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Gaming's favourite fly by night. Batman: Arkham Knight reviewed


Re: Reviews all appear to be on the PS4

Well, judging by the 71% negative reviews on Steam, i'd like to venture a guess : WB Interactive made Rocksteady rush the PC release, despite knowing there would be issues (like on the previous Batman game and on Mortal Kombat X), and they knew gamers would be tearing them a new one, so they opted to only give out codes for the PS4 for reviewers.

Thank the FSM for the new Steam refund policy :-D

And i do hope a lot of people will make the smart choice and get a refund.

Taylor Swift boycotts Apple Music over no-pay-for-plays shocker


I wonder if, in retrospect..

She's now questioning whether moving away from Spotify was such a great idea ?

With them she at least made some money, with Apple she's guaranteed to not be paid for the first three months...

Troll, because i would love to get a chance to ask her that on camera, live, with no delays.

Security bods gagged using DMCA on eve of wireless key vuln reveal


Well, there's one company that can forget about any sort of 'responsible disclosure' from now on, provided this massive cockup doesn't just kill their business outright.

Mozilla piles on China's SSL cert overlord: We don't trust you either


I'd go one further and urge Google and Mozilla to think of the users even more and take out a number of other CA's that i'd personally not even trust with €.5c, let alone my connection, and i'd suggest they permanently put CNNIC on the 'we will trust you on a cert by cert basis' list.

But that's me.

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