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Server market slumps as everyone stops buying


Not so black and white

I think that the cloud has shown to be the perfect platform for small scale and dev and test deployments that do not need to run 24*7 or to have large hardware resources. Public cloud is not the solution for long running "big" systems such as a bank payments system because these systems are long-living and need lots of horse-power.

The other big negative of the public cloud is that a company loses a huge amount of control of their data and resources, and compliance can become a nightmare.

Huawei to OpenStackers: Don't try to chase Amazon, Microsoft and Google


Well said

At last some very wise words from a large corporation when most of the others are completely blinded by short-term greed.

I agree that OpenStack can be entirely unique and massively poplar and all we need to do is to go back to basics and think like the first Linux developers did. AWS and Azure are developed for massive economies of scale, whereas OS can be made to appeal to the 97% of small businesses that do not have armies of IT and managerial staff to guide them, and perhaps just want a simple solution to running their IT whilst they concentrate on their core business.

HSBC swinging axe on UK IT department, 840 heads to roll


Their stupidity is only surpassed by their greed

Offshoring is not only stupid but undermines the very future of our countries economy because once these skills are lost, they will NEVER come back! I have worked for more than ten banks and several big consultancy firms such as IBM and HP, and all seem to be following the same path, and that is driving down staff wages whilst paying themselves bigger bonuses. The result is that lead times are longer, staff turnover is higher as management seek to exploit the "off-shored" workers, believing they will accept lower wages (even by their local standards), and quality falls as more and more mistakes are made due to lack of experience.

I fully understand the need to cut costs and improve efficiency, however this can only be done by using a devops type mentality that breaks down departmental barriers and simplifies processes, and this is the complete opposite to what this kind of offshoring achieves.

IBM shuffles units, axes staff, sees profit shrink


Premium Outsourcing

I could not agree with "anon coward" more. Most large companies are driven by greedy managers and owners that think they can replace experienced staff with low to no-skilled workers just because they are cheap, is poisoning the entire IT market. When you take this with the move to open-source, many customers now think that all aspects of support and post-sales-aftercare should be completely free.

It looks to me that I Believe in Miracles is now seriously wounded and I would not be suprised if they go the way of Sun MIcrosystems very soon.

DevOps isn't just about the new: It's about cleaning up the old, too


Re: DevOps isn't just about the new: It's about cleaning up the old, too

I think that the idea of IT specialists becoming DevOps engineers is good in prinicple just like when analysts and programmers became analyst-programmers as you can eliminate a lot of staff and do more for less.

I have worked for a lot of large organisations and many have too many departments, and the suffer from compartmentalisation and duplication that cripples their efficency. When you add Agile Scrum into the mix you replace quality with quantity or throughput and this results in more problems than it solves. Imagine if your heart-surgeon broke down your operation into simple tasks and aneathatised one day, start to cut holes in you and then decided to wait until the next sprint before completing the job?

I agree that starting with the low-hanging fruit and quick-wins is a great idea, but it does NOT mean you should just ignore those things that are too difficult.

Lenovo: We SWEAR we're done with bloatware, adware and scumware


I cannot believe that so called AV vendors such as McAfee can silently push install their solutions onto client PCs without even checking if there is already a competing product on the system. I have an Acer and a HP laptop and spent nearly a week just removing all the addware, crapware, and bloatware that came bundled with the standard build only to find out a couple of weeks later (after my PC started seriously misbehaving) that McAfee had some re-installed on top of Zonealarm.

I think that products such as Java should have to display a full page warning before installing anything like this explaining exactly what is being added, and the risks and issues etc. This needs to be backed-up by huge fines if they fail to comply!


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