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Apple seeks anti-snoop display patent

Ezekiel Hendrickson


He forgot automated ATM machine.

Kindle beats Apple's closed book on choice

Ezekiel Hendrickson


"Kindle purchases will only work on kindle apps, albeit on different platforms, and those kindle apps will not display DRM-free epubs"

Technically a true statement, but still somewhat misleading. Kindle apps will not display DRM-free EPUBs because they are a viewer for a different format. They will happily display DRM-free Mobipocket books.

How do you copy 60m files?

Ezekiel Hendrickson

Reply to post: Why? Because.

> Here is a photo of an interesting building I saw on holiday.

> Does it go in the "building" folder, or the "holiday" folder?

Nah. It goes in the 2010-08-24 folder, tagged with 'holiday' and 'architecture'

Mozilla gives passive-aggressive missive to pre-Firefox 3.6 hold-outs

Ezekiel Hendrickson


*looks up*

*looks down*

It would appear that the PEBKAC addon is 100% compatible with Firefox 3.6

Linux coders do it for money

Ezekiel Hendrickson

Not so fast, boyo.

'ere, now, you can hardly be claiming that the post you quoted from was not visible when you posted. It's obvious that you misunderstood the post; accept it, and move on.

Gmail: a short, sharp rant

Ezekiel Hendrickson


So, you were recommending that people switch to a beta product, and are surprised that said beta product has minor issues that wouldn't be tolerated in a production release.

How, precisely, is this Google's fault?

Then, rather than follow Google's standard method of reporting a feature request online, you chose to phone Google and are surprised that they don't take feature requests over the phone. Hrm.


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