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Phoenix spies probable Martian water ice

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It amazes me

how clueless some (supposedly intelligent) people can be.

Suppose the pics were taken at 1200 pixels, and the 1" mark was actually an inch, but someone scaled them down to 800 pixels. Just to be thorough, he relabeled the 1" mark 2/3". Duh...

OTOH, the speculation is cool. Just as long as it doesn't get too far out of hand...

MySpace wins $6m judgment against Spam King

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Paris Hilton

Too good for him?

Yeah, it looks like a few fines for him are just the cost of doing business. Proof of this is that spammers are successful. What needs to be done is to make them all unsuccessful.

Method? Some suggest a firing squad. Works for a while until the wily spammers find a way to go underground and hide from the Law. Really the right way is to make the email system work so that they can't be successful.

As for making fines big to force them into bankruptcy, that's the problem. They go bankrupt and then pop up as some other spammer company soon afterwards, and the plaintiff gets nothing but the satisfaction of winning.

Paris because everyone else seems to pick her.

World economy group gives IPv6 big push

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@ David Harper

192.168?? Are you serious? We're not that big an organization and we use the whole class A netblock internally. 192.168 and the other one are for home PC sissies.

What always amazes me is when I look at the IPV4 address space and I see all those "reserved" blocks for the use of IANA or whomever. Like, if they gave back those to the rest of the world, we'd never run out! And then there are all those 'multicast' addresses...

MySpace wins record $230m judgement against spammers

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They Stab It With A Steely Knife

but they just can't kill the beast... (Copr The Eagles)

Spamford and Rines have kept on keeping on since the beginning, but I'm hoping that someday, some judge will throw them in jail for contempt of court, which seems to be the only thing that will stop these rescidivist scumbags.

As for the $.76 a message, that poster didn't understand the situation. Myspace could actually prove 730,000 messages, but that was probably about a day's worth, there were probably hundreds of millions actually sent. That's how the King of Spam got his name - by sending out hundreds of millions, if not billions.

30 years of Spam - and we ain't finished yet

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Sophos's 95 percent spam stat @Gordon Fecyk

We use Pure Message and our email admin said that it was running at about 95%, Last year it was about 90%, or about 97,000 out of 105,000 messages received.

Really, spammers are deluging the net with a tsunami of spam. Problem is that, due to filtering, the users see few of the spams and think that the amount is actually much lower.

Plasma TV components applied to password cracking

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@ Wayland Sothcott

<<These field programmable gate arrays translate software directly into hardware. Amazing! Truely. It ought to be possible to include them in PC's to run small bits of code super fast.>>

They already do. It's called a video image processor. And parts of the Pentium, I believe.

BTW, it's "truly."

Governator outs Dubya's global-warming 'time bomb'

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Related stories

under Related stories:

" Wake me up when Global Warming's over" But this story has no comments, only email.

It gets even scarier. "Hold on to your climates! It's going to be a bumpy ride!"

This week ('08 Apr 22) on PBS: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sun/

Sky One to resurrect Blake's 7?

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Thumb Up

Couldn't be worse than the original

Just kidding! I remember seeing a spaceship land, and saying to myself, that looks just like a toy spaceship landing on a miniature prop. But I still loved the show, up until the end, when everyone got snuffed!! What possessed the makers to end the series with such an untimely end? Heroes aren't supposed to die!

Seagate ships 1 billionth drive

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U.S. Billion

The "U.S. Billion", when applied to such things as memory or hard drives, follows the SI prefixes (http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/binary.html). It's been nearly a decade since these standards were adopted. If the drive makers can't get their act together and use the right prefixes, then don't blame the U.S.

(New) dirt-cheap bots attack Hotmail Captchas

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All Free Emails Should..

I think _all_ free email providers should put a CAPTCHA on **every** outgoing email. if they get complaints, tell the complainer to either live with it or pay to upgrade to a not free, premium email acct. I would rather type a few letters every email than be bombarded by myriads of spam.

Perhaps someday the laws will force the providers (not just email, BTW), to be more responsible, better netizens by having them implement systems to prevent abuse. But then I'm not holding my breath - what with lobbyists, politicians in the pockets of corps, etc.

Scientist who named the black hole dies aged 96

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Whoop-tee-doo. Another naysayer complains about A-bombs. To put it in perspective, the number of 'innocent' people killed by two A-bombs was small compared to the number who died by conventional weapons dropped over Tokyo, etc. War is hell, so qwitcherbitchin'.

Intel wants to get into heavy petascaling

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IT Angle


Leave it to the big dogs of supercomputing to start a pi$$ing contest. HPC is so far removed from reality it's like seeing a top fuel dragster on a city street.

Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote

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I'll Be Back.

Is the most popular saying in everyday usage, so it should get the prize. See:


And just because I'm a native Californian and Ahnold happens to be Governator doesn't have anything to do with what I'm saying. I didn't vote for him!!

IBM gives mainframe another push

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A Decade Ago

A decade ago I told the boss "That mainframe will be obsolete" implying that it would be replaced by servers. Well, I guess I was right -- that one will be obsolete and be replaced, but by another smaller, faster mainframe. Go figure...

Online advertiser pays $200,000 for deceptive claims

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OT - Spamford, et. al. just got in trouble -- again --

- hot off the press - http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2008/01/contempt.shtm

Once a criminal, always a criminal.. I wish they'd lock 'em up and throw away the key.

Oh, and subject them to the same fate as their victims -- Spam, Spam Spam..

NASA uses vertical treadmill to simulate zero-G jogging

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New Way of Sleepwalking :o)

Looks to me like he could lay down and fall asleep, and then sometime later in a vivid dream, start locomoting like he was sleepwalking. Fun!!

Or else it's a new way of relaxing while jogging... a couch potato's dream!

Think about this. If one was really in microgravity (space) and tied 20 pound oxygen bottles to his legs and arms, the inertia of them during exercise would give him a lot more exercise. Just as long as they don't fly off and go thru an instrument panel!

California to snatch control of citizens' air-con

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@ "The laws of supply and demand" by Anon Coward

Quoted from comments:

"The market could have chosen to motivate people to work their heavy loads (eg aircon) that way by increasing the standard price price per kwh of electricity and offering a discount to people willing to have selected high-demand appliances temporarily disconnected at times of peak demand (the "off peak" concept, except that peak time is no longer defined by the clock on the wall, but by actual real electricity demand). No government intervention needed. The market chooses not to do that, so someone needs to intervene to make something happen."

So Calif Edison _has_ had that plan for more than a decade. We went on it for several years, and we received a break in the electricity rates for allowing them to restrict our usage of power. We had a KW meter for the whole campus, -- I have seen it go well past 2 megawatts on hot days -- which was monitored by So Cal Edison. When they had a power shortage they would call us on a dedicated line, and we were required to shed load, usually by shutting off the HVAC on larger buildings. That seldom happened until the energy shortage of 2000-2001. Because of the power shortage, we reckoned that we would be shutting down often (which meant "business as usual" could no longer take place and sending everyone home was likely), so we got off that plan, even though it cost us more.

So "Been there, done that, got the T-shirt."

Acme Fixer

@ Peter \Horne & John Macintyre

Here in So. Calif, the power company, AKA So Calif Edison, has their own VHF radio frequencies. All that's needed is a short whip antenna and a receiver and the device can be controlled. I see megawatt transformers supplying whole neighborhoods sporting a whip antenna, presumably to be controlled by the power company. Or else it might be for remote monitoring, but I don't see how since there is no way to meter usage of individual dwellings from this point.

As for "The problem with thermostats" by anon coward, that's not really relevant. The systems on bldgs where I work are sort of like this. They chill water, and heat water, and both the chilled and heated water are then mixed at the package units in the room's ceiling to get the right temp. Well, hell! It's a designed and built-in energy waster! No wonder our electric bill is over a million dollars a year!

Spam King Ralsky indicted over stock spam scam

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Already a convictd felon

IIRC, he's already been convicted of insurance fraud. What amazed me is that it has taken *three* years to get this recidivist criminal. Shame, since they have spammed billions of spams over that time, and eliminating them earlier would have taken a tremendous load off the network and email servers.

And instead of getting more sophisticated, I would've been so much more relieved to hear that their operation had been hampered by anti-spam software. But sadly, such was not the case.

US switches off the incandescent lightbulb

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Re: "Don't ignore the heating effect"

Anon Coward has it backwards. Removing a watt of power from the lamp socket gives a benefit of more than a watt removed from the building. That's because the air conditioning system has to remove that socket watt from the building interior. removing the socket watt correspondingly cuts down on the air conditioning, saving more electric power and money overall.

Anyone who has worked up in the ceiling of a modern building knows that it is warm up there, from all of the fluorescent lights that are recessed into the ceiling. If the fluorescents were switched back to incandescent, the heat would be intolerable. Most of the organizations have taken advantage of the power companies' incentives and switched their fluorsecent lights to lower power consumption lights. This has reduced power consumption a lot. We need more motion sensors in buildings, so the lights will go off when unoccupied. But they should be smarter and in more places, like task lighting.

Crypto guru warns over random number backdoor

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Random is Really Random - even if it comes up with the same number

What's the odds of flipping a coin and coming up heads?? 50%.

So it comes up heads. What's the odds of it coming up heads on the next 11 flips? Yeah. 50% each flip.

So it's within the realm of randomness that all of the dozen flips all come up heads. And that may not be good, if you're depending on those dozen flips being not all the same.

Likewise, it's possible that a set of numbers from a random generator are all the same. And that may be very bad, for the same reason.

Just a thought..

UK gov greenlights 450MW wind farm

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Re: "wind turbines drive gas, fluid or heat pumps, or even electrolysis cells.."

Rather than have "wind turbines drive gas, fluid or heat pumps, or even electrolysis cells", if they are located close to a river or ocean (as they said they were in the article) it would make more sense to use them to pump water up to a reservoir and then during windless times let the water generate electricity.

That way, they can use old-fashioned windmill pumps to do the work. Hah-hah...

Talk about Don Quixote...

But then everyone needs another multi-billion dollar nuclear power plant. I think not...

Satanic car key traps 12 motorists in car park of horror

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The wonders of technology.

Foolproof technology... just found a bigger fool.

Wait until you have to repair your Merc Benz key. I've heard it costs $600!!!

Texan boffin fixin' to make cheaper fuel cells

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Math(s) Correct

The precious metals mkt says platinum is going for $1440 a troy ounce. At 31 grams per troy ounce that's more like $46 a gram.

The math(s) seems reasonable to me.

Paris Hilton heads for the cryogenic freezer

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Wow, so many negative comments...

I'm surprised that there are so many negative comments about the celebutante. Like, is that because the damned papparazzi keep on selling those stupid pictures to the newsmedia for big $$$ and the newsmedia have to recoup their expenses by endlessly subjecting their viewers to hour upon hour of her antics?

Or is it just that so many of those commenters are jealous and wish they had her money and fame (or infamy)???

Probably a lot of both. Like going to the zoo to watch the chimps fling poo at the visitors. But then I'm no expert because I change the channel whenever the crap comes on the TV, and I don't watch or read those yellow journalism progs or articles. I have better things to do.

Then WTF am I writing this inane comment? Oh, well...

BTW, which of those icons is the "point to ponder" one?? I'll try this one...

Hackers unlock iPhone - again

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Ya Know..

Ya know, one would've thought that Apple had learned their lesson about trying to lock down their devices from the old Apple ][ and Apple //e days. Folks, it's just the same old stuff, different time.

Russian spammer murder hoax exposed

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Ahh, Well...

To Jon:

Go to www.spam.com and read why Hormel objects to their trademark being used with all capital letters. They prefer you spell it spam in lower case.

To An. Cow:

M16s and tactical nukes don't cure the problem of a zillion bots sending out spam. What you need is a wire cutters to go to the individual houses and snip the phone line or fiber optic cable. And for the heavy artillery, use some denial of service on the spammers' "bulletproof hosting" sites in China and wherever to take them offline. Better yet, nuke the undersea fiber optic cable and cut off most of the chinese websited from the rest of the world.

Judge rules Gore's film an inconvenient catalogue of errors

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the American Way of Life???

What _is_ the "the American Way of Life"??

I just got back from lunch at The Olde Ship where the waitress from bloody Britain asked be if I wanted "a glahss of woatah" and I had to run that thru my mind a bit to interpret it into something I understand (I don't drink the Stella Artois that the others with me drank).

Then last week I went to the Viet Namese Pho' restaurant, and earlier this week I went to a "comida autentica Mexicana" food restaurant, and the week before I went to a Persian restaurant and had Gormet Sabzi Polo. In each case I found Americans that were from another country.

Unfortunately some of those commenting are too concerned about "the American Way of Life" to worry about global warming.

Australia to get 1,000 megawatt wind farm

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@Herbys, @Angus

This seems to have turned into a pi$$ing contest. Recently I was reading that they are going to encase Chernobyl in another sarcophagus, so it will finally be entombed. But that doesn't deal with the large amount of contaminated land that had to be abandoned.

Point is that if the wind farm contaminates, at least it won't be lethal if you're exposed to it for a few hours.

But just think, you can go to the city of Pripyat (SP?) and watch the rabbits glow in the dark!


Space makes germs more deadly

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Better Disease Control

".. the research could pave the way for better disease control on Earth.."

Yeah, just put the sick patient in a centrifuge and spin him up to 10 or 20 times gravity, and bingo, there you have it! No germs, and a scrambled human being!

L'Oreal sues eBay over counterfeit goods

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L'oreal Sues eBAy

In the U.S., the telcos can't be sued because they fail to prevent scammers and obscene callers from using the phones to violate the laws.

In the U.S., the genuine handbag sellers don't sue the owner of the property the fake store is renting/occupying because the property owner failed to make sure the seller was selling only the real thing.

So it seems to me that eBay has a good defense against this suit. That's not to say that I'm defending eBay. They have got me P.O'd a number of times because they let scumbag sellers do their selling in blatant violation of the AUP. But I fully understand that with a few million transactions in hours or days, it's gonna be difficult to police even a small fraction of the sellers for violating the AUP. It's like the Real World: there's just not enough cops and jails to keep the lowlife from violating the laws.

Zango abandons PC Tools adware lawsuit

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I agree they're All Bad, so block them!

Last time I checked, which was more than a year ago, we had those turkeys' domains and IPs blocked at the firewall so they couldn't pollute all of the PCs in our organization. It's the only way to stop the nasty, pernicious spyware from trashing up everyone's PC.

Crypto boffins break car cypher

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Something Else

So I hear something here about 'nicking' cars, but the latest rage in my neighborhood, one that I've heard little about in the news, is stealing the catalytic converter. We've had a few already stolen, and it seems they're worth a few dozen dollars to the thief. But the owner has to pay a thousand dollars or more for the replacements especially if the car as dual exhausts. Someone saws them off in the parking lots, usually from a SUV or truck, since they're easy to crawl under. And then there are some thieves stealing the fire plug caps for the brass. Someone should get the recycling companies to turn these guys in.

Gunplay fingered for internet slowdown

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Damned annoying?

A lot more than that, it seems. After all, the story made international headlines (in The Register no less).

Fools shouldn't put so much traffic on a single point of failure. They should have alternate routes that traffic will failover to if that one route goes down.

Just like that problem recently when an undersea quake or landslide caused an Asian fiber optic cable to break, and a substantial amount of the far east data traffic couldn't get through and had to be rerouted. But in that case, it's many times more difficult and expensive to run traffic over alternate routes undersea.

"Damned annoying"? hardly.

Does HP have $1bn worth of Bull?

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Full of Bull?

We're full of Bull, we still have a Bull Mainframe. And we also have an HP Itanium. So when everything's done, I guess we won't be so full of Bull anymore! ;-)


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