chip

Those were truly the days. I also remember back then server OS's coming in 2 flavors. 128-bit encryption for in the USA, 56-bit for all you heathen foreigners. You all just can not be trusted......

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