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FBI to World+Dog: Please, try turning it off and turning it back on


If you patch, doesn't it generally involve a reboot anyway?

US websites block netizens in Europe: Why are they ghosting EU? It's not you, it's GDPR


Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I seem to recall at one point (back in the old old days of the web) there was a question about websites that were veiwable in France having to be in French, or have a French language choice. It was a legal question related to French law, and I think was eventually deemed applicable to products sold in France (stereo instructions and such) but was found to be inapplicable to websites.

Ahh the good old days when everyone could agree that the French were insane.

I think the market will pretty much adjust to the lack of salable data from EU visitors by trending back to subscription fees before they remember that doesn't work either. Then they will just demand that you comply by handing over salable data or no product in the terms of service. There is no free lunch.

As for not being prepared, business never does anything until it has to. If you didn't expect this kind of outcome, if you were even a bit surprised about it, I would suggest you don't know very much about how the average business actually functions.

"That thing went into effect today? Ahh hell, well shutter it until we have the IT dept hack some crap into place."

Netflix silent about ridicule as it discusses punters' viewing habits



You mean you guys don't track which IPs read what articles on The Register?

Criticize Google, get fired: Spotlight spins on ad giant's use of soft money


Re: Take the king's shilling, you do the king's bidding.

When are you opening that Psychic Hotline?

Cuffed: Govt contractor 'used work PC to leak' evidence of Russia's US election hacking


"... who had been with Pluribus for just three months"

Wait, you're not even out of the probationary period and you're engaging in ... well.

What some people would call leaking, and other people would call espionage.

It makes you wonder if she didn't have that as a goal when she applied for the job.

Silicon Valley tech CEO admits beating software engineer wife, offered just 13 days in the clink


Re: @Symon

Technically, isn't that how civilization actually started in the first place?

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