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SQL Server on Linux? HELL YES! Linux on Windows 10? Meh


re: why not just run Ubuntu and put Windows in the virtual machine?

Linux Mint works just fine on my laptop, a Fujitsu Notebook. Linux Mint even supports the light pen right from the install. I don't put Windows anywhere since I have not used Windows in 17 years.


Steve Stites

Linux greybeards release beta of systemd-free Debian fork


In days of yore

In days of yore I helped develop the initial version of OS/360. systemd

corresponds to the portion of OS/360 known as the Master Scheduler. All of the

rest of OS/360 had to conform to the specs laid down by the Master Scheduler

just as systemd tries to force the rest of GNU/Linux to conform to the systemd

specs. The difference is that the Master Scheduler was designed before the rest

of OS/360 and systemd is an add-on afterthought. That is why systemd is such a

design mess and why the systemd designers rail at the stupidity of

other GNU/Linux designers for not anticipating the systemd specs 10 years ago.


Steve Stites

Zombie SCO shuffles back into court seeking IBM Linux cash


SCO prepaid their legal expenses. They paid David Bois millions of dollars and he promised to fight the lawsuit to the bitter end without any further payment. So the lawsuit will end when David Bois runs out of legal paths to pursue. Given David Bois' competence as a lawyer the suit might last until David Bois dies.

Given the competence of IBM's legal team I doubt that David Bois can ever win. His best hope is to convince IBM to settle for less than it would cost IBM in legal expenses for the ongoing fight.


Steve Stites

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